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Elite trail 29er 2013 review update
Great bike for someone who is looking to go to the next level and become a serious athlete.
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Motobecane Elite trail review
I can do 30mph easily on this bike, as I get stronger I should be able to do 45mph.Great fast bike for commuters that like to have a little off-road fun , thanks to the double walled rims, Kenda off road tires and the SunTour NVX adjustable fork. I added a gel seat for long rides , light set and grenade valves to it. I got it from Bikes Direct for $350 with my lottery winnings. I'm 5'4" and the only thing is that the bars feel a bit large but a drop bar upgrade would prob. fix that.
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Flick Maybe someday   The Faculty soundtrack
This is a song that was deleted on youtube, so I reposted it for the fans of The Faculty.
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Motobecane 29er "Big JUMP" OFFROAD!
This is me going hard on my Motobecane elite trail hybrid 29er
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Secret Offroad Trail Lawrenceville, GA
Designed for mtb, dirtbikes, and go karts . Doped out enterance, Large vehicles will not fit.
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Fat Boy chronicles review
This book teaches life lessons and if you've ever had any issues with self esteem or school I recommend you read it.
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DSG Laboratories Stink bomb
This is a video representing the power of the stink bomb, it is many times stronger than the ones you find at gas stations. I saw about 50 people go out side but theres probably around 100 who got displaced because there's many exits. range is 30ft I got out before it fully spread. you can get it on Egay for $11 they also got cases of 36 standard ones for $10. Press the cap and remove the inner vial before popping it.
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how to fix y2000 camera
If it's not recording or working properly it probably jus need a format and you can also press the reset button if all elz failz.
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Motobecane elite trail 29er offroad!
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Stepped on a nail, bitch hurts!
Was walking around the little dump site and accidently stepped on a board with nails.
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LG840g review
pretty basic but triple minutes is really nice.
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Y2000 camera insides
You can take it apart and modify it to be more concealable and less likely to be detected.
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Y2000 super camera mods
turn your Y2000 into a versatile piece of equipment.
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55 channels! Ghetto antenna
got all the major networks in HD aswell as many radio stations and spanish television. Share ur ideas an lemme know what U think!
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Super antenna under $20 Digital broadcast!
Kinda ghetto but works just as well as antennas costing over $60. find the best position for your anplifier by switching it to a channel that usually has very bad signal and move the amp until you get good reception on that channel. Just be careful not to move it or shake it. It gets about 55 CHANNELS!!!
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Macro lens test
Closeup on powerade bottle. Doubles as a microscope if you have digital zoom. $5 Ebay deffinately worth the money.
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My upcoming lottery numbers for SUMMER
I choose the digits that haven't came up in a while and are bound to come up pretty soon. For me It's all about probability. for beginners stick to cash 3 , don't expect to win big on scratch offs those are just for fun.
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Vuelta ZeroLite limited edition wheels in 3D
It uses the skinny presta valves
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wide angle/macro lens test
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Motobecane Elite trail ride in 3D!
If you don't have 3D glasses switch it to 2D .This is at the Bethesda park in Lawrenceville, GA
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wide angle lens test
Egay $5 and it comes w/macro well worth tha $
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Motobecane drift OH SHITT!
at the offroad trail near bethesda
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"The office" in real life
this is a marketing class that is so boring , it reminds me of "The Office".
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Riced out Mustang spotted
cute car broghe
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Tried making a a 24k solid gold BB.
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Flip Ultra HD 2nd gen sample
camera test 30 frames per second
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Elite trail HWY cruise
just a cruise on a rainy day . THUMBS UP IF YOU WANT TO SEE IT OFFROAD! this vid is more stable than the last one , camera is mounted directly to the frame.
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