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Alex Costa
Hey everyone! Thank you for watching :)
My mic was messed up in this video but don't worry, it's all fixed in tomorrow's video, so this is the last time!
Hope this video helps you understand what type of basics you should look for when beginning to build a wardrobe!

Comment from : Alex Costa

Adam Paulson
This video probably has good content, bailed after 10 seconds because of the audio.
Comment from : Adam Paulson

1. Nice Shoes:
- brown or black professional shoes
- white sneakers
- athletic shoes
- boots
2. Pants
- plain black jeans
- dark indigo jeans
3. Tees
- White
- Black
- Grey
- Navy Blue
4. Sweaters (Quality and Fit)
- Grey
- Navy Blue
5. Outerwear
- Leather Jacket
- Denim Jacket
- Topcoats
6. Accessories
- Necklace
- Bracelet
- Watch
- Ring
- Sunglasses/Glasses

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Mudlij Al-Zakwani
you look like an alpha male version of jimmy Kimmel
Comment from : Mudlij Al-Zakwani

Vincent Calafiore
6:14 this brown leather jacket is fire
Comment from : Vincent Calafiore

YourAsianComrade 27
Nowadays everyone is wearing saggy pant
Comment from : YourAsianComrade 27

Alex: I could wear my black jeans every day for a few weeks and no one would notice.
Frugal Ass: Cries in same pair of jeans every day

Comment from : CallmeaRetard

Luqe Max
How much is your worth
Comment from : Luqe Max

Daniel Malone
are there any websites like stitchfix that work for people in australia
Comment from : Daniel Malone

daniil yakovenko
Well I got 2 pairs of jeans and 10 shirts I ain’t got that much cloths lol
Comment from : daniil yakovenko

I think I should just wear a monk robe
Comment from : sni04588

Camerian Santana
Where did you get those double monks Alex?
Comment from : Camerian Santana

Tyler Gilerd
Who else wishes they had his bod, like damn
Comment from : Tyler Gilerd

pretty Flacko
It all come back to shoes 😂
Comment from : pretty Flacko

pretty Flacko
These ads stating to get real irritating 😡
Comment from : pretty Flacko

Miguel Souza
Funky sound, too loud music.
Comment from : Miguel Souza

Laura Ni
Does anyone have any tips for how a middle aged man who is a little overweight and can’t exercise because of cardiovascular issues dress?
Comment from : Laura Ni

Does anyone know if stitch fix is a good thing to buy?
Comment from : Leviathan

Warren Tait
Thanks for the video!
Comment from : Warren Tait

baconbros990 990
Do a new one for 2020
Comment from : baconbros990 990

Soy Sauce
For me it’s not that I can’t pair clothes, it’s that I don’t have anything that stands out. And I’m not exactly overloaded with cash so I can’t go and buy clothes that only work with one outfit. I have 3 jeans, some cool t-shirts and a few jackets
Comment from : Soy Sauce

Midhun p.j
Alex Costa,tmf only make videos when the video is sponsored....bruh grow up
Comment from : Midhun p.j

Newbie Yang
His looks make me think of tony stark. Just saying..
Comment from : Newbie Yang

Matin Babasab Shaikh
I still have no idea when you are dressed the way you look the best then why did wander around roads and silent places all the time When no ones watching you???
Comment from : Matin Babasab Shaikh

So I lost some weight and now everything I have is kinda baggy. I was considering buying some new clothes and updating my style which is why I came here. But honestly, this video made me realize just how little I care about the frivolity of what people think looks good. Most "fashionable" clothes seem to be whatever you can barely squeeze into or whatever gets hot and sweaty once you actually step outside for more than 30 seconds. I honestly tried but I just can't get my mind around how superficial this kind of stuff is.
Comment from : Malhaloc

Ojo Oluwatosin
Too much echo❗🙄
Comment from : Ojo Oluwatosin

kevin quintana
Dude that background noise was a mess.
Comment from : kevin quintana

Jagpreet Chadha
Comment from : Jagpreet Chadha

Joshua Teichman
He's actually in a bathroom with a green screen that's why it sounds like that
Comment from : Joshua Teichman

Evan Jones
your video was great, your shots were awesome. but your audio sucks.
Comment from : Evan Jones

Eywin Kuhn
He: If you live somewhere cold like in New York, sucks for you.
Me in Switzerland: -_-

Comment from : Eywin Kuhn

Abhishek Pandey
Your all vdo are awesome
Comment from : Abhishek Pandey

Rostan Daniel
what are the name of the boots you wore in the video?
Comment from : Rostan Daniel

Presbian116 Tier1
1. Check
2. Check
3. Check
4. Check
5. Check
6. I have a watch but i may invest in a necklace next year.

