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Unsung Heroes: Patrick Mwalua supplies drinking water to wild animals
They say the wrath of nature knows no mercy an analogy that can be said of the ongoing drought situation which has devastated both human and animal lives including wildlife in vast Tsavo West National Park but  one man -Patrick Mwalua popularly known as the waterman of Voi  has decided to save the ecosystem by supplying clean drinking water  to the wild  for the  daily use by the animals. On our weekly segment Unsung Heroes Dennis Matara tells us the story of a man,who has dedicated his life to save the lives of thousands of wild animals.
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Meet the principal who dresses as the students
It is imperative for students to wear uniform in school as a form of identity but would it surprise you to hear of a school principal let alone a teacher who usually identifies with students by wearing the same school uniform? Alex Maina who was recently appointed as the school head for the Bungoma based school surprised many with his move which he says is aimed at endearing himself to the students he leads.
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Amutali: The Man With A Big Appetite
Belive it or not, this is not fiction but a real story. A twenty four year old man in Vihiga is capable of eating over three kilograms of ugali and one plate of fingerlings, popularly known as " omena" all alone and in one sitting. We actually witnessed as Elly Amutali ate and cleared the mount of ugali for one and a half hours.
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Cast And Crew Of Mega Sci-Fi TV Series Shoots In Nairobi
The globe cinema roundabout flyover was closed to public traffic for the better part of the day as hollywood came to town to shoot a sci-fi series, 'sense 8' . This is not the first major production to be shot in Kenya after world-acclaimed movies such as the first Grader and the constant Gardener puts Kenya on the global map as any film director's dream location. The sci-fi thriller which will also feature some Kenyan actors once again shows Kenya's suitability as a film production location with those offering various support services to the cast and crew making a tidy sum.
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Janet Mbugua talks about her love life to Amina Abdi
Janet Mbugua shares with Amina Abdi her life journey before joining tv and even after leaving.
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Nyeri poor Couple  gets a new house from Machakos Gov. Alfred Mutua
There was Joy in Ruguru ward in Mathira constituency Nyeri  county after an elderly couple received the keys to a new house  after years of living in abject poverty. The house which was officially opened by Machakos governor Dr. Alfred Mutua was built in a record 10 days using a modern technology by Homex construction company.
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Otonglo Time - Part 1
Performed during the Presidential Gala of the Kenya National Music Festivals, "Otonglo Time" is a narrative that tickled the crowd to stitches and some, like President Uhuru, to the point of tears. Excellently executed by the talented David Owira of Highway Secondary School, "Otonglo Time" also went on to become one of the most trended social media topics of the day. In case you missed it, here is "Otonglo Time"
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Against All Odds: Natasha Wambui's Inspiring Story
Going through the trials and tribulations of life and still hold up your head and believe that something good will still come out of your situation, does not come easy for everyone.   For 15-year-old Natasha Wambui Wanjiru, going without food, being chased out of school due to lack of fees, and even lacking a home, did not dampen her spirit.  The 2015 KCPE examination candidate who scored 364 points, to emerge the best in her school, Natasha is now a high school student in the United States after securing a scholarship to study at Episcopal High School. In the first of a four-part series, Joy Kiruki tells us the inspiring stories of four students who defied the odds and secured  scholarships too study in the USA.
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6-year-old Girl Who Impressed President At Drama Festival Living In Poverty
At no more than a few feet tall, six-year-old and confident, Emily Wanjiru stood before President Uhuru Kenyatta and his guests and brought down the house with her splendid display of "Mvua hii", her award-winning solo during the just-concluded Kenya national drama festivals. But behind that confidence, the six-year-old girl has lived her short, troubled life in turmoil, having been born by her mother on streets of Nairobi. Our reporter visited the family in Juja and witnessed the squalor and devastation they live in and filed the following report.
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Group of youth turns human faeces to cash minting project
A group of youth in Machakos county have taken a leap into a different future and creating a new adage " One man's waste is another man's wealth" the youth in have been collecting human waste and processing it into animal feed, which experts claim improves the productivity of domestic animals and poultry .
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Twins Who Have Taken 'Identical' To A Whole New Level
They are in their 1st year at the university but still share the same bed, use the same mobile phone and do virtually everything together. A casual look at them will not reveal the difference--but believe it or not, 19-year-old Jacob and Esau are identical twins whose thoughts and brains seem to work in unison.
