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Zhang Li Yin (張力尹) - A Flame for You - I Will
Zhang Li Yin, nicknamed the "Chinese BoA" because her voice is just so versatile. A Chinese native who is now a very familiar face in Korea, she is one of a kind!
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卓文萱 (Genie Zhuo) - 灼樂感 (Burning Sense of Music) - Album Mix
Genie Zhuo is back with her new album after more than 2 years absence due to concentrating on her acting career. With her new album, we see different sides of Genie than we're used to seeing. No longer is she a pop diva but she is seen singing RnB, Dance and even Jazz tunes!
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張靚穎 (Jane Zhang) - 第七感 (The Seventh Sense) - Album Mix
Jane Zhang returns with her seventh studio album, "The Seventh Sense" with the help of top artists Khalil Fong, Jim Lee, Adia and Kamada Toshiya. This album also includes two English tracks.
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梁文音 (Rachel Liang) - 漫情歌 (Love In Songs) Album Mix
Rachel Liang returns with her fifth album and it's more personal than ever. With lead singles from the popular Taiwanese drama, Deja Vu such as "Love, is actually cruel" and "Not Friends after Breaking Up", Rachel solidifies her status as one of Taiwan's balladeers
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CPOP Jane Zhang (張靚穎) Mix
張靚穎 Jane Zhang, naturally gifted with one of the most versatile voices in China. Ironically, even if she did settle for third place at the China Super Girl Contest, she is China's biggest selling female artist. Called the Dolphin Princess for her ability to whistle register, her style ranges from jazz, standard pop to RnB.
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CPOP GEM Tang (鄧紫棋) Mix (Cantonese and Mandarin)
Gem Tang, one of the brightest young artist from China, who moved to Hong Kong at a young age where she is now based. She already is established as an artist and is known for her powerful voice. This playlist is a mix of Cantonese Chinese and Mandarin like all of her albums.
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CPOP SNH48 (Super Mix)
SNH48 is the Chinese sister group of the AKB48 family. The current generation of SNH48 members can be viewed here: http://www.snh48.com/ (Chinese)
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愛你 AINY GEM Tang「G.E.M.X.X.X. Live」世界巡迴演唱會 鄧紫棋 Live @ Wembley Arena, London November 22 2015
愛你 AINY GEM Tang「G.E.M.X.X.X. Live」世界巡迴演唱會 鄧紫棋 Live @ Wembley Arena, London November 22 2015
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CPOP Della Ding Dang (叮噹) Mix
Della Ding Dang is known as the "Queen of Ballads" simply because many of her songs have been included as official soundtracks to countless top charting dramas. She not only has a strong voice to envy in romantic ballads but a very "rock" persona in many of her songs.
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CPOP Genie Zhuo (卓文萱) "Super" Mix
Genie Zhuo, also affectionately known as Xuan Xuan, is a well-established idol on the Cpop stage since her breakthrough sophomore record, "Be Used To". Her distinctive voice is easily recognizable. She is mostly known for her ballads, many of which are soundtracks to popular drama series. However, she does have many songs which display her "fun", "poprock" personality.
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蕭亞軒 - (Elva Hsiao) - 不解釋親吻 (Shut up and Kiss Me) - Album Mix
Elva Hsiao, a well-established singer who has been active for many years. Her earlier records are particularly noted for her Retro RnB style whilst her latter records are focused on electronic/dance hits. Back now with a mix of slow, soulful, retro hits, Elva releases (probably, in my opinion) her best record yet.
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王心凌 (Cyndi Wang) - 第10個王心凌 (The 10th Cyndi Wang) - Album Mix
Cyndi Wang releases her 10th Studio Album shedding her previous cute image and now sporting a new sexy concept. Release Date: July 27th 2014
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Genie Zhuo (卓文萱) - 一顆鈕扣 (A Button) - 灼樂感 (Burning Sense of Music)
Genie Zhuo (卓文萱) 一顆鈕扣 (A Button) 灼樂感 (Burning Sense of Music) Perhaps my favourite song off her new album, this song is somewhat different to what we're usually used to hearing from Genie. Really good song though and the production on this song is really something.
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SNH48 - Uza (嗚吒) (mv)
SNH48 (Shanghai 48), the Chinese sister group of AKB48 family, is back with the new track Uza - now more concentrated on perfecting their dancing skills they are no doubt getting better and better.
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CPOP "SUPER POP" Compilation Mix - (33 tracks)
This is a random mixup of 33 tracks that I have on my iTunes. This video will serve as a quick introduction to CPOP, in particular to those who have never heard CPOP before. The artists in this video are mostly idols singers. If you have good eye sight, you may even see some of the artists albums on the video!
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CPOP Cyndi Wang (王心凌) Mix
Cyndi Wang, a well-established idol and actress on some chart topping dramas such as Mei Le Jia You. Her style is mostly pop and retro pop but most recently, she has been seen experimenting into the electronic dance pop genres.
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CPOP Jessie Chiang (江語晨) Mix
Jessie Chiang, formerly (and still, maybe?) a mentee of Jay Chou (周杰倫). She was first known as the main girl in Jay Chou's mv for, "I'm Not Worthy" (我不配). Now, she's a singer and actress who has been making waves for her role as Jessie in Jay Chou's Pandamen.
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Diana Yukawa - Live @ Japan Mat Suri Concert 2014, Trafalgar Square
So, I stumbled across this amazing artist last nite at Trafalgar Square and she just had an incredible sound. As a new violinist she gave me more reason to start. I also gave her a tweet this afternoon and she was kind enough to reply back to me! I'm not quite so sure what the song was but I managed to catch her whole set thereafter - great artist! Please follow her on Twitter. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the beginning but it was a very short song and fortunately, the sound on my cell phone was perfect!
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CPOP Kimberley Chen (陳芳語) Mix
Kimberley Chen, the young singer from Australia and now based in Taiwan. Perhaps mostly known for her contribution to the Drama Series, Fondant Garden with her hit single, "愛你"(Love you), she has released two albums and going strong. Her albums are a mix of Chinese Mandarin and English.
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Eric.CPOP Introduction Video and Promotion
This channel was created by me in an attempt to promote the music that I dearly enjoy. Very soon I will be adding video blogs on a range of topics that (hopefully) will capture many fans on Chinese music. Got a question, suggestion or recommendation? Email me: Eric.CPOP@googlemail.com
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GEM Tang「G.E.M.X.X.X. Live」世界巡迴演唱會 鄧紫棋 Plays Drums Live @ Wembley Arena,London November 22 2015
On the 73rd and final leg of her tour, GEM Tang shares with us one of her many hidden talents.
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安心亞 (Amber An) - 在一起 (With You) - Album Mix
Amber An is back with a whole new album and more impressive, too. This girl is good - I was a less impressed by her debut so I didn't expect too much from her second album only to be surprised that her vocals improved a lot. Apparently she started taking singing lessons and it's paid great dividends. Her third album is no exception and her voice has transformed greatly once again - I no longer see her as a former model turned singer but I'm starting to see her musical potential and capabilities now more than ever. Out of all the singers that I've heard this year, she's probably my, "most improved singer" this year. I swear, at some parts of her slower songs on this album she sounds like Angela Zhang in a weird way. Give her another couple of albums and she'll be better than average.
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CPOP Afu Teng (鄧福如) Mix
Afu Teng, one of my favourite vocalists of the new age. There's something I really like about her voice, it's almost like an Autotune except it's natural. I also realise that I don't have a copy of her second album which I mistakenly thought I did. Of course, I will buy the album when I get a chance to.
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