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aRIaS SoSa
MVMT watches are terrible and everyone who knows anything about watches knows this
Comment from : aRIaS SoSa

Comment from : MUFADDAL VARDA

God, this channel is like the K-mart of YT men's fashion.
Comment from : IDaumI

Liam E
high waisted trousers are incredible. They are so comfortable and make my legs look longer.
Comment from : Liam E

Gürol Gny
Why is he talking that weird? Cant concentrate
Comment from : Gürol Gny

Frenchie French
Thanks Jose
Comment from : Frenchie French

Kyle Pugmire
Ayeeee thick soles time to break out the heelys bois 👀
Comment from : Kyle Pugmire

Mikaeel.F Cassim
Where tf is the summary guy bro
Comment from : Mikaeel.F Cassim

jake benstade
pay a bohemia rap behind his talk and u will feel like that this guy is rapping...hahhaha
Comment from : jake benstade

Does anyone know where that jacket is from?
Comment from : xLegAcYxIX

Mitch Hewitt
Sherpa denim jacket in June, yeah baby. Wasn't it also not long ago that "too much volume hairstyles" gotta go??
Comment from : Mitch Hewitt

Here’s my opinion
I love jose
Comment from : Here’s my opinion

Live 4today
“ Took me a while to like chest rigs”? Translation= they paid me to post about them. Now I love chest rigs. Lol I love a commercial pretending not to be a commercial.
Comment from : Live 4today

Rigoberto Garcia
Does anyone know where the jacket is from???!!!! TYSM!!
Comment from : Rigoberto Garcia

foot lover
Its corona timeeee
Comment from : foot lover

Been at Marine Corps basic and SOI all year, going home soon and here to see how to not look like I’ve lived under a rock since 2019, because I have.
And you mean to tell me civis wear mini flaks to carry stuff and for style?

Comment from : TaeoBrah

Geo Smith
Our brother Jose really makes it easy for us to keep up to trends.
Comment from : Geo Smith

All this dude does is create videos for his sponsors. How can any of you trust him? It’s all BS.
Comment from : JoeyJiggles

MS Sounds
You are an OG👊✌🔥
Comment from : MS Sounds

Where did you get that jacket/ what is it called
Comment from : Dyls

shoto macaroni
could anyone tell me where his jacket is from
Comment from : shoto macaroni

Teon Mclean
Why do I feel like I'm watching an infomercial?
Comment from : Teon Mclean

Roland Seper
What a look so mood style. I have really enjoyed this look and style. Great work on the video. Now I have to get ready to hit the club again both this video in style and then Delta Parole - Wasted Music Video that I had watched before this again since every night out I rock out to it first goes stunnin smooth, motivated me to be the man tonight. What are any of you other beautiful peoples hit the club songs?
Comment from : Roland Seper

Bobby Curl
This guy was by far the most annoying —- he didnt even say much unless you’re just a whack ass lonely person he has nothing to offer ...and NO ONE cares about watches that much as most ppl have smart watches —— this man literally had no clothing in video nothing but a power point lmao ppl don’t let this guy dress you you’ll look dumb as hell hes self absorbed nothing here for all body sizes nothing here talking about where to find great clothing at a decent price. Step ya game up brah shits whack
Comment from : Bobby Curl

Hriday Tulsianj
You forgot the mask though
Comment from : Hriday Tulsianj

Vegas Cane
Only chest rig I'll wear is my crye precision to hold my magazines and backup handgun to shoot thug looters
Comment from : Vegas Cane

Owen Bunny
sherpa jacket in june?
Comment from : Owen Bunny

John Guia
This channel is gold
Comment from : John Guia

Iconicc Real
Comment from : Iconicc Real

A Anderson
How can people start trends if no ones really outside?
Comment from : A Anderson

Who is Artemii?
are doing really nice job, but you are too active and it annoys a bit, just helping you mate
Comment from : Who is Artemii?

If these are the best trends for 2020......... then 2020 really is a shit year.

Bring on 2021.

