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Mam Winnie touched the lives of many – daughter Zenani
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela had dared to take on one of the most powerful and evil regimes, said her daughter as she paid tribute to the Mother of the Nation at her funeral. One of the most important measures of her life was the way in which she touched the lives of other.
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Forbes Africa Ep6: Folorunsho Alakija opens up on being a secretary to world's richest black women
From starting her career as a company secretary to launching one of the most prominent fashion labels, building the largest printing company in Nigeria and finally making a mark as the only prominent female in the competitive and patriarchal oil industry. This episode of My Worst Day with Peace Hyde features Folorunsho Alakija, Executive vice Chairperson of Famfa Oil with an estimated net worth of $1.82 billion dollars.
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On the Couch with Jordan Belfort - Part 1
(www.abndigital.com) He was entrusted with millions and millions of dollars which he used to manipulate the stock market and run a boiler room. He calls himself the world's most successful failure. Jordan Belfort, aka The Wolf of Wall Street, is on the Couch with Jacqui Nel.
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How Zimbabwe can fix its economy - Former FinMin Tendai Biti
The change we are seeing in Zimbabwe means the country has a fresh opportunity to kick-start and rebuild the economy and reintegrate internationally. Former Zimbabwean finance minister, Tendai Biti is man well aware having stabilised the economy during his time. He joins CNBC Africa for more.
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Meet a self- made entrepreneur who started with just $48
What would you do with (Ksh4,800) US$48? Doesn't sound like a lot of money but that's what Anzazi Kiti used to set up Taste Afrique Limited, a business that manufactures natural food seasoning spices. CNBC Africa's Charles Gitonga visited her premises and filed this report.
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Forbes Africa TV Ep2: Aliko Dangote shares his secret of becoming Africa's richest man
On this episode 2 of My Worst Day, host Peace Hyde is joined by Africa's Richest Man Aliko Dangote, as he shares his remarkable journey from being a trader to building the largest conglomerate in Africa and establishing the largest cement factory in the world.
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Kenya's highlands farmers embracing fish farming as an alternative source of income
www.abndigital.com Farmers in Kenya's highlands are now embracing fish farming as an alternative source of income, thanks to the Government's Economic Stimulus Plan. The funds have been channelled towards start-up of modern fish farms and purchase of fingerlings, which have in turn propped the country's fish production capacity. ABN's Beatrice Gachenge tells us more.
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Secret to the Mauritius Economic Miracle
(www.abndigital.com) Few African countries can claim middle income status, free education through university and free health care - without any exploitable mineral wealth. Joining ABN's Lerato Mbele to discuss the Mauritian economic miracle is Mauritian academic and former Member of Parliament Amedee Darga.
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SA's Big Spenders
The South African luxury goods sector is expected to grow by 30% in the next five years. That's according to Bain and Company.
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Doing Business In Africa - Ghana - Part 1 - Pending Oil Wealth
Suitors are queuing up to capitalize on Ghanas oil resources. While this wealth is not near as much as Nigeria or Angola, the countrys Jubilee Field is one of biggest discoveries in West Africa in over a decade. Jubilee, so named because it was discovered the same year Ghana celebrated 50 years of independence is expected to produce around 120,000 barrels a day by 2010.
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Cover story -- How to become a property mogul
www.abndigital.com The property millionaires and billionaires of South Africa are typically the unassuming type, quietly making their fortunes in an industry that is still the best performer despite market volatility. Could investing in the property be the key to your financial freedom? Finweek looks at how you can become a Property Mogul with Keillen Ndlovu,Head: Property Funds at Stanlib and Jonathan Davies, joint area manager for Pam Golding Properties Hyde Park office.
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Doing Business In Africa - Uganda Part 3 - Kampala Property Market
There are two things you notice when driving around Kampala. The first are the borda-bordas, motorcycle taxis which are definitely the quickest and easiest way to avoid a traffic jam. The second is the amount of banks. There are over 20 banks in Uganda to service a population of 30 million people. While these banks were not exposed to toxic sub-prime assets, the financial sector suffered a major shock when, like other open African economies, foreign investors pulled their money out during the height of the financial crisis.
