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https://www.facebook.com/events/978085252301350/ What has been holding you back from your dream job, great relationships and financial independence? Is it your internal conflict, such as procrastination, fear, indecision, limiting belief and lack of emotional control? How about external problems such as a disagreement with a work colleague, a fight with a loved one, or an event you had no control over? If we can improve our internal communication (thinking, decision making, EQ) and our external communication (influence, leadership & persuasion), then 99% of all our problems disappear. The best tools and techniques to improve our communication is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Please join Luke Salway, Motivational Coach & International Facilitator, and discover how you can easily apply NLP into your Life & Business. As an NLP Master Coach & ACC accredited Coach under the ICF, Luke teaches NLP, Leadership & Influence techniques to clients throughout Asia, helping individuals achieve greater Success & Happiness, and helping companies to increase revenues, profits & employee engagement. There are three powerful sessions that you can join, at the amazing Club Meatballs, Singapore: 24th November 2016 [7.30pm - 10.30pm] Networking with NLP - Join this session if you'd like some tips on how to manage your Confidence & EQ, so that you can communicate with anyone. Great networkers know how to Influence, and you'll discover a simple yet powerful process that enables you to make connections with the kind of people you need to influence, in order to grow your business. 26th November 2016 [9am - 12pm] or [1.30pm - 4.30pm]. Lunch & Learn with NLP - Choose from a morning or afternoon session, both with lunch included. During these sessions, you'll discover the mechanics of thinking & emotions, so that you can improve any area of your Life, such as Business, EQ, Finances, Health & Relationships. Entry to these sessions is just $25 SGD. COME & DISCOVER NLP AND HOW IT CAN HELP YOU. NLP is the fastest & easiest way to change unwanted behaviour. It's a method for understanding the language of your mind, body & emotions. You will learn tools and techniques for unleashing your full potential. NLP is the BEST technique for conflict resolution. Furthermore, it is a proven formula for achieving success and happiness, and a process for replicating excellence. You will learn to dramatically increase motivation and achieve a desired state INSTANTLY. Learn to feel confident in ANY situation. Equip yourself to build trust with anyone using verbal & non-verbal communication as well as master your emotions to reduce fear, stress & anxiety. WHO SHOULD JOIN? - Business Owners - C-level Management - People wanting Career Advancement - Human Resources - Company employee - Educational providers - Anyone interested in Personal Development - Students Come and discover how to unleash YOUR power for success & happiness! *Limited seats per session **Drinks provided on Thursday evening ***Lunch provided on Saturday sessions
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