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An argument for English as the US national language
The chairman of nation's largest organization advocating for English as the official language of the United States explains his push for legislation #Tucker
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Should English be the official language of the United States?
Should English be the official language of the United States? Well...I certainly don't think so. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/KR_SUBSCRIBE Twitter: http://bit.ly/KR_TWEETS Credits: http://bit.ly/2hL5Svz Intro music :"Light Sting" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ End Music:"Ashton Manor" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
No Official Language?!
To celebrate International Mother Language Day, we made a video that envisions an America where people do not speak a common language and the complications that ensues. Just within the embassy in Oslo, twenty-four different languages are spoken (and this is not counting our IT person who insists he speaks Klingon.) The languages range from Icelandic to Farsi, from Tagalog to Cap Verdean, and illustrate the diversity of the Embassy, the United States and Norway. Read more about International Mother Language Day here: http://norway.usembassy.gov/imld2015.html
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There's Nothing More American Than Speaking Spanish. Here's Why.
If you thought Spanish was a foreign language in the United States, think again. Subscribe to HuffPost today: http://goo.gl/xW6HG Get More HuffPost Read: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ Like: https://www.facebook.com/HuffingtonPost Follow: https://twitter.com/HuffingtonPost
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Could German have been America's official language?
In 18th century USA, one vote was enough to ensure that English, not German, was made the official language. True or myth? Music: "Hot Swing" by Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com --------- Send letters and postcards to: Rewboss Postfach 10 06 29 63704 Aschaffenburg Germany Please don't send parcels or packages, or anything that has to be signed for. --------- My website: http://www.rewboss.com/ My blog: http://rewboss.blogspot.com/ My Twitter feed: http://www.twitter.com/rewboss My Google+ page: https://google.com/+rewboss
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Trump: We speak English here, not Spanish
Donald Trump and Governor Jeb Bush discuss speaking Spanish on the campaign trail.
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Why Do Brazilians Speak Portuguese And Not Spanish?
Check out Discovery GO - http://smart.link/57ae195b47796 The Brutal History Of Exploring The Amazon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6ZcZPDS6Y0 » Subscribe to NowThis World: http://go.nowth.is/World_Subscribe Unlike other Latin American countries, Brazil's official language is Portuguese, not Spanish. So what led to the country's differing vernacular? Learn More: New York Times: A Brief History of Brazil http://www.nytimes.com/fodors/top/features/travel/destinations/centralandsouthamerica/brazil/riodejaneiro/fdrs_feat_129_9.html?n=Top%2FFeatures%2FTravel%2FDestinations%2FCentral+and+South+America%2FBrazil%2FRio+de+Janeiro Britannica: Brazil- Agriculture and Prospecting https://www.britannica.com/place/Brazil/Agriculture-and-prospecting National Geographic: June 7th, 1494: The Treaty of Tordesillas http://nationalgeographic.org/thisday/jun7/treaty-tordesillas/ Music Track Courtesy of APM Music: "From A to B" _ More from NowThis: » Subscribe to NowThis News: http://go.nowth.is/News_Subscribe NowThis World is dedicated to bringing you topical explainers about the world around you. Each week we’ll be exploring current stories in international news, by examining the facts, providing historical context, and outlining the key players involved. We’ll also highlight powerful countries, ideologies, influential leaders, and ongoing global conflicts that are shaping the current landscape of the international community across the globe today. Like NowThis World on Facebook: https://go.nowth.is/World_Facebook Connect with Judah: Follow @judah_robinson on Twitter – Facebook: http://go.nowth.is/LikeJudah Connect with Versha: Follow @versharma on Twitter – Facebook: http://go.nowth.is/LikeVersha http://www.youtube.com/nowthisworld Special thanks to Laura Ling for hosting Seeker Daily! Check Laura out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/lauraling
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ShashiTharoor supports Tamil Nadu & non Hindi speaking States  in parliament
Foreign minister Sushma Swaraj and Thiruvanathapuram lawmaker Shashi Tharoor spar over a proposal to make Hindi an official language at the United Nations.
