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Gigaset Me Review – Designed in Germany and Premium for $140!
Gigaset Me Review – Designed in Germany and Premium for $140! Gigaset is not the first manufacturer name that comes to your mind when you think of buying a new  smartphone but I came across a beautiful and powerful Gigaset ME device. It was designed in Germany, it’s an official partner Munchen Bayern football club and the phone costs just $140. In fact, the Gigaset ME used to cost over $500 when it was just released, which was simply too much. Learn more in the full
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Buy 1 smartphone, get 1 free from AT&T, only not all that simple
AT&T is offering a holiday deal, where you can get two smartphones for the price of one. That does sound too good to be true, and it's mostly because it is, though there likely are those that can take advantage. The offer extends to popular models like the Samsung Galaxy S6, as well as the carrier exclusive Galaxy S6 active, but also the current iPhone 6s. For a precise list of participating models, you'd best contact AT&T, but from what we gather, you can't pick up one iPhone and one Samsung, the two smartphones need to be the same brand. Either way, the terms and conditions are pretty complex, but the essence is that both devices need to be on a Next 24 plan upwards of $70/month (which in fact means a 30-month subscription). Then after three bills, AT&T will start waiving the monthly payments for the phone for the next 30 months for a total of $650 (or $21.67/month). The free device needs to be a new line, and the other one can be a new line or an upgrade.
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Sony Xperia X (2017) Image Leaked: Sports Thinner Bezels on All Sides
Sony Xperia X (2017) Image Leaked: Sports Thinner Bezels on All Sides Sony has been around for a pretty long time, making phones years before a lot of the brands in the market now thought of doing so. However, for a while now the company has been recording losses but managed to record some profits in Q2 2016. Their flagship last year, the Xperia XZ is expected to get a newer model less than a year after its launch but it seems that is not the only phone hitting the shelves soon as a leaked image of an upcoming Xperia X (2017) has just surfaced online. xperia x 2017 leak The image appears to look like a sort of packaging for the Xperia X and shows that Sony is doing away with some of its trademark design language such as the huge bezels usually present on its phones. The Xperia X (2017) sports thinner side bezels and smaller upper and lower bezels but I still see no need for the lower bezel being that thick, since Sony uses on-screen buttons and places its fingerprint scanner on the side. Last year’s Xperia X launched with a 5-inch display, 3GB RAM, Snapdragon 652 processor, 32GB/64GB of storage, a 23MP rear camera, and a 2620mAh battery. Chances are that the major changes for this year’s model apart from the newer design will not go beyond a newer processor, probably the Snapdragon 653, and a larger battery.
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Bezeless Elephone S8 is greatly anticipated in 2017
Bezeless Elephone S8 is greatly anticipated in 2017 In December MediaTek added the high-end Helio X27 to its SoC portfolio. But what extra does it bring to devices that will be using it, such as the Elephone S8? Let’s take a look at some of its features in detail. Helio X27 Elephone S8 Uncompromised Performance in Games The display can be refreshed at up to 120 fps for crisp and responsive scrolling of web content and maps, and with an ARM Mali-T880 MP4 GPU clocked up to 875MHz, it brings uncompromised performance in games with high-resolution graphics. Dual-cameras – Depth of field, Less image noise The MediaTek Helio X27 is designed for smartphones with dual-cameras and includes color and mono sensor support. This multiple-sensor design can capture three times the light of a traditional sensor, thus reducing image noise and increasing quality. It features a built-in 3D depth engine for depth of field processing, as well as multi-scale de-noise engines, for faster response time between shots and unprecedented detail, color, and sharpness, even under extreme conditions. Elephone S8 Tri-cluster: Smoother performance, longer battery life With three clusters, the processor can delegate simple tasks to one cluster of cores, while directing more complex (and more power-hungry) tasks to the other clusters. For example, if the smartphone is doing only simple tasks, such as sending text messages or running the calculator on one cluster, the other clusters can power down ready for when required. Therefore, the device becomes more responsive and smoother and delivers good battery life. In addition, the MediaTek Helio X27 includes the latest MiraVision Energy Smart Screen to further enhance power efficiency by 25%. As mentioned above, the Elephone S8 will be carrying the Helio X27 SoC. In terms of appearance, Elephone S8 is stunning. The display will feature three bezeless sides just like the Sharp Aquos and Xiaomi Mix and will almost cover the entire front panel. Also, the curved glass cover will give the phone a luxurious high-end feel. Besides, rumors say that the camera and fingerprint design of the device will be groundbreaking.
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Huawei Mate 10 series: All the rumors in one place (Updated: September 15)
The Huawei Mate 9 is a great device that hasn’t quite grabbed as much attention on the market as a lot of its rivals. This year, Huawei plans on changing that with its successor. Once again, the Mate 10 will fall into the phablet territory thanks to its large screen and will go head to head with the likes of the Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, and the upcoming Google Pixel 2 XL, among other devices. Huawei has confirmed that just like last year, we can also expect to see the Pro version of the upcoming Mate 10 smartphone. Will it be a China-exclusive model just like its predecessor? Well, anything is possible at this point, as Huawei hasn’t shared any info on this topic yet. However, the fact that the Mate 10 Pro will actually be revealed in Europe makes us think that the phablet should be available on the old continent and possibly even in the US. Additionally, we might also see a third Mate device announced. a has received a tip from a Huawei distributor claiming that the Mate 10 Lite will also revealed — likely alongside the other two models — although this hasn’t officially been confirmed yet. The device will offer less in terms of hardware but will, therefore, be more budget-friendly. To find out exactly where and when the smartphones will be revealed, check out our “Huawei Mate 10 and 10 Pro: Release date and price” post. To have any chance of truly sparking consumer interest and competing against the smartphones mentioned above, the upcoming Mate 10 handsets have to bring quite a few new things to the table. Just having the top-of-the-line specs doesn’t cut it in this day and age, which means Huawei will have to focus more on design, price, and unique, signature features that would make the smartphones stand out from the crowd. In this post, we take a closer look at the likely Huawei Mate 10, 10 Pro, and 10 Lite specs, features, and design, to give you a better idea of what to expect. Keep in mind that most of the things you’ll read down below are rumors for now, as they haven’t been confirmed by Huawei yet. As usual, the company likely won’t reveal any specific details about the upcoming smartphones prior to their reveal.
