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ETERNAL DARKNESS (Chapter 4) - Karim, Persia 565 AD
The persian swordsman Karim ventures into the desert to find a treasure for his love.
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ETERNAL DARKNESS (Chapter 8) - Roberto, Persia 1460 AD
Roberto Bianchi is a traveling Venetian artist and architect, and taken as a prisoner of war while roaming abroad.
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ETERNAL DARKNESS (Chapter 2) - Ellia, Angor Thom 1150 AD
Ellia strolls off in search of adventure and explores Angor Thom.
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ETERNAL DARKNESS (Chapter 7) - Paul, Amiens 1485 AD
The franciscan monk Paul Luther is on a pilgrimage to see a holy relic, the Hand of Jude. He is detained in Amiens by the Inquisition on a pretense of suspicion in the murder of Brother Andrew.
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ETERNAL DARKNESS (Chapter 9) - Peter, Amiens 1916 AD
Peter Jacob is a field reporter during World War I, staying at Oublié Cathedral, which has been converted into a field hospital. He notices that people are mysteriously disappearing, and begins investigating the lower levels.
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ETERNAL DARKNESS (Chapter 10) - Edward, Rhode Island 1952 AD
The clinical psychologist and Alex's grandfather Edward Roivas is led to the Tome by supernatural circumstances. Zdzisław Beksiński's paintings: https://www.google.de/search?q=Zdzis%C5%82aw+Beksi%C5%84ski&safe=off&source=lnms&tbm=isch
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ETERNAL DARKNESS (Chapter 6) - Edwin, Angor Thom 1983 AD
Dr. Edwin Lindsey - An archaeologist exploring Cambodian ruins under the auspices of a mysterious benefactor named Paul Augustine.
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ETERNAL DARKNESS (Chapter 5) - Maximilian, Rhode Island 1760 AD
Something is amiss in the mansion Maximilian Roivas recently inherited from his father Aaron. But what?
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ETERNAL DARKNESS (Chapter 11) - Michael, Middle East 1991 AD
The Canadian firefighter Michael Edwards is sent to extinguish oil fires ignited by Iraqi troops in Kuwait after the Gulf War. An explosion at one well leaves him trapped in the Forbidden City as the only survivor.
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ETERNAL DARKNESS (Chapter 3) - Anthony, Amiens 814 AD
Charlemagne's messenger Anthony is ordered to deliver a message to his liege. The moment Anthony takes a quick look the scroll marks his inevitable doom.
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ETERNAL DARKNESS (Chapter 1) - Pious, Persia 26 AD
Alex begins to investigate her grandfather's brutal murder. In a secret room she finds a book bound with human skin and bone. She begins reading and learns about the story of Roman military commander Pious Augustus being lured into an ancient Persian temple.
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ETERNAL DARKNESS (Chapter 12) - Alex, Rhode Island 2000 AD
Mentally exhausted from reading all these pages, Alex is about to investigate...
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Grey seal looks at me while friends play (Halichoerus grypus)
filmed this morning at the Marine Science Center, Rostock