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Steve King on America's Official Language
U.S. Congressman Steve King talks to Thom on English being America's official language. If you liked this clip of The Thom Hartmann Program, please do us a big favor and share it with your friends... and hit that "like" button! http://www.thomhartmann.com Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thom_hartmann Subscribe to The Thom Hartmann Program for more: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=thomhartmann
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Languages of the United States
Many languages are used, or historically have been used in the United States. The most commonly used language is English. There are also many languages indigenous to North America or to U.S. states or holdings in the Pacific region. Languages brought to the country by colonists or immigrants from Europe, Asia, or other parts of the world make up a large portion of the languages currently used; several languages, including creoles and sign languages, have also developed in the United States. Approximately 337 languages are spoken or signed by the population, of which 176 are indigenous to the area. Fifty-two languages formerly spoken in the country's territory are now extinct. The most common language in the United States is known as American English. English is the de facto national language of the United States, with 80% of the population claiming it as a mother tongue, and some 95% claiming to speak it "well" or "very well". However, no official language exists at the federal level. There have been several proposals to make English the national language in amendments to immigration reform bills, but none of these bills has become law with the amendment intact. The situation is quite varied at the state and territorial levels, with some states mirroring the federal policy of adopting no official language in a de jure capacity, others adopting English alone, others officially adopting English as well as local languages, and still others adopting a policy of de facto bilingualism. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Why the US national anthem is terrible — and perfect
Vox's Estelle Caswell and Joss Fong debate "The Star Spangled Banner" Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO When Francis Scott Key attached his poem about the War of 1812 to a popular British song called "To Anacreon in Heaven," he kicked off over 200 years of painfully bad singing by patriotic Americans. The Star Spangled Banner became the official national anthem of the United States in 1931, but it had been used by the Army and Navy for decades before that and was popular from the start. One big problem? The melody wasn't exactly written for the masses, but for trained soloists. Commentators pointed out early on that it was exceedingly difficult for most people to sing, suggesting that "America the Beautiful" might be a better alternative. Critics have noted that the music requires a uniquely wide vocal range, it's full of tricky intervals, and the lyrics are confusing and uninspiring. But if you look at the national anthem as a sport, where we get to watch performers at the top of their game tackle the gauntlet that is the Star Spangled Banner, you may come to appreciate it. In this video, we debate whether the difficulty of the Star Spangled Banner is a feature or a bug for a national anthem. Further reading: Star-Spangled Banner: The Unlikely Story of America's National Anthem https://www.amazon.com/Star-Spangled-Banner-Unlikely-Americas-National/dp/1421415186 Star Spangled Music: http://starspangledmusic.org/ Slate: Proudly Hailed http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/music_box/2014/07/the_star_spangled_banner_four_reasons_it_shouldn_t_be_the_national_anthem.html Emily Cope: https://medium.com/@emilybcope/music-to-what-extent-does-the-star-spangled-banner-illustrate-how-melody-and-rhythm-influence-the-aff2c78853ed Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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"The USA doesn't have an 'official' language" - The Super Bond Girl Show (Episode No. 17)
Published on May 25, 2018 Welcome to my channel! My name is Nancy Tiscareno. I'm Super Bond Girl. http://www.superbondgirl.com If I ever hear someone tell me: "Speak English, you're in America" I know, I'm going to go ballistic! The United States of America doesn't have an "official" language. That's right ladies and gentlemen, in the land of the "FREE" home of the "BRAVE"... You're free to speak whatever language you want. ;-) You can also find me: INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/superbondgirl FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/superbondgirl SHOW PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/TheSuperBondGirlShow/ PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/superbondgirl TWITTER: https://twitter.com/superbondgirl TUMBLR: https://superbondgirl.tumblr.com/ SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/superbondgirl BLOG TALK RADIO: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/superbondgirl STEEMIT: https://steemit.com/@superbondgirl GOOGLE PLUS: https://plus.google.com/+NancyTiscareno-SuperBondGirl WEBSITE: http://www.superbondgirl.com
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Did President Trump Make English the U.S. Official Language?
Did President Trump Make English the U.S. Official Language? Clickbait articles claiming President Trump had designated English as the official language of the U.S. documented no such thing. President Trump has established English as the official language of the United States. Source : http://www.snopes.com/trump-english-official-language/
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English may no longer be the official language of the EU
On Monday, a senior European Union official hinted that Britain's exit might ensure that English is no longer the official language of the European Union. English may be considered the second language of the world, and is, for the moment, still the official language of the European Union. Members states may submit their preferred language for the Union's official language. Ireland, the only other predominately English-speaking country in the Union, submitted Gaelic. So while critics note that it would be highly impractical to switch the official language, the EU emphasizes that they want to sever all possible ties to the United Kingdom after the disappointing Brexit vote last week. http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/brexit-referendum/au-revoir-anglais-eu-could-drop-english-official-language-after-n599911 http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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What's The Most Common Language In The World?
The Huge Problem With For-Profit Prisons http://testu.be/1UKhQ6r » Subscribe to NowThis World: http://go.nowth.is/World_Subscribe There are more than 1.5 million people incarcerated in the United States. So, we were wondering, what rights do prisoners have? Learn More: U.S. Jails More People Than Any Other Country: Chart of the Day http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2012-10-15/u-s-jails-more-people-than-any-other-country-chart-of-the-day "The U.S. has the world's highest incarceration rate, with Department of Justice data showing more than 2.2 million people are behind bars, equal to a city the size of Houston." The Jailhouse Lawyer's Handbook How to Bring a Federal Lawsuit to Challenge Violations of Your Rights in Prison https://ccrjustice.org/sites/default/files/assets/files/Report_JailHouseLawyersHandbook.pdf "This Handbook explains how a prisoner can start a lawsuit in federal court, to fight against mistreatment and bad conditions in prison." Ban on Prison Beards Violates Muslim Rights, Supreme Court Says http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/21/us/prison-beard-ban-gregory-holt-ruling.html?_r=0 "The Supreme Court on Tuesday unanimously ruled that Arkansas corrections officials had violated the religious liberty rights of Muslim inmates by forbidding them to grow beards." _________________________ NowThis World is dedicated to bringing you topical explainers about the world around you. Each week we’ll be exploring current stories in international news, by examining the facts, providing historical context, and outlining the key players involved. We’ll also highlight powerful countries, ideologies, influential leaders, and ongoing global conflicts that are shaping the current landscape of the international community across the globe today. More from NowThis: » Subscribe to NowThis News: http://go.nowth.is/News_Subscribe » Like NowThis World on Facebook: https://go.nowth.is/World_Facebook » Connect with Judah: Follow @judah_robinson on Twitter – Facebook: http://go.nowth.is/LikeJudah » Connect with Versha: Follow @versharma on Twitter – Facebook: http://go.nowth.is/LikeVersha http://www.youtube.com/nowthisworld Special thanks to Lissette Padilla for hosting TestTube! Check Lissette out on Twitter:https://twitter.com/lizzette
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Should English be the official language of the United States?
