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MR. Allen
Wear some fkn socks man, damn!
Comment from : MR. Allen

I look so bad In every thing. I wish I could just drop dead painlessly and go away and stop form suffering
Comment from : C LEE

Bali Sultans
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Comment from : Bali Sultans

you talk more.............
Comment from : ADULT MEN'S FASHION

Sk Ishan
Dislike karne wale intelligent hain 😂
Comment from : Sk Ishan

Dani Rose
U talk too much
Comment from : Dani Rose

Dani Rose
I fuckin hate u
Comment from : Dani Rose

Kiku chan
Dark clothes are too common nowadays among boys .And also dark clothes shouldnt be wear during summer times.
Comment from : Kiku chan

Jky 17
Since when does water extend while freezing wth
Comment from : Jky 17

Boikanyo modirw
this was a good advise to see
Comment from : Boikanyo modirw

Rahul Jatt
Angreji angreji ke Moot Moot
Comment from : Rahul Jatt

You have to match colors of the pants to the trousers! 2:25 Fine I won't follow the rule
Uncommon element! Go, there are thousands hundred people buying, fine, I'll just use a military tag

Comment from : InnerEagle

Pett Bernstein
Making a video on fashion without knowing fashion..😝😝😝
Comment from : Pett Bernstein

sajan Bhatty
Bhai hindi bil
Comment from : sajan Bhatty

Vincent Calafiore
Bro dont pinroll with coke white af1..
Comment from : Vincent Calafiore

Dressing School
For Amazing Outfit Ideas
Comment from : Dressing School

Dressing School
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Comment from : Dressing School

Jordan ak
Fuck just advertising 🤣 keep on byee
Comment from : Jordan ak

Matt Bryant
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Comment from : Matt Bryant

Six Figure
I’m i the only one who didn’t like his style
Comment from : Six Figure

Agent 00P
The 7 Best Fashion TRICKS All Men Should Know

1. Match your shoe color to your pants
2. Use the freezer hack to break in new leather shoes
3. Wear something bold (ad ends 4:07)
4. Make your clothes looks expensive (dark, well-fitting, minimalist look)
5. Break in your leather jacket with a little bit of water
6. Tuck in your shirt to look a bit classier
7. Always have balance and contrast in your outfit

Comment from : Agent 00P

you sound homophobic so freaking much :/
Comment from : mass

Matthew Pikachu
Please thank your parents for creating you! Kidding aside, thanks for the on point style advice! 😁
Comment from : Matthew Pikachu

MalicH GaminG
3:40 u are rapping bro
Comment from : MalicH GaminG

Олег Курчинко
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Comment from : Олег Курчинко

Content Bringer
Best free grooming tips at

Comment from : Content Bringer

Lamso Mangkung
So this is watch advertisement??😂😂
Comment from : Lamso Mangkung

big ucks maybe crow
What's the point of wearing a watch when everyone has a phone ur wasting money on something tht tells the time when ur phone dose tht anyway totally waste of money stupid really
Comment from : big ucks maybe crow

I am a girl and watching this.😏

Why?? Because I like to wear my brother's clothes. 😌😁😂

Comment from : Piya

Kadak Insaan YT
In my school 80-90% people wears watch
Comment from : Kadak Insaan YT

Jayke Harrison
match your shoes with your pants. Every style after has contrasting colours. Great video
Comment from : Jayke Harrison

USMC 03five2
This whole video was a sellout for a drop shipping watch store lmao. Okay there bud. U go flex with that $12 china made watch
Comment from : USMC 03five2

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Comment from : DEADSHOT SL

Sean Omight
Makes me think of friends when ross put water on his leather pants, but they shrunk rather then expanded.
Comment from : Sean Omight

Kakashi Of The Sharingan
Water when freezes it expends????
Comment from : Kakashi Of The Sharingan

Time to wear my grandfather's omega watch thay cost 3k 👀
Comment from : MightyX

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Thank you.

Comment from : vikas all in one channel vikas all in one channel

Hill kaam or bol jyada
Comment from : ANKIT SHARMA

Raja Chakraborty
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Comment from : Raja Chakraborty

she luvs quez
1:44 how he gonna say it don't look good that's our own style, black people has clothes we just like to wear
Comment from : she luvs quez

hey whtsp2 is your boy isa isarb

X1linx1X YT
Wear vapourmax plus it’s the best shoes you can wear but it’s £19”
Comment from : X1linx1X YT

Din Pappa
why this guy giving out crazy much tricks on how too look good and stuff when he looks like justin bieber in 2024
Comment from : Din Pappa

comedy scence
Comment from : comedy scence

Nazmul Nazm
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Comment from : Nazmul Nazm

BRESHPAC-SAS Impact Investing Platform
bro, you got a girlfriend
Comment from : BRESHPAC-SAS Impact Investing Platform

Matthew James
Brill video
Comment from : Matthew James

Juicey green Lemon
omg where are some places i can buy leather jackets for a cheap price. Please help me
Comment from : Juicey green Lemon

Miguel Galvan
I was looking at these black head remover and idk I’d I should buy :\ amzn.to/2BjYBRC
Comment from : Miguel Galvan