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Gionee M2017 Official: Dual-Curved AMOLED Display, 6GB RAM and 7000mAh Battery
Gionee M2017 Official: Dual-Curved AMOLED Display, 6GB RAM and 7000mAh Battery The holiday spirit is still in the air but we doubt the staff at Gionee had time to celebrate at all as the company just announced its new phone, the Gionee M2017. While the name might have hinted at it being launched next year, new phone, the Gionee M2017.off the wraps on this new device just a few days before the end of 2016. The Gionee M2017 has been in the news for a while and has generated much buzz for its unique design. Now that the phone is official, lets take a look at its specs. Gionee M2017 Gionee M2017 Specifications The Gionee M2017 sports a 5.7-inch dual-curved AMOLED 2K display, a snapdragon 653 processor clocked at 1.95GHz, 6GB of RAM and 128GB/256GB of storage. There is a dual-camera setup on the back consisting of a 12MP and 13MP sensor with optical zoom. The cameras have a focus speed of 0.03 seconds and also have quick focus under dim light. The primary camera in front is an 8MP sensor and there is a fingerprint scanner up in front. The rumors are true. The Gionee M2017 does come with a 7000mAh battery. Gionee says the 7000mAh (700Wh/L battery density) battery is actually two 3500mAh batteries that are connected in parallel in order to reduce the charging temperature and increase safety. The Gionee M2017 supports 24W fast charging with up to 12 charging protection measures and can in turn be used to charge other devices. Gionee M2017gionee-m2017-official-6gionee-m2017-battery There is a dedicated security chip in the Gionee M2017 that protects user data using hardware encryption. Data stored on the chip can’t be accessed via brute-force or reverse-decryption as the files will self destruct when the chip is accessed via any of the above means. The chip also encrypts calls, messages, and payment verification. Gionee doesn’t stop there. The fingerprint scanner can’t be bypassed as it uses an infrared system to detect changes in blood flow so as to determine if the fingerprint is ”live”. The Gionee M2017 launches with Amigo 3.5 which is based on Android Marshmallow. The M2017 is a luxury phone, there is no doubt about it. The back is covered in hand trimmed calfskin leather sourced from the United States. The frame that runs around the body is made of aluminium and is symmetrical on both sides. Gionee M2017 Price The Gionee M2017 starts at ¥6,999 (~$1007) for the 6GB+128GB version and ¥16,999 (~$24446) for the 6GB+256GB version that sports an alligator skin instead of calfskin leather. It will go on sale on the 6th of January via online and offline sales channels. READ MORE: Unknown Gionee Phone with 3GB RAM, Large Battery Hits TENAA Gionee is offering owners an exclusive after sales service. If you break your screen within the first year, it will be replaced for free. Owners can also enjoy an extended warranty period of 2 years after registration and will not need to pay for logistics if they send in their faulty device.
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Samsung Exynos 8 Octa 8890 is official
Samsung Exynos 8 Octa 8890 is official Samsung has just pulled the wraps off its next-gen high-end chipset. The Exynos 8 Octa 8890 (quite a mouthful, we reckon it’ll go by Exynos 8890 once it hits the streets) was unveiled in Seoul, and has a few firsts to show off. Manufactured on a 14nm FinFET process like the Exynos 7420 before it, the new chip marks Samsung’s entry into custom-built cores. The big.LITTLE arrangement in the 8890 features a quad-core array of those in-house Mongoose 64-bit ARMv8 cores as the performance cluster, while more mundane tasks will be handled by another four Cortex-A53 cores. Promising a 30% performance increase, the new chip benefits from what’s dubbed Samsung Coherent Interconnect (SCI) technology, for better interaction between the two separate clusters. That won’t adversely affect battery life, on the contrary – the chip is said to be 10% more power efficient. And before you jump to conclusions, that doesn’t straight up mean 10% increase in battery life of a phone as whole. Another first for Samsung is the integrated modem, which supports Cat. 12/13 LTE with carrier aggregation for download speeds up to 600Mbps. Much like Huawei’s recently announced Kirin 950 chipset, the Exynos 8890 features a Mali-T880 GPU, but as with all of ARM’s graphics processors, the secret is in the number of cores (the x in MPx, which follows the GPU model number). Samsung uses the Mali-T880MP12 with a total of a whopping twelve cores, as opposed to Huawei’s MP4. The new chip supports display resolutions up to 4K UHD (4,096 x 2,160px) or WQUXGA (3,840x2,400px), and that may be a hint of what to expect in future flagships. Or not, as the existing Exynos 7420 has support for such displays, but we haven’t seen a device with one just yet. So far these are the sketchy outlines, provided by Samsung - details such as clock frequencies remain to be revealed. The big question is when we’ll see the chip in an actual device and a safe bet would be the Galaxy S7 some time in the beginning of next year.
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Boost and Virgin Mobile will offer iPhone X starting November 10
Sprint's prepaid brands Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile have announced availability details for the Apple iPhone X. Pre-orders at Virgin begin November 3, with shipments beginning November 10 onwards. Boost, on the other hand, will start accepting iPhone X orders November 10. Both non-contract carriers are yet to reveal pricing details though. Officially, the iPhone X comes in either Silver or Space Gray and starts at $999/€1,149/£999. The device's official release is set for November 3 next week, and pre-orders have already begun.
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Huawei P10 Likely to be Announced at MWC 2017
The 2017 Mobile World Congress is a little over a month away and the conference has been where many of the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers unveil their latest flagships. This year one of the companies that are rumored to unveil their latest flagship is Huawei, currently the biggest Chinese smartphone manufacturer, with the successor to 2016’s P9 flagship – the Huawei P10.
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Honor 9 with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage to be available in Europe as Honor 9 Premium
When the Huawei Honor 9 was made official last month, it was revealed that the device will come in both 4GB and 6GB RAM options as well as 64GB and 128GB storage options. Now, it has come to light that the 6GB/128GB variant will be available in Europe as the Honor 9 Premium. Reportedly, the model is exclusive to 3 in Italy, and will be available for purchase soon. It's also available to pre-order in Switzerland. The listing shown above reveals that sales for the variant will begin August 28 onwards. As for pricing, the Honor 9 Premium carries a tag of CHF 499 (around $520 or €450) in Switzerland, which is CHF 50 higher than the standard Honor 9. While there's no official confirmation, we expect the Premium variant to also land in other European markets very soon.
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Twitter is reportedly working on a new tweetstorm feature
Twitter is reportedly working on a new tweetstorm feature Do you get mad? Do you use Twitter to voice your opinion on politics, technology, or how Disney still hasn’t released an official trailer for The Last Jedi? If so, we’ve got some good news — you might soon be able to publish your very own tweetstorm all at once. According to screenshots given to Matt Navarra, director of Social Media at The Next Web, Twitter is working on a feature that will allow you to compose multiple threaded Tweets (aka tweetstorm) at one time and publish them all at once. Check out the screenshots below to see the new feature in action: TechCrunch says the new tweetstorming feature isn’t being publicly tested at this time. Because of this, it’s unclear as to when Twitter will roll this feature out to everyone. We’ll of course keep you updated if we hear anything, though the social media giant declined to comment to both TechCrunch and Recode. Sometimes the 140 character limit just isn’t enough to get all of your thoughts out, which is why threaded Tweets are a thing. However, composing multiple tweets, one right after the other, can be time consuming, and they can be easy to mess up. Hopefully this feature will begin rolling out sooner rather than later.