: - )


: - )

Comment from : leonel1717

Great content, but Jesus, either stop screaming or use a limiter on the sound., It distorts like crazy!
Comment from : alexanderlabrea

James Humphrey
I’m sorry but you’ll never catch me in a ‘chest rig’
Comment from : James Humphrey

Movement watches cheap creep from china 😂
Comment from : F**kingPROBLEMS

Robert Gilmour
Yeah I’m liking the Cuban Collar shirts, especially from Reiss 👌
Comment from : Robert Gilmour

Richard Alain Butler
Thank you for doing the 30 second Google search Jose.
Comment from : Richard Alain Butler

I like Narco style/drug lord style like the Cuban one. It's nice preppy casual but with swagger, if you unbutton a bit and wear a nice thin gold chain like a cross. Pair that with a good watch and sunglasses and you will be getting pulled over by every cop in the city 😎😎
Comment from : Septims

Mohsin Sayed
Thank you soo much bro ur inspiration salute!!
Comment from : Mohsin Sayed

Paul Nguyen
anyone know where that chest rig/bag in the thumbnail is from??
Comment from : Paul Nguyen

Star Respy
Where is the jacket from tho?
Comment from : Star Respy

Rocky Barrera
Hey Jose, we need a video about how to buy reliable cars under 7000
Comment from : Rocky Barrera

3 Minute talk about MVMT Watches, think about your content. You have enough money.
Comment from : quarcks007

Juan Johnson
Movement watches are trash
Comment from : Juan Johnson

Mayson Phillips
You know what else is a trend in 2020 following me on instagram: mayson_phillips.
Comment from : Mayson Phillips

Mayson Phillips
You know what else is a trend in 2020 following me on instagram: mayson_phillips.
Comment from : Mayson Phillips

“They got you covered”

Comment from : TheHamdama

Sandro Petricioli
I love how he describes exactly what MVMT does, srry but they are trash
Comment from : Sandro Petricioli

Videos and stuff
A Chest rig? NO. Just no. Cmon now.
Comment from : Videos and stuff

Abdelrhman Dameen
It a pity that Jose hasn’t really progressed as
Comment from : Abdelrhman Dameen

Ghazali Alsayed
Your words are fast, please speak slowly 😌🌹
Comment from : Ghazali Alsayed

Ben Ransom
Idk about the tie-dye
Comment from : Ben Ransom

Swinson Cai
Damn Jose didn't know all your subs were 6 ft now mannnn
Comment from : Swinson Cai

Aaron Rodriguez
Comment from : Aaron Rodriguez

Mr. BoomTube
I don’t know man. The new attitude feels off. It was cool when he was the normal bro who had dope style. Instead off the kind of guy you think would dress like that. You know what I mean?
Comment from : Mr. BoomTube

The MVMT quality is horrible, I have a MVMT since 5 years and wear them not really often, but the glass have already huge scratches and the metal housing get already rusty 🙄
Comment from : TheHomi1978

Rob Lynch
Jose, I respect you and you helped me a lot over the years but I gotta be honest. Ever since you had major business success with Esntls and jade black you have lost your humbleness. Just the way you act in your videos and post $20,000 EDC vids and saying stuff like “I want one in every color” at HUGO BOSS for god sake makes you un-relatable to your audience now. I hate saying this but it’s true. Hopefully you can reflect on this comment of constructive criticism and improve your channel and make it more relatable again to the average Joe who’s not a millionaire. I’m still pro TMF but I think you need to hear this. All the best going forward
Comment from : Rob Lynch

fares Alsabbah
he's getting worse overtime
Comment from : fares Alsabbah

Hyun Bin
Trust me those watches are cheap quality . Get a Seiko . A little more but way better quality . Brand’s like mvmt and Daniel Wellington are just cheap quality products with high marketing budget :) thank me later
Comment from : Hyun Bin

Sleeping Forest
The man purse has really evolved but it’s still a purse boys.
Comment from : Sleeping Forest

skwangur 03
Iwant to follow your fashion tips but im poor sad
Comment from : skwangur 03

