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Your Guide to the Basics of Workers’ Compensation & Claims
Josh of Nunez & Associates (https://nunezfirm.com) discusses the basics of filing a Workers Compensation. If you are injured within the course and scope of your employment or suffer an occupational illness, you are likely entitled to certain benefits and compensation from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer. In this video Josh discusses the most important step in filing a Workers’ Comp which is the sending of notification to your employer. And the two phases of Workers’ Compensation system which are called the Active Phase and the Permanent Phase. At Nuñez & Associates, we embrace a personal and holistic philosophy of practicing workers’ compensation law. Visit https://nunezfirm.com/workers-compensation-law/ for more info or to submit your request for free in-office consultation. Our team of principled, intelligent & highly specialized lawyers will support your case from start to finish. You may also call us at us at 602-812-2000 (Mon-Fri). Active Phase is when the doctors are trying to improve your medical condition. In this Phase the employee is entitled to benefits which are medical care and workers’ compensation. The law states that an injured worker is entitled 66% of it’s average monthly rate prior to the injury. Once injured worker enter the MMI (Maximum medical Improvement) it becomes a part of the Permanent Phase, where the doctor provides three recommendations that will have huge impact on the life of the employee. If you choose your own doctor, it should be someone with a particular practice or specialty regarding your injury. An employee will also be entitled to: Permanent total disability - This applies if you suffer 100% loss of your earning capacity entitling you to 2/3 of your average monthly wage. This may last a lifetime. Permanent partial disability - You may collect  2/3 of your average monthly wage up to the $4,428.91 statutory maximum as of January 1, 2016. If your injury was non-scheduled, you may receive compensation for the duration of your disability with no maximum benefit as a ceiling. Death benefits - Your dependents may collect up to $5,000 for funeral and burial expenses. There are other benefits that an injured worker is entitled to depending on the nature and extent of your injury. Our law firm can help you navigate the process of filing your workers’ compensation claim to ensure you receive the appropriate compensation for your work-related injury. For more info about worker’s comp benefits & legal support, visit https://nunezfirm.com/workers-compensation-law/. Nuñez and Associates Law Firm is located at 3030 N. Central Ave., Suite 602, Phoenix, AZ 85012. We are open Mondays to Fridays 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Contact us at https://nunezfirm.com/contact-us/ or call us 602-812-2000.
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How Workers Compensation Works
http://www.farrislaw.net 314-252-9937 When you are hurt at work, you have a workers compensation claim. Lets talk about the stages of that process. Injury Law News brought to you by the SE Farris Law Firm I'm Spencer Farris and my firm represents victims in workers compensation cases in St. Louis Missouri. I'm a partner at the SE Farris Law Firm, and today we are going to talk about the stages of a workers compensation claim. WHAT YOU'RE ENTITLED TO Injured Missouri workers are entitled to three things under workers compensation, or work comp law. You're entitled to have your medical treatment taken care of and paid for. You are entitled to a portion of your wages while you are unable to work; either while you are healing, or while you are on restrictions from your doctor. And finally, you are entitled to a lump sum for whatever disability you have due to the injury. The first two parts should be handled throughout your case and should move pretty easily, the last part, however, the part about your disability, is where most folks need an attorney. You may need an attorney to get the medical care that you need or to get your wages while you are off work, but you are certainly going to need an attorney to get your disability payment for you. Here are the stages of that process. STAGES OF A WORKERS COMPENSATION CLAIM When you are hurt at work it is important that you give notice to your employer immediately. At that point your employer may file a notice of injury or a claim for compensation for you, but they typically don't, and you can't count on that, so your lawyer should file a claim for compensation- that starts the process and gets a file open for you at the division of workers compensation. PREHEARING Your lawyer and the insurance company's lawyer will then show up for the prehearing, and tell the judge where you are on the case to make sure things are moving along as they should and that you are not dragged out longer than you should be. MEDIATION AT THE prehearing stage, if you are done with your treatment, the parties will request what is called mediation. Now at the mediation you will most likely need to be at the division of workers compensation with your lawyer. The judge will want to hear from you and find out how you are doing and how you are getting over your injury and the judge will suggest a reasonable range to resolve the disability portion of your claim. HEARING If you can't agree with the insurance company, the next step is a hearing, and it is rare that cases go to hearing, a very small percentage of them are not resolved at either prehearing or mediations, but at the hearing your lawyer will put on evidence of your rating, the amount of your disability. Your lawyer would have sent you to a doctor to get your rating and the insurance company will have chosen a doctor to give a rating that will benefit them. The judge will hear all the evidence and make a decision, and at that point your case should be over. I fit is not there may be appeals and that is a whole separate step of the process. It can take months or even years to go from your injury to the final end of your case. It's important to have a lawyer who is experienced with workers compensation law and the process to keep things moving along, remember that the insurance company is happy to delay as long as possible because they don't want to pay you. You need someone fighting for you on your side, and it is important that you hire a lawyer that you believe in, and that you trust. OUR PROMISE Call my office if you have questions about workers compensation law, or contact us at the website at the bottom of the screen. We are happy to visit with you without cost or obligation and point you in the right direction for your workers compensation claim. The SE Farris Law Firm is dedicated to the needs of injury victims and their families.