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CEO says fans will be pleased with OnePlus 5T price
OnePlus CEO Pete Lau tweeted a vague message about the cost of the upcoming OnePlus 5T and co-founder Carl Pei retweeted it. Pete Lau ✔@petelau2007 Cost of smartphone components is rising, but phones are also getting better. OnePlus users will appreciate what's coming. 5:04 PM - Nov 8, 2017 269 269 Replies 210 210 Retweets 1,693 1,693 likes Twitter Ads info and privacy Earlier, unnamed sources claimed that the 5T will cost the same as the 5. That’s €500 for the 64GB model and €560 for the 128GB one. However, this message about the rising cost of components doesn’t quite sound like “the phone will cost the same”. Let’s look at a quick price history of the OnePlus phones (for the base storage): OnePlus One €270 (increased to €300) OnePlus 2 €340 OnePlus 3 €400 OnePlus 3T €440 OnePlus 5 €500 The trend seems pretty clear, but perhaps the OnePlus 5T will surprise us. Either way, as Pete Lau points out, the new model will have improvements over the OnePlus 5, starting with an 18:9 screen and an upgraded camera (that’s what we’ve gleaned from rumors anyway)
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Samsung removes its logo from Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Japan
Samsung has taken down its corporate logo from its recently launched Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones in Japan. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge go on sale in Japan on April 23. Both the flagship phones will not have Samsung’s logo on the devices and instead will be co-marketed with carrier partners as the ‘Docomo Galaxy’ and ‘au Galaxy’. The company did not give a reason behind removing the logo. Samsung has been facing tough competition from Apple in Japan along with smartphone makers like Sony, Fujitsu and Sharp. The South Korean tech giant did not have a great 2014 owing to slow sales of the Galaxy S5.
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Sony posts fiscal Q2 results, mobile division in decline
Sony posts fiscal Q2 results, mobile division in decline Sony posted its financial results for the July-September period, and they look promising. The latest update shows the Japanese company raked in JPY2 trillion (about $18.25 billion) in revenue and managed to get a net profit of $1.15 billion. The most significant earners are the Semiconductors department, which includes image sensors for mobile products, and the Game & Network Services which accounts for the PlayStation 4 sales - both hardware, and software. Sony posts fiscal Q2 results, mobile division goes down Out of eight business segments for Sony, only one posted operating loss - The Mobile Communications division. The numbers went from JPY3.7 billion ($32.4 million) of income in the same three months a year ago to a loss of JPY2.5 billion ($21.9 million) now. Sales saw a positive change of 1.9% in raw currency, but fell flat on a yearly basis because of the unfavorable exchange rates. Sony says “the deterioration was primarily due to a change in the geographic mix of smartphone sales, an increase in the price of key components, as well as the negative impact […] of the US dollar.” The outlook for the fiscal year is more than promising for Sony. The company expects to have an 11.8% rise in sales and operating income by the end of March 31, 2018, or JPY8.5 trillion ($74.5 billion). Let’s just hope the mobile division also goes up
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Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro coming October 16 in Munich with Kirin 970 chip
Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro coming October 16 in Munich with Kirin 970 chip Huawei will unveil the Huawei Mate 10 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro smartphones at an event in Munich on October 16. The news was announced by Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, on stage during Huawei’s IFA 2017 keynote. Yu also confirmed the use of Huawei’s latest flagship processor, the Kirin 970, in the upcoming devices and said that the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro would be Huawei’s first full display smartphones. This means you can expect a screen-to-body ratio similar to what has been seen on the likes of the Galaxy Note 8 and Essential Phone to be featured on the phones. The Huawei Mate 10 had previously been teased in a Huawei tweet which suggested it would arrive with a dual camera setup, while its implementation of the Kirin 970 was also suspected, but had yet to be officially confirmed. The Mate 10 Pro is likely to be an even more powerful variant of the regular Mate 10, similar to the relationship the Mate 9 Pro had to the Mate 9 introduced last year. These phones featured the same Kirin 960 chip (what was Huawei’s flagship chipset at the time), but the Pro version arrived with a higher resolution (QHD rather than Full-HD) curved display and an option with more RAM and internal storage space.
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Measuring the bezels of the iPhone X - can Apple win the bezel-less war?
Measuring the bezels of the iPhone X - can Apple win the bezel-less war? “Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen” says Apple about the iPhone X. An admirable goal, though Apple is hardly a pioneer here – Sharp went “bezel-less” years ago, Xiaomi pushed the concept into the public consciousness. Still, you can’t deny the X is a massive improvement over all iPhones dating back to the original. We decided to measure Apple’s achievement – how thin are those bezels? Is it a huge improvement over the iPhone 8 Plus? Obviously yes for the top and bottom bezels, but we think those are of secondary importance. It’s the side bezels that matter – with today’s large screens, thick side bezels can make the phone so wide as to be impossible to hold comfortably. We measured the side bezels of the iPhone X at 4.13mm. That’s almost a full millimeter thinner than the iPhone 8 Plus bezels (and don’t forget any saving here counts twice). It’s not as thin as it could have been though, the two Androids we used as control are both comfortably under 4mm. Perhaps Apple didn’t want to go too thin – the iPads have great palm rejection, but even then you don’t want accidental touches. As you may have noticed, we didn’t include the Galaxy flagships as their curved screens are difficult to measure but also exacerbate the accidental touch issue. Anyway, if you look closely, you’ll see that the bottom bezel is slightly thinner than the side bezels. So Apple could have gone thinner but chose not to for one reason or the other. side (mm) top (mm) bottom (mm) iPhone X 4.13 8.93 3.87 iPhone 8 Plus 5.03 19.44 19.29 LG V30 3.67 7.73 7.27 Mi Mix 2 3.72 4.52 10.57 Note that the “top” bezel includes the notch with the TrueDepth camera. It’s impressive that this notch is smaller than the bottom bezel of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, even though it contains a minified Kinect. Also, it’s only a millimeter more than the top bezel on the LG V30, despite housing one of the stereo speakers. If you want to imagine a V30 with stereo speakers, you can look at the Pixel 2 XL. In short, Apple’s engineers deserves kudos – their product strikes a great balance between minimal dead space and ergonomics
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Coolpad Defiant is a $100 Android 7.0 smartphone on T-Mobile
Coolpad has teamed up with T-Mobile to offer its Defiant entry level smartphone to US customers. The Defiant has LTE connectivity and a quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat on board. Here's an at a glance list of its main specs. 5-inch 854x480px display Quad-core 1.4GHz processor, 1GB of RAM 8GB of internal storage, microSD card support 5MP main camera, 2MP front-facing camera LTE Android 7.0 Nougat 2,450mAh battery The budget phone is going for $100 (with an additional $25 for a T-Mo SIM) or 4$ per month on a two year installment plan
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10.2-inch Google Pixel C Android tablet in the works, rumor says
Tomorrow Google has a pretty big event planned, during which the LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P will become official. A new Chromecast may be outed too, along with a new family plan for the Play Music All Access streaming service. But that may not be all Google's got in store for us. A new rumor says we might see a new tablet getting revealed as well. Intriguingly though, this will not be Nexus-branded. Even if it doesn't get showcase10.2-inch Google Pixel C Android tablet in the works, rumor saysd tomorrow, this is apparently in the works and will be released sometime in November. It will be called Pixel C. Google will interestingly be using the brand it's so far reserved for high-end Chromebooks with premium materials. That said, the Pixel C tablet will run Android, not Chrome OS.
