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Daniel Simmons
What videos would you like to see during this self-isolation period? Indoor only! Stay safe 💙

Comment from : Daniel Simmons

Antonius Block
Wide leg trousers are the thing in this decade.
Comment from : Antonius Block

Me watching this as a girl cause half of the lookbooks I find are girly.. But honestly I say thank you my dude.
Comment from : Sofa818

Phemedi Tutja
Hi Daniel! Just subscribed to your channel, I like your theme song. Please share. Keep up the good work. Oh have you made videos on Grasshoppers/Clarks Wallabees yet? Thanks in advance.
Comment from : Phemedi Tutja

Jude Sushi
I think you should change your mic. Your voice is too low in this one compared to other videos and its difficult to understand unless you turn the volume all the way up.
Comment from : Jude Sushi

Đức Anh Trần
I love those outfits and ... dat peach 🙈🙈
Comment from : Đức Anh Trần

Marc Rasing
Inspired by your taste in fashion man! Keep it up the great work. By the way, what size if your Acne Studios Coach's Jacket?
Comment from : Marc Rasing

Abdul Waheed
All these outfits are for common spring days and nowadays are not the common springs but the isolated springs. Moreover, spring is now at its peak and summer wants to start.
Comment from : Abdul Waheed

nice even tho I could never pull most of these off lmao
Comment from : ye

Nik Man
Fg 2020
Comment from : Nik Man

coffee and thoughts
first video of you i watch, i wasnt ready for your voice ! i loved the 7th look, those shoes were perfect with the jacket :)
Comment from : coffee and thoughts

Gavin Ostertag
How do you do that glitchy scene transition?
Comment from : Gavin Ostertag

Jorn de Visser
what are the socks you used in the first few looks?
love the outfits!!

Comment from : Jorn de Visser

Steven Casteel
Downvote for the lysol bit.
Comment from : Steven Casteel

Kaya Berger
could you please do a summer version
Comment from : Kaya Berger

Zac Koi
Do some home outfits that would be look great and also it may be perfect for some photos.
-Like this comment then ill followed right away

Comment from : Zac Koi

Jackie Ho
Comment from : Jackie Ho

Zico He
That Prada shoe+bag combo is 💣
Comment from : Zico He

Gerald Lvsq
Where do u get your blank white tee shirts?
Comment from : Gerald Lvsq

Duy Tung Ha
Bro, can you tell me! what name is your leather jacket brand?
Comment from : Duy Tung Ha

Marcus Sörensen
You look goofy af
Comment from : Marcus Sörensen

Outfit 4:

Where is the vest from ?

Comment from : Reequitt

Elena Tran
Could you let me know what is the type of cloth of the first outfit?
Comment from : Elena Tran

Jamica Gaither
Do your 1461’s run true to size?
Comment from : Jamica Gaither

Arlyn Alfante
this is very minimal, you should try putting accessories to actually call it an outfit
Comment from : Arlyn Alfante

Love your style dude!
Comment from : LOUser

s a
Straight trying to have style: copy the same silouhete 10 times, change the colors (but don't wear flashy colors, it's hard to match, lazy boy :)), and overall never wear 'impression! it's too difficult to choose a good draw ... And the icing on the cake: the rolled-up cap !! Don't hide your ears LOOOL ... Come on boy, you don't deserve a 140 k follower, you're just a COS lookbook!
Comment from : s a

Люблю щавель
"Мода" залетела куда-то не туда. Думаю такой стиль очень скоро уйдет в небытие.
Comment from : Люблю щавель

Roland Seper
Yes indeed, I have really enjoyed this look and style. Great work on the video. Now I have to get ready to hit the club again both this video in style and then Delta Parole - Wasted Music Video that I had watched before this again since every night out I rock out to it first goes stunnin smooth, motivated me to be the man tonight. What are any of you other beautiful peoples hit the club songs?
Comment from : Roland Seper

Jessica Lee
love your aesthetic so much and your outfits are hella CLEANNNN love it !! 🔥💓
Comment from : Jessica Lee

Cool. If you don't mind, can you tell me your height?
Comment from : Chluser

Thomas Goldhar
okay these are the best!
Comment from : Thomas Goldhar

Retinol Beauty
Comment from : Retinol Beauty

Random Bey
Please make a video pants and their names
Comment from : Random Bey

I love this channellllllllllll !!!