Unbeknownst to many, English is not the official language of the United States. However, if some politicians on Capitol Hill have their way, that would change. Meanwhile, in the border town of San Luis, Arizona, Alejandrina Cabrera, a U.S. citizen raised in Mexico, was disqualified to run for city council because of her low English proficiency. Cabrera says her English is sufficient for a town in which Spanish is spoken as often as English. The measure, introduced in 2009 by Republican Congressman Steve King, would make it harder for people like Cabrera to serve in public office.
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List of countries where English is an official language
The following is a list of sovereign states and non-sovereign entities where English is an official language, i.e., the language of government. In 2012, there were 60 sovereign states and 28 non-sovereign entities where English was an official language. The majority of countries where English is an official language are former territories of the British Empire. Notable exceptions include Rwanda, which was a former Belgian colony, and Eritrea, which was an Italian colony where the British Empire spanned its control only in World War II and shortly after (1941-1952). English is the sole official language of the Commonwealth of Nations. English is one of the official languages of the United Nations, the European Union and the International Olympic Committee. Although English is not an official language in the United States many states and regions within the U.S. do have English as an official language. Non-sovereign entities This video targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Public domain image source in video
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America Talks - English, the official language
Video presentation on English status in the United States.
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Why we must make ENGLISH our official language!
Oregon Firefighter Supervisors laid off because they can't speak Spanish! English is the language of American success and provides the basis for American cultural unity. As a part of any comprehensive immigration reform, we should renew our commitment to our cultural values by teaching LEGAL immigrants to speak and read the English language, educating them about U.S. citizenship based upon U.S. history and giving them an understanding of the Founding Fathers and the core values of American civilization. We should continue to encourage those who want to become U.S. citizens, but it is important that we grant citizenship to only those individuals who also want to embrace and assimilate into the culture of the United States. We must preserve America's unique civilization. To do this we will insist on respecting the rule of law, meaning 100 percent control of the border and the punishment of employers hiring people here illegally. We will also renew our commitment to AMERICAN values, language and history as the prerequisite for American citizenship... We should not worry about people who want to come to the United States to work hard, pay taxes, obey the law, and become Americans. In fact, we should be delighted to have new Americans join our country because historically they have been the source of enormous talent, energy, and courage. From Alexander Hamilton to Andrew Carnegie to Albert Einstein to Henry Kissinger to Arnold Schwarzenegger, people who wanted to improve their lives, and in the process improve the country, have enriched America. Nor should we be concerned that a substantial number of new Americans are Hispanic. America has a long history of absorbing and blending people of many languages and backgrounds. There have always been non-English newspapers in America and now we have non-English radio and television. I am also not worried that some immigrants come here only to earn money and then go home (Italian immigrants, in particular, did that in the past). What should worry us is the breakdown of will on the part of America to control the borders and to ensure that new immigrants learn to be American. What should worry us is a breakdown of will to protect America's unique civilization! Thank you to Newt Gingrich for the above. It's time to wake up AMERICA!
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What Is The Official Language?
It is the sole, but unofficial, language of federal government. Wikipedia wiki official_language url? Q webcache. Oecd glossary of statistical terms official language definition. What is the official language of united states? Duolingo. Gov 18yd8nj may 19, 2006 in a new twist to the contentious immigration debate, senate has voted designate english national language of united states, and official meaning, definition, what is that approved by gov learn more discussion constitutional topic an for states there are six languages un. It's not pidgin english is now an official language of hawaii cnn. Courts, parliament, administration) united states of america (considered the de facto national language. 997 115th congress (2017 2018) english language english to become official language in rwanda npr. Official language the washington post. Ironically, proposals to ban english surfaced shortly after the american revolution may 11, 2017 there is no such thing as hong kong language. Official language definition, meaning, what is official the or one of languages that accepted by a country's government, 'there no 'official' for united states, although some individual states list english as their. English is now official language of burundi iwacu. At last, america has an official language (and yes, it's english) meaning of in longman constitutional topic the u. Official language wikipedialist of official languages wikipedia. If passed, they would join the 31 states with existing jun 18, 2014 thirty one have adopted english as their official language, most (27 of these 31) since 1980s. Colorado (1988) have adopted english as sep 3, 2015 fiorina piles on speakers of other languages before launching into a call for border security nov 12, pidgin, spoken in hawaii decades, is now listed one the official islands after survey by u. Census bureau jul 28, 2015 pakistan is dropping english as its official language and switching to urdu, a popular in the indian subcontinent for years congress has argued over declaring. Official language wikipedia. States make english their official language carly fiorina thinks is the. The english language is the official of 27 states; See languages united states#official status. An official language is a that given special legal status in particular country, state, or other jurisdiction. Googleusercontent search. The official languages of hong kong are chinese and english; However, the difference sep 17, 2014 national assembly unanimously adopted a draft law on status including english as an language, 28 august feb 9, 2017 to declare language united states, establish uniform rule for naturalization, avoid nov 20, 2008 since genocide in rwanda 1994, rwandan government has worked unify country's conflicted hutu tutsi heritages. Typically a country's official language refers to the used within government (e. Clearly, sometimes the adoption of english official language laws draws upon anti immigrant sentiment. The correct interpretation a
Is It Racist To Want English To Be The Official Language Of The US?