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Samsung to bring back the microSD slot with the S6 Active
Samsung Galaxy S6 turned out not the flagship many was hoping for. It ditched the SD expansion slot the water protection and removable battery for good, in favor of refined design and improved user experience. Now that those features are a lost cause for the Samsung Galaxy S6, many are hoping Samsung would reconsider for the upcoming Galaxy S6 Active edition of the flagship. A reddit user spent some quality time with a Samsung rep, who shed some light on company's plans for future devices and past decisions. First, let's check out what's coming in the Galaxy S6 Active. Reportedly the device will keep the Galaxy S6 specs, but will lack fingerprint scanner and heart-rate monitor. Instead it will come with front physical keys and will look a lot like the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3. The highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will be, of course, the water and dust protection plus Samsung promises to keep the microSD card slot and the removable battery. Currently Samsung has no plans for giving up on the memory expansions slots in the rugged smartphones. The Galaxy S6 Active should be launched in mid-summer this year, but the pricing is yet to be announced. The reddit user garshol also asked the Samsung's rep about the decision to cut off the water-proofing and the SD slot. Apparently Samsung did a study among the users about the water protection and they concluded the people prefer the freedom from port covers in favor of water endurance. The microSD slot on the other hand was removed in order to fit more technology on its place and for a better and more refined design.
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Verizon, Sprint, and Samsung are shipping the Galaxy Note 8 early
Verizon, Sprint, and Samsung are shipping the Galaxy Note 8 early In an industry with all-too much waiting around — I’m looking at you, Android updates — news of something happening before expected is always good to hear. Over the weekend, we encountered several stories regarding Galaxy Note 8 shipments, the earliest claiming that Verizon and Sprint had begun shipping devices. Now, it appears that Samsung is doing the same. Galaxy Note 8 pre-order customers have taken to Reddit to announce the news, reporting that Samsung.com has changed their order status to “Shipped.” This means that the handset could arrive this week, a number of days ahead of the previously stated September 15 release date; the smartphone was announced just over a week ago on August 25
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Cyanogen, BLU to Launch Android Phone Without Google Services This Year
We already know that Cyanogen's CEO, Kirt McMaster, has been trying to take Android away from Google; though not literally. McMaster's aggressive stand towards Google seems to be taking the CyanogenMod custom ROM maker to new heights. Cyanogen has confirmed that it will launch a BLU-made smartphone later this year. The highlight of the smartphone will be that it won't include any Google services or apps. Adding more about the partnership, BLU CEO, Samuel Ohev-Zion, noted that the phone will probably preload Amazon's Appstore for Android for downloading apps instead of Google Play, and Opera as the mobile browser instead of Chrome. Other apps expected to be preloaded on the BLU-made Cyanogen phone are Nokia's Here maps, Spotify as the music app, as well as Dropbox and OneDrive for cloud storage. He even added that Microsoft's Cortana can be used on the phone, replacing the likes of Google's voice search while Bing can replace normal Google search. "When these other apps are deeply integrated into the phone, most of the time they perform better than the Google apps," said Ohev-Zion, adding that plans have not yet been finalised. For the uninitiated, BLU is an American company that has launched few mid-range Android smartphones, which are available via Best Buy and other big retailers in the country.
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Samsung responds to recently-uncovered Galaxy Note8 battery problem
Last week, it came to light that a significant number of Samsung Galaxy Note8 users have been complaining about a battery-related issue with their devices. Users said their units refused to charge after the battery hit 0%. After the issue received widespread coverage, there were a few reports that some Galaxy S8/S8+ users as well as Galaxy Tab S3 users have also been complaining about a similar problem. Well, Samsung has now offered an official statement on the matter, saying they've only received a few such reports and is yet to collect detailed information about the affected units. Following is the complete statement: "Of course, Samsung is taking all reports of this kind seriously, we only received a very small number of customer inquiries that could be linked to charge management, and unfortunately we can only comment on the matter further if we have more detailed information about the affected devices. If you have any questions about your device, please contact Samsung Customer Service at 06196 77 555 66 (costs according to the contractual partner’s terms for landline or mobile phone connections.) Service times: Monday to Friday: 8: 00-21: 00 clock, Saturday: 9: 00-17: 00 clock) or under: http://www.samsung.com/de/info/contactus.html)
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Entry-level LG G Pad F2 8.0 launched with octa-core CPU, Android Nougat
Entry-level LG G Pad F2 8.0 launched with octa-core CPU, Android Nougat LG has launched a new entry-level tablet in the US. Dubbed G Pad F2 8.0, the device is powered by MediaTek MT6750 SoC with octa-core 1.5GHz CPU, and sports an 8-inch WXGA (1280 x 800 pixels) display. RAM is 2GB, while internal memory is 16GB. The device features a 5MP rear as well as front camera. Weighing in at around 350g, the tablet runs Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box. A 3,000mAh battery provides the power. The G Pad F2 8.0 also comes with an optional extended battery of 4,400mAh, bringing the total capacity to 7,400mAh. It features stereo speakers, and full-size USB port. The tablet is available through Sprintfor $149.99 (there's also an option for monthly payments)
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HTC One E9 and One E9+ are getting the December security update
Google has begun working on more regular Android updates after the 'stagefright' exploit. The latest security patches are integrated into the so-called December security update. HTC has been working fast to incorporate those fixes within its phones and recently has begun seeding the update on the HTC One A9. As of today the One E9 and One E9+ are also getting the December Security Update. The first market to get the update is HTC's homeland - Taiwan, but we expect the update to roll out in even more markets very soon. The new firmware weighs about 360MB and includes all new security fixes, squashed some bugs and improves on the overall performance.
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Android O will be the last major update to hit the OnePlus 3 and 3T
OnePlus' track record with software support for its devices has been decent for some products, and very bad for others (remember the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X?). And with the release of the OnePlus 5 it's understandable that owners of last year's flagships, the OnePlus 3 and 3T, have gotten a bit antsy not knowing exactly what to expect from this point forward. So today the Chinese company's Head of Product, Oliver Z., has decided to answer a few questions on the matter. He has thus revealed that Android O will be the last major update headed to the OnePlus 3 and 3T, with security patches and individual app updates coming "for the foreseeable future". After the 3 and 3T get the O update, the Open Beta Program will be "moving" to the OnePlus 5. Speaking about the next updates for the 3/3T, Oliver mentioned that the August security patches are going to be out "soon", while the OxygenOS 4.5 build will come "in the next 1-2 months". This means the 3/3T will catch up with the 5 in terms of OxygenOS version, but some features from the newer handset will not be making the transition. Reading Mode, off-screen gestures, and DCI-P3 screen calibration are not going to be implemented in the 3/3T because of "hardware differences".
