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*Whiny ZF* Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV317
Dublin Bus AV317 (03-D-20317) Euro 3 Volvo ALX400 B7TL New to DB in 2003. 317 has a lovely sounding 5-Speed ZF ecomat, and it has got to be Ringsend's best sounding 03/04 AV. route 77A towards Citywest.
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV351
A short video of high revving AV351 being thrashed on the 69. Hope you Enjoy! :D Dublin Bus AV351 C/Road | 03-D-50351 Euro III Volvo B7TL ALX400 2003
Enviro500 Volvo B9TL(VT26) Tri-axle + Nice ZF
Vehicle type: Enviro500 Volvo B9TL(VT26) Tri-axle bus Date reg: 2007 Route 46A Filmed on the 07/06/12
Roaring Fans!! - Dublin Bus Enviro 400 Volvo B9TL
This EV has really loud fans! B9TL's sound very nice when their cooling fans are on which is very rare. Last one I got was EV5 4/5 years ago. Early upload because will be away for few days. Dublin Bus EV42 [07-D-30042 ] 16 towards Dublin Airport Recorded: Last Tuesday.
*Whining differential * Gemini 3 Volvo B5TL 2016 SG 211
one of the few SG's with a broken differential
Roaring!! - Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV345
AV345 can be heard loudly climbing Kiltipper Way at the start of the vid. If you listen carefully, it makes a whine before changing gear along with a nice turbo leak in the background which is much louder when not roaring. With the incoming summer timetables, AV345 and the other DBK AV's may be stored/withdrawn for good :-( 54A from Kiltipper Way to Tallaght Main Street. Dublin Bus AV345 D/Brook | 03-D-50345 Euro III Volvo B7TL ALX400 2003
Dualway ex Dublin bus Volvo B7TL AV185
Ex AV185 on the 311 service from The square Tallaght to Rathcoole. Dualway ex Dublin Bus AV185| 00-D-70185 Euro II | Volvo B7TL ALX400 | 2000 Recorded: December 2016
*Kickdown* Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV347
And again we have epic AV347 but this time with some Kickdown. 75 from tallaght, towards Dun Laoghaire. Kickdown - 0:45-1:25, 2:24, 3:34-4:08, 4:16, 5:40, 10:10-* From 2nd Gear Unlocked: 2:48-3:12 (Want's to be a DT lol) Hill Climb - 7:42 Transbus ALX400 B7TL 2003 [ZF Ecomat 2]. Dublin Bus AV347 (03-D-50347) DK (Donnybrook)
Nice ZF | Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV197
Nice sounding AV197 on the 76, withdrawn November 2016. Dublin Bus AV197 Conygham Road| 01-D-10197 Euro III | Volvo B7TL ALX400 | 2001 Recorded 12 October 2016
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV311
Whiny ZF and a nice turbo whistle this AV has. Route 66 to Merion Sq. Dublin Bus AV311 Phibsboro| 03-D-20311 Now withdrawn Euro III | Volvo B7TL ALX400 | 2003 Recorded: 8th March 2017
Troublesome! - Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV250
*Headphone users - Beware!!* As seen in the video AV250 was being a rebel and causing the driver to go mad at it!😖 A few stops after I got on, the doors started causing problems, then apparently the horn got stuck which was really annoying after a while! Dublin Bus AV250 - Volvo B7TL 2002 15B from Orwell road to Rathfarman. Highlights: Horn stuck/jammed: 0:00 -3:40 Engine Start-up: 1:42, 11:45 Engine power off: 2:10, 12:19 Exterior: 3:24 (Back on) Epic Idle looping: 5:44-7:10 Door open/close loop 10:27 In the end everyone got off for the 2nd time to wait for the next bus. This video was too big to edit properly so, sorry for that
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV238
Here's some footage of AV238 using kickdown. This has a gorgeous idle and some slipping when taking off in first gear. Also plenty of roaring. I accidentally deleted the original videos so the quality is a bit poor. Enjoy! :D 130 to Castle Avenue. Euro III Volvo B7TL ALX400 2002 Clontarf | 02-D-10238 Recorded: 14/09/16
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV197
76 Tallaght to Clondalkin. Dublin Bus AV197 Conyngham road | 01-D-10197 Euro III | Volvo B7TL ALX400 | 2001
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV255
)Apologies for the noise( AV255 has nice high revs when taking off. Only a few stops down but this bus is very thrashy. 1:10 reminds me of AV216. Fans at 1:48. Notice the unusually load hissing doors. Dublin Bus AV255 (02-D-10255) Euro III Volvo B7TL AlX400 2002 150 to Rossmore Recorded: Today at ‏‎arround 11:50.
Dublin Deckers EX AV209 | DT2
Dublin Deckers EX Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV209 Dublin Bus Dennis Trident DT2 leaving ucd with kickdown.
