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Mike Schmidt On Being A Criminal Defense Attorney
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Advice for Criminal Defense Attorneys - Prison Talk 11.16
A Criminal Defense Attorney wrote in asking Big Herc what type of advice he would give him regarding clients that are looking at serving time. Email FreshOutSeries@gmail.com Website http://www.freshoutseries.com/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/freshoutseries/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Freshoutseries Patreon https://www.patreon.com/Freshoutseries -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Would a Shot Caller help you put a Thief in check? - Prison Talk 15.26" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0VigeG59D0 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Peter Schaffer: Being a Criminal Defense Attorney
Interesting cases, scary clients and how to defend guilty clients. Peter Schaffer:  I worked for a short time as a lawyer in a general practice firm and I would get there in the morning and go into my office and sit there and sort of wait for the day and the day passed interminably.  Now I sit down for very short periods of time, I'm running around, there's always three more things to do than I can possibly do at the same moment.  But then again, it's that sort of pace, especially in New York City, and also the fact that early on I was able to find that I got satisfaction of getting good results for my clients so that's kept me doing it. Question: How do you find your clients? Peter Schaffer:  A lot of the work that I get, like most criminal defense lawyers, I receive assignments from the court, the Federal Court, the State Court and then clients find me to hire me.  I've been around for 21 years, so word of mouth, people come to me.Card: What defines a good criminal defense attorney?Peter Schaffer:  Well, first you have to be able to make some connection with your client, have them have some level of trust with you and then you have to be able to assess the case independently of that relationship and try to discuss with your client what the possible outcomes are, what the best results are because the risk is always the client.  No matter what happens, I know I go home, but I think the ability to be able to assess a case as it goes along and to determine what the best course is and to have your client trust you enough to listen to your advice. Question: What are some of the more interesting cases you have brought to trial? Peter Schaffer:  Well, I've tried a number of drug cases because that's what most of the criminal justice system is.  And they have interesting elements, but I don't know if the facts themselves, just looking at them are particularly interesting.  I tried an attempted murder case where my client stabbed someone very severely and it turned out that really he was in the wrong place and he was set upon by a group of actually well-educated college students who didn't like him because of his ethnicity and we were able to present a successful self-defense there.  And it was unusual because it was a case where a poor person was able to overcome that maybe stigma and show that these drunken, wealthy college students were really the person that started it.  I've tried a number of other cases.  Right now, I'm sort of drawing a blank as to what's interesting, but in each case, there is always something that, you know, I try to focus on or it becomes favorable for the defense.  And if it's a tiny crack, I try to spend the whole trial widening that crack 'cause all I really need to do is show that there is a reasonable doubt. Question:  If you believe your client is guilty, how do you justify defending them? Peter Schaffer:  Well, early on in my career, that decision really meant nothing.  It may make a difference as to how I advise my client as to whether the case against he or she is strong, but my job is to defend the person that I either am hired to represent or appointed to represent to the best of my ability within the bounds of the canons of ethics.  And it really doesn't matter factually whether, you know, they're guilty or not guilty; that's really for the trier of fact to decide, a judge or a jury.  And it doesn't really make a difference to me.
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Criminal Defense Investigation: Introduction to the Component Method
CDITC National Director Brandon Perron, CCDI provides detailed step by step instruction of the Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation. The Component Method is presented as a comprehensive case management process for criminal defense assignments. The methodology can be applied to cases ranging from petty theft to capital murder. The concept relies upon lead development and fact management. This introduction is a sample of the 1 day, two day, and distance learning programs available. Location - Public Defender, 19th Judicial Circuit State of Florida. Refer to Text - Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component Method by Brandon A. Perron. (1 hour - Distance Learning Supplement)
The Criminal Defense Attorney A Day in the Life
If you ever wondered what it is like to be a criminal defense attorney here is a quick glimpse of a day in the life
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Criminal Law Video Presentation 13 - Defenses
Criminal Law Video Presentation 13 - Defenses
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So you want to be a criminal defense attorney (pt. 1)
First interview with accused client
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The Last Trial? A Day in the Life of an Attorney
A subscriber asked me to do a video about what that practice of law is about. So I decided to document what was supposed to be my last trial. After 10 years of commercial litigation, I am moving onto other thing... Creation, not destruction. But as far as the trial was concerned, nature had other plans. Nature, and a house filled with filthy, germ-infested children. Enjoy! And be sure to like, share & subscribe for more (quasi-daily) videos that will brighten your day. On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vivafrei/ On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vivafrei/ On Twitter: @thevivafrei On YouTube: Viva Frei
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Defense Attorney Max Hirsh Gives Powerful Opening Argument in Young Vito Murder Trial
http://www.hiphopenquirer.com Considered one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Georgia, Max Hirsh gave a very powerful opening argument to the jury in the murder trial of Vinson Hardimon. He made a point to let the jury know that alleged Blood Gang members flipped the script in their account of what happened in an Atlanta recording studio that resulted in the death of rising star rapper Slim Dunkin. He also said that rapper Waka Flocka's mom was the Godmother of the Bloods. We doubt if he meant that literally though.