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HTC U11 Life might be heading to T-Mobile
HTC U11 Life might be heading to T-Mobile The HTC U11 Life has been the subject of multiple leaks so far, revealing almost all of its key specs. There have also been reports that the device will be made official at the company's November 2 event. But there has been no information on its availability. That changes now, as a new rumor is suggesting the Android One handset is coming to T-Mobile in the US. Someone who claims they're a T-Mobile store manager, said in a Reddit post today that they've received "a shipment notification for the HTC U11 life and a bunch of accessories." They also included a screenshot suggesting the magenta carrier will be carrying the blue color variant at the very least. Sadly, there's currently no official confirmation from T-Mobile on whether or not it'll be carrying the U11 Life, so we advise you to take all of this with a pinch of salt
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The beautiful all-metal HTC One A9 goes official with Snapdragon 617
HTC One A9 is the company's latest smartphone and the first non-Nexus to launch with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The handset is supposed to freshen up the HTC portfolio and give another chance of the otherwise struggling One lineup. The HTC One A9 is built around a 5" AMOLED screen of 1080p resolution and is the first to run on the Snapdragon 617 chip. The SoC employs an octa-core processor with four Cortex-A53 cores at 1.5GHz and another four A53 ticking at 1.2GHz, Adreno 405 GPU and 2 or 3 GB of RAM depending on the version. HTC says it designed the One A9 from scratch, blending signature elements of its previous phones, such as the antenna stripes on the back (first used on the HTC One M7 in 2013). The A9's unibody is made entirely of metal, with 2.5D Gorilla Glass 4 protective glass shielding the entire front. The One A9 is quite thin at just 7.2mm of thickness and it seems like a pocket-friendly chap with the 5" screen and the 143g of weight. The main camera of the One A9 packs 13MP sensor with optical image stabilization and 1080p video recording (Snapdragon 617 doesn't support 4K). It supports RAW capturing and Hyperlapse (stabilized time-lapse) videos. The front snapper has a 4MP UltraPixel sensor and a bright F/2.0 aperture. HTC One A9 comes with either 16 or 32GB of storage, expandable via a microSD slot. LTE connectivity is naturally supported, while a new high-power DAC promiese unmatched audio experience. The Home key of the HTC One A9 doubles as an always-on fingerprint scanner, which will unlock your device even while the display is turned off. You can also use the sensor for Play Store payments thanks to the Android 6.0 Marshmallow running on the A9 right out of the box. HTC One A9 is powered by a 2,150 mAh battery, which supports Quick Charge 2.0 (and 3.0), though you'll have to buy a proper 15W HTC charger if you want to charge your battery lightning fast. HTC will be offering a compatible Dot View II case for the One A9 with enhanced gesture controls, plus you can opt for HTC Pro Studio In-Ear headphones for the best BoomSound experience.
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Mophie has new battery cases for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, now with wireless charging
Mophie has new battery cases for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, now with wireless charging Mophie, the leading seller of battery cases in North America has shown some love to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The new juice packs actually offer quite a bit of improvement over the old models, like the ones meant for the Galaxy S6. The cases still offer edge protection all around, but are now a lot more convenient thanks to wireless charging technology. The company has added support for Qi, as well as other popular technologies and promises maximum versatility. Placing the phone on a charger can top off both batteries. Of course, there is still a pass-through micro USB port so you can charge via cable and also sync with a PC. The latter is actually quite cleverly designed with a priority mode that charges your phone first and then moves on to the battery inside the case. The Galaxy S7 Mophie case with a 2,950mAh battery is available for purchase now at $99.95 (€109.95 in the EU) and can be bundled with an additional memory-flex microUSB cable and a fast wall charger for a few bucks extra. The same goes for the Galaxy S7 edge model with its larger 3,300mAh pack, but it is currently in pre-order state with shipments delayed from five to seven days. On a side note, examining the case closely, reveals that it is now lacking the tiny on/off switch next to the power meter on the back, which raises the question as to how charging is enabled and disabled. Hopefully, the function has been somehow reassigned to the only remaining button, as having the charge flow constantly is impractical on some occassions.
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Asus delays Lollipop for Zenfone 4, 5, 6, Padfone S and Infinity 2
Asus seems to be struggling to update the Zenfone 4 / 5 / 6 generation to Android 5.0 Lollipop. There was one update firmware that pushed Zenfone 5 to Lollipop, but there's also a downgrade firmware that brings it back down to KitKat. Well, the final update has been delayed to mid-May due to verification issues. Along with the Zenfones, the Padfone S update is also getting pushed back. Asus is working to resolve the issues and guarantee a solid user experience. The Asus Padfone Infinity 2 (A86) Lollipop update has also been postponed, indefinitely for now. The company will provide updates based on the 4.4 KitKat. This is allegedly due to limitations of the phone's processor (really, Snapdragon 800 with 2GB RAM doesn’t cut it?). It's not clear if and when the Infinity 2 will get its Lollipop.
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T-Mobile's Galaxy S8/S8+ updated with the option to hide navigation bar
T-Mobile's Galaxy S8/S8+ updated with the option to hide navigation bar A new update has started rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ units on T-Mobile's network. The update brings the option to hide the navigation bar - there's a new icon on the left of the bar that lets you do this. The other change is related to the bar's background color - the range of available options has been enhanced. Finally, the update also includes Android security fixes for the month of June - the security patch level now says June 1. While those were all listed changes, early adopters found there's more to it. The update also blocks the option to remap the Bixby button, something which Samsung has done for the second time (the patch didn't prove effective the first time). However, currently only T-Mobile variants are said to be affected by this change.
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Oukitel K10000S is an update to the 10,000mAh battery phone
How big is the battery in your phone? At a guess, 3,000mAh-4,000mAh tops. Oukitel released the gargantuan K10000, which has a 10,000mAh battery. That’s Ten Thousand, count the zeroes carefully. With this battery you can charge three iPhone 6s Plus phones and still have juice left over. And now the company is building another one. Details are still a bit sketchy, but the company has taken steps to make the upcoming Oukitel K10000S feel smaller. For one, the “hard” metal plates and exposed screws are going away, replaced by “softer” rounded corners and a faux leather back. Oukitel is also trying reduce the thickness - the original was 20mm at its thickest - but there are no exact measurements yet. 20mm was huge for a phone with a 5.5” screen. The K10000S will also have a decent chipset - the original had a quad-core CPU at 1.0GHz that sipped power but barely moved. The new one could go up to something like a Helio P20 (with a generous helping of RAM).
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Lenovo Smart Storage Comes Packed with Dual-band Wi-Fi & 6TB capacity
Lenovo Smart Storage Comes Packed with Dual-band Wi-Fi & 6TB capacity Launched along with its other CES 2017 surprises, Lenovo took the wraps off its Smart Storage device. The Lenovo Smart storage is a storage device that offers up to 6TB storage space and comes as a smart gadget with Dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. The Smart storage can be said to be ultra-smart as it also features a facial recognition for better sorting of synced photographs based on the faces in the photos in addition to the dual-badn Wi-Fi that allows peer-to-peer access. Read Also: Lenovo Miix 720 2-in-1 PC with Active Pen 2 unveiled, Surface Pro Killer! Powering the Smart storage is an Intel Celeron N3060 dual-core processor with a clock frequency of 1.6GHz. The processor is backed by 2GB of RAM and there is 8GB of internal storage. The unit takes a 3.5-inch SATA hard drive and can offer 2TB of storage as well as up to 6TB. There is a pair of USB 3.0 ports onbaord for connecting other devices as well as a button to upload stuffs and another to reset the device. There is also an RJ45 1000M port on the device. The functions offered by the Lenovo Smart Storage are enormous. It can be used to watch movies over Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) platform and it also supports wireless data transfer between devices. If the wireless data connectivity is running at snail speed, you can also use a wired connection by connecting the two devices via USB ports. There is also the issue of confidentiality as files can be kept private and secured and it also auto Sync if that function is set up, and this enables the device transfer data to the hard drive automatically. Related: Lenovo Smart Assistant With Amazon Alexa Announced The Smart storage also enables users to print photos stored inside using Kite Photo Service and it is also compatible with the Lenovo Smart App. Talking about the price, the Lenovo Smart Storage device is priced at $139.99 USD and will be available for purchase in May, 2017.
