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Real Men Real Style
Have you tried any of these clothing tricks?
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Video Summary:
0:11 - Choose the right trouser pockets
1:19 - Avoid the shoulder nipple
2:05 - Use color like a spice
2:33 - Level up with accessories
4:16 - Pay attention to proportions
4:53 - Only dry clean when necessary
5:33 - Wear your heaviest shoes when traveling
5:48 - Know when to straight lace vs cross lace
6:04 - Build up your upper body
6:43 - Spot quality by looking at the small details

Comment from : Real Men Real Style

Vincero are garbage watches
Comment from : Lloydbm4

Ams Gaming
Good watch brand? Everyone seems to be ditching on vincero.
Comment from : Ams Gaming

Ravi Peiris
Great video Antonio.
Comment from : Ravi Peiris

Alex H
😒 Vincero.
Comment from : Alex H

Nagyidei Bence
Where's the lamb sauce
Comment from : Nagyidei Bence

Felix Müßig
Maybe you should learn how to talk slower and pitch the level of your voice down a lot. I cant watch people who scream at me! Thats not how a real man acts and talks!
Comment from : Felix Müßig

People really give care about this hot garbage? Get right with Jesus not unnecessaries.
Comment from : MR AGK

Ahmed Sadman
You're the man Antonio.
I've been watching you videos since 2014 and video qualities has drastically improved my brother.
I'm really happy for you
Lots of love and prayers for your family tony

Comment from : Ahmed Sadman

Mael Perron_Guerra
Seriously, Vincero? You're better than that Antonio, buy a Jaeger-LeCoultre 😉
Comment from : Mael Perron_Guerra

Noor Hassan
You are providing guidlines about dressing etc.but did you know that your upoer is also out of size...your shoulder size is not in proper measurement...
Comment from : Noor Hassan

ako bentong
I got clickbait.
Comment from : ako bentong

tom rkba
Please tell us about the blue jacket, shirt and hankerchief.
Comment from : tom rkba

Rocky Hernandez
Raglan sleeves. Thanks!
Comment from : Rocky Hernandez

Tairone Vieira
Grato adorei as dicas
Comment from : Tairone Vieira

So where was the hack about sweat on a shirt?! 🧐
Comment from : Pete

osmanli tokadi
BULLSHIT..this guy is just taking shit
Comment from : osmanli tokadi

Alexander Charles Edwards -Ace-
The "salesman pitch" style of video is a little aggressive.
Comment from : Alexander Charles Edwards -Ace-

Richard Webb
Trick: 'a cunning or skillful act or scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone', rather like your pretentious show.
Comment from : Richard Webb

lol shoulder nipple
Comment from : braddeicide

Thuc tran
thank you Antonio, i wish i could find your channel much sooner. really open my eyes, and upgrading my life.
Comment from : Thuc tran

Glorified watch commercial
Comment from : KB M

Really, I doubt anyone who sees this kinds of videos would buy a shitty Vincero overpriced Wish junk.
Comment from : mundotaku

martin cramer
_/sharp very sharp a=
Comment from : martin cramer

Imran Maken
Waste of time....
Comment from : Imran Maken

Aleksandr Gerasimov
oh no vincero.. come on man this is not a real watch
Comment from : Aleksandr Gerasimov

gasp 33
I like your videos Antonio but IMHO you really need to wear an automatic watch made by an historical Swiss brand rather than a garish quartz one to be at the edge of the style... Many thanks
Comment from : gasp 33

If I was to apply ALL your advice, I'd have to spend every cent that I make on clothing. I prefer food :)
Comment from : 2HellWUtube

Travel food etc
This is the longest advertisement I have seen for a long time.. 👎👎👎
Comment from : Travel food etc

Geoffrey Lee
Try finding shirts that give you sleeve lengths.
Comment from : Geoffrey Lee

rahul shenoy
I watched this at 1.5x.
Comment from : rahul shenoy

Brendan Hartmann
another tip for shorter guys, a vincero watch..
Comment from : Brendan Hartmann

Sponsored by wannabe watches.
Comment from : kaypee1972

Reet Jaiswal
I freaked out when you said "Build your upper body" I thought pushups from tomorrow
Comment from : Reet Jaiswal

What brand is that blue blazer that you’re wearing? It looks phenomenal!
Comment from : Bryce

I solved my sloped shoulders problem by hitting the gym.
Comment from : EL TORO

Phillip Branham
Awesome tips. I'm just now getting into the dress clothes fashion. All these little tips work. I'm subscribed. Keep up the great work
Comment from : Phillip Branham

Aaqa ki Sana By Mohammed Azhar
Wait, He never blinks 🤔 in his video 👀
Comment from : Aaqa ki Sana By Mohammed Azhar

Nick L
Vincero is a garbage watch brand, cheaply made in China and marketed as something fancy. They cost around $18-20 USD to produce.
Comment from : Nick L

sibusiso jele
I want a Vincero!!!
Comment from : sibusiso jele



Comment from : Peet

Bro, I enjoyed your older video's where you didn't rush through the content far more than your more recent where you sound like the voice over for a pharmaceutical ad.
Comment from : swoophawk1

Ricardo Torres
Comment from : Ricardo Torres

@6:11 ...yeah....and look like an old man who buys 1960's style junk from an op-shop lol
Comment from : Boostinpulsar

Sick of vincero ads on EVERY style channel. Im fairly certain that they're sponsoring literally EVERYONE on youtube
Comment from : Boostinpulsar

FTM is a total gem
Comment from : paulaa

Ivar Hakuse
How many Vincero watches should one buy? 7? 8?
Comment from : Ivar Hakuse

Sven Norén
2:33 BOOM add colour with a ... candy wrapper ..?
Comment from : Sven Norén