Comment from : HJKX

am I the only one who doesn't give a fuck how I dress at home haha?
Comment from : elixs_blanco

outfit #3 is so dope
Comment from : affraidbae

I'd love to see a how to style a vest video in the future :)
Comment from : lasse.ski

Nik Man
Loose the horrendous chunky footwear no one ever look good wearing them
Comment from : Nik Man

Евгений Короткевич
Bro, stop wearing white socks
Comment from : Евгений Короткевич

Daniel with the antibacterial tips. fight over chicken drumsticks ?🤣🤣 fits were fire. quick question why did you move away from the street and do more of a minimal style now ?
Comment from : Angel

Uddin 216
My favorite outfit has to be 4 and 9
Comment from : Uddin 216

Ania Stasica
I love the blue overshirt in outfit 3, and I wish it had a women's size!
Comment from : Ania Stasica

Eric T Meraki
Daniel, what's the height of the camera when you are filming these? Are you tilting it up? Thx.
Comment from : Eric T Meraki

Ngl , I miss your street style... still
On form thou

Comment from : J S

Isaac Avocado
Yoo Daniel you killed it in this one mate!🔥
Comment from : Isaac Avocado

Some Guy
Yes, time to front on my mirror, since it’ll literally be illegal to go outside
Comment from : Some Guy

Montell Fish
fits 4,7 go hard 💙
Comment from : Montell Fish

3-4 6 9 & 10 are my favorite look. 😍😍 great job
Comment from : Unapologetic

Evan Rose
And where those homme plisse pants ?? 👀👀👀
Comment from : Evan Rose

Evan Rose
That light blue work shirt was so nice!!!
Comment from : Evan Rose

kingsley Chan
Outfit 6 was definitely my favorite. That military inspired one is definitely something that I do as well. Great video, looking forward to the apartment tour!!
Comment from : kingsley Chan

M Chi
You've probably mentioned this before, but whats your height?
Comment from : M Chi

The Lobster
How's it like there? Are you still going out of the house?
Comment from : The Lobster

Mpho Rakometsi
Hype beast gang🔥
Comment from : Mpho Rakometsi

Brave New Wear
congrats on the move...no better time to get to know ur new space...I kinda think look #9 is my favorite like that cozy homme plisse with the new balances
Comment from : Brave New Wear

Alvin Anis
The simpler the better, sound bro.
Comment from : Alvin Anis

Redky music
this review is quite ok
Comment from : Redky music

Defo try use more grey in your fits mate, its a perfect base color to build upon imo, especially for people who have a pale complexion.
Comment from : Joshwhiting1989

Temwani Chirwa
Nice video as always bro💪outfit 8 was my favourite 😍
And stay safe bro, I wouldn't wanna lose you to this damn virus, you're like my internet big bro that I get style inspiration from😇

Comment from : Temwani Chirwa

Outfit #8 🤯👍👍
Comment from : imvaler

Dominic Hærfestson
I lost it at 1:08 🤣 thanks for the video Dan and stay safe.. Good timing for me to go through my pieces in times of lock down here.. Stay safe everyone!
Comment from : Dominic Hærfestson

Dean Talavera
Comment from : Dean Talavera

Mr. Snuggles
really feeling the spring vibes
Comment from : Mr. Snuggles

Luca Elias
Which brands sell good high waisted trousers
Comment from : Luca Elias

Flu Ent
Spring outfit idea 2020: face mask, gloves, biohazard suit, off white af1
Comment from : Flu Ent

New tip: don't flush non Toilet Paper. People are flushing wipes and towels which clog stuff up.
Comment from : ThunderRazor

