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The tale of legendary MLG bin jumper
Teacher wasn't in the class room so my friend decided to do this...
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MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU | the dark side
In this video I will be playing a game called the dark side where you get to blast rebel scum! And I hope you all enjoy (^__^)
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NEW TANK! | World of Tanks Blitz #1
This is my first gameplay video and I decided to do it on World of Tanks Blitz so I hope you all enjoy. (^__^) Sorry that there isn't audio I don't know what happened to it so just use your imagination. Also I'm sick. (〒︿〒)
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I don't even actually know
Like I said I don't know... I TOLD YOU WHY ARE YOU HERE
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So I decided to make another world of tanks blitz video and this happens
the errors can not be compared to
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I was playing 7 days to die with my cousin and then we found, this?
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TWO MORE NEW TANKS | World of Tanks blitz #2
In this gameplay video I get two new tanks I only try out one of them though but I will try the other in the next one. ALSO don't forget to like and subscribe
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