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Do not buy MVMT watches. Buy a. Seiko 5 if you can't afford more expensive brands.
Comment from : Machiavelli

Tae Tae
Thanks for making me a human haha lol
Comment from : Tae Tae

Connor McDermott
TMF fam for over a year now!! 😤
Comment from : Connor McDermott

Christopher D Wong
Randomly clicked the video. And the way this guy talks, Jesus Christ.......
Comment from : Christopher D Wong

Jaime Endemano
Talks up all-black watches and shows a gunmetal watch that's not black.
Comment from : Jaime Endemano

Fernando Constanza
Vengo del canal de español de estilo de hombre
Comment from : Fernando Constanza

Veer Khatty
Comment from : Veer Khatty

Digital Tech
Hey out there..If you guys Really looking for the Winter 2020 hoodie go and chek it out my new video where i show you the puma hoodie which comes with Fab fabric ,you love it.. don't wait jump there thank you..Have an awesome day ,lord bless you
Comment from : Digital Tech

Marc Hernandez
This is the most entertaining infomercial channel on YouTube right now. This is like the QVC for bros. I would never buy anything but its always fun to watch.
Comment from : Marc Hernandez

adventure Boyz
Don’t like your talking style otherwise good
Comment from : adventure Boyz

Robert Varga Peterson
I’m not hating bro, but as a long term fan I think I can tell you right now... you are becoming cringer with this whole overacting in the videos.
Comment from : Robert Varga Peterson

I don’t usually drop negative comments but honestly this is so trash
Comment from : scottJones

Raghu Naik
Abheee saale tu gaandu 😄
Comment from : Raghu Naik

craig dunn
Movement watches are crap
Comment from : craig dunn

Santi Cover Song
Bro u look like Indian man
Comment from : Santi Cover Song

Riley X Reflex
Mvmt is trash I know they pay you but it makes you look scammy
Comment from : Riley X Reflex

John Vic
Jose is the type of Zuñiga that focuses on promotion than the video itself 🤑
Comment from : John Vic

Julian Frederik Clausen
More than half of this video is literally either sponsoring or him telling you sub his channel lmao.
Key take-away of the video: Buy a new watch and don't forget to sub!

Comment from : Julian Frederik Clausen

I remember when i discovered you at 50k subs. Now you're almost 5M subs. Goodjob!
Comment from : Rome

Seraphim Yemelin
Try to change microphone settings, and you won't need to shout !!
Comment from : Seraphim Yemelin

This is the first ever video I’ve ever watched for fashion
I’m 17, a dude but never could afford to even think about trying to dress the style but now as I’ve been working for over a year I think I’m ready to start caring about my looks
If anyone has tips or anything to help me transition that would be nice
I always wore Adam Sandler clothes my whole life and the same 4-5 Nike shirts and shorts everyday since freshman year and I’m a senior
And same when I was in middle school, but now I realize I need a style becuase I’m never gonna get a girlfriend wearing these shitty ass Adam Sandler outfits😂
Still grateful for my parents buying me clothes with all that they could

Comment from : AmmoBops

Bruh I swear his viewers are old af or he’s posting what he personally likes , bc this is some shit you’d see in 2017-2018 , get out out that white boy look and actually use your platform wisely 🙃
Comment from : MurkedIV

Partha Pratim Mondal
Comment from : Partha Pratim Mondal

They got you covered.
Comment from : DOH RUNNERS

Dean Thomson
Where is your jacket from Jose?
Comment from : Dean Thomson

Aakash Khanal
What is this man half of this video is advertisement 😪
Comment from : Aakash Khanal

Sebastian Gualito
These vids are so intresting
Comment from : Sebastian Gualito

Shahzeb Mohammad
wheres 7 best men's style trends for 2021
Comment from : Shahzeb Mohammad

Lets see KW wears a Chest Raise and suddenly that is style. FYI He never had and never will have a sence of Style, he just throws s....t on and because he is $$$$ it is Trendy. Any one else who is low income that would wear it would be called stupied. Rich prevlidge!! Women have better styles and are more modern with the times, then boring mens fashion. Its the year 2020 Oh Mens t shirt and pants and shorts HOW GROUND BRAKING!!
Comment from : VALENTIS

