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Rosy Peninila Farts On Camera
So hilarious! 💩💩💩
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Flipnote Studio 3D Part 1
Plz Subscribe, Like, and Share this video. Also turn your device sideways
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Rhythm Tengoku Spaceball
I know I did terrible.
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This is just a test animation. Don't judge me I have a 93 cent stylus and am a pre-teen. No sound tho😑
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The Square's Adventure | Geometry Dash #1
The Square's Adventure | Geometry Dash #1 Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while but I'll try to upload daily to make up for it. 20 Likes for more Geometry Dash. My voice is weird. Plz subscribe. Enjoy!!!
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I Got Iron | Minecraft Wii U Edition
Sry about the terrible quality was recording far from the TV
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Flood at my house part 4
As you can see the flood water was ankle deep.
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Sonic 2 Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 & 2
Remember to hit those like and subscribe buttons. Which character should I use next. Comment on the character I should use for Chemical Plant Zone.
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Flood at my house part 1
This may not look like a flood to you but to me it's a disaster!
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The Outside World
Today I smash an alarm clock, break a frying pan, and talk to a camera. Today was a cringe filled day yay!!!
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Roblox Robloxian Life Super Jump Glitch
I found this glitch by using a gravity coil and a big car.
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My Youtube Outro
Plz tell me your thoughts on my new outro. New vid maybe Friday Or Saturday.
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My first shout-out.
Today I am shouting out braunybraunyt. He makes great vids. Subscribe to his channel.
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Reacting to old videos!!! 
Thank you guys for all the support you guys have been giving me for the past year and I hope you guys have a great new year. Also sorry for the fast video Mobizen closed itself while recording and I was so mad so that's why the video was like this. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/superbitgaming/
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Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever Part 1: Grumpy Cat's Best Game Ever!
This is part 1 of Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever. Please ignore the in game ad because I own no rights to it. Please remember to like subscribe share and enjoy. 😀
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Sonic Advance Part 1
I did pretty good I guess.
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April 30, 2017
This is my first news vid. Pls like subscribe and share.
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Just Dance 3 Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
This is gameplay footage of Just Dance 3. Special thanks to Ubisoft for providing this game. Also YouTube for providing this effect.
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July 24, 2017
This is just a quick announcement of something special happening tomorrow because tomorrow (July 25) is my birthday
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Flood at my house part 2
This is a flood in my front yard!
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ADVENTURES IN ROBLOX #1 Natural Disaster Survival
Welcome to "ADVENTURES IN ROBLOX" I am going to play Natural Disaster Survival. #2 will come tomorrow. Follow me on Instagram: gamerdiceyt Remember 2 Subscribe, Like, Share, And Enjoy!
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New Maps ?! | Adventures in Roblox #2
New Maps ?! | Adventures In Roblox Today we are playing Hide And Seek Extreme on Roblox. Plz remember to like subscribe and share if you wanna see more vids with better audio quality than before. But most importantly Enjoy!!!!! Instagram:gamerdiceyt
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I'm So Blocky! | Adventures in Roblox #3
Today we will be playing Blox Hunt on Roblox. Comment below what game you would like me to play next. (From now on my vids will have commentary)
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Flood at my house part 3
This is the first time you will see myself on camera. I am the 10 year old boy in the yellow shirt I am BJ Pagan. I have an old YT channel with my name.
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Sonic Advance Part 2
This is Part 2 of Sonic Advance I will make a playlist soon.
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Firework for the new year
Happy New Years Eve/Day! Instagram: (Exclusive Content) https://www.instagram.com/superbitgaming/
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Amazing fountain footage at Maui Mall
This is amazing footage of a fountain in Maui Mall.
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