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Suswa Rift: Kenya is splitting
http://www.nation.co.ke Somalia and half of Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania are expected to split from Africa to form a new continent. Forces of the Earth are the strongest at the base of the valley, yet it is also here that geological processes are most active. The rains have only aggravated the situation by washing away the ash, eventually exposing the cracks. Camera person: Robert Gichira
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DJ Afro's homecoming at Nakuru's Afraha Stadium
http://www.nation.co.ke Dj Afro Aka Amigos aka Kimonda is a whiz at taking the audience through the drama of a movie. The renowned artiste whose real name is James Muigai reconstructs the dialogue in a movie and spices it up with humorous commentary. Fans took time to celebrate him at Nakuru’s Afraha Stadium after watching a football match
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Kenya launches it's first satellite in space
http://www.nation.co.ke The first Kenyan university nano satellite precursor flight was Friday launched in space. This is the first outer space object to be operated by a Kenyan university, the University of Nairobi,
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Chris Brown and Wiz Kid arrive in Mombasa
http://www.nation.co.ke Chris Brown and Wzi Kid arrive in Mombasa
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Joho - Uhuru's new found love
http://www.nation.co.ke Uhuru's number 1 critic Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho pledges to work with Uhuru to improves the lives of Mombasa people.
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Farmer reaping big from hydroponics
http://www.nation.co.ke On his small plot of land in Kikuyu, Mr Peter Chege is growing tomatoes, barley, lettuce and strawberries on water.Using a technology known as hydroponics, Mr Chege has eliminated the need to use soil in the agricultural process.Even more incredible, eliminating soil in growing his plants has led to faster maturity rates and exponentially higher yields.
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Boy who made Uhuru laugh joins Form One
http://www.nation.co.ke The last time Dennis Ngaruiya was featured on NTV was two years ago, after his poetry perfomances cracked up the Head of State during the third anniversary of KDF's entry into somalia - marked at the Kenya Military Academy in Nakuru County. His perfomance won him a date with the President at State House, as well as an assurance that all his academic needs would be met. Today Dennis joined form one at Menengai High School, Brygettes Ngana witnessed the admission and filed this report.
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Kisumu woman who earns over sh200,000 from eggs
http://www.nation.co.ke Criestentia Ooro, 60, did not know that her poultry farm would pay her children’s school fees at the time she started it. She took the risk of putting her savings of Sh100,000 into the farm, money she says was preserved to pay for the children’s education. That was in 2014 and now smiles to the bank with her earnings of about Sh200,000 per month from the sale of eggs (at Sh25 each) to hatcheries as well as to hotels across the country. Mrs Ooro, a widow, now has more than 3,000 chicken at her Ndori farm from which she uses the proceeds to maintain her two children in college. Through the technical support of Technoserve, a US government funded organization, she is one of the thousands of farmers in western Kenya raising improved Kienyeji chicken. The retired banker says she does not regret the risk she took to make the investment grow into what it is today. Brian Ochanji of Technoserve (in cream shirt) says many women of her kind have been linked through a community savings bank where they access loans to grow their business.
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Jordanian King Abdullah II arrives in Kenya
http://www.nation.co.ke King Abdullah II of Jordan arrived in Kenya on Monday for a visit focusing on security issues. The King was received at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport by President Uhuru Kenyatta.
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Governor Jackson Mandago lectures Senator Murkomen at the devolution conference
http://www.nation.co.ke Governor Jackson Mandago lectures Senator Murkomen at the devolution conference.
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Star footballers celebrate Messi wedding in Argentina
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Lady who trended for kneeling to serve a disabled customer
http://www.nation.co.ke Helping people in need has remained her utmost priority in life. Ms Pauline Muganda Shamola had trained as an air hostess, a field she worked in for a while before joining Safaricom as a customer service officer. She says she felt humbled by the congratulatory messages she received after the video of her helping a crippled beggar went viral on social media. Mr William Kisumo, a beggar from Tanzania too was grateful of her gesture. He had gone to the Safaricom in Nakuru shop to buy and register a line to enable him send money back home. He said he was a trained shoemaker and had an ailing child back in Tanzania forcing him to travel to Kenya to seek alms.​
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Drama as armed gangster arrested in Industrial Area
http://www.nation.co.ke There was drama as a suspected gangster was resisting arrest by a police officer in Nairobi's Industrial Area over the weekend. The incident took place outside the gate of Rai Ply premises situated along Lunga Lunga road. Viwandani administration police boss, Alphonce Nzova Mulinge said he waylaid the suspect after receiving a tip off from members of the public. He said the suspect was heading to commit a felony before he received information which led to his arrest.
