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Jose Trigueros
Where can I find pants like the one on outfit 6?
Comment from : Jose Trigueros

Oscar Ji
Hi I really like ur pants option, what are these type of pants? its amazg!
Comment from : Oscar Ji

Dinasty saga
Graphic t-shirt for download www.freepik.com/rajasmart
Comment from : Dinasty saga

0:40 what’s the pants ?
Comment from : ぱき子

Shon Critic
4:25 oufit para robar, con cartera incluida 😍😗😙😥😌😏😏😅😱
Comment from : Shon Critic

Joel Sandoval
14 is my everything!
Comment from : Joel Sandoval

Joel Sandoval
I died at 12
Comment from : Joel Sandoval

Joel Sandoval
9 can f me up
Comment from : Joel Sandoval

muhammad hafiz arkananta
i like your outfit
Comment from : muhammad hafiz arkananta

vatan thakur
love you and your video's is great
Comment from : vatan thakur

Renzo Osuna
I want to wear these but the weather in my country says no.
Comment from : Renzo Osuna

Song name please?
Comment from : GriffinBlanked

helkio Helkkai
What do you call the black pants?
Comment from : helkio Helkkai

Felipe Rodriguez
Me encanta tio
Comment from : Felipe Rodriguez

William Friedl
0:53 Love this moment
Comment from : William Friedl

Dzaqwan Hasbie
fire fire
Comment from : Dzaqwan Hasbie

Nikolay Kiselev
You're definitely a great styler and an incredible storyteller. I am not a big fan of getting hooked on YouTube typical fashion geeks, though you are a terrific exception. Loving almost every look of yours along with decent charisma and sheer cosiness. Keep rocking man! Hugs from Russia
Comment from : Nikolay Kiselev

lisa home
A natureza é maravilhosa
Comment from : lisa home

sercan ildeş
Safe and sound
Comment from : sercan ildeş

Al Mina
Man, your trousers reminds me of my late grandpa😩
Comment from : Al Mina

We giargiana torna in Office o ti faccio licenziare, figa.
Comment from : RAW

Abderahman Guesmi
Wtf ! Looks like 💩
Comment from : Abderahman Guesmi

Ren Riv
I dint like it lol so baggy. The clothes were wearing you, you were not wearing them.
Comment from : Ren Riv

jin mori
Comment from : jin mori

Wanda Galmon
Hahae so good
Comment from : Wanda Galmon

Number 6 , that's it
Comment from : GAME BRO

Becca Wu
SO lucky to find this video
Comment from : Becca Wu

Dress so cool.
Comment from : SIRINGER

Luis Fernando Vega Pérez
that’s so cool
Comment from : Luis Fernando Vega Pérez

mark caine
Charlie Chaplin trousers lol if i walked down the street in any of those clothing i would be laughed at, but hey ho, we are all looking for different things in fashion, so each to their own.
Comment from : mark caine

Leandro de Oliveira Chagas
Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
Comment from : Leandro de Oliveira Chagas

Iliana Yessel Salazar
1:02 what is it?
Comment from : Iliana Yessel Salazar

Jesus Christ is LORD
Freakin hate this high waste, baggyish pants/ huge shoes and color neutral fashion. Unflattering as F. Why spend actual money on it? lol - Staying in the last decade.
Comment from : Jesus Christ is LORD

Giuseppe Peano
So, if you're attractive you can wear whatever you want and... continue to be attractive?
Comment from : Giuseppe Peano

Rafael Tolentino
what do you call the pants on outfit number 6
Comment from : Rafael Tolentino

Jemand Jemand
most of it looks like pajamas without the jackets.
Comment from : Jemand Jemand

Hemi Gardiner
The bro are you from nz
Comment from : Hemi Gardiner

Lilan Khuvung
What is those fluffy pants
Comment from : Lilan Khuvung

Kike M
All look the same 😑
Comment from : Kike M

vuong nguyen
not really casual 2020 but okay
Comment from : vuong nguyen

Comment from : Flavoury

Ken Alpha
What do you call that kind of pants?
Comment from : Ken Alpha

Wow cool, the 3rd pants are women's. I like it
Comment from : pancakes

mark kai
Love this video
Comment from : mark kai

Saint Perth Northcloud
Plain/ basic = boring
Comment from : Saint Perth Northcloud

Marcel J.
Too classy for me, i wish i could look this good in basics
Comment from : Marcel J.