This guy o really fucking anoying
Comment from : Bertil

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Malik mursal
Mennnnn if we interested to watch about watch we can watch in the YouTube too but this isn't what I clicked to watch anyway the adds is fine but make them the last
Comment from : Malik mursal

Syed menhdi
Bhai apka model chutiya lag rha hai....
Comment from : Syed menhdi

David Burton
I like the tribal look stop knocking these black men
Comment from : David Burton

Zenul Kazi
Astonishing fashion trend
In history

|| blend of bizarre & ridicule ||

Most bizarre fashion trend
Most bizarre mistake

Take a trip <3


Comment from : Zenul Kazi

This is what I get for being an angsty teenager that hides ._.
Comment from : Ok

nathan alexander
who here is single? I know I am
Comment from : nathan alexander

ब्राह्मण _Editing
Lodaaa hindi me bol
Comment from : ब्राह्मण _Editing

MD. Nurul Islam
My brother toke to bangla please
Comment from : MD. Nurul Islam

Alejandro Moreno
Jose what? Pronounce your last name correctly, bro
Comment from : Alejandro Moreno

Rohan Bokde
Hey can you give me the link of that blue jacket I liked it
Comment from : Rohan Bokde

Fiexz Music
Style masing2 boh
Comment from : Fiexz Music

J0NAS267 28
I dont now but in thumbnail is the left much better than right
Comment from : J0NAS267 28

anosh yusuf
Shut the fuck up! Everyone has a phone so tell your sponsor to shove that watch up 😒
Comment from : anosh yusuf

Ikram Ansari
Comment from : Ikram Ansari

Rasel Hossain
You're talking like crazy
Comment from : Rasel Hossain


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Comment from : UJWAL UJ

Shonta Marinello

Comment from : Shonta Marinello

Why Indian looked-men look very alike?
Comment from : KRS

Abigail Flores Acevedo
I’m a women is that ok 😂
Comment from : Abigail Flores Acevedo

Élégant Men
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Comment from : Élégant Men

For me it's necklaces or jewelry some of it actually women jewelry but no one realizes that
Comment from : Legodog890

Seriously? What fashion sense do you have? Just because you think what looks good doesn't make it right. Baggy shirt with skinny jeans? WTF are you thinking? Make you look fat with chicken legs. Sorry, I don't agree with what you think fashion is. If you are skinny and you wear tight ass clothes, that makes you look even skinnier. I think the look you are going for is slender man.
Comment from : Jo KTV

Hosam Orfali
First of all, first tip made no sense, white sneaker and black trousers make PERFECT match cus they are exact opposite colors, so opposite colors are always a good choice, second option I'm not gonna freaking freeze my yeezy''s in the god damn freezer. Then after that I just stopped the video and just went out.
Comment from : Hosam Orfali

Sowe Sulayman
Comment from : Sowe Sulayman

The Easyway
Comment from : The Easyway

I bought a rolex a few years ago and I've never worn in fear of messing it up.
Comment from : BiggieCheeseOfiical

I have some clothes that was handed down and doesn't fit. Sometimes I bought clothes that didn't fit because cheap at a yard sale. Why pay many times more for clothes that fit?
Comment from : hydrolito

Water can cause leather to wear out faster. It also causes leather to shrink when it dries. People coat leather boots to make them more water resistant.
Comment from : hydrolito

Buy shoes that are big on you so you can wear extra socks to keep feet warm in the winter. I know of no one that puts shoes in freezer.
Comment from : hydrolito

Wear a leather jacket in summer 🤣 bruhhh
Comment from : Amalizer

Skylar Owens
Comment from : Skylar Owens

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Comment from : potato

op op
Comment from : op op

Mohammad Zaid
Bhai hindi
Comment from : Mohammad Zaid

Aabe hindi mai bolna
Comment from : AMAN VLOGS

Nobody cares!!!
Ngl ur style is lowkey basic and really doesnt have finesse
Comment from : Nobody cares!!!

Don't mind me, buying a 20$ watch on amazon that looks as good.
Comment from : Sylfix

Jasmine seeta
hehe his beard though
Comment from : Jasmine seeta

lleyton slaysman
I hate the audio doesn’t sync up
Comment from : lleyton slaysman

Thanks man, pretty cool
Comment from : maverick211211

Mills The Barber
AYYYYYEEEEEE YOOOOOOO!!!!! good tips ....and OFCOURSE ....top it off with a bomb haircut!!!!!
Comment from : Mills The Barber

Adam Smith
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Comment from : Adam Smith

Zaib Ashfaq
never do online shopping I repeat never
Comment from : Zaib Ashfaq

Amarjeet Sah
Top 10 t-shirts buy link👇

Comment from : Amarjeet Sah

Vip 29
Comment from : Vip 29

Ben Lawson
just me that thinks a baggy fit is good but you have to know when its appropriate to wear baggy or fitted
Comment from : Ben Lawson

Jasper Clement
Wait hold on I thought when stuff get colder the particles slow down and then the stuff contracts
Comment from : Jasper Clement

Did u just... Wear af 1 with skinny jeans??
Comment from : G L O O M Y F E E L S

Blood Crescent Airsoft
What are those boots in the beginning?
Comment from : Blood Crescent Airsoft

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