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Password/Pattern Trick That Nobody can Hack!!!
This Trick will make your Friends and even stranger go crazy and they will surely wonder whats your password is. These day we try to hide our mobile while putting password so that they don't know your password, but after learning this trick you will never worry so.
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Builder base 3 star strategy-Clash of Clan!!!
This is the most common strategy to win trophy and 3 versus battle rewards. I'll upload more videos for common bases so that no one can defeat you. Keep watching and don't forget to like the video. Send me quarries and pics of common base so that i can help you master this game.
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Townhall 11- 3 star attacking strategy-Clash Of Clans!!!
This is 3 star attacking for th11 which quite hard to success but when you are successful then there is no th11 that can't be 3 starred. Please watch carefully so that you can know that how to release troops accordingly. Any question related to this video is always welcome!!!
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Best Fight of Shadow Fight 3
Gaming Fan must watch this!!!
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slither io
The original video is 42 minutes long but i reduced it length by increasing the video speed upto 5 times. Please do share and like to support my work.
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How To Raid Max Th11 For Trophies !!!
New strategy using clone spell to raid as well as war attacking skill too.
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