Comment from : Presbian116 Tier1

Candy Corner
Audio quality is reaaaalllyyy poor
Comment from : Candy Corner

you and i pretty similar broh ❤️

he look like robert downey jr
Comment from : ozzie

My Oh So Handsome Life
Alex Costa is the man! Love this content. I’ve even just created a YouTube channel to follow my progress. I have a few videos up. I would love some support/feedback so hit subscribe and check it out. 🙏
Comment from : My Oh So Handsome Life

jaydon anderson
I wish I could afford 4 pairs of shoes
Comment from : jaydon anderson

Archrey Is trash
I got no style bruh🤣
Comment from : Archrey Is trash

Octávio De Almeida
Thanks for the help bra.
Comment from : Octávio De Almeida

Judith Lusamba
No lie. That shoe thing is so true! I saw a man at a coffee shop once, he wasn't a model or anything, and he had a simple white shirt black pants situation going on but he had some awesome brown leather shoes, wooowie! I thought that made him look so expensive and he suddenly seemed more handsome to me. He looked put together, like he had his life all figured out
Comment from : Judith Lusamba

Tbh you kinda look like Tony Stark (iron Man)
Comment from : DMG

Nicholas Wisdom Kiyimba
I love you and follow you alot but today's fashion tips weren't cool
Comment from : Nicholas Wisdom Kiyimba

Chanandler Bong
was this recorded in a well
Comment from : Chanandler Bong

Nebula Tech Tips
Love from India
Comment from : Nebula Tech Tips

Where are the Wellies?
Comment from : Pathfinder

Rosalind Lewis
InTuck it shirts with that brown waist jacket? Yes, I am a king a question!
Comment from : Rosalind Lewis

Rosalind Lewis
Does AlexCosta do Italian shoes or is this French and help me ! I want my man to love the skin care products.
Comment from : Rosalind Lewis

Sayed Danial
Its my biggest problem dude when I go to closet and try to pick items that match to my mindset from various angles and its indeed nearly impossible to find a perfect match because my closet isn't that much organised which is why I am here. I am taking ideas about organising wardrobe.
Comment from : Sayed Danial

vedant dalvi
echo bro
Comment from : vedant dalvi

Need a vid on shopping for tall guys (im 6ft 3) when youre a smaller chest size...
Im a medium in chest for things to fit slim and proper but being my height everything is either too short or i have to size up for length and just get a baggy item that i refuse to buy

Comment from : Matt

Bart Corver
Hey Alex can you make a video about color matching? I’m struggling with matching my outfit colors together (dark blue with black for example, is that a thing?). And I’m sure I’m not the only one struggling with this problem. Love the vids man, helps a lot!
Comment from : Bart Corver

Burnt Potato
Why does it look like the background is a green screen
Comment from : Burnt Potato

Luis Email
Really cool video.! It made me realize I am not a beginner anymore! Thanks man!
Comment from : Luis Email

4 types of shoes? I don't even have that many. Fuck...
Comment from : Tae

Shawn Mascarenhas
Hey Alex! I really need your help in building a wardrobe. I love wearing Chelsea boots but I feel I should try out other ones too. I wanna impress a girl I like with the clothes I wear. Please suggest me some clothing items. I'd really love to receive a reply from you brother 🙌
Comment from : Shawn Mascarenhas

Wei Keat
Proceeds to look at my 14 hoodies and 5 t shirts
Comment from : Wei Keat

your mom XD
Your audio sucks bro. Cant watch
Comment from : your mom XD

Logo Danielson
“You end up feeling like you have no clothes”
Lol me.
Except with the fridge.