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Kenyan economy ranks as second-most formalised in Africa
Kenya is Africa's second biggest formalised retail economy after South Africa, according to a recent study by global research firm, Nielsen. Riding on this success wave is the Hub Karen Mall, the second biggest shopping space in Kenya. CNBC Africa's Christine Wendo talked to Jonathan Yach, Manager of the Hub Karen Mall on the trends driving this growth and more.
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Aliko Dangote on Cement Industry in Nigeria
(www.abndigital.com) Dangote Cement, the largest company listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, formally commissioned a $1 billion production plant in Ibese, South West Nigeria. ABN's Wole Famurewa caught up with Aliko Dangote, President and CEO of the Dangote Group and discussed the importance of the project to the company and his thoughts on the broader cement industry in Nigeria.
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Trevor Noah in Zambia
ABN's Alishia Seckam speaks with Trevor Noah, after his sold out show at Government Complex.
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Kenyan entrepreneur ventures into snail farming
About half a million tons of snails are consumed globally each year mainly in Europe and West Africa. In Kenya, Rosemary Odinga is the only entrepreneur who has ventured into heliculture - commonly known as snail farming, eager to whet the appetite of Kenyans with this foreign delicacy. CNBC Africa's Christine Wendo files this report.
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S.Africa's first black female actuary at Liberty Corporate
Original Publish Date: || Tue, 12 Aug 2014 04:43:46 GMT || Machela Bridgette Sathekga, South Africa's first black female actuary at Liberty Corporate joins CNBC Africa to celebrate winning women.
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Kenyan start-up revolutionize farming connects farmers to consumers
A common challenge for farmers in Kenya, just like in many other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa is limited access to markets. But in a country with a tech-savvy middle class, it would appear that it's not difficult to bridge the gap using technology as seen by FreshPro, a Kenyan start-up which is in the business of connecting fruits and vegetables from farmers to consumers at the click of a button. CNBC Africa's Charles Gitonga has more.
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Kaunda bids Madiba farewell
Former president of Zambia Kenneth 'KK' Kaunda speaks fondly of Nelson Mandela. Kaunda told stories about the legacy of Mandela and what he stood for. He described Madiba as a 'son of the world' encouraging the world to work together.
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Lusaka fastest growing city in the SADC region (Part 1)
Lusaka, Zambia's heartland and capital city is the country's chief administrative centre and a major financial, transportation, and manufacturing hub. Lusaka is one of the fastest growing cities in the SADC region with a population that stands at 1 461 000, this according to the Southern African cities network. Joining CNBC Africa's Nozipho Mbanjwa to look at the Investment case of the City of Lusaka is Thierry Boulanger, Director for IT and Business to Business Solutions at Samsung Africa and Mark O'Donnell, MD at Union Gold and Habeenzu Mulunda , Public Relations Manager for the Lusaka City Council.
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Horticulture Training Centre Opens in Kenya
(www.abndigital.com) Horticulture accounts for 5% of the 25% agricultural sector's contribution to Kenya's GDP. To steer up this critical sectors contribution, Kenya's Agricultural research institute and fresh produce exporters association, this week launched the first ever practical training centre. ABN's Loise Wachira was at the launch to find out more on this new centre's offering to the sector.
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Eko Atlantic City Half Way To Complete
(www.abndigital.com) The Great Wall of Lagos is a three and a half kilometre long construction that has been described as one of the world's biggest civil engineering projects; creating eight thousand square meters of new land every day. The Eko Atlantic city project has been developed to meet two needs of Lagos State's Victoria Island; space creation and vital protection from the ever encroaching shoreline. The project has now reached the half way stage in land reclamation; we take a look at what this milestone means to the development and what's in store next.
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Kenya tops East Africa with most infrastructure projects
Kenya had the highest number of infrastructure projects in East Africa in 2015, according to the Africa Construction Trends Report by Deloitte East Africa. Another study by Metropol Corporation Limited also says that the economy will grow at 5.5 per cent this year, supported by expenditure in mega projects. CNBC Africa's Charles Gitonga reports.
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Africa rising - A one-on-one with Dr Donald kaberuka
Africa Rising showcases Africa's leaders through in-depth, one-on-one interviews that cover global, pan-African and local business issues. This month CNBC Africa's Nozipho Mbanjwa speaks to Dr Donald Kaberuka, President of the African Development Bank.
