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alpha m.
These Hoodies are THE BEST! cuts.team/alpha-m
I LOVE Cuts... and so will you!!! cuts.team/alpha-m
Discount will Automatically apply!

Comment from : alpha m.

Kristian Gosbee
lol I love that the gold Rolex came off in time for the "watch" part of the video...
Comment from : Kristian Gosbee

$82 for a hoodie tho 😐
Comment from : Mark

samuel lopez
What size does alpha do with cuts
Comment from : samuel lopez

George Brennen
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Comment from : George Brennen

Darth Dogoz
when you live in a hot climate state so it looks odd if you wear lots of jackets :(
Comment from : Darth Dogoz

David Thomas
I don't know how anybody could consider a Chelsea boot masculine it looks like something A metrosexual would wear
Comment from : David Thomas

Gustav Propovski
Tip 11: Go to gym.
Comment from : Gustav Propovski

Ran Wil
I miss my cardigan 😪
Comment from : Ran Wil

Syed Ahmed
Meanwhile me:cires in hyperdirosis
Comment from : Syed Ahmed

Victor Hansen
Hey Alpha. Im a Young dude who is Not so stylish. You got med wondering where the Frigg can i buy a peacoat (6:23) IT looks very nice.I live in Denmark
Comment from : Victor Hansen

Tommy Shelby
I have been doing the bomber over hoodie for 1-2 years. Today, I feel so proud that Alpha recommended it too.
Comment from : Tommy Shelby

The thing about the boots is that as more pointed they are the more they give your body the V shape that is one of the most visual attraction on a men. Of course not super pointy ones looking like a clown but, personally, I prefer them a little more pointy than the usual
Comment from : YoAlfie

The Solo Stache
Alpha! Hope you're well! I've been watching your videos since I was 12 (now 20 years old) I was wondering if you could make a video on overcoming ptsd, ive been struggling immensely for the past 3 years from some abuse I went through from my father. With ptsd my confidence died my purpose feels lost and covid has me beat :( I love your videos and would appreciate any tips ❤
Comment from : The Solo Stache

What’s the brand for the peacoat Alpha?
Comment from : nautica707

Justin Schwartz
What about pants?
Comment from : Justin Schwartz

Comment from : Joey

Mitch Hewitt
Masculinity is about confidence. Style should not be a "costume" to "give the appearance of...". Being confident and comfortable goes far further than he-man clothing. I know a YTer has gotta YT, but after years of watching this channel, the topics get repetitious and a 44-year-old filming toward a 20-something audience gets the views, but for the distinguished MAN, boy-speak like "Sexy Senoritas" is cringy. I wish Alpha would grow with his audience. What applied a decade ago doesn't apply to me today.
Comment from : Mitch Hewitt

Francisco Heredia
Comment from : Francisco Heredia

dea him
Your hoodie is too big.
Comment from : dea him

Andzz Cage
alpha m. such an inspiring dude,keep up the good videos man
Comment from : Andzz Cage

burglar brah
Hoodies imo make you look narrow instead of muscular
Comment from : burglar brah

Timothy Bourgeois
You’re breaking your own rule. The denim jacket and jeans should not both be light wash
Comment from : Timothy Bourgeois

okay, i have eveything from the list except the cardigan
Comment from : Rajat

Michael Proud
what kind of jacket you wearing here, man?
Comment from : Michael Proud

More Moneyy
I’ll tell u the secret in 4 very easy steps
1.Get a Rollie aka Rolex (dont got to be real)
2.Some Gucci fendi or Louie (don’t got to be real)
3.Get you a lil chain (dosent have to be real )
3.rent u a Foreign
4.* never I say never wear a fuckin “Henley” shirt .
If you follow these rules
U could go to any hot strip club in Miami, Vegas , New York and pick up any onlyfans bitch You please .
don’t thank me just leave a like 👍 😃

Comment from : More Moneyy

Walter Thomas
I love you man!
Comment from : Walter Thomas

Aditya nandan sv
The coolest and most entertaining YouTuber ever!! I will pray to God that u will always stay this energetic man🔥🔥👍
Comment from : Aditya nandan sv

Art Portillo
Always liked this guys advice but the first sweater looks feminine....
Comment from : Art Portillo

buckminsteer fullerene
Trying to be masculine looking is the antithesis of being masculine
Comment from : buckminsteer fullerene

Shubhansh Aaryan
Where to get that pea coat 🧥 alpha?
Comment from : Shubhansh Aaryan

The Moodmaker
I'm definitely in for the peacoat!