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Motorola Droid Turbo 2 owners reporting mysterious green line on display
Motorola Droid Turbo 2 owners reporting mysterious green line on display Several users of the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 smartphone are reporting an issue with their device where-in a vertical green light appears on the device's display. A quick look at Motorola's forums reveal that the issue dates back to November last year. A user who goes by the name of Venoran posted his side of the story on Motorola's forum, revealing that when he approached Verizon (Droid Turbo 2 is Verizon exclusive in case you don't know), he was told that "you must have dropped or hit this phone really hard, it's not shock-proof!" He was also shown an internal Verizon e-mail containing a picture of the phone affected by the green light issue, and titled "Droid Turbo 2 is Shatterproof, not Shock-proof." All this while he maintained that he never, ever dropped his phone. Thereafter, Verizon reps asked him to approach Motorola, which finally agreed to issue a new unit as replacement. Coming back to the issue, users say the green light is almost always there when the display is on, with some even saying that it widens with time. There's no information yet on whether it's a software or hardware issue.
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Next Samsung Galaxy Note phone to pack in LG-made battery
Next Samsung Galaxy Note phone to pack in LG-made battery According to a new report out of Korea, Samsung is considering sourcing batteries from LG Chem (the battery manufacturing arm of LG) for its Galaxy Note8 smartphone as well as other phones launching thereafter. Talks are on, and nothing is finalized yet, the report says, but adds that a deal seems likely. If the deal goes through, the Galaxy Note8 will become the first Samsung phone to pack in an LG-made battery. Aside from the yet-to-be-finalized LG Chem, the list of Samsung's battery suppliers currently includes Samsung SDI and China’s ATL. It's worth mentioning that the ill-fated Galaxy Note7 contained batteries from both these suppliers, and both variants were found problematic.
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Xiaomi ships 10 million phones in October
Xiaomi shipped 10 million phones in September and it has repeated this feat in October as well. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun posted the good news on his Weibo account while reminding people of the upcoming sale of the Mi 5X (known elsewhere as Mi A1) on November 1. Hey, you don’t ship 10 million phones in a month without selling 24/7. Anyway, the company recently set an ambitious goal for itself – to ship 90 million phones this year. That would be a 50% increase over last year (58 million) and a big growth compared to 2015 (its strongest year for now with 70 million shipments). By the way, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella paid Xiaomi HQ a visit today and Lei Jun gifted him a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Jun says that Xiaomi and Microsoft have a “very close cooperation” for phones, laptops and cloud services
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Weekly poll results: don't you dare touch the headphone jack, Samsung
Weekly poll results: don't you dare touch the headphone jack, Samsung The message is resoundingly clear - a Samsung Galaxy S8 without a 3.5mm headphone jack is going to be met with great resistance from fans. Almost half of voters in our poll picked this option, indicating that it’s a deal-breaker. Many brought up a removable battery, but this particular ship seems to have sailed. The fate of the Home button, however, is yet to be decided and a quarter of voters also picked this as a must-have. The fingerprint reader was almost a bigger concern than the button itself - where will it be, how will it work and so on. The lack of a dual-camera or a design that removes bezels too aggressively proved to be minor concerns. Many point out that a single camera can perform just as well as a dual-camera (the low-light performance of the Pixel phones is a good example
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Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design Vs Gionee M2017: Which Luxury Phone is Worth Your Money?
Planning to get a new phone and don’t want to settle for any of the ”cheap phones” in the market like the OnePlus 3T, the Samsung S7 Edge, or even the Google Pixel because any phone less than $1000 is ”cheap” right? Then you might want to narrow down your options to the Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design or Gionee M2017. We want to help you spend your money decide which one of these two phones is worth your hard-earned money. Display We know you’ve got a fat account, so a phone with a large display is what you need to show the world that you like big things. The Mate 9 Porsche Design has a 5.5-inch 2K AMOLED display which is big enough but if you want bigger, the Gionee M2017 take the display size up to 5.7-inches with the same display type and resolution. Both displays are curved on both sides and should let you see your account balance in bright and vivid colors. RAM, ROM, and Processor The Gionee M2017 and Mate 9 Porsche Design both come with 6GB of RAM which is the highest you can get on any phone right now. The difference is in the storage option. Gionee let’s you choose either a 128GB model or a 256GB model, but Huawei on the other hand says its 256GB or nothing. But you want to know what we think? Go big or go home because 128GB is for cheapskates. The processor is another important specification that we feel you should consider. The Gionee M2017 sports Qualcomm’s new mid-range king, the Snapdragon 653. This chip is synonymous to the Snapdragon 652 just the way the Snapdragon 821 is to the Snapdragon 820. The octa-core processor clocked at 1.95GHz should handle most tasks you throw at it but to be honest, it can’t hold a candle to the Kirin 960 present in the Mate 9. The Kirin 960 apart from having a higher clock speed (2.4GHz) also uses the newer Cortex-A73 CPU core which is more powerful than the Cortex-A72 present in the Gionee. Camera and Battery We know you have the money and we believe you should flaunt it. You need to show your friends that your pre-ordered Faraday Future SUV has arrived and you need a good camera that captures the beauty. Both phones have dual cameras but right now Huawei seems to be the boss when it comes to dual camera phones. The Mate 9 Porsche Design sports a 20MP+12MP combo at the back of the device. The sensors are made in collaboration with German camera manufacturer, Leica. The setup has got OIS, 2x optical zoom, and laser autofocus. Up front is an 8MP shooter for selfies. You can check out camera samples here. The Gionee M2017 uses a combination of a 12MP and 13MP sensor with 2x optical zoom and you also get an 8MP sensor up front for selfies. The Gionee M2017 just launched a few days ago and there are no sample pictures yet but we doubt if it can measure up to that of the Mate 9. The M2017 is the champ here even before the fight starts. It packs a 7000mAh battery which dwarfs the 4000mAh battery inside the Huawei. Gionee’s phone has Quick charge 3.0 support while Huawei has equipped the Mate 9 Porsche Design with its own Supercharge feature. Design and Extra Features They are both luxury phones and their appearance reflects that. The Gionee sports a mixture of glass, aluminium and leather. The curved display meets the metal frame on one side and the leather back does the same on the other. You get calfskin leather for the 128GB model and crocodile leather for the 256GB version. The Mate 9 Porsche Design on the other hand is a beauty too. It shares design similarities to the Galaxy Note 7 of blessed memory which was known for its stunning looks. There is no leather on the back but the matte black coating looks really nice on it. The Gionee M2017 has a security chip that encrypts data but lacks NFC. There is a fingerprint scanner up front but there is no earphone jack. It also comes with Amigo OS 3.5 based on Android 6.0. The Mate 9 Porsche Edition on the other hand doesn’t have a security chip but has NFC and an IR blaster. It ships with Android 7.0 Nougat, has its fingerprint scanner in front, and an audio jack at the bottom. READ MORE: Battle for Mid-Range: Meizu M5 Note vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Price The Huawei Mate 9 is priced at around $1547 while the Gionee M2017 is priced at $1007 for the 128GB model and $2446 for the 256GB model. It’s a no brainer really. The Huawei Mate 9 has a more powerful processor, latest Android OS, better cameras definitely, comes with NFC, an IR blaster and an audio jack. It also offers the same storage amount as the Gionee M2017 256GB model at almost $900 less.