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Robert Kiyosaki talks Trump, Africa & entrepreneurship
Robert Kiyosaki, Author, Real Estate Mogul joins CNBC Africa to share his insights about Trump administration, Africa and entrepreneurship.
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Why the Future is Kenya
Against the backdrop of Kenya's August 8th elections, Brand Kenya did its bit to promote business confidence in the country. They recently brought together business leaders to discuss the topic "Why the Future is Kenya".
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Challenges facing young female entrepreneurs in SA
As part of our women's months feature we have what we call our fire starters. Four young women, who at some point in their careers gave up the comfort of a professional job to chase a business dream. These women include - Benzi Kuzwayo, Lerato Motsamai, Mogau Seshoene & Sedzani Netshitenzhe. They spoke to CNBC Africa about being a young female entrepreneur in South Africa.
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Auditing the auditors: IRBA's investigation into KPMG
If you’re old enough, you will remember the 2001 collapse of former energy giant, Enron and its auditors. On this episode of the MoneyMakers, Bruce Whitfield speaks to Bernard Agulhas, Chief Executive of the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors about South Africa’s auditor shenanigans and the scope of its probe into KPMG following the audit firm's 2014 audit of Linkway Trading, a company that was allegedly involved in the Gupta wedding scandal.
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East Africa Report - Women Entrepreneurship
(www.abndigital.com) In todays entrepreneurial society, young African women are creating their space, engaging in businesses that were always dominated by men flexing their muscle with their big boys. Jebet Chemngorem is one such entrepreneur, having Founded Grey Owl.
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Mexico is Expected to be Biggest Emerging Market in Latin America in the Next few Years
ABN's Alishia Seckam and Lindsay Williams speaks with Lyal White, Director at the centre for Dynamic Markets at GIBS, to discuss an in-depth look at Mexico.
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Kenya's economy continues to grow in a difficult environment
Kenya has been named among African countries expected to exhibit rapid GDP growth despite a tough operating environment, the country's monthly inflation for September climbed marginally to 5.97 per cent as the local currency continued to bear pressure. CNBC Africa spoke to Ashif Kassam, the Executive Chairman at RSM, on what are the real threats to its economic health.
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The importance of innovation hubs to Botswana's economy
The world of innovation is critical to economic development and there exist an intrinsic link between innovation and the standard of living. Doing Business in Botswana looks at the vital role that innovation hubs play in Botswana's economy.
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Entrepreneur: Cattle breeding business
www.abndigital.com ABN's Loise Wachira speaks with Gerard Besseling, Director at Fleckvieh Genetics, who has ventured into a relatively new dual purpose cattle breeding venture.
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Forbes Africa TV Ep8: Ben Murray-Bruce reveals on how he lost millions and bounced back
How do you recover when millions of dollars of your hard earned money go down the drain? What do you do when people lose their lives during that process and there is nobody left standing in your corner? Senator Ben Murray-Bruce joins Peace Hyde as he reveals it all.
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Agriculture as a driver of Nigeria's economic recovery
Given the volatility in crude oil revenues and the long-term prospects for oil as a commodity, Nigeria Going Beyond Oil casts the spotlight on Nigeria's agriculture sector, reporting how the government and other players are taking a closer look at agriculture as a primary revenue source.
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Outlook for Africa's sleeping giant, Tanzania
Despite an abundance of minerals and natural gas, and an impressive growth forecast of 7 per cent, Tanzania has yet to reach its full potential. All eyes are on its new president, John Magufuli, who took office in November, and has committed to rooting out corruption and correcting socioeconomic imbalances in this East African nation. Joining CNBC Africa to discuss the outlook for Africa's sleeping giant is Finweek Journalist, Jana Jacobs.
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Crypto Trader Ep 16: Cryptocurrency trading with Ran Neu-Ner
Host Ran Neu-Ner takes his weekly plunge into the world of Crypto Currency where he chats to traders, ICOs and gives you, the audience tips and tricks on trading in Crypto currency.
