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Comment from : luckyjump607

Ali Ali
60 decent
70 fashion
80 fight terror

Comment from : Ali Ali

Okousaná sušenka
Hats must comeback 😍❤️😍❤️ so elegant
Comment from : Okousaná sušenka

SuchtyTV Niclas
He still looks as young as 100 years ago.
Comment from : SuchtyTV Niclas

Chris Lambelho
2025 - Gender fluid non binary demi boy crying victim while wearing a diaper, drinking a soy latte from Starbucks, holding an Iphone and a hammer & sickle tattoo on the chest.
Comment from : Chris Lambelho

Bruce Cooper
95 and beyond is yuck.
Comment from : Bruce Cooper

Javier Favela
We witnessed a 100 years in 2 minutes and 56 seconds
Comment from : Javier Favela

Vince V
1935-45 all day. 1925 is ok too but I don’t want to look like the car in Tom n jerry
Comment from : Vince V

Fernanda Reséndiz
2:00 Chandler is that you?
Comment from : Fernanda Reséndiz

1935 and 1945 😩😍🔥
Comment from : Susie

پیر جوان
1980 begining of me losing their ass hole
Comment from : پیر جوان

Neil Mayweather
Only thing that remain constant was his underwear, designers do something.
Comment from : Neil Mayweather

that's fake it's the same dude all the 100 years
Comment from : reimon22

Notice the Italian style effected the American style during the 1930’s to 1940’s.
Comment from : Mendrick

Tildin Han
the 1970s were dark times
Comment from : Tildin Han

Brandon Chavez
This man was having the time of his life while being changed by a bunch of women
Comment from : Brandon Chavez

I liked 1935-1955 outfits. Then something went wrong in history... with 2015 taking the cake as the most generic and uninspired outfit. Can it be even called fashion?
Comment from : Alexander

luv_by _
I'd like to know how this 1:04 became this1:18
Edit: and this 1:34 OMG JAVWJANANWJ

Comment from : luv_by _

ఌ Snowberry Toys and more ꧂
1955 Looked like people I see outside-
Comment from : ఌ Snowberry Toys and more ꧂

1955 to 1965 : From chad to virgin.
Comment from : Chips.

Donovan Berserk
Was this all over the world or a particual region of fasion?
Comment from : Donovan Berserk

Tom McGlone
I always have a very 50s look. Got the slick teddyboy quiff and leather jackets.
Comment from : Tom McGlone

Osiris Gaming
Bro the 1920s is the best
Comment from : Osiris Gaming

Dominik Dostal
the last one is the best and im from 1992 XDXD
Comment from : Dominik Dostal

Ricardo Figueroa
Oh wow, we went from wearing pants with a shirt to wearing pants with a shirt, men's fashion evolution couldn't be more boring
Comment from : Ricardo Figueroa

2020 style: pajamas and a beard
Comment from : Faded_Retro69

my fav 1955
Comment from : Pulat

Comment from : Tudor

A mock denim button-down for the "modern" look? Lol.
Comment from : Dannie

juAN Y
1955 is the best style 4ever
Comment from : juAN Y

Cade os br?
Comment from : Felpsd13

0:22 ✌😎
Comment from : Gallucio

Abel Cable
What song is played during the beginning
Comment from : Abel Cable

So basically it all went to shit after 1955...
Comment from : Gist432

T Gamin
Comment from : T Gamin

fit tech rajput
How can a underwere goes same for 100 years 😂
Comment from : fit tech rajput

01 11
1975: Ken Rosenberg.

1985: Sth. between Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance.

Comment from : 01 11

rafael oliveira
A moda nos anos 90 era horrível! Eu era um pequeno gafanhoto nessa época, mais eu ainda me lembro!
Comment from : rafael oliveira

Noe Cases
His name? Please
Comment from : Noe Cases

Suluv Gadaily
This guy is the master of disguise
Comment from : Suluv Gadaily

Texas Red
Its officially the 20's so I've decided that I'm gonna dress the part
Comment from : Texas Red

nick smith
2005 is looking great
Comment from : nick smith

Falih Pangat
2:02 brad pitt
Comment from : Falih Pangat

Falih Pangat
I gotta remember peaky blinders when i saw 1925 and 1935
Comment from : Falih Pangat

I don't know what went wrong after 1955 to 2005 but it's absolute garbage
Comment from : Karvast

View Veo
Que hombre tan rico (baba), he tenido que repetir el video porque no me concentraba en la ropa jajajajajaja
Comment from : View Veo

MalcoPolo Art
1915, 1935, 1955, 1975, are my favourites
Comment from : MalcoPolo Art