Workers' comp fraud caught on tape
In one example of workers’ comp fraud out of Fort Lauderdale, a woman picked up a sprinkler head after it had fallen on her desk, then hit herself in the head with it to stage an on-the-job injury. Her employer's insurance company got suspicious and referred the incident to Florida's Division of Investigative and Forensic Services. MORE: http://www.fox13news.com/consumer/251952167-story
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Workers’ Compensation: 3 facts you need to know before returning to work on light duty
Workers’ Compensation: http://www.garymartinhays.com/personal-injury/workers-compensation/ In this video, lawyer Gary Martin Hays reveals 3 steps you must take before returning to work on light duty after a workers’ comp injury. Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Gary Martin Hays discusses why it’s important to follow your doctor’s recommendations in recovery. To get free information on workers’ comp claims or talk with attorney Gary Martin Hays, click the link above. **Click below to SUBSCRIBE for more videos** http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=injurylawfirm Recap of Key points 1:40 What 3 steps do you need to take before returning to work 4:09 What if you can’t do the light duty at work after your injury? 4:36 3 examples of potential outcomes of going back to work ================================================ Contact info Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays: http://www.garymartinhays.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LawOfficesofGaryMartinHays Google +: https://plus.google.com/b/115981143310145262766/+Garymartinhays-lawyers/about LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/law-offices-of-gary-martin-hays-&-associates-p-c- Instagram: https://instagram.com/garymartinhayslaw/ More... http://www.garymartinhays.com/posts/do-i-need-a-lawyer-workers-compensation-return-to-work-light-duty-328/
Workers Compensation Insurance Explained
Unfamiliar with workers compensation insurance? Learn the basics of workers comp, what it is, and why you may need it. www.citizensgeneral.com
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Workers Comp Audit – How To Avoid A Big Bill
Workers Compensation Insurance is super important for anyone who has employees. But the ways it’s set up can be a real pain. A Work Comp audit is one of the most confusing parts. We’ll break it down and help you navigate the process with ease. After watching this video Work Comp audits will be one more business pitfall you won’t have to wonder about. We address: • What is Workers Compensation Insurance? When an employee gets hurt on the job, you’re responsible. Workers Compensation Insurance protects you and helps to address the costs. • What is an Audit? The price you pay for work comp insurance is based on two factors: your payroll & the type of work your employee does. An audit verifies that both were figured correctly in the past policy term. • Why & when does a work comp audit happen? Audits are to make sure people are actually paying what they’re supposed to. They usually happen about a month after the policy term ends. • 4 ways to make every Workers Comp audit smooth: 1. Connecting with your insurance agent every quarter 2. Keeping great books 3. Classifying your employees correctly 4. Never underestimating your payroll. Learn more about Shine at: Our Site - https://www.shineinsurance.com Our Blog - https://www.shineinsure.com/blog Our Podcast - https://www.scratchentrepreneur.com Our Course - https://www.newhomebuyersguide.net
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An Introduction to Workers' Compensation Insurance
This fast-paced, video provides valuable strategies for controlling your nonprofit's workers' compensation costs.
Attempted Workers Comp Fraud || ViralHog
Occurred on September 13, 2017 / Monterey Park, California, USA "We were moving and decided to get a couple of guys from Home Depot to help us. One of the guys intentionally tried multiple times to jump in front of the kids playing to act as if he got hurt. He finally succeeded the third time, but did not know he was on camera." TO SEE THE HOTTEST VIRAL VIDEOS DAILY... Subscribe to us on YouTube: https://goo.gl/A0gBKk Like us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/XQWqJt Follow us on Instagram: https://goo.gl/NMq8dl Follow us on Twitter: https://goo.gl/pF8Xop ViralHog is the resource for the best viral content. Submit your own great video and make money: https://goo.gl/yejGkm Contact licensing@viralhog.com to license this or any ViralHog video.
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Workers Compensation Claims Process
Were you recently injured on the job? Check out Selective’s Workers Compensation Claims video which easily and clearly takes you through the next steps of the claim and recovery process.