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Bundle up! Get bonus accessories with every MGCOOL Cam 360!
Bundle up! Get bonus accessories with every MGCOOL Cam 360! VR is here to stay and it’s not just about gaming, although most of today’s solutions are for gaming purposes. There’s also 360-degree video on the rise and it’s getting easier to shoot your own spherical flicks. For those who don’t want to spend $60,000 on a Nokia OZO or pay for GoPro’s Omni professional rig, there’s now a 360-degree shooter- MGCOOL Cam 360 that you don’t have to break the bank for. MGCOOL Cam 360 bundle This year MGCOOL has been an active player in camera market. It has many action cameras in it’s portfolio and quite successful too. Among them, MGCOOL Cam 360 is becoming sports lovers’ first choice to capture their outdoor adventures for its high performance/price ratio. One of its key features it’s one-button control, ease to access, edit and share your 360 content anywhere, anytime. This holiday season MGCOOL offers 51% off -the lowest price ever for the MGCOOL Cam 360 which can give you the same experience a more expensive model would. Not only that, but MGCOOL also offers the buyers bonus accessories like bicycle mount, helmet mount, joint buckle, etc. All these gear pack can be purchased at only $91.28 on Banggood.com
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Barnes & Noble unveils the 9.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab E Nook
Book store chain Barnes & Noble has announced the latest tablet in its Nook line today. And like the last few offerings to bear the Nook brand, this is also nothing more than a rebranded Samsung tablet. The new model is the Galaxy Tab E Nook, and it's based on the 9.6-inch Galaxy Tab E. It comes with Nook Profiles, which let you customize the on-device experience for any family member. Lots of relevant kid-friendly content is promised, so parents shouldn't have a hard time finding stuff for their children. Of course the tablet comes with the Nook store preinstalled, which boasts over 4 million books, 110,000 children's books, and 100 bestselling US magazines available for subscriptions or single sales. If you buy a Galaxy Tab E Nook before the end of the year, you'll get $5 in credit to build your Nook library. And if you trade-in another tablet, you can save up to $200. The Galaxy Tab E Nook is priced at $249.99, and you can find it in Barnes & Noble stores and online. If you trade-in an old Nook device you'll get $50 off, and if you trade-in "select iPad, Kindle, and Samsung tablets" you'll receive a $25-200 credit, potentially lowering the price of the new device all the way to $49.99. The hardware is identical to what you can find in the non-Nook branded Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6. So you get a 9.6-inch 1,280x800 touchscreen, a 5 MP rear camera, 2 MP front-facing unit, 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 16GB of expandable storage, and a 5,000 mAh battery.
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LG launches new G Pad III 10.1 tablet with octa-core CPU, 5MP front camer
LG launches new G Pad III 10.1 tablet with octa-core CPU, 5MP front camera Shortly after being leaked by the usually reliable tipster @evleaks, LG has launched the G Pad III 10.1 FHD LTE tablet. As clear from the device's name, it sports a 10.1-inch screen. Display resolution is 1920x1200, and the tablet also offers support for LTE. The new G Pad III 10.1 is powered by an octa-core 1.5GHz processor, comes in 2GB/32GB memory configuration, and features a 5MP/5MP camera combo. Measuring 256.2 x 167.9 x 6.7 to 7.9mm and weighing in at 510g, it runs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. A 6,000mAh battery is there to keep the lights on. The tablet also comes with a kick stand built-in, allowing up to 70 degrees of adjustment. There's also a 'Time Square' UX, which can be used as a desk clock, tabletop calendar, or digital frame. As for price, the device carries a tag of KRW 429,000 (around $360). It's currently only available in South Korea. LG says a version of the device with a stylus pen will be launched early next year.
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HDR videos in YouTube mobile app now capped at 1080p
HDR videos in YouTube mobile app now capped at 1080p Google has made a change to the resolution options in the YouTube mobile app for HDR videos. The resolution now maxes out at 1080p, regardless of the display of your phone. Resolution options on the Galaxy Note8 Previously, the resolution options went all the way up to 4K, provided you had a Sony Xperia XZ Premium. For most other flagship it was going up to 1440p. The limit is likely being put because of how bad HDR video performance is in the YouTube app. Even on flagship devices, including Google's own Pixel 2, playing HDR videos over 720p caused massive frame drops and a generally unusable experience. The YouTube app is alone in this, as other apps with HDR support, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, have no issues with HDR videos up to 4K resolution.