Dublin Bus ALX400 B7TL AV230
Dublin Bus ALX400 Volvo B7TL AV230 77A Recorded: 7th of April 2016. Long idle: 5:55 to 6:35 (Sorry for the bad Video quality)
*very loud Fans* Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV353
Dublin Bus AV353 (C/Road) Volvo B7TL ALX400 2003 76 towards Liffey Valley way.. My channel has been a bit inactive for a while but more videos coming soon.
*Cooling fans* Dublin Bus B7TL AV389
Today we have AV389 with it's loud cooling fans. It makes a really nice sound when idling. Dublin Bus AV389 (04-D-20389) Euro III ALX400 Volvo B7TL 2004. 18 towards Sandymount.
*High Revs* Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV347
Here we have aggressive sounding epic AV347. 347 is the best sounding 03 AV in my opinion . Best parts: 04:00 onwards. 06:50 - a bit of kickdown 08:00 to the end. 12:55 - Drimnagh road Transbus AlX400 Volvo B7TL 2003. Dublin Bus AV347 (03-D-50347) 18 from Rathmines Garda Station to Long Mille road. Recorded: Tuesday 28th June.
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV295
Route 25B towards Merrion Sq. Dublin Bus AV295 Conygham Road| 03-D-20295 Euro III | Volvo B7TL ALX400 | 2003 Recorded 26th April 2017
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV419
My first video of a 2005 AV. They sound a lot like the 2003/4's but are a bit dull. AV419 used to be a Wedding bus before being repainted into fleet standard. Dublin Bus AV419 [05-10419] S/Hill ADL ALX400 Volvo B7TL 2005 16 towards Ballinteer.
Hill Climb Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV252
About 2 weeks ago you may have seen my vid of troublesome AV250. AV250 wasn't going anywhere, so I waited for the next 15B to Stocking Avenue if it was an AV. It turned out to be AV252! AV252 has a loud diff along with whistling speakers which makes a really nice sound. Note at 3:05 it didn't down shift to 1st gear. AV'/AX's only downshift after that slight Rev few seconds later. The best part was when the driver let me in the driver seat and explained all the controls! 2/08/16. 2:19 - Really lovely sound! 3:30+ - Hill Climb
Loud Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV341
Dublin Bus AV341 Harristown | 03-D-50341 Euro III | Volvo B7TL ALX400 | 2003 Route 40 From Sarsfield to Fonthill road.
Dublin Bus MK II Volvo B7TL AX473
Route 65B Dublin Bus AX473 Ringsend Volvo B7TL MK II 2006
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AlX400 AV253
77A from Citywest to Killinarden. Dublin bus AV253 (01-D-10253) Alx400 Volvo B7TL Euro III 2002 ZF Ecomat 1:51 - interesting sound. found mostly on AX's @ exactly 1:52/3 3:10 3:55 - 4:55 - Hill climb 6:30 - light Hoover 7:05 - AV252 I really love the sounds of this AV, many 02's used to sound like this before.
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV255
77A from the square to Citywest. TBA.
*Fast-Driver* Dublin Bus MKII B7TL AX492
77A departure from Citywest. Dublin Bus AX493 (06-D-30492) Euro 4 Volvo D7C-215 - MK II ALX400 B7LDD ZF ZF6HP502 Ecomat *A different camera is being used for this video* Best parts: 1:04 - 1:20 2:52 onwards
LX05 BWD | LX03 EEJ at London City Airport.
Thought it was about time to upload one of my vids from London(18/08) Stagecoach Dennis Trident ALX400 2003 - LX05BWD Go ahead Volvo B7TL Wright Gemini 2003 - LX03EEJ
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV251
Not the best of (sound/video) quality as I'm using another camera for now. Was able to get this remaining R/End AV but haven't seen 230, 245-249 lately. Best parts: Cooling fans - 1:44-1:50-223, 8:53-9:20, 10:28-*. Nice take off - 2:42, 5:54, 6:34, 9:35. TBA Dublin Bus AV251 (02-D-10251) AlX400 Volvo B7TL Euro III 2002 ZF Ecomat 2 77A towards ringsend rd.
Dublin Bus ALX400 B7TL AV249
(Links to best parts coming soon) Recorded on: 20th May 2016 77A towards Citywest Dublin Bus AV249 [02-D-10249] Euro III ALX400 Volvo B7TL ZF AV249 was new to Dublin bus in 2002 and is about to be withdrawn from Ringsend in the coming months.