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Workers' Compensation (Work Comp) Lawsuit - (888) 642-6311 - Helios Legal Group - Lawyer & Attorney
Call the Helios Legal Group's workers' compensation (work comp) lawsuit hotline 24/7 at (888) 642-6311 for a free, no obligation consultation. We are here to help! If you are looking for a lawyer or attorney for a workers' compensation (work comp) case or legal claim, please call us right now. We can help get you the settlement that you deserve! Helios Legal Group Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/HeliosLegalGroupLawyersandAttorneys http://www.helioslegalgroup.com/workers-compensation.php Workers' Compensation (Work Comp) Video youtu.be/At0zZlKbONM Workers' Compensation (Work Comp) Summary - A work accident is normally covered under workers’ compensation (workmans compensation) laws. Work accidents or an employment injury can result in serious injuries and liability for the parties involved. If the accident is bad enough, or the injuries are serious enough, it may be necessary to get a lawyer or attorney involved. It may be necessary to file a lawsuit against the person who caused the accident or injuries. If you are injured through no fault of your own, you may have a legal case or legal claim that can result in a settlement for monetary damages. The law is on your side, but there are time limits that govern how long you have to file a claim, and other restrictions. You need to consult a lawyer or attorney so that they can decide the merits of your legal case. Workers' Compensation (Work Comp) Video Transcript - Have you been injured on the job and can't work? The loss of your income combined with medical expenses can be devastating. You may be entitled to receive benefits through the workers’ compensation system. This could mean replacement of your lost wages, and the payment of your medical bills. Receiving workers' compensation benefits is your right, but the law is very complex. You need to report the injury and seek medical attention within 30 days. The legal steps can get complicated. The insurance companies are not going to make it easy for you. Even if your claim has already been denied, The Helios Legal Group may be able to help. And there are no up-front fees. Don't be a victim. Get the help you deserve. Our intake specialists can answer any questions you may have. Call our workers' compensation hotline for a free, no obligation consultation right now! Workers' Compensation (Work Comp) Detail - For those of you who may have been injured while on your job or as the result of your job we have a free consultation service with a workers' compensation lawyer, either through our toll free number of Click to Chat function. We understand that a workplace injury can be devastating, whether it is something as routine as carpal tunnel or a back injury cause by an accident on the job. It is in the knowing that otherwise you would be fine that drives many a sleepless night. For those who have suffered a major injury and cannot work, it can also produce an agonizing financial situation for the entire family. The loss of income makes it difficult in today's world of high living costs to even survive on a single salary or even on social security or other insurances. For those who have been injured on the job there are options out there, be it a workmans compensation lawsuit, or applying for worker's compensation through a state agency. Benefits through the workmans compensation system can mean that you have some replacement for lost wages, as well as, assistance with medical bills. The laws of each state differ when it comes to workplace injury. In some cases people will file a worker's compensation suit, and in others they are forced to use a state agency. This is why it is best to check with a worker's compensation attorney first. Attorneys in this practice area are well familiar with your options and the system. It is easier and quicker to have an attorney's office fill out and submit the necessary paperwork because they have done it multiple times before. Workman's compensation is your right under law, but those laws are extremely complicated and difficult for the average person to understand. It seems to be the case with the government, be it the tax code or an insurance like workman's compensation that people are given complicated instructions and then penalized when they don't understand it. First things first, you must report your employment injury right away, as well as, seek immediate medical attention to even apply. In many cases if you go beyond 30 days your ability to seek help is removed. However, The Helios Legal Group may still be able to help even if something goes wrong with the claim. Call us today for a free consultation with no obligation or use our Click to Chat function below. Helios Legal Group Personal Injury Lawyers and Attorneys National Clout, Local Service http://www.helioslegalgroup.com Helios Legal Group 3627 McCausland Ave., 2nd Floor St. Louis, MO 63109 (888) 226-9599
How does Workers' Compensation work?
How Does Workers' Compensation Work: http://www.garymartinhays.com/personal-injury/workers-compensation/ In this video, Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Gary Martin Hays answers a key question clients ask all the time “How does Workers’ Compensation work?” and “What are my benefits?” You'll learn valuable information regarding workers’ comp and detailed information regarding its benefits. If you have questions regarding your workers' compensation injury, give us a call today 1-800-WIN-WIN-1 or if you've like to visit our website go to www.garymartinhays.com.
What are workers compensation class codes? | Class Codes
What are workers compensation class codes? This video explains the following: 1.)What are workers compensation class codes? Workers’ compensation class codes are codes that the insurance companies use to identify specific categories of work. For instance, you may know the job duties of a contractor by their job title. However, the insurance company knows them as “5606”. 2.) What is workers’ compensation insurance? Workers' compensation is a form of insurance that provides compensation to employees who suffer job-related injuries and illnesses. In exchange for the possession of workers’ compensation insurance, the state offers a legal surrender of the employee's right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence. 3.) Why do insurance companies use workers’ compensation class codes? Insurance companies need to be able to categorize various types of work into “class codes” to determine workers compensation rates, coverages, and exclusions. For example, a 5606  (Contractor) will have a more expensive workers’ compensation rate than an 8810 (Clerical) employee, because more dangerous work is being performed. 4.) How is workers’ compensation insurance charged? Insurance companies assign a unique rate to each client based on the applicable class code, the experience and loss history of the business, amount of employees and payroll, and other factors. The rate is charged as a percentage of payroll applied to the taxable wages paid to employees. For example, a road construction company might have nine employees that are classified as 5506. Let’s say those employees have a workers' compensation rate of $12 per 100. That means that for every $100 of taxable wages paid to those employees, the employer is charged $12 for workers compensation insurance. That same company has one 8810 (Clerical) employee. The 8810 employee has a rate of $0.15 per 100. That means that for every $100 of taxable wages paid to that employee, the employer is charged $0.15 for workers’ compensation insurance. 