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שלושה חתולים חמודים
השיר שלושה חתולים חמודים בביצועה של צפרירה ירוני משנת 1959. השיר לקוח מן האתר זמרשת:http://www.zemereshet.co.il/song.asp?id=3608 החתולה שלי ושמה מיצי ברכה מככבת בסרטון.
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Gooblet Game Tutorial
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My third Time lapse in 4K
I think it's a little better from the previews. I'm just in the beginning' it's still a shaky image and not fixed because i don't have time lapse remote :( i will continue making time time lapse and i will work for buying remote for my canon 650d!
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Canon 650d video recording samples
I know it's kinda laim but it is one od my firsts.
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My first Time-lapse
i know it kinda suck that becaue this is my first ever time lapse i hope i will get better i need an remote so badly. i shoot it on a 1080p video for 30 minutes, and it's the last time because after it i get a huge 10 gb file fuck sake
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