Nick Jefferson
I'll take 1935 any day of the week.
Comment from : Nick Jefferson

hazgufu hazgufu
i like 2015 the most
Comment from : hazgufu hazgufu

lucio sales
Comment from : lucio sales


Comment from : hi

So it took 100 years to go from MAN->douchebag>Simp
Comment from : Zander

Can we all agree to go back to suits? Everything after the 50s is a flop
Comment from : darkblueghost

Izna Irami
Honestly...people back in 19th century had better taste of dressing style than we have now 😄
Comment from : Izna Irami

احمد زيد
When 1955 Come I feelt sad
Comment from : احمد زيد

To me, the 1970s looks like bob ross
Comment from : iiGachaBean

1965 thoooo🔥
Comment from : Kawaki

John Senna
2020 ... Everybody wearing mask 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : John Senna

The worst one is 2015, that makes you wear an empty bag...
Comment from : renovatiioo

Shawn Ye
Like 35, 55, 85 the most =D
Comment from : Shawn Ye

emilie elisabeth
why is he just standing there like 🧍🏽
Comment from : emilie elisabeth

Najwa Njiwa
1955: damon salvatore
Comment from : Najwa Njiwa

Gonzalo Bazán
I just realize every decade has iconic clothes excepting 2010s :(
Comment from : Gonzalo Bazán

Berry Stein
Before 50s: yeah, just own one suit and your a set for a boring eternity.
After 50s: yeah, we are not going to try anymore

Comment from : Berry Stein

Eren Yeager
Hey.. what about 2020?
Comment from : Eren Yeager

Supreme Snek
Gotta be 1935 for me
Comment from : Supreme Snek

The Hantus
He needs a dance lesson
Comment from : The Hantus

Ashok Kumar
I like 1955 trend
Comment from : Ashok Kumar

gracefully unknown
Comment from : gracefully unknown

Ah, morre!!!
What about Justin Bieber pants 👖 falling off?
Comment from : Ah, morre!!!

Imagine if he got a boner during this
Comment from : oJo

David Canizares
Admit it, 50s was the best
Comment from : David Canizares

James W
100 years of dad moves ...
Comment from : James W

Cindy Rowland
Do somebody find the word MODE?
Comment from : Cindy Rowland

it's very interesting
Comment from : ADULT MEN'S FASHION

Shadark The Shadow Shark
Plot Twist: The 2015 outfit was what he had worn to set that day.
Comment from : Shadark The Shadow Shark

*round 5 sounds* fetch me their souls
1960s should have been in American soldier in Vietnam
Comment from : *round 5 sounds* fetch me their souls

love above all
He did the bye bye bye dance to nsync in the 2000s 😁
Comment from : love above all

imagine getting a boner while they changing him
Comment from : Karma

ravi manikpuri
1965 & 1985 best
Comment from : ravi manikpuri

Dolly ahmed
Dresses have been changed but underwear didnt changed
Comment from : Dolly ahmed

tiktaktoe Rai
1995 was a disaster.
Comment from : tiktaktoe Rai

If 1935 doesn't come back I'm sueing
Comment from : Nicole

Hannah James
I think up until the 90s where fashion became a lot more accessable & affordable for all, a lot of those styles would not have been for the average man. Most men like my grandfather who was born in the 1900s would have had one black suit for weddings & funerals & a handful of trousers, shirts & jumpers that lasted for years. I guess these outfits for each decade were only for the very fashionable & wealthy. Nice to see tho, but not very realistic
Comment from : Hannah James

Saarika Nori
2:11 when his glasses fell off though 😂👌
Comment from : Saarika Nori

Teddy Kurniawan
1925, 1935, and 1950 are my faves. So sexy.
Comment from : Teddy Kurniawan

papa Joel
1935 and 1955 are my fav
Comment from : papa Joel

We can see from the comments that women are as lecherous as men.

Comment from : XX XX

Noe Cases
Name of the model please?
Comment from : Noe Cases

khaoula Benma
✨Fashion ended in the 50s ✨
Comment from : khaoula Benma

Lubricita Maalindugan
ang daks nya kaloka
Comment from : Lubricita Maalindugan

Nadir Young
Imagine being so good looking you can pull off 1995
Comment from : Nadir Young

i am from future
Comment from : Sensei

Why So Serious?
Something went terribly wrong after 1955
Comment from : Why So Serious?

NUMB SCUM デッド aka xenakuma
Yo, i think that people before 1915 didn't wear anything
Comment from : NUMB SCUM デッド aka xenakuma

Noe Cases
Name of the model?
Comment from : Noe Cases

Potato XD
1960's... Just why?!
Comment from : Potato XD

Markus D.
Girls do you find his shoulders broad?
Comment from : Markus D.

True Ruth
The pants just got tighter
Comment from : True Ruth

void N.E INDIA
1985 was Shawn Michaels year
Comment from : void N.E INDIA

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