5.) Why is it important to be correctly classified? In the event of an audit (Or injury that leads to an audit), the carrier may determine that employees were incorrectly classified. If so, the insurance company can retroactively bill the client for up to three years of premium that has been incorrectly classified. If employees are misclassified, the claim frequency and loss ratios will be out-of-line with the norm for that class code. Insurance companies use statisticians to keep track of unusual loss patterns and payroll ratios. They will figure it out eventually, possibly resulting in the outcome from bullet point above. Being incorrectly classified can cause insured’s to get dropped by their carrier. Getting dropped puts companies in a frantic rush to find new coverage, meanwhile, the income-producing functions of the business must come to a halt. When a business then tries to get insurance from another carrier, the first question the new insurance company will ask is “Have you recently been dropped or denied coverage?” If this is true, the insurance company will most likely either refuse to quote or markup the rate due to the increased risk. As a business, the best way to save money on workers’ compensation insurance is to build a long, trusting relationship with the carrier. 6.) Why do some states have different class codes for the same type of work? The rules and regulations for workers’ compensation are unique for every state. Most states utilize the NCCI class code system. With states that use NCCI workers’ compensation class codes, the classifications remain almost entirely the same for each of those states (Except for state specials). However, some states do remain independent, or monopolistic. 7.) How to use the NCCI State Reference Guide To see the governing authority for the workers’ compensation class code list of any US state, you can visit the “NCCI State Reference Guide”. After selecting a state from the drop-down menu, the “State Jurisdiction” row will tell you the name of the organization overseeing the classification system. Additionally, the “Policy Data” row will tell you the organization that is in charge of reporting statistical data for their correlating workers’ compensation “Statistical Plan.” 8.) What is the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)? NCCI is an independent advisory organization that is primarily funded by insurance companies. Most insurance companies use NCCI for various services, such as collecting and analyzing statistical data for workers’ compensation rates. 9.) What is the NCCI Scopes Manual? The NCCI Scopes Manual is used by insurance professionals (Such as underwriters) to identify the class code associated with each type of occupational work. 10.) How to view a free online index of workers’ compensation codes by state. You can view the correlating article for this video at: https://classcodes.com/workers-compensation-class-codes/
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5 secrets of Workers' Compensation
In this video, I am going to reveal 5 secrets the insurance company doesn’t want you to know about your worker’s compensation claim. Hi, I’m attorney Gary Martin Hays. Secret #1: You have 30 days in which to report your on the job injury. Sometimes an employee gets hurt at work, but they assume it is just a minor injury and will get better. But after a couple of days, the pain worsens, so they report the incident to their supervisor. Some employers will tell you - too late, so sorry! You didn’t report the injury the day it happened so we are not going to provide worker’s compensation benefits for you. This is not the law. You have 30 days in which to report your injury. The better practice is to notify your supervisor immediately. Secret #2: Your employer is required to post a list of doctors from which YOU get to choose the doctor that you would like to provide treatment to you. The panel must have 6 doctors listed on it. One of the six has to be an orthopedic surgeon. No more than 2 of the 6 can be an industrial clinic. If your employer DID NOT post a panel, or the panel was invalid, you should be able to choose the doctor that you want to treat you and the insurance company has to pay for it! Secret #3: If you are receiving workers’ compensation checks because you have been disabled from working, then you may be entitled to see a doctor of your choice for an independent medical exam and the insurance company has to pay for this appointment! You have 120 days from the last receipt of workers’ comp wage benefits to request this exam so please - don’t delay in discussing this option with an attorney! Secret #4: Did you know that you are entitled to be reimbursed for your mileage to and from your medical appointments? This includes not just the mileage to your doctors’ appointments, but also mileage to therapy, to pick up your prescriptions, and parking fees. Secret #5: Do you really know how much the employer and the insurance company are supposed to pay you in weekly wage checks? Most people don't. By law, you are entitled to 2/3 of your average weekly wage. But the most the insurance company is obligated to pay you right now is $525.00 per week. It doesn't matter if you were making $1,500.00 per week. The most the insurance company has to pay you is $525.00 per week. Do insurance companies always pay the correct amount? NO, they don’t. And if they are paying you less than the maximum amount of $525.00 per week, they are required by law to file a form that lets you know how they calculated the amount of your weekly check. **** There are so many other secrets the insurance company doesn’t want you to know about your worker’s compensation claim. The best advice I can give you is to call us right now to learn about all of your rights, as well as the insurance company’s responsibilities!
Caught On Camera: Beauty Pageant Contestant Nabbed In Workers Compensation Fraud
A 22-year-old female was arrested on suspicion of participating in several beauty pageants while collecting workers compensation benefits for a foot injury. KCAL9's Crystal Cruz reports. Subscribe to CBS Los Angeles for more updates now: http://www.youtube.com/CBSLA Official Site: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CBSLA Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBSLA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CBSLA
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How to Avoid Trick Questions at Your Workers Compensation Deposition
If your workers’ compensation case involves a significant injury, there is a good chance that you will be asked to appear at a deposition and give information to the attorney representing your employer and your employer’s insurance company. When you are deposed, you will be asked questions under oath and if your testimony contradicts prior statements you have made in writing (such as on a job application) or verbally, the opposing attorney can use these contradictions to challenge your credibility. As I discuss in this video, insurance company lawyers know where to look for inconsistencies. They will focus on any prior injuries you may have had, as well as other uncomfortable events in your background, such as arrests or even social media posts. All of these matters are fair game in a deposition, although they may not be admissible if we actually go to court. I encourage my clients to reveal everything to me - this is why I ask you to fill out a detailed new client questionnaire and this is why I spend so much time with you when we start your case, and in preparation for your deposition. Many years ago, I worked for a law firm that represented insurance companies so I know what we can expect. I will help you prepare for a deposition so you can provide accurate and complete information about yourself and your case so we can focus on maximizing your recovery. ===============Free Case Evaluation=============== If you or a loved one would like a case evaluation for your Georgia workers' compensation claim, please call me at 770-351-0801 or email me at https://bit.ly/jodi-help. ===========Georgia Work Injury Survival Kit=========== **Get my Free Survival Kit If you don't know where to begin, then start with my "Georgia Workers' Compensation Survival Kit" that I created for you. Get immediate access at https://www.georgia-workers-compensation.com. =============================================== Jodi Brenner Ginsberg Georgia Workers Compensation Attorney https://www.georgia-workers-compensation.com Telephone: 770-351-0801
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Workers' Compensation Deposition Preparation and General Overview-Los Angeles work comp Attorney
The information in this video applies generally to Workers Compensation depositions and may vary based on the facts of your case. Any questions or concerns, feel free to call. MB&A is here to help bring "Recovery to the injured."
