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Birthday, dating advice, meal, menswear, bestoftheday

Alex Costa
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Comment from : Alex Costa

Daniel Nguyen
I need that link to your grey jacket you’re wearing...it’s 🔥
Comment from : Daniel Nguyen

Aslam Ansari
Are sir hinde me bataea
Comment from : Aslam Ansari

Jonathan Villegas
Como quisiera que estuviera en español.😪
Comment from : Jonathan Villegas

Zeke lawrence sabijon
Tony Stark!!!!!
Comment from : Zeke lawrence sabijon

Milk Man
Oh my I just realized this right now he looks just like RDJ
Check the thumbnail too

Comment from : Milk Man

Natasha Adams
Alex you proof me wrong all the time
Comment from : Natasha Adams

black knee grrr
Alex Costa at 1:55: Number THREEHHH!

Comment from : black knee grrr

Mike Smith
What's the name of the jacket
Comment from : Mike Smith

JkAra Nicu
Ar trebui sa te bata Dana Budeanu cu parul!
Comment from : JkAra Nicu

Awesome Err
How many more videos are you going to do about the same thing? You and other fashion youtubers make the same videos every few weeks. Its ridiculous. You have nothing new to say or do.
Comment from : Awesome Err

Maleesha Wijarathna
Please do a vidieo for a how to get a mucular girl for a love
Comment from : Maleesha Wijarathna

Sanjai Kumar
Which is the best shampoo
Comment from : Sanjai Kumar

let the truth be told
Shirt stays suck, forget about them
Comment from : let the truth be told

Dev Yadav
Please start giving short description of your videos
Comment from : Dev Yadav

md.riyad shobuj
Alex bro are you relative of Tony Stark???😁😁
Comment from : md.riyad shobuj

Stallion Disliker
Americans LOVE Mexico!!!!!!
Comment from : Stallion Disliker

Aleš Kuběna
You advise dark colours, and wear white T-shirt and fair jacket yourself.
Comment from : Aleš Kuběna

I'm wearing merch only. From Youtubers or Games and I love it. So I don't give a f about everything else. Confidents comes from my proud of who I am. I live that with my clothing. I show who I am. And sometimes I actually get numbers through that because girls who recognize that come to talk to you themselves xD
Comment from : MessedUp.

Wassim 2323
You r the best brother 😍
Comment from : Wassim 2323

Ben Bakker
I just wetted myself seeing those shirt stays.....
Comment from : Ben Bakker

mike zeppieri
hey em looking for a new syle i can adubet for this summer
Comment from : mike zeppieri

Jag Risdon
It seems such an important topic.
Comment from : Jag Risdon

kunal khandelwal
" Fashion Can be Bought, Style one must Possess."
fashionable content awaits for your fashion readers.

(Articles/Captions/Content) on MEN'S FASHION.

DM me to have more info.

Comment from : kunal khandelwal

Trent Burton
Thank you Robert Downey Junior
Comment from : Trent Burton

Duane M
Are skateboards essential style items for adult males?
Comment from : Duane M

Juan Ibiapina
I'm looking for style advice for men which doesn't come from complete idiots. Any video recommendations?
Comment from : Juan Ibiapina

Angel Rojas
Alex I watched a old video and heard that your color blind are you still?
Comment from : Angel Rojas

Dang, I always loved dark color to go out. Ah, I had that secret inbuilt!
Comment from : InnerEagle

Iron man’s brother ?
Comment from : Ammar

Sayed Danial
I don't wanna look taller gentleman bcz I already have enough height that sometimes make se disappointed bcz I am not a muscular guy at the same time so please suggest me to lessen my height or get rid of this disappointment when I wear skinny pants or tight shirts I look pretty good but my height doesn't
Comment from : Sayed Danial

Eden CADgraphics
Oh My Godnesssss ! your jacket is so nice
Comment from : Eden CADgraphics

Darren Chichester
“Cheap Christmas Tree” LOL
Comment from : Darren Chichester

IM SORRY BUT THAT SHIRT STAY IS THE DUMBEST LOOKING THING IVE EVER SEEN! LMFAO! why don’t you just staple your shirt to your underwear! Lmfao
Comment from : jbauer140

Phil Schwartz
The Jade Black store is a joke..everything is sold out. Don't waste your time :-(
Comment from : Phil Schwartz

Edison Lean Ming Hui
If I saw this video 4 years ago, I would be a Model with a shirt stay
Comment from : Edison Lean Ming Hui

Luars Qamo
What if ur confident with ur face but ur nose YOUR FKN NOSE IS SO BIG
Comment from : Luars Qamo

Peter figueroa
I thought this guy was Robert Downey jr for a sec
Comment from : Peter figueroa

Subrata Ray
Comment from : Subrata Ray

Lowes48 jj
One hour to find your jacket on ZARA because it's bad ass just for them to say it's not available anymore!!!! F**K!!!
Comment from : Lowes48 jj

Curszd TV
Bravo 6.... going dark. 0:38
Comment from : Curszd TV

Jefri Channel
U and tony stark are twins
Comment from : Jefri Channel

Lane R.
looks at closet full of plaid because at 5'4" all I can wear are little boy clothes

Well, I guess my style is loud. But hey, I have shirt stays.

Comment from : Lane R.

Manang Mambobola
You look like Iron Man.
Comment from : Manang Mambobola

Could be?
Skinny jeans. - maybe they should be called footless tights?
Comment from : Could be?