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Prioritizing affordable housing in Rwanda
African cities become the new home to over forty thousand people every day, many of whom find themselves without a roof over their heads. With that in mind, the Kigali City Authority is prioritizing affordable housing. On this episode, we examine what Rwanda is doing to hasten affordable housing in a rapidly urbanizing Africa.
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Why Mbeki is concerned by Sona postponement
Asking President Jacob Zuma to resign as South Africa's head of state outside of parliament is treason. This is the word from Political Economist, Moeletsi Mbeki, as he condemned discussions between the ruling African National Congress and the country's president to convince Zuma to resign. Mbeki, who sees red-flags for South Africa after the first postponement of the State of the Nation Address in the country's democracy, sat down with CNBC Africa's Aviwe Mtila this afternoon.
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Eye On Lagos - New Hotel Tax
From Yacht hotels to the big names like intercontinental, Lagos hotel industry is doing quite well, but with a new tax looming and room rates at an all time high is the industry strong enough to continue its upward climb.
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The involvement of youth is South Africa’s growth outlook
As the country's economic outlook takes a turn for the worst, with the GDP contracting by 0.7 in the first quarter of 2017, a stronger economic growth is required to return the public finances to a sustainable position. This will put South Africa back on a path of rising employment and increasing prosperity and of course, South Africa's youth as well as the entrepreneurs need to be at the centre of this. Joining CNBC Africa to unpack this are Matsi Modise, Managing Director, Simodisa, Olebogeng Sentsho, Head of Operations at Yeabo Mining and Vusi Thembekwayo, Venture Capitalist.
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Meet the young, successful players in Africa's property world
On the third episode of our real estate lifestyle show, A Place in Africa, we meet the young people making a difference in Africa's property industry.
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Behind the Steinhoff struggle
In this CNBC Africa special we piece together what led to South Africa’s largest diversified retailer Steinhoff to unravel. We find out how the Frankfurt and JSE listed retailer could have possibly crooked its books and duped investors.
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Informal Employment in South Africa
An estimated 6 million people operate as an informal component of the South African economy.
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Kenya: Investment Opportunities and Challenges - Part 1
(www.abndigital.com) This week on Invest Africa we travel to Kenya, dubbed East Africa's power house, to explore its growth potential and other pressing challenges the country is facing. Joining ABN's Bronwyn Nielsen in-studio to give their views on Kenya as a business and investment destination is: Sven Richter, Head of Frontier Markets at Renaissance Capital; Johnny Aucamp, General Manager for Strategic Relations and Business Development Africa at MTN Business; Yaron Assabi, CEO of Digital Solutions Group; Martin Oduor-Otieno, CEO of Kenya Commercial Bank.
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Rwanda's Richest Female Entrepreneur
Zulfat Mukaru-bega is widely considered to be Rwanda's richest female entrepreneur, and ABN's Larry Madowo caught up with her to discuss her journey to success.
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Key measures taken to by Lagos State to attract investment
From developments in transport infrastructure, agriculture, education, commerce and industry - Destination Lagos brings you highlights of developments recorded by the Lagos State Government towards attracting investment in the past year.
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Business of Sports Sponsorship - Part 1
(www.abndigital.com) From broadcasting rights to the ins and outs of corporate sponsorship, Jeremy and his expert guests take a closer look at the Business of Sport. Joining Jeremy at the desk is: David Sidenberg, Head of Strategy & Rights Commercialisation at BMI; John McIntosh, Executive Partner & Head of Advisory for KPMG; Julian Bryant, GM at Megapro; Michael Goldman, Senior Lecturer at GIBS.
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WazaWazi Founder Chebet Mutai cashing in on Kenya's leather industry
Kenya's leather industry generates over $100 million annually and could earn 10 times more in the coming years. Cashing in on this growth is Chebet Mutai, Founder of WazaWazi Fashion House, an Afrocentric luxury leather brand. CNBC Africa's Christine Wendo filed this report.
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King of micro-lending, Mohamed Rasivhetshela's entrepreneurial journey
What began on the back R1500, Makanda Finance has grown into a successful micro-lending business with revenues of up to R10 million. CNBC Africa's Nozipho Mbanjwa caught up with Mohamed Rasivhetshela, CEO and Founder of Makanda Finance, for more on his entrepreneurial journey.
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