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Caught on the 'Price Is Right': Workers Compensation Fraud
Cathy Cashwell as well as some NYC police and firefighters are under investigation for workers comp fraud.
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Worker's Compensation: The Basics
Workers comp attorney Mike Whitehead joins the Louisiana law talk show "John Redmann: Power of Attorney" to discuss the basics of workers compensation law. Get more legal questions & answers and other helpful law info at JohnRedmannPOA.com.
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How to File a Workers' Compensation Claim in California
Have you been hurt or injured at work? In order to get compensated for medical treatment and any missed wages, you need to file a workers' compensation claim. Unfortunately, the process of filing a workers' compensation claim is not straight forward. So, to help you out, we've created a video with the steps to take for filing a workers' compensation claim.
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Workers Compensation History
An interesting history of the development of Workers Compensation created by students at Nimitz High School, Houston Texas, for a National History Day contest. 2008. Surprisingly interesting and well-done.
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Settling Your Claim
Information on entering into a New York State Workers' Compensation Section 32 Waiver Agreement. Review each section by clicking the links below. 1. About 0:09 2. What parts of a claim can be permanently closed? 1:01 3. Medical Care 1:34 4. Medicare Set-Asides 1:58 5. What happens if I spend all the settlement money for my medical care? 2:48 6. What’s the Process? 3:44 7. Let’s Review 5:54 8. Questions? 6:35
Workers Compensation, (Seguros de Compensación por Accidente en su Trabajo
El Sr. Alfonso Cordero de Cordero CPA nos explica como se paga el seguro de compensación por accidente en el trabajo. Es bien importante asegurarse que usted está pagando la candidad debida si tiene empleados.
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Workers Comp Settlement Calculator - What Is My Case Worth?
https://youtu.be/vAyccRPmNvE Workers Comp Settlement Calculator Personal Injury and Workers Comp lawyer Scott D. DeSalvo helps you understand the factors that go in to calculating the value of a Workers Comp settlement. So if you have been involved in an an injury at work, or have a Workers Comp case, this video will provide you with information you need. If you have questions or need more help, give me a call, toll-free, at 888-HURT-318 (888-487-8318). Free, no obligation consultation with a Chicago pedestrian accident lawyer. Or, you aren't' ready to talk to a lawyer, I have created a DVD Injury Video which you can get immediately delivered to your email. Same deal. Free, no obligation. Just click this link: http://www.desalvolaw.com/yt1 Don't Miss Out On More Injury Videos! Subscribe Now!: http://goo.gl/ENv94e Or check out my web site for MORE information about Chicago Workers Comp cases and any kind of work injury case: https://desalvolaw.com/practice-areas/workers-compensation/ chicago workers comp lawyer, chicago workers comp attorney, chicago work comp lawyer, chicago work comp attorney, chicago workers compensation lawyer, chicago workers compensation attorney I truly hope this information helps you. Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. For more information, you can check out this web page for more answers about Workers Comp: https://desalvolaw.com/practice-areas/work-injury/ Scott D. DeSalvo Injury Lawyer www.desalvolaw.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Law-Office-of-Scott-D-DeSalvo-LLC/142116259173154/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/100190669387516744930/+Desalvolaw/posts Workers Comp Settlement Calculator http://www.desalvolaw.com/practice-areas/work-injury/
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Workers' Compensation fraud (part 1) - busted and caught on tape
During the late 1990's there was a media frenzy over Workers' Compensation fraud. Regardless of the station or program, they just could not get enough! This video is part 1 of 2 showing some results from a leading Los Angeles investigative firm, Ted Koerner of American Employer Defense and Kevin Saucier, Director of Risk Management at Guess, Inc. It also shows employees busted at work while being under the influence. It gives employers some insight of what to look out for, the expenses associated with work comp fraud, and the savings from a successfully managed company program.
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4 ways people get caught for "workers comp fraud"
A former Los Angeles prosecutor discusses the 4 most common ways people get arrested and charged with workers compensation insurance fraud. More info at http://www.shouselaw.com/workers_comp_fraud.html
The #1 Reason Why Work Comp Cases Don't Settle Quickly
I'm often asked how an injured worker can speed up the settlement process. Today Attorney Lombardi discusses why in most cases you can't speed up the settlement process. The #1 Reason Why Work Comp Cases Don't Settle Medical -- Medical is the #1 reason why cases don't move towards settlement negotiations. Should you rush to the settlement table? What should I do? Cooperate with the doctors Follow the doctor's advice and recommended treatment Do your home exercises and wound care instructions. Don't get re-injured
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20/20: Workers Compensation Fraudsters Caught Faking Injuries
20/20 was released new episode Workers Compensation Fraudsters Caught Faking Injuries. In this 20/20: Workers Compensation Fraudsters Caught Faking Injuries is about: Woman Discovers House Was Stolen in Real Estate Rip-Off; Police Search for Wedding Crasher Who Stole Gifts, Cash; Psychics Convince Clients to Hand Over Thousands of Dollars
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Workers' Comp. Fraud
What happens when you get caught.