In fact I bought it a couple of weeks ago.
Best 200 euro's I ever spend because it's so incredibly much fun to wear!

Peacoat collar up:

watch out!
Not only I'm a BAD ASS, I got style too!

Turtle neck with peacoat collar down: I'm an alpha gentleman and spicey sassy senorita's are safe with with me.

Thank you Aaron!
Only you can make the subject 'wardrobe' so much fun it's ridiculous!


Comment from : The Moodmaker

Juan Roberto
Nothing like a goód masculine fragrance that's my numero uno
Comment from : Juan Roberto

>MVMT watch

lmao ok..

Comment from : Matosan

love from India
Comment from : Matosan

Blu Skiez
New Jersey style ?
Comment from : Blu Skiez

Enrique Aguilar
There's nothing masculine about wearing a hoodie
Comment from : Enrique Aguilar

D7eem .O
Please stop shouting
Comment from : D7eem .O

I feel the testosterone drippin' outta this video...
Comment from : NotTheRightGuy

What brand peacoat is that?
Comment from : Lehman93

Payton Green
I asked for a peacoat and a leather jacket with Sherpa with it. Also asking for Chelsea Boots all for Christmas from my Mom.
Comment from : Payton Green

Jael Contreras
POV: you’re here after finding out dresses are manly according to all the Harry styles fans
Comment from : Jael Contreras

Stuart Short
Where can you buy this cardigan?
Comment from : Stuart Short

Graham Hamilton
couple of gripes here. you spend far too much time talking about your video sponsors and stop saying "in my honest opinion", i watch your videos for your opinion, if i didn't like it and stopped watching
Comment from : Graham Hamilton

Very cool Mr. Greetings from India. How to see bobs and vegene?
Comment from : 1995hss

ESNTLS is much better than CUTS
Comment from : Abishek

Talk about the lock we fat men please
Comment from : H S

Mike S
Love what cartigan any link?
Comment from : Mike S

In my opinion 😂
Comment from : SRJ Mel

Johnny Santos
Sorry the flannel and The Sherpa lined Jean jacket are out. Lol
Comment from : Johnny Santos

Nathan Phillips
Alpha, where did you get that badass sweater?
Comment from : Nathan Phillips

Biker jackets look totally idiotic unless you are on a classic cruiser.
Comment from : Jonathan

Kai Feng
Seriously where do you get that leather jacket at 3:42
Comment from : Kai Feng

Lol this guy really trying hard to keep himself as young and fresh as possible, a vit sad really. C'mom bro you are almost 50. But he gets a B+ for good marketing skills. Go buy his products guys hahah 😂
Comment from : InAbsentia

Matt Kraig
Florida loves to keep me from ever enjoying Fall/Winter wear 😢
Comment from : Matt Kraig

Zeke Von Genbu
I don't know why, but I always feel more confident whenever I'm wearing a pair of jeans, a tee shirt, and a jacket/sweatershirt/button shirt over.
Comment from : Zeke Von Genbu

Netflix and Reels
10 things to make you more masculine...

Rolls out in a woman's sweater

Comment from : Netflix and Reels

Michael Bargo
Alpha, I gave you the👍 literally right before you mentioned it🤣
Comment from : Michael Bargo

chmp07 H
Nobody’s gonna tell us where that sick puffy bomber came from
Comment from : chmp07 H

I don't like jean jackets, I think they have been out of style for decades.
Comment from : social3ngin33rin

Steven Guntharp
Seriously, no discount was applied. Cuts already has a black friday sale going on
Comment from : Steven Guntharp

Jack C
I like the bomber more without the hoodie.
Comment from : Jack C

End Time Films. CoTM
This was quite helpful Alpha ... Thanks! 👍🏻
Comment from : End Time Films. CoTM

Marcus Clark
The cardigan is gonna be a hard pass. Even you couldn't make it look masculine. Love the bomber jacket though.
Comment from : Marcus Clark

Дмитрий Сбер
100$ for a hoodie and 30 for a shirt??? Wich bank I have to rob???;)))
Comment from : Дмитрий Сбер

Krisztián Palovits
What is the Peacoat color? :o
Comment from : Krisztián Palovits