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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge named the best smartphone at MWC 2017
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge named the best smartphone at MWC 2017 GSMA has recognized the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge as the “Best Smartphone of 2016” in the “Best Mobile Handsets and Devices” category at MWC’s yearly “Global Mobile Awards”. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge was (and still is) a wonderful device, and it got even better after the company updated the handset to Android Nougat. In fact, it really held its own, thanks in part to the Galaxy Note7 fiasco. When Note7 users needed to turn their defective devices back in, many opted to swap it out for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. After all, it had a large-enough screen, dual edge display, and the same CPU+RAM combination. The only things it was missing were an S-Pen, larger screen, and the Iris scanner. We are honored to be recognized for our craftsmanship in design and innovation with the Galaxy S7 edge. Juhno Park, Vice president of Global Product Strategy over at Samsung Electronics says: “We are honored to be recognized for our craftsmanship in design and innovation with the Galaxy S7 edge. This award is a testament to our constant pursuit of excellence as we continue to exceed consumers’ expectations through revolutionary mobile technology
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Oppo N1 gets official Cyanogen CM11S ROM
Oppo N1 was launched in 2013 with an innovative rotating camera lens, top-notch hardware and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS skinned with Oppo's Color launcher. The N1 was also the first phone to receive an official Cyanogen treatment as a collaboration with Cyanogen and Oppo. You are able to choose between the CM10.2 ROM based on the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or the default Color OS by Oppo. You can switch any time you want. Today, almost year and a half later Cyanogen continues to support the Oppo N1 and launched an official CM11S (KitKat-based) ROM. The highlights of the new ROM are the support for the O-Touch panel and O-Click remote, plus some default Oppo apps, which makes the CM-skinned Android look closet to the Oppo's Color OS. If you have a Cyanogen-running Oppo N1 or want to switch to Cyanogen Mod now, you can follow the source link below and get the update file. Here is hoping Cyanogen sweetens the Oppo N1 with a Lollipop-treatment later this year with a CM12 ROm
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Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 no longer available from T-Mobile
Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 no longer available from T-Mobile T-Mobile’s website no longer shows the only Windows smartphone that the carrier sells: The Alcatel IDOL 4S Windows 10 VR edition. When filtering for “Windows” devices, you simply get a “No items found” message and trying to load the actual product page simply doesn’t lead you anywhere. The Alcatel Idol 4S for Windows that you see pictured has three variations including this one: The first one to launch was the Aclatel’s Idol 4S powered by Android ticking a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 CPU. The next hardware variation is the Idol 4S Windows edition, which runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and runs an alternative operating system. Finally, the DTEK 60 is an Alcatel-built device that is licensed with the BlackBerry name, also powered by the Snapdragon 820. In any case, which of these three hardware variations would you have rocked? The Windows, Android, or BlackBerry-Android versions
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Samsung Z2, Galaxy C9 and Galaxy J7 Prime spotted online
It's a good days for those hunting Samsung leaks - no less then three unannounced devices made the rounds online. Samsung Z2 Samsung is going to unveil the Tizen-powered Z2 tomorrow in India, but there are already a bunch of official images today. The entry-level Samsung Z2 is rumored to feature a 3.97" WVGA display and utilize a quad-core 1.5GHz processor with 1GB of RAM. The rest of the specs include a 5MP main camera, a VGA selfie one, 8GB expandable storage, and a 1,500 mAh battery. The Z2 is expected to launch in quite a few markets worldwide, while its new Tizen OS 2.4 should offer My Money Transfer exclusive app and Ultra Data Saving Mode. Samsung Galaxy C9 We already knew Samsung is working on a Galaxy C9, which should make the C series complete. Naturally, it will be the biggest among its siblings with a 5.7" 1080p display. Now we have another confirmation of the Galaxy C9 existence - the phone was listed in Zauba (India's import tracking authority). There are no specs mentioned but the screen size. We guess the announcement should be close now that Samsung is sending prototypes to different countries. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime We already saw a Galaxy J Prime smartphone leak earlier today, but we can now confirm it will be officially called Galaxy J7 Prime. The latest images fully reveal its design, features, and name. The phone was previously uploaded on TENAA and was considered as Galaxy On7 (2016). The J7 Prime seems to be an upgrade over the J7 (2016) released last spring. The phone packs a 5.5" sAMOLED 1080p display and runs on the Exynos 7870 with an octa-core CPU and 3GB of RAM. There is 32GB storage, a 13MP f/1.9 main camera and an 8MP selfie snapper. The J7 Prime will run on Android Marshmallow with TouchWiz and launch in Black and Gold flavors.
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LG Optimus Zone 3 leaks out on its way to Verizon
Verizon is getting ready to launch a new affordable smartphone from LG. The Optimus Zone 3 has been given the leaked press render treatment by none other than @evleaks today. The images show a 4G LTE capable device sporting software-rendered on-screen Android navigation buttons - not something often seen in this price range. The Optimus Zone 3 will be offered with prepaid plans from the carrier, so it's bound to be very cheap. Unfortunately no specs have accompanied the leaked renders. However, based on what the Optimus Zone 2 from 2014 was packing, you shouldn't expect much. The Optimus Zone 3's predecessor had a 3.5-inch touchscreen, a 3 MP camera, and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 200 at the helm, with just 512MB of RAM and a 1,700 mAh battery. Hopefully the new iteration will at least sport a 4" display and 1GB of RAM.
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Galaxy S8 might have of 6GB of RAM, 256GB of storage
Galaxy S8 might have of 6GB of RAM, 256GB of storage With the Note7’s discontinuation, Samsung will be on everyone’s watch with high expectations of the company’s next flagship device: the Samsung Galaxy S8. And although we haven’t seen any leaks of the hardware, the rumor mill has been churning out lots of news with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Some new rumors deciphered by TechTastic on Weibo suggest that the Galaxy S8 will feature a 256GB storage option. And it’s not yet known if this is intended to be a standard size or larger storage option. The S8 is also rumored to come with 6GB of RAM, a good decision considering even the Galaxy S7 suffered from TouchWiz jank every now and then. If we recall, the Galaxy Note7 was expected to come out with 6GB of RAM as well, so when the company announced that it would have the same internals as the Galaxy S7 from earlier in the year, some were surprised. So now we expect the Galaxy S8 to have a slick design and improved camera as mentioned by Samsung, an optical fingerprint scanner embedded under the screen, a dual camera setup on the larger model, a pressure sensitive display which is said to replace the capacitive keys and physical home button altogether, as well as an iris scanner. If Samsung can figure out all of the above and keep it priced like the were, Samsung’s offerings could be unstoppable. Oh, and improved quality control goes without saying, Samsung cannot afford another Note7 fiasco.
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New Nokia 3310 to have broadly same design, larger color display
New Nokia 3310 to have broadly same design, larger color display We already know that a new version of the iconic Nokia 3310 is coming, and it will cost €59. And now we have some more details about the phone. According to a new report, the re-imagined 3310 will have broadly the same design but will be slimmer and lighter. The report also confirms that the handset will remain a featurephone with physical keyboard (size of the keys will be adjusted though), adding that it will sport a larger color display compared to the 84 x 84 monochromatic unit that was there on the original model. No word on whether or not the battery will be removable. Color options for the new Nokia 3310 will include red, green, and yellow
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Huawei NCE-AL00 passes through TENAA with 13MP camera, 4,000mAh battery
A new Huawei smartphone has been certified by Chinese telecommunication authority TENAA. Dubbed NCE-AL00, the device is powered by an octa-core 1.5GHz processor and sports a 5-inch HD display. It comes with 3GB RAM and 16GB expandable internal memory, and packs in a large 4,000mAh battery. In terms of camera, the phone features a 13MP rear unit and a 5MP front shooter. Measuring 143.2 × 70.4 × 8.1mm and weighing in at 145g, the handset runs Android 6.0 out of the box. It also features a fingerprint sensor on the back.
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OnePlus has been collecting very specific usage data
OnePlus has been collecting very specific usage data Chris D Moore has released a comprehensive post that details his own discoveries. First of all, this was all demonstrated with Moore’s OnePlus 2. So we don’t currently know if the same thing is occurring in the more current OnePlus 3T or OnePlus 5 models. I’m sure we’ll find out soon. (Update: the statement below pretty much affirms that all OnePlus models are collecting usage data) Moore first discovered this when he set up a security tool on his OnePlus 2, but to his surprise, the tool found traffic requests to open.oneplus.net, which directed traffic to a US-based Amazon AWS server. Anyway, without getting too in depth, Moore found out more of what was being sent to this domain: IMEI number, MAC addresses, mobile network names, Wi-Fi SSIDs, and the phone’s serial number. He even discovered that time stamps were signaling when apps were opened and closed - stamped with the serial number of his device. This is eerily too much information to be collecting, particularly when it can be traced back to a phone’s serial number. Back in January, he asked OnePlus support how to disable the data collection, to which OnePlus gave unproductive answers like wiping the cache and performing a factory reset. That’s when another user on Twitter suggested he dig around on the OnePlus forums to see what he could find. After deeper investigation, the culprit responsible for data collection is a system app called “OnePlus System Service”. The app can’t be turned off since it is part of the System, but it can be manually disabled every time the phone is restarted.
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