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Employee Compensation Act 1923
Please watch: "A Must watch video for CA CS or CMA students | Study with coach Episode 1" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=303mUlEiGjw --~-- A FREE Short Video By Prof. Shantanu Pethe (CACSCMA COACH) On Employee Compensation Act 1923 Structure of the Act This Act contain • 36 Sections (Divided into 4 Parts) • 4 Schedules Schedule I: list of injuries deemed to result in permanent • Part i : Total disablement • Part ii : Partial disablement SCHEDULE II: list of persons who, subject to the provisions of section 2(1)(dd), are included in the definition of employees SCHEDULE III: list of occupational diseases SCHEDULE IV: factors for working out lump sum equivalent of compensation amount in case of permanent disablement and death
How Much Does Worker's Compensation Insurance Cost? : Financial Advice & Insurance
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowfinance Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowfinance The total cost of workers compensation insurance depends largely on a number of different interesting things. Find out about exactly how much workers compensation insurance actually costs with help from a certified financial planner in this free video clip. Expert: Benjamin Lupu Filmmaker: James Goodwin Series Description: One of the most complicated topics of the financial industry is insurance, but that certainly doesn't mean that all hope is lost when it comes to understanding these and other important topics. Get financial expert advice on a variety of different insurance topics with help from a certified financial planner in this free video series.
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Workers Compensation - Everything You Must Know
www.australianbusiness.com.au presents our must-see webinar on all things Workers Comp. Join industry experts Pieter de Groot, Dr Tim Anderson and Kerry Foster as they discuss best practice in managing your Workers Compensation.
What Is Workers Compensation
What Is Workers Compensation 508-660-8888 http://attorneyjimbrady.com/massachusettsworkerscompensationattorney.html Workers Compensation in Massachusetts is a wage replacement system, designed to give the injured worker lost wages when he or she is unable to earn the average weekly wage. In Massachusetts, in order to be eligible for Worker's Compensation benefits you have to meet the following requirements: 1 -- You have to be an employee who sustains an industrial accident arising out of and in the course of your employment. 2 - As a result of the accident, you are disabled from earning the average weekly wage. To sum it up, to qualify for Workers Compensation you have to be an employee who is insured by your employer, and who sustains an industrial accident arising out of and in the course of your employment and as a result of the accident you are disabled from earning the average weekly wage. What Is Workers Compensation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xONnfzfSpOk For more information, visit our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/attorneyjimbrady ...
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Terminated on Workers’ Compensation…Adding Insult to Injury.
Terminated on Workers' Compensation, Adding Insult to Injury
Workers compensation nightmare
We're examining a policy that could lead to you having workers compensation claim denied. ◂ WXYZ 7 Action News is metro Detroit's leading source for breaking news, weather warnings, award-winning investigative reports, sports and entertainment. WXYZ 7 Action News is Detroit's breaking news and weather leader. Channel 7 - on-air, online at WXYZ.com and always Taking Action for You. For more download the WXYZ mobile app: iPhone: http://bit.ly/iOS-wxyz Android: http://bit.ly/wxyzplay
Independent Medical Exam in a Workers' Comp Case
What goes into an IME (Independent Medical Exam) in a workers' comp claim? And how much impact can it have on the case? Clip from Program 1651. For more information, visit LawJournalTV.com.
Workers' Compensation: The Employer / Employee Relationship
You're hurt at work... doesn't your employer owe you a road map through the workers' compensation system? Nothing seems to sour a relationship between boss and worker more than a work injury. But with proper workers' compensation guidelines in place, why the bad blood? Produced on location at the Union League in Philadelphia, PA. Program 0829. For more information, visit LawJournalTV.com.
CA Workers' Comp - Negotiating - Compromise & Release (C&R)
please visit www.workcomped.com for additional information
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The Best Federal Workers Compensation Doctors for DOL-OWCP
(844) 855-6927 http://federalinjurycenters.com/ Experienced federal workers compensation doctors that treat injured federal employees under the US Dept of Labor (DOL) Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP).
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How Long Does It Take A Workers' Compensation Case To Settle?
There is no deadline to settle a Georgia workers' compensation case. Settlement is always optional on your part, but most workers' compensation cases do settle. Georgia workers' compensation attorney Jason Perkins discusses settlement of a workers' compensation case in this video.