This is so cool! I loved number 11 the most
Comment from : K H

Wow! All those pants are amazing, unfortunately I live in Chile, where you can’t find that style of trousers. If I find something so nice like those, I definitely pick up

louis liu
l love your style
Comment from : louis liu

Del Rei Rock
Hum... Thanks for the effort.... But no. 😣
Comment from : Del Rei Rock

Wtf is up with them Steve Urkel ass pants.
Comment from : TheSweetestJerk

그냥 옷걸이 자체가 이미 멋진 분이구만,
He already is fit, any outfit and style suits great on him

Comment from : 열무

Saihil Chetty
Can someone please tell me what song this is?
Comment from : Saihil Chetty

Jacqui Supo
Usen mi código de rappi jacquelis7134 y gana s/ 150 en rappicreditos
Comment from : Jacqui Supo

Baner seram Baner seram
All pants are big not nice but 4.30 and all halfpant are look good
Comment from : Baner seram Baner seram

Gregor Pituch
Hey Quick question was size is the jacket in outfit 4 & 5 ?
and also pants in outfit 6 & 9 that says "sold out" who are they by?
Really enjoyed the video! Great work

Comment from : Gregor Pituch

Jazer Matalam
What’s the pants called in outfit 6? The one’s with a tie and high waisted
Comment from : Jazer Matalam

Rishab Gurung
Diggin 10, 13 and 15
Comment from : Rishab Gurung

Okay okay eu to apaixonada no estilo desse cara 💓
Comment from : Manuela

You've definitely improved my casual style, it's got smarter. I always just associated casual as super casual, I'd never wear shoes casually ever until now. Best fashion channel on YouTube 👌🏼
Comment from : doubts

coffee kichuchar
I just have 2 shirts 2pants and a shoe. But still watching this video 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : coffee kichuchar

Florian Winter
Hey what about your body size and the size of the t shirt in outfit 1 or 2
Comment from : Florian Winter


Aiden Tran
Argh the AMI pieces my wallet have been shot. :( cool combos!
Comment from : Aiden Tran

PC Principal
You and Tim changed my fucking life.
Comment from : PC Principal

Linh T
We STAN for men lookbooks. All lookbooks are usually for women, so it's nice to see the opposite gender do it!
Comment from : Linh T

Brent Faiza
Dont spend overyly price but spend smartly. You can turn 30 bucks into a a list fashion
Comment from : Brent Faiza

Mic M
I love when men dress up and nice. You are fine
Comment from : Mic M

Comment from : Vivanavab

Hilary Delenila
This is the power of plain t shirts💪
Comment from : Hilary Delenila

Glen Layer
Title of first song??
Comment from : Glen Layer

Justin Tran
how he dress like every korean guy
Comment from : Justin Tran

Tyler Goldstein
What's the music?
Comment from : Tyler Goldstein

Zane Xyxer Oswald Alegre
whats the song Daniel?
Comment from : Zane Xyxer Oswald Alegre

When the best item in your closet is you...So is this just a blanket suggestion to be ripped and beautiful so you can walk outside in a burlap sack and still be a work of art?
Comment from : E R

Strawberry DV
Thanks for your video!!!! I now have more ideas to style my boyfriend=)
Comment from : Strawberry DV

Carli Too
I finally found someone with the same style as me!!
Comment from : Carli Too

Julius Caesar
Thanks for giving me ideas for what to wear on our date ;)
Comment from : Julius Caesar

Jovante Hercules
where’d you get your clothing rack from?
Comment from : Jovante Hercules

Konrad Rust
this video gave me inspiration for one of my favorite current outfits
Comment from : Konrad Rust

Cristian Pires
I guess 2020 also brought one of the ugliest fashion trends ever. Fitting for this shitty year.
Comment from : Cristian Pires

how tall are you?
Comment from : YC C

Aesthetic girl
I love ur style <3 looks very good 🥺
Comment from : Aesthetic girl

Dong jallorina
i really love how daniel style ever sonce i subscribe on his channel very simple yet so sofisticated

thank you daniel for this kind of videos 😊😊😊

Comment from : Dong jallorina

Ana Navarro
This is overside fashion?
Comment from : Ana Navarro

Rodrigo Spinelli
What’s first music ?
Comment from : Rodrigo Spinelli

Debia Ichir
Tim dissent ??
Comment from : Debia Ichir

Why boys in my school haven't this style😍
Comment from : Zirmus

Thank god for the return of high-waisted trousers.
Comment from : TheDutchGuy

Awful outfits
Comment from : GFB

Brandie Lehayan
nice outfits love them all
Comment from : Brandie Lehayan

wearing socks on top of each others mannn u know what to do and blue cardigan ahhh
Comment from : Melol

Chris Slade
Wear mc hammer pants and put on a t-shirt and jacket. Got it!
Comment from : Chris Slade

Evert Macabutas
Super High Waist pants is the trend I can't dare to wear. It's so gay.
Comment from : Evert Macabutas

Joao Pinho
U should take a look on piet a Brazilian brand that matches your style
Comment from : Joao Pinho

Taliwapang Jamir
Comment from : Taliwapang Jamir

Artas AH
It is so bad.. bad.. bad..
Comment from : Artas AH

Ryan Brereton
What style would people call this?
Comment from : Ryan Brereton

WUM Farmacja
Most of the outfits are so sick! You have such a good sens of style. In a nutshell fire style!!! <3
Comment from : WUM Farmacja

Brian Rasesa
Is no-one going to ask about the first song? 😭💔
Comment from : Brian Rasesa

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