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Uhuru Meets Moi at Kabarak, Nakuru
President Uhuru Kenyatta today met his political mentor retired president Daniel Moi at his home in Kabarak, Nakuru. the visit whose details could not be ascertained comes in the wake of a series of challenges facing the jubilee government in particular a biting teachers strike which now threatens to enter into its third week.
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3 teachers found absent in a Nakuru school under siege
The fate of three high school teachers at Njoro Boys High school hangs in the balance hours after education cabinet secretary Dr. Fred Matiang'i made an impromptu visit to the school and found that three teachers had absconded duty. Matiang'i clarified that he was not on a witch hunt, but was acting on recent findings of the ministry's baseline survey attributing underperformance of candidates sitting national examinations in public schools to massive absenteeism by teachers.
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Meet the Mzungu Kikuyu of Kiambu
Being a minority in the midst of a people you consider your own but who believe you are not one of them because of your skin color, may be hard to take, as you  always have to convince everyone you meet that you are just like them regardless of the difference in your complexion.   This is the story of one white woman who lives, talks and behaves like any other African woman in Mahindi, Kiambu county.
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Gibson Mwandawiro: The Military MC Who Enlivens National Celebrations
His voice has now  become synonymous at national ceremonies. It's a voice that is ordinarily heard only three times in a year during the celebration of national holidays. Our reporter caught up with the military MC during rehearsals of the December 12th Jamhuri day celebrations and today unmasks the identity of Warrant officer 2 Gibson Mwandawiro.
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Uhuru At St. Mary's School
As Kenyans count down hours to the inauguration of the 4th president of the republic, one school in particular stands tall and proud.The school takes pride at having helped shape the life of a man who would later become the president of the republic of Kenya. That school is St. Mary's in Nairobi. The school played a big part in the making of Uhuru the man.
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Namibia's Brahman Breed Weighs 1,200Kgs Despite Desert Conditions
Tucked neatly in the Namib desert, is the Okoruzengo ranch where the Brahman cattle breed thrives in the hot desert climate, making Namibia one of the largest producers of beef on the African continent. While a mature Kenyan bull weighs about 500 kilograms, Namibia's brahman breed that is twice the height and width of a Kenyan bull, can weigh as much as 1,200 kilograms; that is one point two tonnes of meat in one cow! In the third of a four-part series, 'courting Namibia', our reporter tells us how the desert-defying brahman breed can be used to improve the cattle found in arid and semi-arid regions of Kenya
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Kenya makes history by record turnout at the IAAF games held at Kasarani Stadium
Kenya has set a new record in the huge number of fans who turned up for the 2017 IAAF world under 18 athletics championships at the Moi International Sports Center Kasarani in Nairobi. The country also made history on the track by setting world leading times in different events. The national team finished in a remarkable fourth position on the overall standings with 4 gold, 7 silver and 4 bronze. The nation has proved its capacity to host a major global event as Tony Kwalanda explains in this report.
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Pumwani High school students; belting Congolese  renditions with ease
The Lingala genre of African music has a considerable following in Kenya , with Congolese musicians always a hit whenever they visit for live performances. But a group of students from Pumwani boys high school are proving a potential threat with their determination to localize and do renditions of Lingala music. Their meticulous and flawless performance of Lingala music won them an award at the national level of 2016's schools and colleges music festivals.
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Mgaagaa na UpwaKina dada wanaotengeneza fanicha kwa kutumia magurudumu,Umoja
Wananunua magurudumu ya magari na kuyatumia kusaka riziki. Ni wanadada ambao hutumia ubunifu wao na huyatumia magurudumu kuunda viti na vilevile meza ambazo huwaacha wengi vinywa wazi mtaani umoja hapa Nairobi. Mwanahabari wetu Kimani Githuku alijiunga nao na kutuandalia taarifa hii kwenye makala ya Mgaagaa na Upwa wiki hii.
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Muthoni Kirima, The Only Female Mau Mau Field Marshal
51 years after Kenya attained internal self-rule, many of those who were actively involved in the struggle for independence have since passed on. For those still alive, some are living in conditions of abject poverty, clinging on to hope that one day they will be recognized for the role they played during the independence struggle. For field marshal Muthoni Kirima, it dawned on her that the struggle for a better life would continue even after independence, when her expectations of rewards for her sacrifice were dashed. Being the only woman freedom fighter to be accorded the title of field marshal, the tenacious 84-year-old is concerned that the freedom they fought so hard to wrest from the colonial masters, may become a thing of the past if not held onto dearly.