Spider-Man: Workers Comp
Spider-Man attempts to save someone who doesn't want his help. http://doormonster.tv Starring Kyle Sullivan as Spider-Man and Cesar Riojas as Construction Worker "Living Forever" by JP De Ovando Based on Marvel's Spider-Man Help support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/DoorMonster ----- ------- ------------ Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/DoorMonster Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DoorMonster SubReddit: http://reddit.com/r/DoorMonster Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/doormonsterentertainment Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/doormonster Merchandise: https://teespring.com/stores/door-monster-shop
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Workers compensation and lump sum payments for injured workers
If you suffer a workplace injury, pursuing a workers compensation claim could entitle you to a lump sum payment. Many people think workers compensation only entitles workers to reimbursement for wages lost and medical expenses. But lump sum compensation may apply if you've suffered a physical injury. Not everyone is entitled to this type of compensation. It depends on several factors including the severity of your permanent disability. The first thing to consider though is whether your injury is stable. You won't be considered stable if the injury occurred only a few weeks ago. Nor will you be stable if you have booked surgery in the near future. You also need to reach a threshold of at least 5% impairment. There are set legal guidelines used to calculate this percentage. This might not seem high, but can be difficult to meet. The overall amount of compensation depends on the outcome of an “independent medical assessment” and depends on the final percentage of impairment. Depending on the injury date, you might even be entitled to separate amounts of lump sum compensation. This can be very complicated and you should speak with a lawyer about it. The issue is even more complex if you've suffered multiple injuries, or other body parts have deteriorated over time. This area of law can be extremely technical. If not done correctly from the beginning, it can cause the injured worker many problems. Want to know more about workplace injury claims? Contact the Workers Compensation team at Andersons Solicitors at www.andersons.com.au
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Workers' Compensation: Herniated Disc Injury at work
Workers' Compensation: http://www.garymartinhays.com/personal-injury/workers-compensation/ Workers' Compensation Attorney Gary Martin Hays provides key information on your workers’ comp options after a herniated disc injury at work. He also explains in detail one of the most common back injuries the firm sees – herniated disc injuries. To get free information on workers’ compensation claims or talk with workers' comp attorney Gary Martin Hays, click the link above. **Click below to SUBSCRIBE for more videos** www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=injurylawfirm Recap of Key points Here is a recap of this video: 0:07- Question dealing with Workers' Compensation due to a herniated disc injury on the job 0:44 - Hire a lawyer who specializes in Workers' Compensation 1:11 - The human spine is broken down into five sections 1:39 - What is a herniated disc? 2:12 - These types of injuries aren't diagnosed in the emergency room 2:30 - Go to a doctor right away 2:57 - Three signs of a herniated disc 3:33 - Typical treatment plans for these injuries 4:23 - Surgical options for treatment 4:55 - Don't delay in seeking legal help ============================================== Contact info Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays: http://www.garymartinhays.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LawOfficesofGaryMartinHays Google +: https://plus.google.com/b/115981143310145262766/+Garymartinhays-lawyers/about LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/law-offices-of-gary-martin-hays-&-associates-p-c- Instagram: https://instagram.com/garymartinhayslaw/
What to Expect at your Workers’ Compensation Hearing
The Court of Workers' Compensation Claims would like to give unrepresented parties a glance into what to expect during their hearing. Our court is a part of the Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation.
Workers Compensation Claims - When you can make two claims for your injuries
http://www.MattLaw.com Matt Powell explains your rights if you have been injured on the job. If you have been injured on the job, there are a few things you should do to protect all of your rights. First, report your injury to your employer. Second, get good medical attention right away. Third, try to document what caused your injury. And fourth, if you were injured by the fault of another person who is not a co-employee or your employer, then you may have what is called a "Third Party Claim" against the "at fault" person or business who caused these injuries. Then, call my office to find out if you should make two separate claims for your injuries. What I mean by this is that one claim is under Workers Compensation, and the other is against the at fault third party. Each of these separate claims have different processes and different recoveries that you may be entitled to. For example, under your workers compensation claim, they pay your medical bills but only two thirds of your salary. But if a third party claim can be made, then you are entitled to recovery for All of your lost wages and future loss of earning capacity in addition to many other types of compensation. Many clients who were in a car accident while working. Some people mistakenly think that workers compensation is their only avenue of a recovery for their lost wages and medical bills. However, the at fault person may be responsible to you for the harm they caused by their negligence. When people are injured on the job and the injury was caused by another company or another worker on a construction site, they may have a "Third Party Claim" to be made against the at fault person or business. Additionally, if you have been injured by a defective product, such as a crane, truck, or some other product that injured you while you were on the job, then you might be able to make a recovery against the product manufacturer in addition to your workers compensation benefits. If you can bring a third party claim your recovery is going to be significantly greater than just the benefits available through your workers compensation insurance company. For example, if you are out of work, workers compensation only pays you two thirds of your wages and there is a cap on how much they will pay. However, in a third party claim, you are entitled to recover 100% of your lost wages in the past and future, without any cap. In a workers compensation claim, you don't get your fringe benefits. However, in a third party claim, you are entitled to 100% of your fringe benefits. In a workers compensation claim, you are not entitled to any money for pain, suffering, mental anguish or loss of enjoyment of life. But in a claim brought against the at fault party, you are able to recover each of these valuable losses. In a workers compensation claim, you don't get to pick your doctors, the workers compensation insurance company dictates who you can see. However, in a third party claim, you can go to any doctor you choose. In a workers compensation claim, the theory is to pay for medical treatments and some of your lost wages, but to get you back to work as fast as possible. However, in a third party claim, the laws are designed to make you "whole again". In other words, to fix what can be fixed, to help what can be helped, and then to make up for what can't be fixed or helped. When we represent clients who have both a workers compensation claim and a third party claim, we encourage them to seek their workers compensation benefits, and allow us to go after the at fault party. So there are actually two cases going forward at the same time. The bottom line is this, in any injury case, it is important to consider all of your options and to select the best ones that are right for you. http://www.MattLaw.com