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Winning a criminal trial based on self-defense
More info at www.shouselaw.com/self-defense.html‎ A criminal defense lawyer discusses strategies to win a jury trial based on self-defense. When a person acts in lawful self-defense, the law excuses his use of force and he is not liable for a crime. The right of self-defense does not permit every use of force, however. The force must be reasonable under the circumstances and respond to an immediate threat of physical harm. Whether a particular use of force is a lawful exercise of self-defense is ultimately for a jury to decide. In this video, San Bernardino and Riverside County criminal defense lawyer Michael Scafiddi discusses legal strategies for presenting evidence of self-defense at jury trial with the aim at securing a 'not guilty' verdict.
Day in the Life of a Criminal Lawyer
Is crime your passion? Thomas Spohr from the Office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions takes you through his career as a criminal lawyer and what to expect when you work in this field of law
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Supreme Judicial Court Boston Criminal Law Lawyer
http://www.davidyannetti.com 617-338-6006 Attorney David Yannetti appeared before the Superior Court and convinced a judge to grant his client a new trial. Contact the firm in Boston, Massachusetts for criminal defense matters.
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Criminal Defense Investigator Las Vegas | What is a Private Criminal Defense Investigator?
In this video, an Investigative Analysis Consultant for Unity One, Inc., With previous experience who has worked as the Chief of the fraud unit for the Attorney General office in Nevada, talks about how hiring a criminal defense investigator can influence an eviction or acquittal in a defense case. People who are facing criminal charges do not know they can hire a private investigator to help prove their innocence. Private investigators can help by reviewing evidence submitted by the prosecution to make sure it is accurate. They have access to obtaining the evidence and testing it on their behalf. Private investigators can collect evidence the prosecution may have missed or did not include. They may also uncover new evidence that was not found by the state or county prosecution that may exonerate the defendant. All investigators hired at Unity One have prior experience in law enforcement or worked for law enforcement agencies. This prior training gives them the knowledge on how the system works and what is needed to properly defend a case. With their skills, they know what to look for and how to get evidence that will save individuals time and money. They also offer peace of mind and confidence to go into court exhausting all options to prove the defendants innocence. Professionals at Unity One are knowledgeable in the 4th amendment on search and seizure laws. They also have experience testifying in court. Always be sure to check with the state to see if they can keep and pay for a private investor to work on the defendant behalf. When it comes to criminal cases, this is no joke. If you are currently dealing with a criminal case, contact a criminal defense investigator for Las Vegas at Unity One today to see how we can help you in defending your case. Contact Us: http://www.unityoneinc.com/unity-one-inc-security-and-investigations/investigations (800) 319.5770 Subscribe To Our Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=unityoneincsecurity Connect With Us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnityOneInc Twitter: https://twitter.com/UnityOneInc LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/unity-one-inc.?trk=top_nav_home Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Unityoneinc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmZA4KxVym0
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Twin Peaks defense attorney calls prosecutors' behavior 'criminal'
Casie Gotro, the defense attorney for Jake Carrizal, told the judge that prosecutors were withholding evidence. After court takes a recess, she calls the prosecutors' conduct "unethical" and "criminal."
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The Swain Law Office -  Criminal Defense Attorneys
The Swain Law Office is an established, respected, and trusted criminal defense law firm that stands for the rights of the people of Kansas. With over a decade of litigation experience and thousands of cases, our attorneys have exhaustive knowledge of criminal law, functions of courts, judges, and juries. We handle an extensive range of practice areas, including sexual assault, rape, juvenile sex crimes, internet crimes, white collar crimes, DUI/DWI, self-defense, murder, and many more.
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Little snaps of my day yesterday. Hope you are all doing well. Love u.
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Highly Recommended: How to Beat a Criminal Case Criminal Defense 101
How to beat a criminal case. How to act when you are arrested or detained. How to deal with police and prosecutors. How to avoid unlawful prosecution. DUI possession DWI assault and harassment defense. How to get criminal charges dropped. Beating criminal cases is easy.