Raushan Kumar
Which ring is he wear in his ring fingers
Comment from : Raushan Kumar

TJ Allen
Alex costa aka Tony stark!
Comment from : TJ Allen

Jerry Villegas
Comment from : Jerry Villegas

Ridwan Affandi
How do you make famous your brand.i'm from indonesia
Comment from : Ridwan Affandi

Inter Fuze
I thought it was Iron man teaching
Comment from : Inter Fuze

Eric Lindegard
I love ur videos dude. But I’m a hip hop head and sneakerhead. I have a lot of Jordan’s. And polo shirts. I know ur against logos on shirts. So What should I wear?
Comment from : Eric Lindegard

Savage Rice Cake
The sunglasses part is the main point of this video.
Comment from : Savage Rice Cake

Remi Stardust
4:04 "the sight of every guy in there wearing a tie. That was the worst feeling ever."
I just saw a picture of a man with his leg blown-off (Syria). You might want to tone it down.

Comment from : Remi Stardust

Farhan Muhib Ayon
Hey this guy looks like ironman!
Comment from : Farhan Muhib Ayon

Ismene Edecaste
Shirt stay? ...oh come on, man, you've gotta have those imperfections..
Comment from : Ismene Edecaste

Nicklas Hedegård
Please someone help me!!
I have been looking everywhere for that coat/ jacket he's wearing!
Help me out, where can i find it?

Comment from : Nicklas Hedegård

Ihza Israwan
You are not wearing dark
Comment from : Ihza Israwan

Садри Саъдиев
I like your jacket bro
Comment from : Садри Саъдиев

v iDooggZ competitivo
Saudades do MiB gustavo made kkkkk abraço
Comment from : v iDooggZ competitivo

Sam Seb
Cheap Christmas tree 😂😂🤣
Comment from : Sam Seb

Hey anybody knows where I can find that jacket he's wearing, I've searched all over the Zara store and couldnt find it
Comment from : QcFrank

Imran Kanval
Where did you get your jacket, love it
Comment from : Imran Kanval

Mike Dixie-Normous
I Wear sweatpants with confidence.
Comment from : Mike Dixie-Normous

Hamed Goumidi
Comment from : Hamed Goumidi

Onkel Joe
Lul so much Boring Style
Comment from : Onkel Joe

How u have a good jaw line...can u give me advice
Comment from : NIRAJ JALAN

Tarik allouat
Isn’t that teachingmenfasion’s brand ?
Comment from : Tarik allouat

Kenshiro Yanai
what's weird is that trying to look good is difficult for me because I have a cross-eye, but. Most of my friends said that "I matched with it"😂😂
Comment from : Kenshiro Yanai

Alex, I really like the Zara jacket that you are wearing. Could you describe it more? Is it denim?
Comment from : donsherm66

Alex, please talk to some of these other so called fashion channels. They dress like shit.
Comment from : LosAngeles.323

Nima Tsering
Make a video about unwanted hair
Comment from : Nima Tsering

Anyone know the name of this jacket? Can’t find it in ZARA
Comment from : Pirhett

Arcane Joxzy
I don’t want to look even slimmer lol
Comment from : Arcane Joxzy

1:55 i can tell that that was his 35th try on number 3😂😂😂
Comment from : ASAP ROCKY

Comment from : Adam

unboxingspree2020 Zheng
People say black tshirts makes you more hot
Comment from : unboxingspree2020 Zheng

I don't find this dope ass jacket, can someone link it?
Comment from : epicfaaail

LifeIsAGame YouWillHaveToParticipate
Akosta could be a really good brand name xD
Comment from : LifeIsAGame YouWillHaveToParticipate

Erik Gergorič
Alex you should do how to dress for a prom video😄
Comment from : Erik Gergorič

Hey Alex just tell about the length of an untucked shirt...
Comment from : Jithu

ᘔᗴᑎITSᑌ ᗰᒪ
Nice jacket👍🏻
Comment from : ᘔᗴᑎITSᑌ ᗰᒪ

Did anyone catch his Instagram name? I think I missed it the other 58 times he threw it up on screen.
Comment from : CloudSurfer821

Christian Dee
Nice Jacket! what kind of jacket is it?
Comment from : Christian Dee

Rig_ Code
I m going to Mexico!!!!Alex be my plus one
Comment from : Rig_ Code

M Performance
“Looks aren’t everything” - says every fat or ugly guy
Comment from : M Performance

Oleg Seliverstov
Please, color grade log footage
Comment from : Oleg Seliverstov

De mon
Sunglasses by Alex Costa 😄 Excited to see when this brand is comes out 🤓
Comment from : De mon

Sha Basit
Great video
Comment from : Sha Basit

Zilani Patwary
Comment from : Zilani Patwary

Michael Bull
These sunglasses are the bomb, love them!!
Comment from : Michael Bull

Chris Carter
Good advice Mr. Stark
Comment from : Chris Carter

Aint no way in hell im wearing shirt stays! imagine i get undressed in front of a chick i just picked up and and ive got those things hiding in my pants.
Comment from : DJ

PM Elite
Man you remind me of Rob Downey
Comment from : PM Elite

Mark GOGO Gomez
Dude that's sweet you are helping sponsor the Zuniga boyzzz!!!!
Comment from : Mark GOGO Gomez

Mark GOGO Gomez
Dude that's cool you are helping sponsor the Zuniga boyzzzz. Love seeing you guys all come together. Great glasses.
Comment from : Mark GOGO Gomez

Muhammad Nazir
Dude looks like iron man
Comment from : Muhammad Nazir

James Towey
'Looks arent everything' they only count for 85% of it.
Comment from : James Towey

Abdul M
When are showing your giveaway winners 🤣
Comment from : Abdul M

The Wild One
I'd say if you're a grown ass man drop the Skateboard unless you're out there to pick up teenage chicks.
Comment from : The Wild One

Hamza Qureshi
0:50 anyone know what those puma's are called?
Comment from : Hamza Qureshi

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