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL 2002 AV245
After a short holiday, I'm back with this vid of AV245 on the 49. This was withdrawn in October, only 1 year after its repaint. This bus has a lovely ZF that can be heard as it goes from 2-3. Hill climb from 2:54. Cheers to Dennis Trident for the tip off! This footage was taken shortly after his vid (2 months old) of AV245 :D 49 From Ballycullen to Ballycragh. Dublin Bus AV245 02-D-10245 (Ringsend) Euro 3 Volvo B7TL 2002 ALX400
Alx400 Volvo B7TL (AV230) + overreving
Vehicle type: Alx400 Volvo B7TL Date reg: 2002 Route 27
*Kickdown* Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV234
This was recorded in 23rd August last year. This is one of my favourite 02's. It sounds very nice when taking off and has Kickdown as can be heard in this video. The quality is poor and sadly I couldn't get a better video because this was withdrawn earlier then I expected. Hope you enjoy! 130 Clontarf road to Fairview. Dublin Bus AV234 02-D-10234 (Clontarf) Euro III Volvo B7TL ALX400 2002
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV393
Dublin Bus AV393 Donnybrook | 03-D-50393 Euro III | Volvo B7TL ALX400 | 2004 84X Stillorgan Road / N11
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV230
It has been over 1 month since I have uploaded a proper video due to problems editing longer videos. To revive my channel I will start by uploading this vid of AV230. This was recorded back in September 2nd, shortly after this was freed from storage during the summer months. Euro III Volvo B7TL ALX400 2002 02-D-10230 Ringsend(ex Clontarf) 77A
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV318
77A From Deselby to Tallaght Recorded 26th July 2016 Dublin Bus AV318 (03-D-20318) ALX400 Volvo B7TL Euro III 2003
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV246
After a long time of no videos, here's AV246 on/off roaring on the 65(rare) with a pro driver. Seen this arriving as 65B so I waited for about 30-40 mins but paid of in the end! This over heats a lot so it's fans go on/off the ought the video while being thrashed. (Apologies for the video quality, the 65 is very busy at peak times unfortunately) Best parts: 5:40 - 6:22, 6:52 - 8:22, 10:00 - * Hill Climb; 7:15 - 8:22 65 Templeogue to Tallaght Main Street. Euro III Volvo B7TL ALX400 2002 Ringsend | 02D10246 (Now withdrawn)
Dublin Bus Volvo B5TL SG86
Recorded on: 23rd June. Dublin Bus SG86 - (152-D-4244) New to Ringsend last summer 2015. Wright Gemini III Volvo B5TL 15 from Firhouse Rd to Ballycullen Rd. More vids of other DB's and classes coming soon. And hopefully more 01/02 AV's.
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Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV345
Short hop on the 18. Dublin Bus AV345 03-D-20345 Euro III Volvo B7TL ALX400
Dublin Bus AV325
83 Harolds Cross Recorded: June
Dublin Bus B7TL AV319 *Fast-Hill Climb*
Dublin Bus AV319 (03-D-20319) Euro 3 Volvo D7C-215 - ALX400 B7TL ZF 5hp-502 Ecomat
Dublin Bus Dennis Trident DT3
Some footage of DT3 being impressively thrashed down Stillorgan road. Hope you enjoy! Recorded 11th March 2017 Dublin Bus DT3 (03-D-10003) Euro III Dennis Trident 2 (Title and Description has been corrected to show DT3 instead of DT7 - 16/03/18.)
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV245
For more videos please like the video, subsribe and feel free to comment! :) Route 77A from Citywest Dublin Bus AV245 (02-D-10245) ALX400 Volvo B7TL Euro III 2002
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV347
Nice high revs but not as powerful as it once was: https://youtu.be/1RPzz80NMYE 54A To Pearse street. (AV348 was also on it) Dublin Bus AV347 D/Brook | 03-D-50347 Euro III Volvo B7TL ALX400 2003
AV415 & ex RV607
Small video but, while cycling I found AV415 and ex RV607. AV17 passed but unfortunately I didn't film it.
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV360
79A Towards City centre Dublin Bus AV360 | Conygham Road | 03-D-50360 Euro III | Volvo B7TL ALX400 | 2003 Recorded 25 August 2016
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV294
AV294 on a short trip along the Quays on the 25B before it was swapped for AX606. Notice the nice whine it makes as it goes from 1st to 2nd gear. Euro III | Volvo B7TL ALX400 | 2003 Recorded 15th December 2016
*Whiny Diff* Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV265
I managed to get AV234, AV238 shortly before this. AV265 and AV262 were both on the 18 and Luckily I got AV262 some minutes later too! :D This has a very whiny and it's the loudest/whiniest I've ever heard. 18 Towards Palmerstown, Drimnagh Road Dublin Bus AV265 02-D-10265 Donnybrook Euro 3 Volvo B7TL 2002 ALX400 Recorded: 14 September 2016 Unfortunately now withdrawn :( soon after this was recorded.
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AX641
AX641 has a very quite but noticeable whiny diff. It can mostly be heard while speeding up/slowing down. 1:10 as an example. Dublin Bus AX641 (06-D-30641) Euro III Volvo B7TL - MK II ALX400 54A - N81 Recorded: Monday 25th July.
Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL AV384
Nice surprise this showing up at 9 pm on the 77A as I was about to prepare myself for SG247! Driver can be seen trashing it up the hill in 4th and catching up with the GT in front. Dublin Bus AV384 Ringsend | 04-D-20384 Euro III | Volvo B7TL ALX400 | 2004 Recorded: 12th July