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Experimenting with my "food proof" keyboard???
Guys I bought this keyboard where if you drop food on it while playing on your computer you can just wash it off?
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Sad News 😭😭😭
Guys I said I might be deleting my YouTube channel but btw I will never also go check out my cousies channel itchyeboykrrish
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The best vlog yet (read description after you watched)
Sorry guys I have not uploaded in ages I think this will make up for it though and when I said and see you guys at the coffee shop I could not record because it was to noisy and I could not record at the movies 🎥 so I started recording again after the movie and hope you guys enjoy 😊 this cool 😎 video
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Vlog 1#
Guys this is my first vlog hope y'all love it I'm gonna do a lot more so yeah smash that like and sub button!
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I got sick
Guys I had to miss 2 days of school but now it's the school holidays and I'm gonna get some epic vids up guys
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Our Epic School Video About The Box Jelly Fish
Shout out to My epic class room 13 and my epic group Toby me Aditya and nikhil
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Great news
Turns out we will be going to Auckland which is is New Zealand 🇳🇿
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Cringy Guitar Playing FAIL🎸
Guys I do know how to play the guitar and will do a video of me playing shape of you😜
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Welcome to my channel
Hi guys welcome to my channel and please check out my cousins channel which is itchyeboykrrish
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My first skit
Sorry guys for not uploading in ages! So I thought I would try something different and do a skit with itchyeboykrrish and it took us a while but was worth it hope you enjoy this skit it’s not to good but still and it is based off another youtubers skit go check him out I’ll write his name in the comments anyway enjoy!
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Awesome Sauce Pillow Fort
Guys this was actually supposed to be on my cousins channel but airdrop is not working😭😭😭 So please sub to him at Itchyeboykrrish !
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