6 best mens style trends for 2020 (plus ad)
Comment from : ilikeyello

I'm a female no to the chest whatever that is lol, yes to the watch sexy and I love gunmetal and black, the nerdy shirt eh it's ok, cubana shirt maybe, cargo pants looks good in the pic, tie die no only if its shades of brown or black..earth tones...do wear athletic wear and do show your bulk subtly but it's hot when u show it but don't make it obvious that u are...never ever hide your pecks under anything pls dont
Comment from : J M

Bartek Łuczak
Lol... It's funny how a guy that teaches mans fashion tells you to buy some socks-brand-watches. A stylish man will never wear that crap.
Comment from : Bartek Łuczak

Thato Quinton Teseletso
Ever since i started watching your videos alot has changed🔥❤
I feel confident everyday..🙏
Thank you so much❤🇧🇼

Comment from : Thato Quinton Teseletso

Dude has a twin in Vegas....
Comment from : helookalikaman79

Lee Everett
All you have to do is go to Macy's and pick random ass clothes. Boom 2020 mens fashion lol.
Comment from : Lee Everett

Shubham Sharma
Thx bro
Comment from : Shubham Sharma

Squo Crawford
Jose missing a cuban link chain with the opening fit💯
Comment from : Squo Crawford

Chad Steelers
Why are you yelling at me lol
Comment from : Chad Steelers

Dhruv Patel
where’s the jacket from that you are wearing in this video?
Comment from : Dhruv Patel

Arnaud V.
Why is he screaming' like crazy. I'm too scared to dress now !
Comment from : Arnaud V.

One day I will go Australia
Comment from : One day I will go Australia

neyyy tv
Yes my brother since 2017 💪👌
Comment from : neyyy tv

Michael Jackson
what a clown
Comment from : Michael Jackson

All I’m saying is dude can dress like the typical white boy . but he ain’t styling real fashion fits , idk his ig says it all
Comment from : MurkedIV

Outlaws Arts
anyone know where Jose got that wool jacket from??
Comment from : Outlaws Arts

jimmy israelsson
cool down ....please
Comment from : jimmy israelsson

Mickel Grimaud
Where to find the chest raise 🔥🔥
Comment from : Mickel Grimaud

Ellar Yeshiwas
Thanks for everything you gave me brother ❤️
Comment from : Ellar Yeshiwas

Angel Quiroz
jose is slowly becoming alpha m
Comment from : Angel Quiroz

TwoGun Capo
The watch is ugly and makes you look cheap
Comment from : TwoGun Capo

Mmm Mm
Whats the brand of his coat?
Comment from : Mmm Mm

david guevara
Jose is hanging out with the wrong guys lately;terrible Style Trends:/
Comment from : david guevara

mvmt watches. they got you too
Comment from : JRD

Gabriel Saladbar
It’s 2020 and we’re still advertising MVMT Watches 😂😂
Comment from : Gabriel Saladbar

Chest rigs!! 🤣 🤣 🤣 Come on.. Keys, phone, debit card in my pocket or bullet proof tactical garm on my chest?? Never gonna happen.
Comment from : BigMig

Saathvik Swaroop Mysore
Can anyone pls tell me where can I get that cheat rig in the thumbnail I really like it
Comment from : Saathvik Swaroop Mysore

Julian Rivera
Chest fanny packs? Nah bruh
Comment from : Julian Rivera

Jacob Ruhlander
Where did you get that jacket??? It’s fyyyeee
Comment from : Jacob Ruhlander

He got it all wrong, pajamas is the real trend for 2020
Comment from : IamPOOP

Hey yo I’m so cool
Comment from : yvonjasser

hosam style حسام ستايل
Comment from : hosam style حسام ستايل

Tobias Duck
Bro why u wearing a jacket its like 80 degrees
Comment from : Tobias Duck

Soysauce Arts
I feel like I’m not his targeted demographic
I’m just a web comic artist who is trying to figure out how to dress male characters

Comment from : Soysauce Arts

Victor Chavoya
I wanted to see the outfit on the left in the pic of the video.
Comment from : Victor Chavoya