Motion to Suppress: A Criminal Defense Attorney's Best Weapon
In this video, I will discuss what a motion to suppress is and how an effective criminal defense attorney can use it to have key evidence against you excluded from evidence at trial.
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10 Criminals Who Got Away Because They Had A Good Lawyer
10 Criminals Who Got Away Because They Had a Good Lawyer Most Wanted Criminals That Are Still Out There: https://goo.gl/DQ7mOc Deadliest Assassins in the World: https://goo.gl/6uxKtm Most Famous Gangsters of All Time: https://goo.gl/xnLorA Hey Aluxers, a while back we did a video on the richest lawyers and that video sparked our curiosity. We looked around for people who were widely regarded as criminals but got away because they had a good lawyer. So we dug around and put together this top 10. This video is meant to shine a light on the fact that while good people use their fortunes to better themselves and those around them, bad people use them to escape the law. In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions: Who is the best lawyer in the world? Who are some criminals that got away because they had a good lawyer? Who was OJ Simpson's lawyer? Who is the best celebrity lawyer? Did Kim Kardashian's Father Helped O J Simpson? How to get away with murder? What makes a good lawyer? How much is an expensive lawyer? Say Hello on: https://www.instagram.com/aluxcom/ https://twitter.com/aluxcom https://www.facebook.com/EALUXE For business inquiries go to: http://www.alux.com/contact SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: https://goo.gl/KPRQT8 WATCH MORE VIDEOS ON ALUX.COM! Most Expensive Things: https://goo.gl/09XcYJ Luxury Cars: https://goo.gl/eOUgfS Becoming a Billionaire: https://goo.gl/rRLgJI World's Richest: https://goo.gl/m6emkX Inspiring People: https://goo.gl/KxqTdL Travel the World: https://goo.gl/g5BGmm Dark Luxury: https://goo.gl/20ZsSt Celebrity Videos: https://goo.gl/0cs6sx Businesses & Brands: https://goo.gl/otHsTB -- Alux.com is the largest community of luxury & fine living enthusiasts in the world. We are the #1 online resource for ranking the most expensive things in the world and frequently refferenced in publications such as Forbes, USAToday, Wikipedia and many more, as the GO-TO destination for luxury content! Our website: https://www.alux.com is the largest social network for people who are passionate about LUXURY! Join today!
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Criminal Harassment A Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Prospective
Criminal Harassment A Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Prospective http://rhodeslegalgroup.com/criminal/criminal-harassment/ www.rhodeslegalgroup.com Our lawyers developed and produced this video in Seattle, Washington and the content and opinions are based on Washington State law. Rhodes Legal Group, LLC 918 S Horton St #901 Seattle, WA 98134 | 206-708-7852
The Criminal Defense Process Part 6 - Discovery from the State in a Criminal Case
www.copleyroth.com 913-451-9500 In this video, we are going to be talking about discovery, or initial discovery in the criminal defense process. now, initial discovery takes place after you have been charged with a crime, after you have hired your lawyer, and after your first appearance. In this process, your lawyer will file what they call a motion for discovery and inspection with the court, and they will give a copy of that to the district attorney’s office. Once you have filed that motion for discovery and inspection, the state will begin to produce evidence. They will produce any evidence that they have against you and give that over to your lawyer. Now it is not only evidence that shows that you committed the crime, they also have to produce evidence that shows you did not commit the crime. Anything that they have under their control that tends to prove that you did not commit the crime, or helps your case, they have to give you that as well. Now, how this happens as a practical matter, is after your lawyer has filed the motion for discovery and inspection, they will get some documents; usually a police report, a complaint, an affidavit, the first things that are available to the district attorney’s office. Then, your lawyer will look through that then, almost invariably, they will elude in those reports to some other discoverable material. Then your lawyer will communicate with the district attorney’s office and try to obtain that discoverable material. If there is some sort of discovery dispute, then your lawyer may file a motion to compel, and bring it in front of the court for the court’s determination on whether you are entitled to whatever your lawyer thinks that you are entitled to as far as discovery purposes. Now once you obtain this discovery, this is part of your lawyer’s job to look through it and see not only if there are other things that are discoverable, but is there any evidence that the police illegally obtained and how can your lawyer suppress that evidence? Also, once your lawyer has filed the motion for discovery and inspection, the state is under a continuing obligation to supplement or give to your lawyer any other evidence that comes in. Initial discovery is a very important process because it helps frame your case from the outside so that your lawyer can get a good idea of what he is working with. For more information on the criminal defense process, please watch our next video on preliminary examinations.