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K24 Alfajiri: Up Close & Personal with Jalang'o
Amina Abdi engages Jalang'o, a comedian at the top of his game.
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Dairy farmer earns big by rearing 30 cows on quarter acre land
When he dropped out of school in class eight many believed that he would soon end up like most of his age mates who had dropped out of school,lost and useless to the society. However one gift from his in-laws seven years ago revolutionized his life, a dairy cow. Keneth Ngethe who is not a stranger to working hard now owns a herd of 30 cows , which he breeds on a quarter of an acre peace of land . His dairy cows are of high quality one will cost you, 200,000 shillings . Tonight brings us the story of, a farmer , who has made it beyond all odds
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SOKOMOKO: Tumbili mtamu
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Former Cuban President Fidel Castro dies at the age of 90
Fidel Castro, a titan of the cold war and the father of communist Cuba who led the country for nearly half a century died Friday night at the age of 90.  His brother and Cuban President Raul Castro announced on state television, that the former revolutionary who defied 9 American Presidents and thrust Cuba onto the world stage will be cremated Saturday.   Despite the man who was widely regarded as, "the giant of the third world" at his peak being accused of driving his country into economic ruin, denying basic freedoms to 11 million Cubans, strangely he was at the same time credited for turning the island nation into a place of equality and social justice, with the country recording the lowest infant  mortality  and illiteracy rates in the Western hemisphere.
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Talk Central: One on one with the hilarious Njugush
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Eritrea Asmara
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Kenya-Ethiopia sign oil pipeline deal
Kenya and Ethiopia have signed a deal on an oil pipeline that will run from Lamu to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, three months after Uganda snubbed Kenya on a similar deal opting for Tanzania. President Uhuru Kenyatta and visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn signed the deal during bilateral talks at State House Nairobi this morning in a strong message that Kenya was seeking new partners in the region. The project to be completed by the end of the year will run under the Lamu port-Southern Sudan-Ethiopian transport corridor better known as LAPSSET .
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Up Close And Personal With Sharon Mundia (This Is Ess)
Amina talks to Sharon on matters blogging, fashion, and much more. Enjoy!
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Families of ten on board the missing plane to wait a little longer
As the search and rescue mission continue deep in the Aberdare forest for the victims of the ill fated Cesna c208 plane, family and friends of the passengers believed to have been on board the aircraft are still grasping to hope that they will be re-united with their loved ones. The family members have pitched camp for the more than 24 hours at a Nairobi hotel where the Flysax Airline has set up an information center directly linked with the national disaster management unit at the site of the crash while the Kenya Red Cross also provided guidance and counselin. Some family members however expressed optimism that they will be reunited with their loved ones stating that hope is the only thing keeping them together.
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Kikuyu community  in Kisumu  preach peace ahead of elections
Victims of the Post Election Violence drawn from the Kikuyu community living in Kisumu have formed the Emmanuel blessed family, an organization whose aim is to promote national cohesion and integration.. The group donated foodstuff and clothes to the needy in Ngiya village of Siaya county in a bid to create harmony between them and the host community irrespective of their political differences.
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President Kenyatta hosts U.S President Barack Obama to a state dinner
Visiting U.S President Barack Obama was on Saturday hosted to a state dinner by President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House Nairobi after a busy schedule whole day that saw the two countries sign 15 co-operation agreements. In attendance at the dinner were members of the U.S congress as well as Kenyan leaders, among them Cord leader Raila Odinga and retired President Mwai Kibaki as well as businessmen and artists. Abby Kahuthia has a snap shot of how the dinner went.
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16 Year-Old Boy Overcomes Physical Challenges, Exhibits Talent In Performing Arts
At sixteen years of age Omar Juma, a class eight pupil from St. Joseph Catholic primary school, Kwale county has big dreams despite his small stature.Omar who is a drama student hopes to become the next big thing on Kenyan televisio, but he faces a myriad of challenges including lack of school fees.
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Matiang’i akiri amepokea vitisho kutoka kwa washukiwa wakuu wa ulanguzi wa sukari
Waziri wa usalama wa ndani Fred Matiangi ameonya dhidi ya  walanguzi wa sukari ghushi akidokeza kuwa  kamwe hatatishwa na walanguzi hao, huku K24 saa moja ikibaini miongoni mwa walanguzi hao wakuu ni wabunge na jamaa zao. Matiang'i amedokeza hayo leo baada ya kunaswa kwa shehena nyingine ya magunia 1,365 ya sukari ghushi ambayo inaripotiwa kuwa kemikali ya zubaki yaani mercury na shaba nyekundu au copper, madini ambayo ni hatari kwa afya ya binadamu.