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Raila Odinga and soccer legend wizard Joe Kadenge arrive at Afraha stadium
http://www.nation.co.ke Opposition leader Raila Odinga assisting former international soccer wizard Joe Kadenge in a walking stick when they arrived at Afraha Stadium Nakuru on Tuesday May 1, 2018 to watch the "Mashemeji derby between AFC Leopards and arch rivals Gor Mahia in a soccer match dubbed Hull City challenge. The winner will play English side Hull City on May 13 at Moi International Sports Centre, Nairobi
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Drama at a city pub as patrons avoid arrest
http://www.nation.co.ke There was drama at noon today after drinkers were injured as others climbed walls trying to avoid arrest by police officers and the city county askaris. Police officers carrying guns worked extra, to climb walls as they went to arrest the suspects but to some who appeared drunk could not eve walk. Police acted on a tip-off that a club situated along Duruma road was selling drinks during the stipulated time while drug addicts were seen as others used the pub as a brothel.
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DP Ruto pokes fun at the parliament choir
Deputy President, William Ruto, pokes fun at the parliament choir during the National Prayer Breakfast
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20 children among 41 killed in Patel Dam tragedy
http://www.nation.co.ke At least 41 people died after a dam burst in Nakuru, police said Thursday, as residents described muddy waters ripping through their homes in what one survivor called "hell on earth". The private Patel Dam, used for irrigation and fish farming, burst its earthen banks on Wednesday evening in Solai, regional police chief Gideon Kibunjah said.
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Raila to Duale: You are not in my league
http://www.nation.co.ke Cord leader Raila Odinga has asked National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale to refrain from responding every time he makes a statement touching on the Jubilee government.
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Trumps arrive at White House to meet Obamas
http://www.nation.co.ke Donald Trump and his wife Melania arrive at the White House to meet with the Obamas after a church service at St. John's Church
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Otiende Amollo dismisses PLO's Lumumba's submissions
http://www.nation.co.ke Otiende Amollo dismisses PLO's Lumumba's submissions
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Varsity students protest over an increase in school fees
http://www.nation.co.ke Meru University of Science and Technology students yesterday held protests against what they said is an increase of fees by the administration. Led by the Student Association of Meru University (Samu) secretary general Evans Njoroge and Chairman Wangila Wabomba the government-sponsored students termed the fees unmanageable. The students braved the rains to hold peaceful protests outside the university.
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Nairobi Governor Sonko on title deeds for Nairobians
http://www.nation.co.ke Nairobi Governor Sonko on title deeds for Nairobians
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Raila , Uhuru meet at Gachagua's funeral
http://www.nation.co.ke Raila Uhuru meet at Gachagua's funeral.
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Basic first aid procedures everyone should know
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Kim Jong Un says 'flooded with emotion' as he enters South
http://www.nation.co.ke SEOUL, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was "flooded with emotion" as he walked into the neighbouring South, he told his host Moon Jae-in as they began the first inter-Korean summit for more than a decade. Walking across the cement blocks that mark the border was "so easy," Kim said, making him wonder "why it took so long to do so after 11 years," referring to the last summit in Pyongyang in 2007. KOREAN WAR Kim is the first North Korean leader to set foot on the South's territory since the 1950-53 Korean War ended in a ceasefire. At the Peace House venue in the heavily fortified truce village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone, Kim said: "I walked about 200 metres, flooded with emotion."
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Australian scientist, 104, speaks publicly before planned death
http://www.nation.co.ke A 104-year-old Australian scientist, resentful that he was forced overseas to die, is set to address the media in Switzerland on Wednesday, a day before he is due to end his life. David Goodall does not have a terminal illness but says his quality of life has deteriorated and that he wants to die.
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Sonko, Joho clash during the launch of National street lighting programme
http://www.nation.co.ke At least three young men were injured after President Uhuru Kenyatta 's launch of the National street lighting programme on Friday night. This was after the two leaders openly clashed. Mombasa Senator, Hassan Omar was conspicuously missing from the function. The injured youth, who are believed to be Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko supporters, say they were attacked by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho's supporters.
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Shy moments of President Uhuru’s son Muhoho Kenyatta during his visit to Nandi
http://www.nation.co.ke Muhoho Kenyatta, who had accompanied Deputy President William Ruto to a campaign rally in the county, had tongues wagging about his linguistic incapability.
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Innovation man in Eldoret has come up with a solar powered car.
http://www.nation.co.ke High Cost of fuel is one of the challenges many Kenyan motorists have to grapple with.But an innovation from one ambitious man in Eldoret Samuel Karumbo, has come up with a solar powered car that does not require fuel to operate.
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Joho warns tuk tuk operators as he seeks to curb rising cases of insecurity
http://www.nation.co.ke Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has declared war on tuk tuk operators saying some have been involved in insecurity cases within Mombasa.
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Governor Joho admits the handshake brought Unity between him and Jubilee Leaders
http://www.nation.co.ke Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has welcomed the Unity brough by the Handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga.