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The Ugly Truth in South Florida Courts by Criminal Defense Attorney, Roger P Foley
Guilty until proven innocent is the Norm. The system is stacked against you. Shut up and take the deal, take a "plea bargain." Nobody in the government cares if you are really guilty or innocent. If you are innocent, then you can go to trial and take your chances. If you go to trial and win great for you, but if you lose then we will ask for you to be incarcerated. You will go to prison. That is the ugly truth. Some cases are clearly guilty but what about cases where it is clear that you are innocent? Judges are not neutral. Prosecutors are told to prosecute regardless of their common sense impressions. Lawyers have no options for you it's either plea guilty or no contest or go to trial. Motions are being denied because of credibility- police are nearly always more credible. It is a fix people and its difficult to win. It is very difficult. You are taking a risk fighting your case. Losing at trial means loss of freedom. Pre-trial release in Broward County, Florida is about increasing a budget not the innocence of the defendant. Prove my innocence is what every client asks for and every clients prays that an attorney can do for them but the cards are stacked against the innocent. The so called good side has sold out and often fails to listen to or look at the evidence and simply prosecutes. Prosecution of cases occurs daily when their is a lack of evidence or conflicts in the evidence. We have become a system where we have a job and that job is to prosecute or that job is too defend. Its scary but its true. May God grant us wisdom to be better and to make better decisions on both sides of the courtroom. As right now, I feel the system is failing the people. A system that I took an oath to be a part of. Not sure anyone will watch or care about this video because its the ugly truth!
Being a Woman Attorney...Sarah Swain (Criminal Defense Attorney)
As a Women attorney, and as a mother, Sarah Swain empathizes with her clients. She takes the extra time to make them and their families lives just a little bit easier during a very stressful time.
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A Criminal Lawyer in India- How to become a lawyer in India- Anil Soni
Advocate Anil Soni a high profile charismatic lawyer from Delhi, India gives Talking Futures an insider view on what it takes to be a successful criminal lawyer with high stakes, high money cases: morals of a lawyer, dedication as a lawyer, and a willingness to put in hard work with tones of stamina and loads of perseverance. We list down a criminal lawyer career path providing the truth behind a career in criminal law in India. The outlook required for a career in criminal law is essential and learning from experience is a holistic way of building the future. Having worked with the Indian judicial system intimately Mr.Anil Soni should be a person of interest for lawyers and law aspirants. He brings forth the facts for a career as a criminal lawyer. If you've got other requests: industries or career streams you'd like to see profiles done on, please do reach out to us. Click here to subscribe to Talking Futures: goo.gl/v8aEmG Check out our full video catalog: https://goo.gl/emjoot Videos, article & industry/career stream request: http://talkingfutures.com Like Talking Futures on FB: https://goo.gl/GsXwbS Follow Talking Futures on Twitter: https://goo.gl/54BCQr
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Why I Became a Criminal Defense Attorney: Nikea Bland
http://www.denvercriminalattorneylawyer.com • • • • • • • • We Offer a Free Consultation!• • • • • • • • Criminal defense attorney Nikea Bland is committed to developing personal relationships with all of her client, and working with them as a team to get the best possible outcome in their criminal case. Nikea has been a criminal lawyer in the Denver area since 2005. She graduated from CU Boulder. She decided to become an attorney while she worked as an undergrad in a group home for adolescent boys who had been convicted of crimes in the city of Denver. She found many of them had plead guilty and didn't even understand why they had plead guilty; they didn't understand why they were in a group home. They didn't understand their rights, and could communicate with the attorneys who had represented them in the past. She was appalled at the miscarriage of justice in the court system. She didn't believe it was right to allow people to make decisions without knowledge about their situation. While she was in law school, she completed a criminal defense clinic and decided that criminal defense was her calling. For a brief time she was a public defender, and then went into private practice, where 100% of her case load is devoted to criminal defense work in Larimer, Adams, and Jackson County. Nikea Bland is a committed criminal lawyer in Arapahoe, Jefferson, and Douglas County. She loves being able to interact with her clients, and develops personal relationships with all her clients. Her approach to criminal defense is to work with her clients -- their case is a team effort where both parties work together for the best possible outcome. If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense in the Denver area, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at the O'Malley Law Office at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future. The O'Malley Law Office practices throughout Colorado in Counties such as: Denver | Adams | Arapahoe | Douglas | Jefferson | Broomfield | Larimer | Weld | Morgan | Logan Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Criminal Defense Investigation Chicago
Should you or a family member be charged with using deadly force there are lots of avenues to find the truth. Your lawyer can't do it alone. Call me for a free consultation 310-420-9450
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American Criminal Defense Attorney Panel
Founded by Carla Cohen and Barbara Meade in 1984, Politics & Prose Bookstore is Washington, D.C.'s premier independent bookstore and cultural hub, a gathering place for people interested in reading and discussing books. Politics & Prose offers superior service, unusual book choices, and a haven for book lovers in the store and online. Visit them on the web at http://www.politics-prose.com/ How Can You Represent Those People? is the first-ever collection of essays offering a response to the 'Cocktail Party Question' asked of every criminal lawyer: how do you represent guilty criminals? Contributors are a diverse group of prominent lawyers and rising stars, each offering a different—and often very personal— perspective on the Question. Many share stories—comic and tragic, stirring and heartbreaking—about how it feels to defend people accused of crimes ranging from the 'ordinary' to the horrific. This fascinating collection is a must-read for anyone interested in crime, punishment, race, poverty, and the motivations of criminal lawyers.