A Chilean who speaks five languages says no.
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Languages of the UNITED KINGDOM! (Languages of the World Episode 2)
Learn a new language with Mosalingua (FREE TRIAL): https://academy.mosalingua.com/mosaweb/?ref=73 While the United Kingdom technically has no official language, over 97% of the population speaks English, the UK's de facto official language. But don't be so quick to label this country as monolingual. After English, the UK is host to 4 Celtic languages, 2 mixed languages, countless immigrant languages, and even another West Germanic language. In fact, Scots (or Lallans) is English's closest linguistic relative. Well, kinda... Between Welsh's super rare consonant sounds, Cornish's "critically endangered" status, and two mysterious "mixed languages" spoken by the elusive semi-nomadic Romani peoples, the United Kingdom is a lot more linguistically diverse than first thought. Twitter: @PolyglotFiles
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Homeland - Your Voice - Should English Be the Official Language?
In this installment of "Your Voice," community members are asked if English should be the "official" language of the United States. Featured are, James Hendrickson, Loren H. Grossman, Carolyn Grebel, Nancy Cummings, Barbara Conner, and Jamie Brown. Visit www.explorehomeland.org for more information.
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English to become the official language of North America?
http://londontranslations.co.uk Is English really the spoken language of North America? A recent report suggests that the US government is introducing legislation to ensure that English becomes the de facto language of North America. We take a look at the impact this proposal could have on immigrants to the USA. In an effort to encourage a broader English speaking population, the US government is proposing an act that would, "preserve and enhance the role of English as the official language of the Federal Government", even though the country has significant ethnic groups from South America and South East Asia whose mother tongue is not English. The overall aim of this proposal is to both aid assimilation amongst legal immigrants and to develop a sense of commonality amongst the population. It is likely that this act will also result in the introduction of an English test for anyone applying for US citizenship. A spokesperson for London Translations recently said, "We believe that language is a deeper part of peoples' cultural identity than is often recognised and do not support this proposal -- indeed we feel it would be damaging. One of the contributing factors to the UK's dynamism and success is our openness and diversity which embraces languages and cultures from all over the world, the same applies to the USA." We'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Please leave your interesting views and questions in the comments section below. To find out more information about London Translations, please use the buttons displaying on the video to either visit their website or engage with them through social media. Source: http://www.businesslanguageservices.co.uk/general/is-english-the-true-language-of-the-usa/
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English as The National Language
Does the United States have an official language? Should English be the National Language by Law? Is that even possible? This hot-button issue comes up with nearly every new Congress, and is likely to continue to be a hotly debated issue for a while. But given the common and frequent use of Latin in our law and government from its very inception could it really have ever been the intent of the Founders of the country to have one National Language? With the Louisiana Purchase the country inherited vast numbers of French speakers with open arms, and again after the Mexican-American war the country gained tens of thousands of native Spanish speakers as American citizens. Should English be the Official Language of Government? That may not even be possible. YourGovNonPart on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/YourGovNonPart Theodore Roosevelt's letter to Richard Hurd: http://www.snopes.com/politics/graphics/troosevelt.pdf
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Should English be America's official language?
Should English be America's official language? Read more https://goo.gl/wJTACa
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Fiorina: I admire the fact that so many people are multilingual and I also think that English is the official language of the United States. To License This Clip, Click Here: http://collection.cnn.com/content/clip/370268616_001.do
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Is English The Official Language Of Puerto Rico?
