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Idubbbz Green Screen Test
I decided to make a chroma key video after seeing that iDubbbz uploaded some chroma key templates... enjoy!
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iPod Classic 3rd Generation: Quick Update
I just thought I'd update you guys on the iPod that I got at the ham fest.
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how to do video cropping in pinnacle studio 14
A Tutorial video that I made back in 2013, some of you may find it useful... or not... but either way, enjoy!
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DJ DDUBBZ - You Started It
I made this song with my friend yesterday (and had a fun time making it) and thought I would post it here... I made the beat in garage band on my MacBook Air and my friend played his guitar with it... I think it turned out nicely... What do you think? I am open to feedback to improve my music, if you do decide to criticize, don't be mean about it. Thanks! (I am DJ DDUBBZ for the record)
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A Short Tech Deck Bare Knuckle Grind Gameplay - FreakTown
This video was originally going to be unedited, but it needed to be edited so you, the viewer, don't go into a seizure. This video may contain flashing scenes that may be uncomfortable to some viewers. Viewer Disgression is advised
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Installing Corel Draw on Windows XP
I decided to make this because I haven't uploaded a video in a while...
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A (sort of) quick update on the pocket pc that I got at the hamfest
TL;DW? Its flaky, but it works for the most part...
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Video Test
Testing... this should be in 60fps. The audience is now listening...
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Samsung Gear 360 (2017) Video Test
Testing my new Samsung Gear 360.
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CLASSIC DANIEL: Pointless Webcam Video 2010
The "drugs" used in this video was a pen, not real drugs
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Idubbbz Green Screen Test 2
another test I did using the iDubbbz Green screen video
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A nerd shoots guns at a gun range for the first time
I went shooting today... it was fun!
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Wave Torus
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2015 Lamobrghini Aventador Startup
I censored out the person who was showing me the car... but yeah...
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Monkey Ball
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DJ DDUBBZ - Blueberry
Enjoy the new song!
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Comedy Night   The Dimmadome Highlights NO MUSIC FULL
The no music version of my first video on here
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DJ DDUBBZ - Underground Pop
I just made this entire song in a single day, so it might not be that good, but we'll see...
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DJ DDUBBZ - Triargle 1 and 2
Triargle was a song title I decided to use when my mom bought some really cheap socks that said triargle on them... (Look up triargle and it should be the first link.) I made these songs, one was made by just me and the other was made with me and my friend who helps me make music on occasion.
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Go Pro Time Lapse of the Sun Rising 2015
I made this back in 2015, its a time lapse of the sun rising...
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Teenage Girl Fun
I made this back in 2010 with my cousin. I had to edit it to have non copyrighted music in it.
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Here is the Last song of the 0=0 Album. I made this one in an apple store on an iMac Pro that was on display, to quote one of the apple store employees: "It sounds like Super Mario Brothers!" Enjoy!
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Quick tech support question for you
I'm installing Windows XP tablet pc edition on my gateway M285-E and I need help finding Intel matrix storage manager drivers for it. Please comment below if you can find a floppy image for it. Thanks.
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Finding the Way - An Adventure
Brothers... I have found the way... Sorry for the lazy editing.
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DJ DDUBBZ - Resume Fun
I just finished making this. This is the first track of the new album: Teletext. Enjoy!
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The Ring Tape Reaction
A video I made with my cousin a while back... Enjoy!
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A nerd shoots guns at a gun range again.
Went shooting again... it was fun.
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I Just finished making this one... Enjoy!
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Daniel Plays Episode 1
I finally got around to editing this to under 15 minutes, I filmed this back in 2013. Enjoy!
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A random, pointless screen recording from my new phone
It's a Samsung Galaxy S8
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DJ DDUBBZ - !feof
I made this song back in 2017 and didn't export it until now... So, here it is...
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DJ DDUBBZ -  Nice Chord Progression
I made this song one morning when I was bored
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Camera Break Test
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DJ DDUBBZ - Shape Shifter
for this new song, I decided to use some of the garage band loops to make most of the song. Enjoy!
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The Best Roasts of RoadRashthefinalBoss (Comedy Night Highlights 3)
This Video has some terribly offensive humor, if you are not into that, then please click off of this video. Otherwise, Enjoy!
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The Late Night Movie Marathon
a Random video I made way back when... I kind of like it...
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Bouncing Balls
Testing 2
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Blender Animation Test 1
Just an animation I made in blender
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Windows for workgroups... you ok?
Check this out, the startup sound looped...
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A very tired battlestation tour
Here is a tour of my battlestation, I was very tired when I filmed it... enjoy.
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Cube Cloth
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Duke's Breakfast
Filmed back in 2013... I think... Sadly, the dog in this video is no longer alive. RIP Duke. Also, Duke was Blind and he can be seen going to my grandmother's house with no leash to get his breakfast. Impressive, huh?
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Random Cellphone Video
A Random video I decided to make a long time ago
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Ham Fest 2018 Finds
This is the stuff that I got at the 2018 Ham Radio Festival...
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Daniel Plays Episode 4 Part 1
It's Leo Steel Time...
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DJ DDUBBZ - Dr. Fat Boi
I just made this dance type track... I kind of like it... enjoy!
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