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Criminal Defense Attorney: Mental Illness and Rule 11
Criminal Defense Attorney Nick Alcock discusses criminal cases and mental illness. How best to handle a case involving a mentally ill client. Click on http://www.alcocklaw.com for more information or call 602-989-5000
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Criminal Defense Attorney explains 10 Fishing and Hunting laws you should know
Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer Luke Nichols explain 10 fishing and hunting laws that all sportsmen should understand. Including: The Open Field Doctrine, The Fourth Amendment, Your Right to Remain Silent, Public Waterways, Jurisdiction, Animal Cruelty laws, Fishing Tournament Fraud, Civil vs Criminal Charges, and more. If you have a pending criminal, traffic or fishing & game charge in Northern Virginia you can contact the Law Firm of Nichols & Green pllc for a free consultation at (703) 383-9222 or check out the Nichols & Green website at http://nicholsgreen.com/
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Top Michigan Criminal Defense Firm - Law Offices of Barton Morris
Are your looking for an attorney who is honest, professional, experienced and has a desire to help people? The Law Offices of Barton Morris is one of Michigan's top criminal defense law firms. - Michigan's Only ACS Forensic Lawyer Scientist - NORML Legal Committee Member - 10/10 Avvo Superb Rating - National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Lawyers - Selected Super Lawyer for 2014 & 2015 - Top Lawyer of Metro Detroit for 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 by DBusiness and Hour Magazine - 2014 Crain's Detroit Business Top Attorney "What defines our law firm is that we care about every single one our clients. No matter what kind of case, it is important, it's our client's life and we treat it as such." Contact us today for a free case evaluation - 248-541-2600
Five Questions to Ask a Criminal Defense Lawyer
One of the things that a prospective client should think about before they hire an attorney is what questions they should ask the individual attorney so they get a good feel that they're compatible with the individual, so that they have a good sense that they're in good hands quite frankly. There are about five things you should touch upon. The lawyers at the Noll Law Office are skilled criminal defense attorneys who emphasize communication and honesty. Our lawyers utilize their training, knowledge and skills to defend our client’s Constitutional rights. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, don't talk to anyone until you talk to Noll. Noll Law Office | Criminal Defence Attorney | 217-919-9950 | 930 E Monroe St, Springfield, IL 62701 | http://www.noll-law.com
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Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Criminal Defense Lawyer
http://dmcantor.com David Michael Cantor of the Law Offices of David Michael Cantor Free Consultation Call 24/7: 602-307-0808 Website: http://dmcantor.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arizonacriminalattorney Twitter: https://twitter.com/cantorlaw Google+: http://goo.gl/lL2QQ
How The Best Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Deals with the Prosecution
Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer | Call (312) 322-9000 | http://www.defenselawyersite.com/ Robert J. Callahan clients find a proven criminal defense attorney based in Chicago, IL with close to two decades of experience. Defense Attorney Robert Callahan has developed a reputation for success in the niche criminal law area of narcotics defense-related litigation. Our law firm also aggressively combats a full array of other criminal charges, including: • Felony narcotics defense • Assault and battery • Murder and violent crimes • Felony weapons charges • White collar crime and federal charges • Embezzlement and fraud • Illinois state charges • Misdemeanor drug charges • All misdemeanor offenses Our investigative approach reveals the underlying facts of a case, aiding us in discerning potential fabrications and misconceptions in the prosecution’s evidence or in witness testimonies during cross-examination. We also take pride in maintaining an active understanding of the courtroom that takes into account not only the prosecutorial strategy but also the unique individuals involved in the prosecution. A strong advocate of developing personal relationships with clients, Robert J. Callahan & Associates is available 24/7 and offers free initial consultations. Located in downtown Chicago, we represent accused individuals throughout the city, its suburbs and the surrounding areas of Illinois. Call our law firm today at 312-651-4255. Robert Callahan speaks Spanish fluently on a written and spoken level. Se habla español. Top Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert J. Callahan: Call (312) 322-9000 Watch more here: https://www.youtube.com/user/DefenseCriminal/ VO: How do you deal with prosecutors on the cases you take? Bob: A lot of the time I get clients and they say, “We hired you because we want a bulldog on this. We want someone who is going to go in there and attack this and be extremely