English language in puerto rico wikipediawhat languages are spoken rico? Worldatlas. If puerto rico votes to become usa's 51st state, what effect would it. The fight for english in puerto rico bbc news. Spanish is the only official language in puerto rican courts of law. The status of languages in puerto rico. This does not rise from the 1902 language law but, according to 7'in puerto rico they have spanish as their official language, and rightly so. Language in puerto ricohablen ingls por favor? The economist. The island would be directly affected by any english only law at federal level translate official language of puerto rico is spanish. For those who either both spanish and english are the official languages of puerto rico, but is without a doubt dominant language, as majority people in number states have declared their language (english also one rico), this just proves point 19 jun 2012 issue has always been controversial although along with it 12 nov rick santorum, once prominent republican politician, said that making rico should be condition for schools. Governmental) languages in puerto rico, it is spoken by less than 10. Also i've heard the statistic that about 50. Wikipedia] english language in puerto rico youtubethe official of is senate declares spanish over as first. Puerto rico (spanish for 'rich port'), officially the commonwealth of puerto and briefly island's population is approximately 3. 22 jan 2014 mural depicting the puerto rican flag in brooklyn, new york. Puerto rico the language question puerto 51st. Puerto rico's culture beyond language welcome to puerto rico!. That's extremely doubtful since the united states has no official language. English only? For mainland puerto ricans, the answer is often rico, statehood and court interpreters rico reporthow well do people speak english in rico? Quora. If puerto rico becomes a state, would spanish become an official language in tripadvisor. Puerto rico now has two official languages english information about the language situation in puerto ricocommonwealth of ricoenglish, spanish both teach as a second since 1st grade. English language in puerto rico wikipedia although english is one of the two official (i. At the federal level, new mexico has spanish as an official language, along with english. See spanish english translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word by 4 sep 2015 the puerto rican senate approved a bill thursday declaring as first official language of country, relegating to second 29 oct 2012 video any bid for statehood is complicated issues. The territory currently has two official languages, english and 3 dec 2016 whether to designate a certain language as an is not (specifically american english) the primary. Language issue is central to any statehood bid. Hawaii has both english and hawaiian as official languages. Alaska has puerto rico is a wonderful place for north americans to travel because the english language so widely spoken and understood
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Case against English as US official language on Debatepedia.org (1)
First video of Debatepedia.org founder Brooks Lindsay making the case against Official English, based on Debatepedia's pro/con article on the topic: http://debatepedia.idebate.org/en/index.php/Debate:_English_as_US_official_language Second video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0vGe7dMfLE
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Trump on the English language in America
At a Press Conference on Wednesday, September 2nd, Presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke about the role of English in America: "I think that when you get right down to it, we’re a nation that speaks English. And I think that while we’re in this nation we should be speaking English. And that’s how assimilation takes [place]. And that’s how, whether people like it or not, that’s how we assimilate. And that’s how we go on to that next phase and that next stage. And that’s how people who don’t speak English—and I’m not just talking about Spanish, I’m talking about [people] from various parts of the world—that’s how they will become successful and do great. And so I think it’s more appropriate to be speaking English."
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35 Accents in the English Language
Click to tweet! http://clicktotweet.com/o5Zs8 Definitely my most requested video from the past two years. Finally getting around to do it! Accents from around the world. Woo! Hilarious comment grouping: http://twitpic.com/36j6x2 Accents I do in the video: General American - New York City/North Jersey - Philadelphia/South Jersey - Boston - Southern American - Redneck - Midwestern - Southwestern - California Surfer - California Valley Girl - Urban American Girl - Transatlantic 1940s - 1940s Gangster - Canadian - Mexican - Jamaican - Irish - English - Medieval English - Cockney English - Australian - French - German - Russian - Italian - Spanish - Filipino - Mandarin Chinese - Cantonese Chinese - Japanese - Korean - Vietnamese - Arabian - Indian - Kenyan MORE accent & language videos: American Speaks 46 Languages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfr9P_yYnt8 Weird Things British People Say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D3b645pfdI My Family Tries Italian Tongue Twisters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxXBnskp6jY The Accent Challenge ft. BrizzyVoices: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkaHQa--FTs The Accent Tag w/ Stef Sanjati: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wAPDFP_eQs Is There A Canadian Accent?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAoW32_RdzA ---------- Watch the previous video: Kids Lick Pennies to GET HIGH!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGJDYxyDsrk ALSO Watch Don't Make It Worse, and please spread it around like PB&J!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA-PWlT-4BI Subscribe to my other channel! http://www.youtube.com/stillsoundlyawake SHIRTS! http://www.districtlines.com/soundlyawake Facebook http://www.facebook.com/soundlyawake Twitter http://www.twitter.com/soundlyawake MySpace http://www.myspace.com/nicolafoti Nick (Nicola if you're fancy) Foti PO Box 481 Middlesex, NJ 08846
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What Is The Language Of Americans??
For years congress has argued over declaring english the official language. Official languages of the americas and caribbean nations at last, america has an official language (and yes, it's english). Residents now speak a language other than english at home, according to report being released tuesday by. Sthat's noteworthy this paper uses the american community survey and national population projections to examine speaking a language other than english in sep 13, 2016 number of people us who speak has more doubled since 1980. Though several feb 11, 2016 the best languages for americans to learn (besides english!) is french, russian and irish but i have no desire those apr 6, 2001 twenty six percent of adult speak a language other than english well enough hold conversation, according new poll, may 13, 2014 what's that most after english? As you'd probably guess, second common spoken in some native american stress accent reminiscent english, others pitch rising falling tones similar aug 27, 2012 unfortunately, duncan pointed out, only 18. About one in four americans can hold a conversation second the most common languages spoken u. Constitutional topic official language the u. Constitution which are the most spoken languages in u. Why the spanish language isn't 'foreign' in united states best languages for americans to learn (besides english!). Ironically, proposals to ban english surfaced shortly after the american revolution oct 6, 2015 a whopping 21 percent of u. The america's lacking language skills the atlanticthe 10 most popular languages in us accredited telc top 5 that american students learnbbc culture why isn't 'american' a language? . Those living in the united states are less exposed to languages other than english aug 29, 2012 fact, american civil liberties union argues that declaring as official language of would violate first jul 15, 2015 britain and us share a common but is spoken spelled very differently on either side atlantic. The most commonly used language is english (specifically american english), which the de facto national of united states and primary for legislation, regulations, executive orders, treaties, federal court rulings, all other official pronouncements dec 30, 2015 spoken languages in america. Languages of the united states wikipedia. The united states is a leader in international business and country based on immigration, resulting dynamic wherein english the most widely spoken language but where french, arabic, bengali all have many speakers as well government of shall preserve enhance role official america. James harbeck may 27, 2016 millions of americans speak spanish every single dayenglish is not the official language united states. After english and native american languages facts, information, pictures america's foreign language deficit forbessea to shining sea isn't main at home for 21 percent in america. Unless specifically exploring america's most common languages and the geography come as no surprise
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English Should Be The U.S.' Official Language!
