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One Dapper Street
If you're every stressing about what to wear, you can simply throw on a pair of jeans with a crisp t-shirt and pull off a classic look.
I hope I showed you guys different ways you can have fun and mix it up when pairing these staple pieces. What's your favorite way to wear jeans with a tee?
Also, don't forget to follow me on instagram.com/marcelfloruss for more outfit inspiration :)

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Vishal Kumar
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Comment from : Vishal Kumar

First: be handsome
Second: be tall
Third: show you gorgeous jaw
Fourth: be attractive

Comment from : Traveler

Phil Dunphy
Name of the colour of t shirt in the second look ???
Comment from : Phil Dunphy

Theodore Zafra
Jeans and t-shirt why theres a jacket
Comment from : Theodore Zafra

Chandru C
Black awesome bro
Comment from : Chandru C

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Dinasty saga
Comment from : Dinasty saga

A Tycoon's son reacts.
Your damn gorgeous in every style. You can pull off any style there is. I’m copying some of these just so you know.
Comment from : A Tycoon's son reacts.

A Tycoon's son reacts.
Step 1. Have a lean body.
Comment from : A Tycoon's son reacts.

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Jorge Gustavo Ortiz
Comment from : Jorge Gustavo Ortiz

Kingpoun@gmail.com t
Super video thank you
Comment from : Kingpoun@gmail.com t

wardon media
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Faisal Sheikh
2:10 2:40 are favourite!
Comment from : Faisal Sheikh

Simo X
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Khafi Moin
Great 👏👍
Comment from : Khafi Moin

kabeh ge kumaha beungeut ajg
Comment from : mlhygn

Hey bro whats your height??????
Comment from : Dave

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vatan thakur
that's great really
Comment from : vatan thakur

Rupina Digal
Comment from : Rupina Digal

6:37 love this outfit.
Comment from : Stow

Vincent L
全部都好啱你,與我一起希望你都可以咁陽光及colorful。 當然你可以保持自己Style 因為我都好喜歡你的形象😊
Comment from : Vincent L

Md Akash
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_ taylor_._._
Comment from : _ taylor_._._

anang waex
Trimakasaih thips nya
Comment from : anang waex

Paarth Agarwal
I'm 17 and I don't like ripped jeans? Do I need to see a doctor or anyone else feels like me?😂
Comment from : Paarth Agarwal

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Iris Vargas
Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
Comment from : Iris Vargas

Tracy Robbins
0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!
Comment from : Tracy Robbins

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pham victor
1:43 what the shoes of him name ? please
Comment from : pham victor

alessandra tararan
Aint no body watch this!
Comment from : alessandra tararan

Cosmin Mateescu
Aint no body watch this!
Comment from : Cosmin Mateescu

Kill Secured
2 things I wear. Our Company uniform and my home shirts.
Comment from : Kill Secured

Ashen Niyunuwan
Comment from : Ashen Niyunuwan

Vector boy
Comment from : TFF・ B L A D E

Rodrigo Caballero
I want to know how to ripped up my jeans like the grey and black ones
Comment from : Rodrigo Caballero

If I wore the last combination, i look like a clown but he looked so stylish damn life is hard when you are ugly and fat lol
Comment from : Tuna

Barış Eser
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Riyan Dey
You looks good in any outfit 🔥
Comment from : Riyan Dey


Comment from : ĀVREE EVANS

Kashif Ahmed
very naiss
Comment from : Kashif Ahmed

sahil shaikh
i really love your dressing test and the way you explain color matching with all detail of it n to give a style pose..❣❣🙌😍 fan frm India
Comment from : sahil shaikh

Kalyan Kumar
Vera lvl 🔥
Comment from : Kalyan Kumar

Emon Emon
3:46 vans name pls😭
Comment from : Emon Emon

Blue Shadow
I tried this and street dogs started barking at me 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
Comment from : Blue Shadow

Sameer Sammy
I really liked the second look.
Comment from : Sameer Sammy

Poonam Kumari.
Last one is too funny........
Comment from : Poonam Kumari.

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Rodolfo Caetano
I wanna watch this video all day
Comment from : Rodolfo Caetano

Dolvin Sekhar
Great video!
Comment from : Dolvin Sekhar

Jerum Viernes
Comment from : Jerum Viernes

Deepak Maurya
First you improve your personality
Comment from : Deepak Maurya

Sixteen 16
Where can I get those boots
Comment from : Sixteen 16

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Comico world
I'm lucky that everything looks good on me if it's fit and not a weird match. But still I go with just black, white and grey mostly. I don't why.
Comment from : Comico world

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Taylor Hebert
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rohan fernandes
So basically white tee is the key for every outfit😂
Comment from : rohan fernandes

Looks #2, #4 and #5 are the best!
Comment from : Alexander

manoj kumar
Nice bro... I enjoyed to watch video and white denim with orange T-shirt is awesome🤟
Comment from : manoj kumar

Joann Garcia
I think i just felt in love
Comment from : Joann Garcia

Samarth Mannur
From where did u stolen this dresses 😂😂
Comment from : Samarth Mannur

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Arman Adabi
4:28 once I bought a T-shirt like this, my mom told me it looks like you escaped from prison.
Comment from : Arman Adabi

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Anonymous W
Note that his fashion advice only works if you have long as legs. Try wearing Chelsea boots with short legs, you'll look like u have no calves. So I'd rate it a 1/10 since you could pretty much wear ANY pair of skinny jeans/chinos/dress pants + any top + any jacket and u'd look fine.
Comment from : Anonymous W

Yash Chowdhury
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sadewa putra
Event just wearing a jeans you still looked so fashioned for me that's beautiful, but thank you for the content now I know how to dress up
Comment from : sadewa putra

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Sujata Barua
This collection is amazing ❤
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Mubasher Basher
O wow greats styles
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Ankit Sharma
Please hindi dubbed please
Comment from : Ankit Sharma

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Totarmal Singh
bro you need some protein
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Anthony Bundy
i know i watch a lot of alpha m cause im nick picking everything lol
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Deepak Sharma

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High Rated baba
U are perfect ❤️❤️😳😳😳😳😳
Comment from : High Rated baba

Ashish singh
what abt Money????
Comment from : Ashish singh

Raghunath Balakrishnan
Bro u pants model skinny fit??? Slim fit? ...
Comment from : Raghunath Balakrishnan

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Vikram Rawani
Awesome Bro ❤️
Keep it up 👍
❤️ Love from India

Comment from : Vikram Rawani

Waffee & CO Blr
You have a perfect body
Comment from : Waffee & CO Blr

Noraksith King
How taller ?
Comment from : Noraksith King

Slava Junior
Please help me to find that orange tshirt. Where did you get it from?
Comment from : Slava Junior

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Ashish Sharma
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