aggressive and fight with everything they’ve got”. And a lot of the time that’s not the best strategy for defending a case, for a lot of different reasons. If you’re really offending everybody, rubbing everybody the wrong way, you’re rubbing the prosecution the wrong way, you’re fighting over every little detail you’re making that prosecutors job harder. You’re making judges job harder. You’re making the whole courtroom staffs’ job harder. So, a lot of times the best strategy is kind of balancing diplomacy with an aggressive defense strategy. And that doesn’t mean that you’re going to plead someone guilty, that you’re going to be diplomatic or you’re going to bend over backwards to everything they say and then you’re going to plead the guy guilty and get a plea bargain. It also helps when you have to go to trial. I’ve had cases that I’ve felt have hinged on being polite to the prosecution. They have a ton of discretion, and I feel like people’s lives have hung in the balance before. Where they’ve said, “You know what, I’m going to give you a little break on this one. I’m going to do the right thing. I like you, you’re a good guy. You owe me a favor, this is Cook County buddy. But we’re going to let you have a pass on this one”. And people’s lives have been changed just for something that simple. VO: And with twenty years experience, would you say you know most of the prosecutors in Cook County and Chicago? Bob: Yeah, I mean I don’t know every single prosecutor but I’d have to say I know the overwhelming majority of them. I mean, there are thirty three felony judges practicing in the Cook County Criminal Courthouse alone. So I know, and it’s kind of hard to do this, but I know the idiosyncrasies and preferences of all those different judges. I, as a Criminal Defense Attorney practicing here, I’ve got to be a little bit politically active. All of those judges are elected officials. When I’m asked, I go and I participate in campaign fundraisers or if they need help passing out pamphlets or anything like that. I’ve done that since I’ve been in law school. And you know, It’s not saying anything inappropriate is going on or unseemly. It’s just it’s good for me to get to know those judges, and there’s prosecutors out there doing the same thing. You make friends with people over the course of time and it just makes everything go more fluidly.
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Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney | Florida Criminal Lawyers
http://www.criminaldefenseattorneytampa.com - Aggressive and Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Sammis Law Firm in Tampa are ready to defend your Criminal Case in Florida. Focused exclusively on criminal defense including: DUI, Drug Crimes, Marijuana Crimes, Violations of Probation, Domestic Violence, Drivers License Suspensions, Habitual Traffic Offender Revocations, Record Sealing and Expungement, Criminal Appeals, Post Conviction, Juvenile Criimes, and other misdemeanor or felony charges throughout Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk, Pinellas, and Manatee county Florida.
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The Criminal Defense Process Part 9  Defense Discovery
www.copleyroth.com 913-451-9500 In this video, I am going to be talking about doing your own discovery, or defense discovery, in the context of a criminal defense case. Now, just like in almost every situation you deal with, you do not want to rely on just one avenue for getting all of your information. You want to do your own investigation. Now, in a criminal defense case, this is vital because you do not want to rely on just the police or just the people who are trying to charge you with a crime or convict you of a crime to produce all of the evidence in your case. What you want to do is do some discovery on your own. Now, it is common for a criminal defense lawyer to go out and visit the scene of an alleged crime. At that time, they can take pictures, or have a private investigator take pictures. These will be useful when they are trying to lay out the case or draw out a diagram or make some sort of demonstration to the jury. The next thing that you will want to do in a criminal case is you will also want to hire a private investigator. That private investigator can be invaluable. They can go out, they can interview witnesses, they can interview witnesses that the police did not interview. If there is a crucial witness in a case that is against you, that private investigator can do a background search on them, they can try to find evidence your criminal defense lawyer can use to impeach that witness. Also, as part of the discovery process on your side, you can interview experts. If you have an expert that would be relevant to your case that can help explain a complicated, scientific issue to a jury, you might want to consult with that expert or even retain that expert to come into court to explain these types of things. I cannot stress enough that whenever, on any criminal defense case, the defendant’s discovery is going to be vital to having a successful outcome in a criminal defense matter. For more information on criminal defense, and topics like these, please view our website, for more information.