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Atlanta Workers' Compensation: 5 secrets the workers' comp adjuster doesn't want you to know
Atlanta Workers’ Compensation: http://www.garymartinhays.com/personal-injury/workers-compensation/ In this video lawyer Gary Martin Hays talks with you about 5 secrets the workers’ comp adjuster doesn't want you to know about Atlanta workers’ compensation. He provides essential information about wage benefits, your employer’s panel of doctors, medical needs and more that you need to know! To get free information on workers’ comp claims or talk to attorney Gary Martin Hays, click the link above. **Click below to SUBSCRIBE for more videos** http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=injurylawfirm ================================================ Here is a recap of this video: 0:40 Workers Comp Wage Benefits 1:21 Panel of Doctors: What you need to know 2:30 Your employer must pay for medical needs 3:07 When should you report your work accident? 4:09 How much should your wage benefit check be each week? ================================================== Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays: http://www.garymartinhays.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LawOfficesofGaryMartinHays Google +: https://plus.google.com/b/115981143310145262766/+Garymartinhays-lawyers/about LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/law-offices-of-gary-martin-hays-&-associates-p-c- Instagram: https://instagram.com/garymartinhayslaw/ Want more workers' comp info? http://www.garymartinhays.com/personal-injury/workers-compensation/
Basics of MMI and Impairment Rating in Texas Workers' Compensation Injury Claims
The attainment of maximum medical improvement and the certification of an impairment rating are two of the biggest events in a Texas workers' compensation claim. In this video, Dallas, Texas workers' compensation attorney Matt Lewis addresses what these are, what they mean, and what you can do about it. maximum medical improvement impairment rating texas workers' compensation
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Bradford & Barthel - Negotiating the Very Best Workers' Compensation Settlement (Part I)
Should you settle early? Should you drag your feet? Should you leave no stone unturned? Should you forego discovery? Answer is…yes…no…maybe!?!? What settlement posture is best for your particular fact pattern? Learn this and more from an attorney with a total of a quarter century’s experience negotiating settlements at every WCAB district office in California: Donald R. Barthel. Website: http://www.bradfordbarthel.com/ Webinars & Videos: http://www.bradfordbarthel.com/webinars/ Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=BradfordBarthel Training Certificate Request: https://goo.gl/forms/pAlxbkA1pPWTy3Mq2 (this site might not load on older browsers; please use Chrome or ensure your browser is updated)
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When Your Workers' Comp Claim is Denied
PA Workers' Comp Help Now http://paworkerscomphelpnow.com/ When Your Workers' Compensation Claim Is Denied If you are watching this video, you are either concerned about or have had your workers' compensation claim denied. I'm glad you're here! I'm AJ Palutis and, in the next couple of minutes, I will tell you why a denial is not the end of your claim. I will offer you some important information on how to obtain the benefits you deserve. The insurance company and your employer have 21 days in which to investigate your claim and then either accept or deny your benefits. During their investigation, they are searching for ways to either deny or reduce your claim. Why? The insurance company and your employer are in the business of making a profit. When you are working, you are an “asset” to the company. When you are injured and missing work, you are a “financial liability.” Their motivation is to stop losing money. What would cause them to deny your workers' compensation claim? The doctor decides that your injury is not severe, The doctor decides that your injury is pre-existing, Your claim was filed after the deadline, Your employer feels your injury didn't happen at work, or The accident happened during an illegal act. You should note that it's the insurance company which pays for the doctors, nurses and therapists. They use those healthcare providers frequently and, although not dishonest, these medical professionals are prone to siding with the insurance company in order to continue their working relationships and income. If your claim has been denied, don't give up hope. You have a right to hire a lawyer to assist you in fighting for your benefits... and that help is FREE! Don't stop reading here and run out to find a lawyer, just because you heard the word “FREE!” You see, “Free” means different things to workers' compensation lawyers. For some, their time and knowledge is free, but the cost of obtaining medical records, depositions, interviews, paid witnesses, and other costs are billed to you. That's a huge surprise when you receive a bill for $3,000 to $5,000... both unexpected and unaffordable. If your case is won, the Workers' Compensation Judge will instruct the insurance company to reimburse you for those costs. If you should lose, then you are out of luck... and money. Let me explain how that's not going to happen when we become teammates. My promise to you is the same one I make to all my clients, both past and present. “I will pay all the costs of your case, and you will NEVER receive a bill from me.” If you think about it in terms of a horse race... my money is on you to win! Literally! If we win, I receive payment for my costs. If we lose, I lose my entire investment. That should give you an idea of how motivated I am about winning your case. What's your next step? Call me! Let's discuss your case and begin piecing together a strategy to get you the benefits you deserve. Don't wait another minute fighting against the insurance company and their legal team on your own. As your teammate, I will provide the legal and medical weapons you need to recover from you injury and still have all your financial resources available to you.
Stipulation and Award Settlement In Workers Compensation
Supplemental Job Displacement Vouchers Are a qualified injured worker ? You might be be entitled to a 6000.00 voucher towards retraining to learn new skills. Here, at MB&A, we work on a contingency basis. No Recovery? No Fee. Let us advocate for you!  #WorkersComp #WorkersCompensation #Claims #Law #LaborLaws #LosAngeles #Attorneys #RecoveryfortheInjured #BurgisLaw #ContingencyBasis #NoRecoveryNoFee #CulverCity
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Workers' Compensation: What is a workers’ compensation mediation?
Workers' Compensation: http://www.garymartinhays.com/personal-injury/workers-compensation/ In this video, Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer Gary Martin Hays explains the mediation process. To get free information on truck accident claims or talk with attorney Gary Martin Hays, click the link above. **Click below to SUBSCRIBE for more videos** www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=injurylawfirm Here is a recap of this video: What is mediation? 0:24 What are benefits of mediation? 1:08 Need help? 2:14 ============================================== Contact info Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays: http://www.garymartinhays.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LawOfficesofGaryMartinHays Google +: https://plus.google.com/b/115981143310145262766/+Garymartinhays-lawyers/about LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/law-offices-of-gary-martin-hays-&-associates-p-c- Instagram: https://instagram.com/garymartinhayslaw/