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My first real Video ,,It's my EDC Based Around a Maxpedition REMORA in Khaki BTW, what fell on the floor at one point was a bladeless Fuse by Leatherman it was in the PAL webbing near the Buckle were the strap is.. didnt say anything about it because it fell on the floor but thats also part of the EDC, Ill be getting a MOLLE sheath for it soon
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Self Defense for Disable\Handicaped using crutches
I've not seen any defense videos using crutches. So i did one
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KNIFE!!!!!! : collection
A very long video of MOST of my Knife Collection. of my Benchmade, Coldsteel, Some of my Spyderco Collection
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chizikunbo ground and pound defense drill
this is a response video to wmprys knife drill
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A Modified version of  Naihanchi Shodan and Nidan  that disabled can do
this is a reply to DTGtaijitsu chair bound Kata video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxXTEb01sc4&feature=colike The Naihanchi kata are a set of 3 Kata,done in a Horse stance. with Movement done right to left with a kicking movement done to your own shin to represent a tripping of an attacker or a kick to the attackers leg. Its been said that the kata was developed to be done on ships or narrow hallways.
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A reply to the benefits of kata
this is a reply to a video by wmpyr on the benefits of kata http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZA9h9O5yVM&feature=colike
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Modifying Kata techniques for chairbound users
This is one way, you can use a wheelchair, to replace the lower body in self-defense. In many forms\Kata, there are techniques where you use your knees to strike an attackers head or face such as Muay thai kick boxing and many Kata
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Bunkai (deeper meaning ) of the insideblock to thumb break
this is a response video to a video called Chairbound Kempo from DTGTiahojitsu DISCLAIMER You, and you alone, are responsible for your own actions. this is for education only. practice this at your own risk. server injury can result
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Gerty the Chiweeny sees herself for the first time
Our family pet sees her reflection for the first time
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