Dan Shankle
80% of the Vid is Vincero's Gimme a Break!
Comment from : Dan Shankle

Ukiah Duran
great. You talk a little fast.
Comment from : Ukiah Duran

Abubakkar Kundi
Miles different between thumbnail and video 👎
Comment from : Abubakkar Kundi

Michael Romero
Lmao his jacket doesn’t fit him right
Comment from : Michael Romero

Man, he speak with power
Comment from : S AU

Nolan Adams
holy shit this guy is annoying
Comment from : Nolan Adams

Everybody who sponsors vincero watches looses immediately all his credibility
Comment from : Alejandro

Martin R. Krause
Shoe bags yes, but one bag per shoe!
Comment from : Martin R. Krause

Martin R. Krause
Compliments? For a Vincero fashion watch? Will never happen.
Comment from : Martin R. Krause

DJ Helkaa
how about pocket watches?
Comment from : DJ Helkaa

Is this Tell sell?
Comment from : Paul

Gordon Spring
I was right with you until you endorsed vincero. Such garbage watches.... Ugh. There are a million better options for people on a budget.
Comment from : Gordon Spring

noob master69
Mr. Antonio , can you please slow down when you speak ? You're speaking to fast for me hehehe I want to enjoy watching you speak hahaha
Comment from : noob master69

Sandy Mitchell
A well dressed man should always own a IRON & ironing board
Comment from : Sandy Mitchell

Laks NK
The only problem with patch pockets (6:22) I feel is they make you look like a security guard... Somebody spoilt that patch pockets look with that imagery for me 😣
Comment from : Laks NK

Brighton Barnes
So fold my dress shirts don’t hang them up ??
Comment from : Brighton Barnes

S Ms
A style guide tucked into a Fricking watch commercial 🤮🤮🤮
Comment from : S Ms

Buy a good Omega watch, it never loses value.
Comment from : M T

Kevin Waycaster
I know this video is nearly 6 months old. It was interesting to see what a difference the three pocket squares made to the look of the outfit!! From white to gray to red the outfit looked not only more formal, but to my eye the overall tone was darker. Also thanks Antonio for pointing out that short guys have short legs. Just jabbin ya, keep up the awesome work!
Comment from : Kevin Waycaster

David Hill
Awful jacket
Comment from : David Hill

Shreshth Gupta
A very nice outfit of yours
Really liked it 👍👍
Keep up the good work !!

Comment from : Shreshth Gupta

Andy N
Haha love your videos. You really give helpful advice. Will look close before I buy my next shirt 😊
Comment from : Andy N

Driving 101 Driving School
I don't get how this gentleman can offer advice on elegance when his talking style is overbearing, borderline aggressive. Comes across as a pushy salesman. Oh, he is a salesman.
Comment from : Driving 101 Driving School

Antonio time to throw out the Vincero watches and look at brands like Patek or IWC
Comment from : EzaVinylAddict

You left out a few pocket types. But we will forgive you.
Comment from : EzaVinylAddict

Mallika ماليكه
Why didn't the title be ' Ad for Vincero watches' ?
Comment from : Mallika ماليكه

Joseph Yi
Vincero.... Gross. Bro stop selling out to watch companies you don't respect. Let's be real here
Comment from : Joseph Yi

Wow I got bored
Comment from : tsohgallik

Arslan Ahmed
It’s a watch advertisement mostly, you probably consider changing the title of true video.
Comment from : Arslan Ahmed

Real men hit like
Comment from : MËMÉR WØRLD

Августовское воодушевление
button up, please! You look like a used–car–salesman, showing so much cleavage... And if you think about a watch, a Junghans Max Bill it is!
Comment from : Августовское воодушевление

Nelson D Cunha
I love notice details...
Comment from : Nelson D Cunha

Nelson D Cunha
Nice tricks sir
Comment from : Nelson D Cunha

Stephen Patistea
Your style is is stupid you have to get a life the suits make you look like a teacher maybe thats why you tell everyone what to wear for clothing or jewerly.
Comment from : Stephen Patistea

Heedhe Heedhe
You yes you.
You didn't look like a stailer.
So by.

Comment from : Heedhe Heedhe

Hello and good morning hey I have a question for ya my friend. What do you recommend for shirt stays with no show socks or shorts🤔🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : Speedsk8r

Joseph Anthony
Say nipple again 😀
Comment from : Joseph Anthony

Mr Angus W. Vanderbilt
Looks more like a Brad rather than an Antonio
Comment from : Mr Angus W. Vanderbilt

Lizard Ink
Wear the heaviest shoes on a 'plane. Wellies with a suit may not go together well. :)
Comment from : Lizard Ink

Tenzin Gyatso
Plz stop sponsoring Vincera craps
Comment from : Tenzin Gyatso

Rü D1gga
Watching this guy with 1,5 speed is even better than his watches are.
Comment from : Rü D1gga

One of the worst videos from this channel
Comment from : criticalmass500

I never take a man that dress like that seriously
Comment from : mnmlCy

Fran Arauz
I've got a lot of respect for you Antonio but Vincero's? Come on.
Comment from : Fran Arauz

Ugly watch collection, stupid fellow misleading
Comment from : MSN

Daniel Sarti
Lost me at the vincero watches
Comment from : Daniel Sarti

Forced Hard
I feel like I've been forced to dress up for church wearing suits , I could jump in a lake get out and feel just as comfatable.
Comment from : Forced Hard

how about suit trousers. can these be washed as meany times as you want unlike the jacket, as just got my first suit and don't want to ruin it?
Comment from : chew_chew86439

you speak way too fast.... speak more concious... anyways thanks for sharing

Faran Khan
Editing game top notch!
Comment from : Faran Khan

Faran Khan
Comment from : Faran Khan

Nice vincero ad I guess...
Comment from : Tasunke

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