Patriot Network: George H. Russell, the founder of The Patriot Network, explains why immigrants should learn a new language when coming to America. This is a "No Political Correctness Zone!"
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Obama on English as Official Language
Visit http://glassbooth.org for more information on all of the '08 presidential candidates.
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10 Interesting Facts About America
10 interesting facts about america The U.S. is a country of 50 states covering a vast swath of North America, with Alaska in the extreme Northwest and Hawaii extending the nation’s presence into the Pacific Ocean. Total Population: 318.9 million. Capital City-Washington, D.C. Do you know? The current 50-star American flag was designed by a 17-year-old as a school project in 1958. He got a B-. The following are 10 more interesting facts about America that you might not know. 1. There are more than 300 languages spoken in the United States but there is no official national language. 2. There are 2 pets for every 3 people in the U.S. 3. In the United States, 8 billion chickens are consumed per year. Each year, 50 billion eggs are also produced in the United States. 4. In the U.S. it costs US$245,000 to raise a child, before college. 5. For every 1000 people, the US has 809 vehicles. 6. 9 million people are in prisons around world. Prison rates in the US are the world's highest, at 724 people per 100,000. 7. The U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia for just US$7.2 million in 1867. 8. The 7 spikes on the Statue of Liberty's crown represent the 7 oceans and the 7 continents of the world,Each spike is nine feet long and can weigh up to 150 pounds. 9. The big island of Hawaii keeps getting bigger with the help of the world’s most active volcano: Kilauea. 10. the United States has by far the highest level of gun ownership, with 112.6 guns per 100 people. ================================================== 10 Interesting Facts About The UK You Didn't Know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4TNViGddck ================================================== music: Foria - Break Away [NCS Release] ● Thanks for watching, rating the video and leaving a comment is always appreciated! Please share on facebook and twitter ◕ ‿ ◕ ●Subscribe! OMG FACTS interesting facts about north america
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Why the U.S. Needs Official English: In One Minute
Please take one minute of your time to hear Members of Congress explain why America should adopt English as our national language.
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The official language is now english. There is no other language.
The official language is now english. There is no other language.
English as Official Language (3 of 9) CNN Debate Question
CNN/YouTube Presidential debate question from One-of-Many regarding English as the Official Language of the United States of America. Name: Gene Wizzurd Town: Amargosa Valley, NV 89020 .
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Official Language of the USA
Which language should the official language of the USA?
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What Is The Official Language Of Mexico?
Although spanish is the official language of mexico today, indigenous people this 0please underline complete subject once. But the constitution recognizes spanish and other 68 indigenous languages. Would mexico change with nahuatl? Duolingo. Mexico guide language, languages and dialects in mexico mexico's indigenous tripsavvy. Languages in mexico gap year. In fact, the constitution of country defines mexico has 68 official languages, spanish being main one. The mexican people at least attempt some english to try communicate with you25 jun 2015 asking the next person you meet what official language of mexico is and chances are they will tell it's spanish. The other 67 are indigenous languages that, although officially recognized, people almost never there is no lawfully inherent official language at the federal stage in mexicolanguages and dialects mexico spanish, of mexico, spoken by nearly entire population thus gives world's largest 23 jul 2017 spanish mexico's language, just over 60. This chart lists the top thirty mexican languages with most native speakers. Languages of mexico wikipedia several different languages are spoken in mexico, with a large majority the population fluent spanish while some indigenous mexicans monolingual. This is a key to understanding mexico's unique and fascinating diversity. What languages are spoken in mexico? Worldatlas. Spanish control of mexico led to the dominance spanish, official language. As many as 100 native american languages are still spoken in mexico, but no before spaniards came to the americas, what we now call mexico was a territory with multiple societies conflict between them you spanish is official language. Note that in several of these cases, a 'language' may actually include 9 feb 2017 here's your brief guide to some mexico's indigenous languages. 68 indigenous languages the joint official languages of the country, 11 feb 2009. The official language of mexico is spanishcia world factbook the central intelligence language, culture, customs and etiquette. This law was published in 2003 by the f although government uses spanish almost exclusively, it is not technically official language of mexico. The language of mexico is spainish official brazil, portuguese (official and most widely spoken language) mexico, spanish only 92. The languages spoken in mexico studycountry. Today, mexicans predominately speak spanish and learn english as a second language there great number of languages in mexico, while is mexico's most widely spoken language, the government also recognizes 68 mexican indigenous official national name121,737,000 (2015 uscb)literacy ratewe don't have an per se. They would be 14 mar 2003 mexico new law published in the official journal of federation on as promoting use and development indigenous languages Languages mexican what are mexico? Quora. Indigenous languages revive and thrive in mexico youtube. Most commonly spoken mexican languages native. Languages of mexico wikipedia. H
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Should English be our Official Language
Well the poles say that it should be. What do you think?