I feel like I'm being scolded by his energy and the volume of his voice.
Comment from : E C

Pasang Lama
Then what I should do with Vincero watch ??
Comment from : Pasang Lama

Dennis BK Kam
I prefer your earlier video like Zara challenge. Nowadays is more like TV shopping channel....
Comment from : Dennis BK Kam

Gambia Takeover
Waw this dude is a stylish pro
Comment from : Gambia Takeover

Vilgot Lundgren
Why Do you were a jacket inside jose?
Comment from : Vilgot Lundgren

Champion Cochran
Can you tell us the name of the watch you are wearing in this video? Thats the one I would buy. @teachingmensfashion. Thanks!
Comment from : Champion Cochran

Hey Jose,I'm from Kenya how can i shop from Jblack

Brad Ramirez
mans is still wearing jackets in this hot weather
Comment from : Brad Ramirez

Funny how this guy tries to talk and act like the Alpha Male.
Comment from : IpudI

Dominic Kaehler
Why are you YELLING
Comment from : Dominic Kaehler

Armand Xhaja
Great tip about the black watch, but no offense my man! Movement is a shitty watch company, I doubt it is a watch company but a marketing team flooding the internet with ads and influencers! I think you can do better with sponsors!
Comment from : Armand Xhaja

Dwayne Coronel
Bro, your act is like alph m's
Comment from : Dwayne Coronel

Luis Chong
What brand is the Cuban collar shirt that Jose is wearing in the thumbnail?
Comment from : Luis Chong

Chris Ferdinand
Never thought that I would say this, don’t buy from MVMT. It’s a dial with nothing on it besides tick marks for the time. I don’t see anything special about it.
Comment from : Chris Ferdinand

Jasiah Angeles
Comment from : Jasiah Angeles

Victor Napenas
Didn't he say almost the same exact thing for The 5th Watch?
Comment from : Victor Napenas

Jonah King
oh. he sells watches...
Comment from : Jonah King

Diego Mesa
Bro, that "black watch" ain't black
Comment from : Diego Mesa

aRIaS SoSa
MVMT watches are terrible and everyone who knows anything about watches knows this
Comment from : aRIaS SoSa

Comment from : MUFADDAL VARDA

God, this channel is like the K-mart of YT men's fashion.
Comment from : IDaumI

Liam E
high waisted trousers are incredible. They are so comfortable and make my legs look longer.
Comment from : Liam E

Gürol Gny
Why is he talking that weird? Cant concentrate
Comment from : Gürol Gny

Frenchie French
Thanks Jose
Comment from : Frenchie French

Kyle Pugmire
Ayeeee thick soles time to break out the heelys bois 👀
Comment from : Kyle Pugmire

Mikaeel.F Cassim
Where tf is the summary guy bro
Comment from : Mikaeel.F Cassim

jake benstade
pay a bohemia rap behind his talk and u will feel like that this guy is rapping...hahhaha
Comment from : jake benstade

Does anyone know where that jacket is from?
Comment from : xLegAcYxIX

Mitch Hewitt
Sherpa denim jacket in June, yeah baby. Wasn't it also not long ago that "too much volume hairstyles" gotta go??
Comment from : Mitch Hewitt

I love jose
Comment from : Pain

Live 4today
“ Took me a while to like chest rigs”? Translation= they paid me to post about them. Now I love chest rigs. Lol I love a commercial pretending not to be a commercial.
Comment from : Live 4today

Rigoberto Garcia
Does anyone know where the jacket is from???!!!! TYSM!!
Comment from : Rigoberto Garcia

foot lover
Its corona timeeee
Comment from : foot lover

Been at Marine Corps basic and SOI all year, going home soon and here to see how to not look like I’ve lived under a rock since 2019, because I have.
And you mean to tell me civis wear mini flaks to carry stuff and for style?

Comment from : TaeoBrah

The one who looks for the man without a mustache
Our brother Jose really makes it easy for us to keep up to trends.
Comment from : The one who looks for the man without a mustache

All this dude does is create videos for his sponsors. How can any of you trust him? It’s all BS.
Comment from : JoeyJiggles

Top 100 site Japan news?