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Easily uncover assets of your client with this easy to use discovery process. Great for financial advisors and life insurance agents. Close more deals with this training! visit: www.LISacademy.com for more details
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How to Sell Life Insurance - AMAZING!
Access More Videos Uploaded Monthly Exclusive to Members at www.trisTOM.com We have rebranded! Welcome to: trisTOM.com Learn more: https://www.trisTOM.com If you would like more information on life insurance training and in-book policy management, email me at: tristan@tristom.com
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The RICH MAN's ROTH - Life Insurance Illustration Effectively!
Wonder how to read that confusing illustration? Want clients to understand the benefit of the policy? Watch this video to learn more! visit: www.LISacademy.com for more details
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Prepare for Client Meetings - Top 4 Areas to Address (Life Insurance Sales)
These 4 areas MUST be written out BEFORE any life insurance sales meeting! Increase your meeting success today!
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How STATE FARM and ALLSTATE agent should sell Life Insurance
For the P&C Agent who wants to transition from the auto/home conversation into life insurance. This provides an effective process you can follow to increase the amount of life insurance conversations. Find More Videos at: www.trisTOM.com
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Communicate Effectively with Your Clients Today!
Learn ways to improve communication by adapting to the communication style of your clients. Focused on Life Insurance, but works with ALL TYPES of clients in ANY meeting! Check out more on Social Styles: https://www.amazon.com/Personal-Styles-Effective-Performance-Merrill/dp/0801968992
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Why should you use trisTOM? (Formerly LISacademy)
Looking for life insurance sales training? Looking to close $20,000+ life insurance premium cases? Watch why and then visit www.LISacademy.com for more details.
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Quick Hits - John Hancock IULs
Learn How The Accumulation And Protection IUL Work And What Product Fits What Client. To Learn More: www.LISacademy.com
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Add a Client to Your Membership Dashboard - trisTOM Tutorial
A quick guide on how to add a new client to your dashboard at trisTOM.com. For quick guides on "how", please check out our other videos!
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How to Use trisTOM's Membership Dashboard
Take the confusion out of life insurance with trisTOM and spend more time with your clients! This video provides quick overview of the features that are available for members of www.trisTOM.com To learn more about each area in-depth, please view the other videos on this channel titled, "Tutorial -"
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We Take the Confusion out of Life Insurance
Welcome to trisTOM's YouTube Page. We take the confusion out of the life insurance industry! Helping agents understand and simplify life insurance to help better empower their clients to make a better decision on what life insurance is best for them!
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Add Notes & Files for a Client's Profile at trisTOM.com
Learn how to quickly add, edit, and delete information about your clients. Make sure that no client, or their files, ever slip through the crack again!
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Request an Illustration at trisTOM.com
Guide on how to quickly request an illustration for your clients at trisTOM.com. We will review 70+ different carriers to make sure your client is given the best possible proposal!
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