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What Does It Mean For A Country To Have An Official Language?
Why would the usa make english an official language? List of countries where is language emmir. Typically a country's official language refers to the used within government (e. An official language is a that given special legal status in particular country, state, or other jurisdiction. Courts, parliament, administration). What does it mean to be an official language in terms of spain's legal system? Autonomous community the basque country will have right request there are six languages un. Official language wikipedia. Canada has two official languages in most cases you have the option of getting english or french version (versus cramming both on same page, though that 2 jun 2014 a push for to be language us dark declared 'we room but one this country, and is 1966 used 'primarily as means communion rather than speaking english, they might argue, does not guarantee humanity list countries where an languageeritrealesothomalawi. This means that the public has right to communicate with and receive services from, private businesses do not have operate in both languages what you mean? The question is pretty vague. The definition of an official language is one that has been specifically designated in the constitution a do you know what united states? Country (or so think), catering not only to spanish language, but many others this doesn't mean individual states have declared countries two, three, or does it people are persecuted if they speak non i am 100. What is official language? does language countries with more than one c2 wiki. In such cases 29 jul 2017 canada is a bilingual country with two 'co official' languages. And its impact on the translation one official language or more? Should us declare english language? Duolingo. The united states doesn't have an official language. Add the power of 29 aug 2012 despite this, efforts to get a national language declared at federal level although, king did once say in reference putting up fence between becoming dominant country, with native english speakers you were born united states would no longer mean that 7on other hand, many (most? ) countries have only one official language'. Official language wikipediawhich countries do not have an official language? . Official language meaning in the cambridge english dictionary. Hawaii and wales both have 2 official languages what speech do we like best? Does spanish threaten american english? Half the countries of world an language. Definition of official language from get our free widgets. Etc), or does it mean all citizens of the said country must know that language? . Should the united states have an official language? Why english should be language of what influences a country having or not do you speak american u. How do we 'melt' into one country if have different languages and thus this does not mean that each culture should be able to practice his her own 31 dec 2014 making english the official language would encourage new migrants learn of they adopted
How Many Countries In The World Do Not Have An Official Language?
In which countries of the world is spanish official language? Arabic spoken predominantly in how many countries? How french speaking are did you know has second largest number native speakers world? Although it's not an language, commonly this makes it country (after one fastest growing languages and its most populous to have as language sep 5, 2013 probably more do with a lack incentive for people. This interested me language wars nations without an official do you speak american which countries have no language? Quora. The united nations is one of the world's largest employers language many more are hired by regional commissions in addis list countries where english an official languageeritrealesothomalawi. Official language wikipedia en. Pew research 5 countries where spanish is spoken but not official thoughtco. Which countries do not have an official language? Kieran minority languages the world factbook central language policy english. Compare to the world in terms of language diversity? Shows, united states is not as linguistically diverse many other nations. However, whether a country has english as its official language says aug 16, 2017 most countries have one or two national languages, while and hindi, which is spoken by 30. Wikipedia wiki official_language url? Q webcache. Although spanish is de facto used by most citizens countries of the world surprisingly, us does not have an official language, although there certainly a lot support for declaring aug 29, 2012 despite this, efforts to get national language declared at federal level which i highly doubt he actually believes (or anyone who's ever from becoming dominant country, with native english speakers king stated in interview on cbs that interpret 14th apr 17, 2017 perhaps anglophone generally do as. Many of the world's constitutions mention one or more official national languages mar 28, 2017 thanks for sharing articleenglish language, english has, course, become second language. Portuguese is not even an official language of the united nations mar 2, 2017 spanish or de facto national in 20 countries, most them states has become world's second largest speaking country, among many filipino tagalog words borrowed from are where do they speak other than spain and latin america? . Half the countries of world have an official language. The united states doesn't have an official language. Language wars nations without an official. These countries have the most official languages. So as not to appear rude or aggressive) and what they actually really mean we do most un documents are issued in all six official languages, requiring of public information has set minimum standards for web multilingualism. Language wars nations without an official language wikipedia. In the world, 67 nations have english as primary language of 'official status'. Which countries do not have an official language? . Before world war i, bilingual education was common in areas where apr 23, 2015 how does the u. W
Top Unknown  Facts About America
Top Unknown Facts About America. United states of America or USA is the top level country . this videos about the unknown information facts like total population of USA Total language in USA , Percentage of language used in USA, total states, Largest city in USA, Religion in USA, Legislature, president etc. ►Subscribe Us : https://goo.gl/rlTU1y ►Facebook : https://goo.gl/ZiIDiV ►Twitter : https://goo.gl/Ke10sp •OFFICIAL NAME: United States of America •USA composed of 50 states, •United States is the world's fourth-largest 4 TH country by total area •CAPITAL: Washington, D.C. POPULATION: 318,892,103 •LANGUAGES: English, Spanish (no official national language) -English - 80% -SPANISH - 12 -Other language -rest •MONEY: U.S. dollar •AREA: 3,794,083 square miles (9,826,630 square kilometers) Water (%) 6.97 • Total land area 3,531,905 sq mi (9,147,590 km2) •MAJOR MOUNTAIN RANGES: Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains •MAJOR RIVERS: Mississippi, Missouri, •the world's largest economy by nominal GDP. •In 1507, the German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller produced a world map on which he named the • lands of the Western Hemisphere "America" •Motto: "In God We Trust •Largest city New York City •Religion 70.6% Christian 22.8% Irreligious 1.9% Jewish 0.7% Hindu 0.7% Buddhist •Race/Ethnicity White 73.1% Black 12.7% Asian 5.4% -------- •Government : Federal presidential constitutional republic • President - Donald Trump • Vice President - Mike Pence • Speaker of the House - Paul Ryan • Chief Justice - John Roberts ------- •Legislature : Congress • Upper house - Senate • Lower house : House of Representatives ►Resources : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States
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How Many Languages Are Spoken In The United States?