Great sense of style and fashion. Great video
Comment from : lakernatic88

Eoin Rafferty
Where’d you get that bomber jacket
Comment from : Eoin Rafferty

Formidable Rider
luv dem rugged thursday boots
Comment from : Formidable Rider

Bartosz Ciepliński
7:55 Doesn't apply when you're 6'5 tall and choosing a smaller size means you will look like you stole it from a younger sibling :P #talldudeproblems
Comment from : Bartosz Ciepliński

peaky fookin blinder
how can you wear a hoody and a jacket youll be insanely hot and sweaty
Comment from : peaky fookin blinder

Joel Hietanen
The hoodie does not fit perfect: there's too much material on the stomach area, the shoulders fit awkward and boxy and the material looks really cheap for a hoodie that expensive, imo of course
Comment from : Joel Hietanen

Keep in mind that Aaron is 40 years old and only 5'6". The fact that he looks good shows that with good lifestyle and style choices, you can look good at any age/height.
Comment from : D A

Jay Yang
Hey! That’s not an answer belt! 🤨
Comment from : Jay Yang

The motorcycle leather jacket and the peacoat are great for the sexy senioritas who like urban style on a guy. Pass on the hoodie even if it is fitted. Go with the henley instead.
Comment from : D A

Devin Hartlaub
Where can I get the trucker jacket ?
Comment from : Devin Hartlaub

jose nieto
Expensive ass hoodie
Comment from : jose nieto

Garret LG Lolong
This guy changed my life. Talking about hygiene grooming and fitness, now i'm pumped and feel great because oh him!
Comment from : Garret LG Lolong

Heru Amun
Man you be killing it !!
Comment from : Heru Amun

Al Nahyan
The guy is so masculine, he wears earrings just to give himself a handicap
Comment from : Al Nahyan

rishikesh amle
Good one👍👍👍 I know you are working hard but ..Same type of content is repeating again & people are getting familiar with this .try adding Content from different filelds like motivation,personal finance ,etc.
Comment from : rishikesh amle

Vivek kumar
(Guys best clothings and shoes are available at very low price so pls try at least one time) amzn.to/2IRoICY
Comment from : Vivek kumar

ירין אקוע
Where do I buy the black shirt?
Comment from : ירין אקוע

Guitarist Sam
Hey ,If you're reading this , you're not stupid , you're not ugly , you're not worthless , you're not weak , you're not a burden , your anxiety is lying to you. Remember, till the end of this week there will be a massive shift of positiveness into your life. Love ya : 》
Comment from : Guitarist Sam

Max Williams
Who else plays Guess The Sponser every video
Comment from : Max Williams

Stacey Raven
The hoodie - always say no to shiny material. For all the man points you gain with a hoodie you lose them for it being shiny.
Comment from : Stacey Raven

Hannan Shahid
Aaron could you please make a video on diet and eating habits. It is one of the most essential etiquette but a lot of us neglect it. I have been watching your videos since 2014. Big Fan
Comment from : Hannan Shahid

Hassan Mohammed Shaheen
Lol, hoodies make you look like college student. Alpha in one of his video also said so, now he's CONTRADICTING himself. 🤔
Comment from : Hassan Mohammed Shaheen

Hussain Bhaimomin
Hey alpha which footwear goes with bomber jacket, Henley and denim
Pls help

Comment from : Hussain Bhaimomin

Nandeep Xess
Happy men's day guys
Comment from : Nandeep Xess

Zineddine Blacko
You've been saying the same thing a thousand times
We want new ideas

Comment from : Zineddine Blacko

Congratulations, Kennichiwa. Lol 🤣
Comment from : NostArtik

Yadiel Peña
Comment from : Yadiel Peña

My friend enjoy watching ur video u just make our day
Comment from : IONIC

If somebody could link that black bomber Alpha's always rocking that'd be cool.
Comment from : Blottskie

jose cruz
Where are those Chelsea boots from though ?
Comment from : jose cruz

Kanishk Rai
What's ur opinion about coset west
Comment from : Kanishk Rai

I disagree about the hoodie. Other than wearing certain colours, it’s a largely unisex article of clothing.

Females also wear a lot of flannel. It’s even part of a “basic bitch” outfit. They pair a black and red flannel with black leggings and Uggs.

Comment from : cheesesteakphilly

Chris Moon
Comment from : Chris Moon

Stan Seventeen
HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MEN'S DAY Y'ALL OUT THERE...🔥🔥🔥🔥 to all the fathers, husbands, brothers and boyfriends and Especially to the single fathers.....shoutout...GOD BLESS Y'ALL ❤❤❤❤
from a 19yr old indian girl...

Comment from : Stan Seventeen

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