Comment from : Logo Danielson

trying to listen but keep getting distracted by how attractive this guy is.
Comment from : ThePhinista

OsoFit 95
Fun fact for the viewers the Cassius Clay shirt Alex has on with those numbers is a date...and on February 25 1964 Muhammad Ali became the Heavyweight Champion by TKO on Sony Liston🔥🔥💪
Comment from : OsoFit 95

Maz Maz
when he said pants. my mind was like: WHO IS GOING TO SEE MY UNDERWEAR! 😂
Comment from : Maz Maz

Mr. Tea
"Guy's tend to have way too many T-shirts in their closets" - looks at my wardrobe and counts approximately 25-30 T-shirts..... yeah this is why I came here - to get fashion help not fashion advice.
Comment from : Mr. Tea

The Ja#zer
2:26 does someone know that jacket? I really like it
Comment from : The Ja#zer

Step 1 - Be attractive.
Comment from : planes45036

Great video! Needs better audio though I’d recommend investing in better audio
Comment from : AndrewSun15

If I looked like that I’d have to kick my own ass.
Comment from : Chags236

Ethan Oliveira
What white shoes!?
Comment from : Ethan Oliveira

That guy
Day echo tho!!!!
Comment from : That guy

Comment from : A.K

Jonas Rodrian
Wear black, thats IT👍
Comment from : Jonas Rodrian

Ethan Clarin
Guys help me. Black or white high top or low top converse?
Comment from : Ethan Clarin

Amin- R
Thanks a lot
Comment from : Amin- R

Kelvin Givens
This video was just as basic as other mens fashion videos
Comment from : Kelvin Givens

you might want to consider moving to a smaller room or somewhat sound treating this room, the echo is really distracting
Comment from : Braadkuiken

The sound is horrific so I stopped watching.
Comment from : CPIZZI

David vs Goliath
I tried the white sneakers and I could not pull it off, black leather sneakers look better on me
Comment from : David vs Goliath

Tim Milner
I just found your videos this morning I'm 10 years older then you at least and I'm learning so much. Thanks for the tips
Comment from : Tim Milner

Fatih Özcelik
Hey Alex
Great video as always from u and ure style is just awsome 🔥🔥🔥
Where I can find the clothes from Ure videos?

Greetings from Austria 🇦🇹

Comment from : Fatih Özcelik

Ashton Hunter
Hey Alex! I'm over in Europe but really like the idea of Stitch Fix. Is there a way to or an alternative that ships outside of the US or UK?
Comment from : Ashton Hunter

Damn he looks so feminine
Comment from : Shoelace

Bansan official
Can "Stitch fix"can ship to India??
Comment from : Bansan official

Rncrr D
What if you don't wear leather?
Comment from : Rncrr D

Darthwing Xodius
Look like Tony stark
Comment from : Darthwing Xodius

Ye Yed
Love that background music makes your vids more happy
Comment from : Ye Yed

Deandre Johnson
hey guys! make sure to head over to my channel and hit the subscribe button! i just posted a new video so please drop a like and comment on what you think! Thank you !!!
Comment from : Deandre Johnson

Style for blue collar guys would be a great video. Style you can work and get dirty in.
Comment from : Timmy2Fingerz

Francis Lepcha
Sound is irritating..... So I stopped video..... Sorry
Comment from : Francis Lepcha

Mr Cupcakes
Dude...get a professional mic
Comment from : Mr Cupcakes

Who changes jeans everyday bruh
Comment from : Kushcash

MarkPolinar Realm
I think your mic is not working, but great video, it help me a lot.
Comment from : MarkPolinar Realm

Grappler Guy
All clothes look better when you have huge biceps 😂
Comment from : Grappler Guy

Sajid khan
You Are Awesome Bro.. 😍
Comment from : Sajid khan

atal khan
can u make a video for boys
Comment from : atal khan

Lane R.
Loads of great tips. I have found that blue leather sneaks were a much better option for me than white, though. I just don't like and won't wear white shoes. They are just too difficult (read: time-consuming) to keep clean, and if they're not brand-new clean white, they just look sloppy and gross. The dark blue goes with easily half my wardrobe, so thank you Clarks Bostonian for hooking me up with the perfect sneaks.
Comment from : Lane R.

Peace ✌🏻
Comment from : Md SHADab

Janu Haji
What's ur Instagram name
Comment from : Janu Haji

Cayden Kennedy
Were did you get your leather jacket?
Comment from : Cayden Kennedy

I wish I had your physique! Great looks!
Comment from : ORION

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