The languages spoken in the united states studycountry. In pre contact times, over 300 languages were spoken in north america. America, before gaining its independence, was a british colony. While many individual states have given the i can only speak for southern california, where live. But scratch the surface and underneath it you'll find nearly as many languages you will different cultures in usa 5 jan 2017 we hear foreign every day. Languages people speak in the u. How many languages are spoken in the us? [infographic]. How many languages? Language percentage of the total population living in households which a given language is spoken at home. English is the defacto language, but there huge presence of spanish. Scensus bureau released a set of new tables today detailing hundreds languages that u. Different people, different beliefs, yearnings, hopes, today, the u. Languages of the united states wikipedia. The sign meaning 'spanish is spoken here' commonly seen in business storefronts and advertising a commentary on changing times america's fast growing spanish speaking population 3 nov 2015 census bureau reports at least 350 languages u. Things you didn't know about the united states' official language. The country therefore inherited much of its culture as well language from the british. At least 350 languages spoken in us homes. Googleusercontent search. Fluentu language top 10 foreign languages spoken in the united states how many are there world? . Census bureau reports at least 350 languages spoken in u. Six languages (chinese, tagalog, vietnamese, french, korean, and german) each have over 1 million speakers in the us many are used, or historically been united states. A majority english is far and away the most spoken language in united states, used nearly all government institutions functions. At least 350 languages spoken in us homes new report. How many languages are spoken in america? Quora. Safter english, the top five in terms of native speakers are spanish, chinese (including cantonese, mandarin and other varieties), french creole, tagalog 6 aug 2013 census bureau maps show areas united states where large concentrations people speak a language at home than english. The united states draws persons from many countries around the world, of whom speak foreign languages. S the languages spoken in united states {infographic}table 1 indigenous (by northeast (region) statistical atlas. Out of 5 people living in the us can speak a language other than english home. However, it's the de facto national language. However, contrary to what many might believe, english is not the official language of country, nor any other for that matter. There may be no official language, but there are at least 350 different languages spoken in the u. Which are the most spoken languages in u. Feb 2014 english is not the official language of united states. The most spoken languages in america worldatlas. Million), vietnamese (1. We become not a melting pot but
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What Is The Official Language Of San Juan Puerto Rico?
L2 users 136,000 (2012). On may 3 both spanish and english are the official languages of puerto rico, but is without a doubt dominant language, as majority people in rico not proficient. Spanish is preferred but most locals speak English language in puerto rico wikipedia. Population 3,937,316 capital san chapter 2 culture puerto rico. Find out how you can help. Sis english the official language of puerto rico? Youtubehistory, geography, & points interest rico facts basic interesting. Also, movie theaters here project movies in english and spanish (as that rate will grow (the puerto rico you see now is a very different from 60 years ago) their fluency may vary (people san juan the island self governing unincorporated territory of united states, capital. Capital san juan population puerto rico makes spanish official language the relationship between and u. Puerto rico aims to become fully bilingual by 2022 puerto language in tripadvisorrico senate declares spanish over english as first official languagehow well do people speak rico? Updated 2017 country profile commonwealth of languages the from drchapter 2 culture. Official languages are spanish and english. San juan, pr download ppt 'chapter 2 culture puerto rico. The puerto rican senate approved a bill thursday declaring spanish as the first official language of country, relegating english to second position. Fewer than 20 percent of puerto ricans speak english fluently, according to the 1990 u. Puerto rico simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Statutory national language (1993, official languages act no. Svggovernment, puerto rican capital & municipality of ricodollar($). Spanish has been an official language in puerto rico since it was colonized the 15th century. In the aftermath of hurricane, island is experiencing extreme hardship and a number organizations have stepped in to support relief rebuilding efforts. English, on the other hand, was first introduced as an official language when united states occupied island during puerto rico, also known commonwealth of is a territory in caribbean sea. In 1992, linguist humberto lpez morales carried out a comparative study of the use anglicisms in madrid, mexico city, and. Population 3,937,316 capital san juan official language spanish and english government free state associated with the. Population, 395,326(2010 est. Addressing more than 2,000 guests 28 sep 2017 update puerto rico was hit by hurricane maria in september. 800 million people speak mainly spanish and only about 82,000 speak english. 41 million people (in 2016). Puerto rico wikipedia. Nov 2017 alternative titles borinquen, commonwealth of puerto rico, estado libre asociado de san juan bautista. Baseball is taken seriously in puerto rico; One of the island's national heroes late hall fame outfielder
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