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Pencil sketch of actress : Disha patani
It is a pencil sketch made by Mitej Jadhav (that's me😅). Disha has really unique face and expressions so it's tough to draw them on paper but I tried my best. This sketch took me 5 hours to make. Hope you guys like it.
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Painting of a Car: Mercedes AMG C63 watercolor painting
It's a tutorial video of making a painting of Mercedes Benz amg C63 car. Video contains step by step snaps of original painting which makes it easier to follow and make your own painting. Please subscribe and share if you like it. ###peace###
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Iron Man 3D Print | colouring/painting of Iron Man
So I have been working on this since a while, finally got my Iron Man printed in 3D. Tough part was to paint it, used acrylic paints for colouring. It is looking so good after the whole painting, I'm in love with it.
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POKEMON GO - EVOLVING RARE POKEMONS IN UK. (Eevee, growlithe, mankey, meowth, rhyhorn and vulpix)
Pokemon GO w/ Mitej - Evolving all rare pokemons I've collected. Most of these pokemons are very difficult to find in England which makes it more rarer. But I have found them all which was pretty difficult. If you like the video or if it's useful for your future Pokemon journey please hit LIKE button and please SHARE and SUBSCRIBE. ###peace###
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Tringalwadi fort trekking (Maharashtra forts)
I went to tringalwadi fort last weekend and the experience I had was astounding. The surrounding, nature was so beautiful, we were so up high that we could literally touch the clouds. Our group had total 58 people in it and the group name was "Durga-Malhar"
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Highest cp magikarp evolves into a gyrados after getting 400 magikarp candies/ PokemonGo
Hey guys, I am from Newcastle upon Tyne and since last update Newcastle was the new nest for the magikarps. Which is why I used to go the riverside every night and finally found 400 magikarp candies ( which was not easy at all). Sorry for the low video quality I couldn't wait for the proper cameras to shoot. Thanks and hope you enjoy it.
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Pencil sketch of Dhanashree chanderkar
It's my new video of "making a sketch of beautiful indian girl". Took me almost 7 hours to make it. There is lot of detailed parts in the sketch. Hope you guys like it.
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Pokemon GO w/ mitej, following video shows the evolving of dragniare to the massive DRAGONITE. Trick to get dratinis or dragniares is to pokehunting near the water areas like lakes, riverside or beach. Please Press the LIKE button if this video helped you. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and SHARE THE VIDEO. ###PEACE###
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