Joseph Robert
Yes buy these watches, so I can buy a ROLEX... can u make 1 video without sponsor man🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Joseph Robert

Hey brother, u don't need to worry... U craft titans out of crude men, so, the 4M that you've got... That many men r here on Earth!
Comment from : DWE

Daniel Adama
Thank you TMF
Comment from : Daniel Adama

diego bazan
En español por favor.
Comment from : diego bazan

Jose the type of Zuniga to wear thick jacket in summer
Comment from : Torel

Chris Gamboa
From 3:30 to 4:00 You can clearly see Jose confidence and damn he has some strong ass confidence without being cocky and keeping it classic but realistic.👌🏻
Comment from : Chris Gamboa

Storm Willis
Comment from : Storm Willis

Trevor Trevose
Is it okay to be part of the TMF family if you're black🤔😅😅
Comment from : Trevor Trevose

Thomas Kwossek
Does someone here know where Jose got that jacket from? Looks really sick
Comment from : Thomas Kwossek

I think the style trends for 2020 involve more kevlar, ballistic glass, and shiny brass knuckles
Comment from : Blue3V06

Bhavesh Dhamone
Bro u have good dressing sense but you waste alot of time on your brand promotions..pls reduce it.
Comment from : Bhavesh Dhamone

Rakseng Marak
8. A face mask
Comment from : Rakseng Marak

Remy Awomo
Thanks big bro🤝
Comment from : Remy Awomo

Rifat Ahmed
If you’re a timepiece collector you would never buy the garbage known as movement lmao

Choice words

Comment from : Rifat Ahmed

faiksami karagöz
i liked thosevpanrs on the photo link please
Comment from : faiksami karagöz

Caleb Danis
reverse tye dye with a blach shirt and bleach is better and cooler
Comment from : Caleb Danis

John Allen Bowen
I wear a bulletproof vest 5 days a week 8 hrs a day... I’m good with the first one 😅😂 the rest are legit and going to try them bro!
Comment from : John Allen Bowen

Theprince_ ids
I'm so happy you finally like those chest bags 😂🥳
Comment from : Theprince_ ids

Hussein Abdul-Rahim
Jose the type of zuniga to teach corona 10 tips to become unstoppable
Comment from : Hussein Abdul-Rahim

Blessed Tv
gonna start making trainkng videos as a 15 year old any tips?
Comment from : Blessed Tv

Roberto Antonio
wtf with your recommendation.
Comment from : Roberto Antonio

Yash Nangare
Comment from : Yash Nangare

Noah Okas
How high should the high waisted pants go??
Comment from : Noah Okas

Aligator nomnom
I think you forgot to mention face masks and gloves
Comment from : Aligator nomnom

Rude Peeps
I like your vdos brother, Love from Bangladesh
Comment from : Rude Peeps

Where did you get that jacket from?
Comment from : Harisen

Xabier Despaigne
Hey anybody knows where is that jacket from?

Comment from : Xabier Despaigne

amazing dansk
Mvmt is the worst watch i have own
Comment from : amazing dansk

Michael Latimore
My all black Timex Weekender serves me well.
Comment from : Michael Latimore

Gaurav Singh
Bhaii Jose ke 50 rupees katto koi over acting ke 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Gaurav Singh

do or die
Jose like Alex unlike..Goo
Comment from : do or die

23mellow vibes
Thank god! I just brough a chain reaction last month 😁😗😭
Comment from : 23mellow vibes

Amrith Raj
Wear all these outfits and go where with all these Corona shit going on.
Comment from : Amrith Raj

Axel Garcia
I can be a chad
Comment from : Axel Garcia

They gotcha covered
Comment from : Roy

Arn does
When your 30 or 40 and still trying to keep up with high school style I think you pretty much a loser ..
Comment from : Arn does

Anas Shaikh
Comment from : Anas Shaikh

vinay sharma
Lots of love from india jose♥
Comment from : vinay sharma

Fahim Dumba
A wise man once said “Let’s hop into it”
Comment from : Fahim Dumba

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