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Lamu activists harrased and arrested during anti-coal project demonstrations
http://www.nation.co.ke Lamu activists being manhandled and arrested by police in Lamu during demonstrations against the intended Sh 200 billion Coal-fired power plant in the region. Save Lamu activist group members on confrontation with police before they were arrested on Lamu Island. Two of them were arrested and are held at the Lamu Town Police Station.
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Governor Hassan Joho slams former Mombasa senator Hassan Omar
http://www.nation.co.ke Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has hit at Former Senator Hassan Omar for failing to support his efforts to improve the lives of Mombasa People.
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Full version: Joho blocked from attending President's event
http://www.nation.co.ke Full version: Joho blocked from attending President's event
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Uhuru defends his deal with Raila
http://www.nation.co.ke President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga yesterday criticised those who are opposed to their unity deal which, they said, had nothing to do with 2022 succession politics. The leaders, who said they are united in creating a new path for the country, spoke in Murang’a just hours after Deputy President William Ruto tore into a proposal by Mr Odinga to amend the Constitution to create more posts and regions. The President and Mr Odinga said their formula for working together was not pegged on the 2022 succession politics and that those linking the March 9 unity deal to succession politics are wrong. “Our unity deal is not about 2022. There will be 2022, 2027 up to the next decade. Let us leave this politics aside and focus on what matters to our people,” President Kenyatta, who is expected to leave office in 2022 when his second term ends, said.
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Babu Owino mentions Raila and tibim in his swearing in at parliament
http://www.nation.co.ke Babu Owino mentions Raila and tibim in his swearing in at parliament
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PLO Lumumba's moving speech at a peace conference
http://www.nation.co.ke PLO Lumumba's moving speech at a peace conference
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University student crowned Miss Tourism, Meru County
http://www.nation.co.ke University student, Winnie Gakii was Saturday crowned Ms Tourism Meru beating other contenders at the beauty pageant held at Gatimene Hotel. The 21-year-old model and second year Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT) AT Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology triumphed over nine other contestants to clinch the coveted title. Gakii who was dressed in a glamorous mint green dress and strutted the catwalk with sky-high black heels smiling all the time walked away with a cash prize of Sh75,000. ​
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Trouble for Jubilee? : NASA  accorded hero's welcome in Meru one of Jubilee's stronghold
http://www.nation.co.ke NASA accorded hero's welcome in Meru, thousands flood the street to meet NASA principals.Raila Odinga urged the residents to vote Uhuruto out and invited Peter Munya to join NASA.
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20 dead, hundreds displaced as Patel Dam 'bursts' in Nakuru
http://www.nation.co.ke At around 9pm Patel dam in Solai, Subukia Sub-County burst its banks. The water has caused huge destruction of both life and property. The extent of the damage is yet to be ascertained. The County Government of Nakuru, Kenya Red Cross and the local leadership are coordinating rescue operations. The county dispatched ambulances to the scene to aid in evacuation of victims.
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Interview with Pepper the robot
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Governor Mutua pokes fun at Sonko for running City Hall affairs in Machakos
http://www.nation.co.ke Governor Alfred Mutua Thursday poked fun on his Nairobi counterpart Mike Sonko for running City Hall affairs in Machakos
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PLO Lumumba's submission at the Supreme Court
http://www.nation.co.ke PLO Lumumba's submission at the Supreme Court
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African superman gets French citizenship for saving child
http://www.nation.co.ke A young Malian man who saved a four-year-old child hanging from a fourth-floor Paris balcony after scaling the facade with his bare hands meets with Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee. The French president announced shortly after the meeting that Mamoudou Gassama will get French citizenship and be offered a place in the fire brigade.
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My Opinion: Why Nakumatt, Uchumi failed spectacularly - Naivas COO Willy Kimani
http://www.nation.co.ke Naivas Limited Chief Operating Officer Willy Kimani gives his opinion on why market leaders in theNakumatt Holdings, Uchumi Supermarkets and Nakumatt Holdings, failed spectacularly.
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Hassan Joho has ordered for the closure of Kibarani dumpsite
http://www.nation.co.ke Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has ordered for the closure of Kibarani dumpsite within 70 days. Kibarani, the largest dumpsite in Kenya's tourism city, is an eyesore for both tourists and residents. The dumpsite is located along Mombasa-Nairobi highway in Kibarani. Speaking on Friday while launching a fleet of 12 new garbage collection trucks at the Treasury Square in Mombasa, Governor Joho ordered county executives in the Health, Trade and Tourism, and Environment dockets to close down the dumpsite
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African kingdom of Swaziland celebrates King Mswati III's 50th birthday
http://www.nation.co.ke The tiny African kingdom of Swaziland celebrates King Mswati III's 50th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the country's independence, a day after the king unexpectedly announced the country would now be known as "eSwatini".
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Journey to Canaan for all the 44 communities in the country is ripe, says Raila Odinga
http://www.nation.co.ke Journey to Canaan for all the 44 communities in the country is ripe, says Raila Odinga.
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