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Where Are They Now? Joseph Kamaru
Joseph Kamaru is a benga musician who has sold about half a million records since he started his music career in 1965.According to him things have certainly changed.Kamaru faults the current music for lacking meaning and artists being more interested in money.His main concern however is the unending vice called piracy that has since crippled the industry.
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Prefects Enforce A Self-Discipline System At Alliance High
Alliance high school's success can be traced to a strong culture of discipline and student leadership that has seen it maintain the enviable tag of Kenya's premier secondary school institution. The discipline which permeates every aspect of school life is enforced by prefects who are elected by fellow students through a competitive process. Student welfare is a collective responsibility and the philosophy of 'be your brothers keeper' is so much alive in school as it is at home.
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New innovative latrine requires no water to function
Many modern homes utilize gallons and gallons of water by simply flushing a toilet, in turn paying thousands of shillings in water bills every month. However, in yet another unique innovation, a primary school in Njiru in Nairobi has installed eco friendly toilets that need neither water nor electricity to function. These unique toilets, are able to burn and dry up waste in a few hours waste that they later use as manure in the school's kitchen garden . Dennis Matara toured the school and brings you the following report.
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Outer Ring Road Project To Rival Thika Superhighway
The notorious and perennial traffic jams along Nairobi's outer ring road are expected to be a thing of the past once the construction of a new superhighway is completed in 2017. The project is designed to provide East Africa's second most beautiful superhighway,after Thika superhighway. However, the 10-billion-shilling infrastructure project, set to be launched in June this year will also see thousands of people lose their homes and businesses as they are evicted to pave way for the mega project.
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Kenya @50: Asian African Heritage - The Railway Builders
As Kenya marks 50 years since unshackling itself from colonialism, it is perhaps time to look back at the history of some of Kenya's landmarks to better understand the contribution made by Kenyans of different races in shaping the country's future. For just two sterling pounds a month, an equivalent of 24,000 Kenya shillings at current exchange rates, and using nothing other than their bare hands and feet, indian labourers dared the man-eating lions of Tsavo to build the rail track from Mombasa to Kampala. Their sacrifices in the construction of the line nicknamed the "lunatic express" helped lay the foundation to a modern Kenya and book a special place for the Indian community in Kenya. Our reporter brings you the story of the Indian connection to Kenya's infrastructural development.
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DP Ruto tells OFF leaders opposed to appointment of Moi University VC
Deputy President William Ruto has finally broken his silence over protests by a section of leaders from North-Rift region opposed to the appointment of Prof.Laban Ayiro as the acting vice-chancellor at Moi University. Addressing journalists on the sidelines of the U.N General Assembly in New York, Ruto castigated the leaders terming their move as reckless and uncalled for. The D.P said the institution was an equal opportunity employer and no one should be discriminated against because of his or her ethnicity. The D.P defended himself against those questioning the source of his wealth, stating that his achievements were as a result of sheer hardwork and determination.
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Moi Day Memories
Ten years ago, Kenyans from all walks of life could mark Moi day, a day that was religiously marked as a national holiday by the KANU administration. The man whose name the day was marked, retired president Daniel Arap Moi, never skipped the national celebrations. But ten years down the line, many people do not even remember that day was a special day for the country, and a day off work. Here are some highlights of a day that was both a national holiday and a must attend for thousands.
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DPP traces sh. 200M connected to Ruaraka land in a Mauritius bank
Over 200 million shillings connected to  the controversial  sale of 13.7 acres of land in Ruaraka has been traced to a Mauritius bank, this according to the director of public prosecutions Noordin Haji.  Hajji says the government is working closely with the Mauritian authorities even as the focus now turns to 10 local banks which also handled NYS monies.
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Over 100 UoN Students Arrested As Demos Turn Chaotic
More than 100 students of the university of Nairobi will be spending the night in police cells after being rounded up following violent demonstrations that rocked the city for the better part of Tuesday. The students were protesting an alleged plan by the government to hike university tuition fees and lower the maximum loan advanced by the Higher Education Loans Board, allegations that the government has strongly refuted.
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