Federico Argilli
This new spot is so aesthetic
Comment from : Federico Argilli

Ur voice is so calming
Comment from : BenNguyen253

Sushil Purabiya
Comment from : Sushil Purabiya

Charles Rillera
The apartments aesthetics go so well with the fits. One of my fave menswear vids this year👌🏽
Comment from : Charles Rillera

Edmund osun
The first one is my favorite
Comment from : Edmund osun

Karla Cabello
Love the fits of your pants, always like to find some jeans with that kind of fit.
Comment from : Karla Cabello

I love the style. The only thing I’m having a hard time vibing with are the big pants. Slim pants are more my style
Comment from : HipHopPB

Solomon BF
Love the outfits, love those jeans too !!!
Comment from : Solomon BF

Carlo Marquez
Bro, you’re outfits are just too clean. I’m just too broke to afford nice minimal clothing. Any suggestions?
Comment from : Carlo Marquez

Carly M
Loved them all, really gorgeous outfits! The one that took my breath away was the black & white with the biker jacket, very stylish! Take care and stay healthy, it’s always nice to watch your videos in these hard times.
Comment from : Carly M

I'm so in love with the new backdrop!! And because of the quarantine we gotta show our fits on social media way more to let our friends know that we're still well dressed haha!
Comment from : jonathanstiber

this new setup tho 🔥 will miss the old one nonetheless!
Comment from : Pat!

Rodan Lam
Hey Daniel!!! Not only just wash your hand, you also need to wear a mask too!
Comment from : Rodan Lam

Elyan Yudi
So cool
Comment from : Elyan Yudi

Ben Cross
Do you know of any cheaper alternatives to the beige Ami Paris trousers?
Outfits are fire as always ❤️🔥

Comment from : Ben Cross

Sheen Michael Mañego
Loving the new background 😍
Comment from : Sheen Michael Mañego

Zhaowen Xu
Hi, Daniel. Nice video. Can you tell the size of the Light blue overshirt you wearing?
Comment from : Zhaowen Xu

Nice !
Comment from : Hypesky7

Max Salat
Really really nice outfits!!!🙇🏽‍♂️
Comment from : Max Salat

I like the last one
Comment from : Kohei

outfit nr9 is lit ⚡️
Comment from : alexandre

Leendert De Vos
Hi Daniel,
I was just wondering where you got that black belt you're wearing in the first outfits.
It looks good

Comment from : Leendert De Vos

Charlie Donnellan
wheres the cardigan from in fit 8
Comment from : Charlie Donnellan

Rachel Hatley
loved this video Daniel! Basically half the items you wore i also have!
Comment from : Rachel Hatley

Paulo Miguel
i feel like you're dancing!! super cute
Comment from : Paulo Miguel

johnpaul tougan
all the outfits looked real good but outfit #8 was probs my favourite👌
Comment from : johnpaul tougan

Christopher Aizen
What's the music in the vids
Comment from : Christopher Aizen

Iskandar Adnan
The issey pants are fire
Comment from : Iskandar Adnan

that Acne Studios jacket...is a major WANT
Comment from : gnparticle

really fire fits bro as always, even better to be honest
see you struggling with them balenciaga boots haha
a little tip for you to put on your zip and chelsea boots here
Step 1: Place the shoe horizontally, perpendicular to the foot, tip of the shoe inward
Step 2: Use both hands to stretch the elastic part of the shoe or the zipper part
Step 3: Put your foot in the shoe, turn the shoe out, turn the foot in the opposite direction
same thing when you take it off
got a link to a facebook video if my tutorial didn't make any sense haha

Comment from : danh.pacivik

Joman Joe Razonable
I go for Nine 👌.. Stay healthy and stay safe everyone.. Virus is real Damn..
Comment from : Joman Joe Razonable

Dimitri Sadikin
Best vid so far, love all dem aesthetic fits
Comment from : Dimitri Sadikin

Quality content as always!
Comment from : biyahengcrew

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