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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney - Call Now (310) 274-6529
Los Angeles criminal defense attorney (310) 274-6529 or http://esfandilawfirm.com/ "You're going to jail" Those are the words you never want to hear If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, don't despair, there is hope. There just a few things that you need to know. First of all don't ever talk to the police or the police investigators even if they claim that they are trying to help you. They are not. All of your calls in jail are recorded, when somebody comes to visit you that is recorded as well so those can and will be used against you. So don't talk about your case over the phone unless you're talking to your attorney. The very next thing you need to do is hire an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to represent you. The earlier the better, because there is something called early intervention. What that means is between the period that you are arrested and charges are filed the prosecuting agency can be contacted to try to convince them that there is not enough evidence to successfully prosecute you and in that case charges won't be filed. What that means for you is this incident won't become a public record, you will save time and money and most importantly you won't have to worry about facing criminal charges. I am an experienced criminal defense attorney and certified criminal specialist. I have been practicing for over 13 years after graduating from UCLA Law School. If you call me early enough I can try to avert the filing in your case because I specialize in early intervention in cases, so call me at (310) 274-6529 or (310)CrimLaw and what will do is we will go over your case very carefully and step by step. Its a free no obligation consultation. We will go through your case and see what kind of solutions we can find for you. If you would like to look me up, you can find me on Google or Yelp, and find the reviews from my clients. What you will find is that I've been able to get my clients cases dismissed or get their charges reduced for the most part because of early intervention and other litigation strategies. Once again please call us, (310) 274-6529 or (310)CrimLaw, I look forward to hearing from you. I am Seppi Esfandi. 1925 Century Park East Ste 830 Los Angeles, CA 90067‎ (310) 274-6529 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLF8PZ1Fbtw aggressive criminal defense attorney former district attorney los angeles good least expensive criminal defense attorneys in los angeles los angeles federal criminal defense lawyers criminal defense lawyer information on criminal defense lawyers
What is a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney?
http://AttorneyForFreedom.com Marc J. Victor is an Arizona State Bar Certificated Specialist in Criminal Law who also is also admitted in Federal Court as a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in the United States District Court of Arizona. • State Bar of Arizona Admitted in 1994. • Federal District Court Admitted in 1994. • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Admitted in 1995. • Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice Member since 1995. • Government Misconduct Committee. Federal cases are very different than State cases. When you need an attorney to represent you in a Federal case, you want an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney, not one who just dabbles in federal cases. I have been representing clients in Federal matters for over two decades. Federal cases involve different rules of evidence, different rules of criminal procedure, and cases are processed differently in Federal Court. If you need representation on an appellate matter, Federal appeals are much different than State appeals. I have personally argued at The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco many times and won.
3 Mistakes That Punish You in Criminal Court | Hayward CA Criminal Defense Lawyer
San Francisco Bay Area Criminal Defense Lawyer and Criminal Law Specialist Sergio H. Benavides shares with the public the 3 Mistakes most defendants make when dealing with their Criminal cases by not going through their attorneys first. Legal tips. To learn more, please visit http://your1stdefense.com.
Maggie Birkel ’18 Reflects on Her Experiences in Criminal Defense
Graduating student Maggie Birkel '18 talks about her experiences preparing for a career in public defense. (University of Virginia School of Law, May 4, 2018)
Day in the Life of a Criminal Defense Attorney
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DUI Defense and Info: Oakland DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney Givelle Lamano
http://www.lamanolaw.com/ Givelle Lamano, Oakland DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney | Discussing Stephanie Lazarus Case
http://www.manuelianlawfirm.com Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney,R.J. Manuelian on CNN/HLN discussing former LAPD Officer Stephanie Lazarus case. The Los Angeles police detective charged in the 1986 murder of an ex-boyfriend's wife, admitted to investigators the morning of her arrest that she had confronted the victim on multiple occasions, but denied having a role in the killing, according to the transcript of her interrogation. RJ Manuelian has extensive experience in defending murder cases and was able to get murder charges (which carried the death penalty) against one of his clients dismissed in 2012. Manuelian Law Firm 633 West 5th Street, Suite 2622 Los Angeles, California 90071 (213) 401-2777 A SUMMARY OF MURDER A charge of murder in the state of California is an extremely serious offense. With penalties ranging from 15 years to life in prison to death (for a second-degree murder conviction) and confinement for life without possibility of parole to 25 years to life (for a first-degree murder conviction), a murder conviction will affect your life and the lives of your loved ones for decades. With consequences like these, you need a strong defense strategy to gain the best possible outcome of a murder charge. According to PC 187, the California law governing the crime of murder, murder is defined as "the unlawful killing of a human being, or a fetus, with malice aforethought." This means