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Hyundai Veloster - Cold start (failed)
It was actually 5:45 pm and 14 degrees. Can you tell I was ticked??? Tell me in the comments. THANK YOU FOR 100 VIEWS BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER CHANNEL (C-Tech) AND VIDEOS!!!!!
Hyundai Veloster Cold Start (with new battery)
Got the veloster fixed finally and here the cold start video.
2014 Ford Focus Cold Start+Review
On My New Camera!!!
Smashy Road + Shout Outs
So Describing.....
Hyundai Accent - Cold Startup
It was 4 degrees Fahrenheit
Live video Nov 8, 2016 9:23:03 PM
Videocast provided by Emoze's Live on YouTube 1.2.11448 http://store.emoze.com
1991 Craftsman 5.5 hp lawn mower tragedy
Me derping out about how bad Lowe's is. just needed to release some anger. :) PS This mower is now for parts, it stopped running shortly after I filmed this.
Lg optimus exceed 2 drop video
I drop my phone and in anxiety instantly freak out (even know nothing was wrong) and cut off the video. sorry about that, and no it is not a troll don't even think about telling me it is. :) ps THANK YOU FOR THE 100 VIEWS BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS AND CHANNEL (C-Tech).
Copy of Hyundai Accent - Cold Startup
It was 4 degrees Fahrenheit