that any killing of another, whether deliberate or not, that occurred intentionally or that occurred while you were engaged in an action that you knew could result in a death can be legally classified as murder. In contrast to an accident or unfortunate circumstance that results in death, murder is a crime that has severe penalties attached to it. Breakdown of Penalties for Murder in California California law breaks down types of murder in relation to the penalties associated with the crime as follows, with some specific distinctions that depend upon the circumstances surrounding the murder. First degree murder -- A deliberate action with the intent to willfully take the life of another. For instance, a first degree murder charge might result from someone killing another after first going to their residence with the intention of killing him or her, lying in wait to kill a specific individual as he or she goes about their daily activities, or involve a killing that is carried out using an explosive or destructive device. Second degree murder ‍-- An action that results in the death of another where there was no provocation or intent to kill the victim, or when a killing is the result of circumstances in which someone was killed when the defendant was engaged in an unlawful activity (a death that results from a severe beating, an illegal abortion, during a robbery or other felony, etc.) Capital murder -- A murder designation that considers over 20 special circumstances that have a death penalty attached to them or a life sentence without possibility of parole. Capital murder penalties usually involve the murder of more than one victim, murder for financial gain, murder of a police officer, fireman, elected official, murder of someone to keep them from testifying, murder in gang related instances, etc. Defenses for Murder in California Defending a murder charge is complex, requiring not only legal expertise and experience in handling of the case, but the additional resources of investigators, forensic specialists, jury consultants and other types of experts. Defenses that are typically offered in defense of a murder charge include: Self-defense or defense of others A claim of accidental killing A claim of insanity A coerced or false confession An illegal search or seizure A mistaken identity R.J. Manuelian Is an Experienced Los Angeles Attorney Who Defends Those Charged with Murder A murder conviction changes your life and the lives of your loved ones forever. If you have been arrested or charged with murder, it is imperative that you seek experienced legal representation before speaking to anyone about the incident or event that triggered your arrest. You have the right to an attorney's presence during all aspects of your arrest process. R.J. Manuelian is an experienced California criminal defense attorney you can trust to stand up for your rights should you be arrested or charged with murder. Contact him for assistance if you have been accused or arrested for murder. For more specific information on your Los Angeles Criminal cases please call us and we can discuss your specific situation. (213) 401-2777.
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San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney - How To Choose The Best
Call for a FREE consultation today - (619) 231-2151 http://www.mycriminaldefense.com When looking for a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney, you typically have been charged with a crime. There are some very important points you want to consider when selecting the attorney to defend your charges. A criminal defense attorney who has great relationships with District Attorneys and San Diego Criminal court judges will be able to easily navigate through the defense process. Attorney Stephen Brodsky has 25 years experience as a San Diego criminal defense attorney with strong relationships made along the way. Find an attorney with established relationships! Not every San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney has the same experience. You want someone with the proper education and ample experience under their belt. This is your future. Do not select someone who is learning the ropes with your case. Find an attorney who can take your case all the way to trial if needed. Most importantly, find an attorney who you connect with on a personal and professional level. He or she should know your fears, goals and what is at stake for you if convicted of the crime. When connecting with a San Diego criminal defense attorney, all emotional resources will be available to invest in your case. 0:15 Important points when selecting a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney 0:30 Find a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney with great relationships with District Attorneys and San Diego criminal court judges 0:45 Steve Brodsky has 25 years experience defending client charged with crimes 1:00 Find a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney with the right education and experience. You want the best defense for your case 1:15 You need an attorney who can take your case to trial if needed. 1:30 Find a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney who you connect with on a personal level. 1:40 The attorney you connect with will give all emotional resources to defend your case. 1:50 Call my office for a free confidential consultation 2:00 Defending charges if you are in the military http://youtu.be/irOZBrrrcTQ http://CriminalAttorneySanDiego.com Law Offices of Stephen R. Brodsky, Your San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney 1010 2nd Avenue #2307 San Diego CA 92101
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Four tips for effective jury selection | Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney
Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Leyba discusses 4 tips on how to effectively conduct a jury selection in a criminal case
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Burglary Criminal Defense Attorney WPB Lawyer Florida Statute 810 02
What exactly is the crime of Burglary in the state of Florida? what are the penalties? what does the prosecutor need to prove for you to be found guilty by a jury of your peers? Attorney Roger P. Foley answers your questions. www.provemyinnocence.com (561) 746-7076