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Christopher Nuzzolo
Tie dye is back, excellent!!!!
Comment from : Christopher Nuzzolo

John, Im undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer and it’s caused a rash on my face and back. I’ve tried to use foundation to cover up the redness, but I’m not very good at so I ask my daughter for help. Could you cover this on here if it’s something some guys use? Thanks
Comment from : T C

Jeff McCarthy
Sling bags. Pockets plus, frees up your hands, and doesn't load your pockets. I like some of them, but don't have one. Kind of convenient when a backpack is too much, but you need something rather than using your pockets or God forbid cargo shorts.
Comment from : Jeff McCarthy

large patch print could not look more stupid.
Comment from : plutoplatters

tie dye...yep... like patchouli oil
Comment from : plutoplatters

it's funny.... fanny packs are one of the greatest things ever made.... and as hideous as leisure suits !!!! lolllll
Comment from : plutoplatters

cigar FMFDoc
They are trying to be like Cable from Deadpool2 with the fannypack lol.
Comment from : cigar FMFDoc

Wisconsin Patriot
Well I think you are spot on with this list! Thanks for a great video!
Comment from : Wisconsin Patriot

A. Azazagoth
High waisted trousers are absolutely for women! The fanny pack thing is mostly used by guys who ride motorcycles. You can transfer you wallet, a pair of shaded, riding gloves and a knife without having said items make for an uncomfortable ride.
Comment from : A. Azazagoth

Kenneth Titley
Excellent video..you're right that certain trends look best on a much younger guy.PEACE
Comment from : Kenneth Titley

All this trends are trashy, there is an instagram account Chic Men Style and the outfits are awesome
Comment from : GFB

Simon Rene Santos
Hi good day to you. Im new to your channel. Obviously you've got 189K subscriber's. KUDOS! More power👊
Comment from : Simon Rene Santos

eric Villanueva
Thanks and very well said! More power n God bless you!😁😍😁😍😁
Comment from : eric Villanueva

Great advice! I'm new here and enjoying your content. 😊
Comment from : Yae391

ISTP 196
"Joe College with a touch of arthritis" -- Humphrey Bogard in, 'Sabrina'. As a general rule; if you're old enough to remember the last time a trend was fashion, you're too old to wear it now or again . . .
Comment from : ISTP 196

I also don't get it fanny packs as crossbody bags. They are waist bags. I do like tie dye jeans but not tie dye shirts. I think tie dye jeans are great provided they are not multicolored and you have to tone down the rest of your outfit. Just my opinion.
Comment from : saifulizhan

Robert Hartley
You need to know that Tooooo much Product in YOUR hair is Not a Good thing, Greasy hair went out a long time ago................
Comment from : Robert Hartley

Luv the hair.
Comment from : UrbanAfrica

dakota ray-price
My uncle Rock patch pattern shirt
Comment from : dakota ray-price

Andrew Fawcett
John, I bought a Brio trimmer after you talked about it on a previous video. It is the best trimmer I have owned and holds a charge so long. Has anyone tried the toothbrush?
Comment from : Andrew Fawcett

Mux Nod
I was with you until your real agenda revealed itself when you started hawking a product.
Comment from : Mux Nod

Shane Falkiner
Also suffering from pandemic hair because here in Melbourne Australia all barbers are closed until Oct. Agree with everything you raised John, no complaints from me. Keep up good work from Shane down under in Australia
Comment from : Shane Falkiner

High waisted pants are much more forgiving than the low rise crap that's been out for the last 25 years. The OGs had it right
Comment from : A A

Ok I have no fashion sense! But I do enjoy your vision! I’m a hard core biker! No fanny cross body shit! No sheer shirts! And god no to those high waisted pants! So when we ride! It’s usually heavy duty boots! Rigged jeans! Favorite t shirt covered by a new or old favorite leather jacket! How can I we look better but not to gq good luck!
Comment from : Scottygphotography

Paul Orlando
Those big sunglasses are terrible,also those patterned shirts.
Comment from : Paul Orlando

Paul Orlando
Agree with everything, but I must say I would try the high waist pants because the low-cut stuff always fall down.
Comment from : Paul Orlando

Videos and stuff
You forgot one. How bout the shameless advertising plugs in the middle of your video. That needs to stop. But it won't.
Comment from : Videos and stuff

Michael Arvin
Yes to vans. Don’t buy the normal ones seek out the style- the leopard print the paisley print...etc etc. men woman kids all love my vans— create your own. Pair of dark wash jeans rolled up untucked shirt a stylish pair of vans...a lot of people commented. I had 3 people buy the same vans I did — 1 person said you have more style than anybody in kenwood mall.
Comment from : Michael Arvin

Gerardo Fernandez
Totally agree on all.
Comment from : Gerardo Fernandez

Michael Mawhinney
His beard needs to be higher on his cheeks....in my humble opinion obviously. Peace from Ireland ✌🏼💚🇮🇪
Comment from : Michael Mawhinney

Ralph Williams
I agree with everything u said ....What about distressed jeans? I got a pair for my Bday n they look,fit, n feel fantastic not to sure if I can rock em this fall
Comment from : Ralph Williams

Jackson Crow
As always you are bang on with your comments. Supposedly in the UK there is a fashion for buying and wearing fake branded clothing! Strange if true and completely wrong in my opinion
Comment from : Jackson Crow

Ross Outdoors
I wear a cross body pack at times in certain places ..but for very specific reasons for work that have nothing to do with keys or wallets.
Comment from : Ross Outdoors

Robby Ravenwood and the Fun House Porcupines
To me- to each his own - I'm not big on age-based conformity "rules" - and then an ad in the middle of it? Talk about the definition of "tacky" def/ironically go look in the mirror! LOL
Comment from : Robby Ravenwood and the Fun House Porcupines

Alex Chu
Ummm, I think high rise trousers came from older dudes. Lol. Like people who dress more sartorial.
Comment from : Alex Chu

Chris Cunnane
great message , i agree
Comment from : Chris Cunnane

Daniel Weiss
Gotta add my two cents about the cross-body bag - as a guy nearly 60, I know I have to watch where I take my fashion. However, I find the cross body bag, in a reasonable size, to be a great alternative to packing my pockets with wallet, cell phone, keys, and now face mask. In my cross-body bag I can also squeeze in a small, folded up reusable bag which is required in my state since we don't allow plastic shopping bags. I can also get in my work ID, and transit pass, so I don't ever forget them at home. I find the cross-body bag to be subtle and super practical.
Comment from : Daniel Weiss

Phillip Moodie
John, as l may not live to the end of the week because of the sudden deterioration of my health, due to the affect of Concussion, from a violent Criminal Assault. I would like to say Goodbye. I have enjoyed watching your videos. Phil.
Comment from : Phillip Moodie

Chubsy Ubsy
Remember shows about the future we used to watch in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s? And how we used to laugh at what they were wearing and what they thought fashion could possibly look like in the future? I no longer thing that’s so far fetched. These latest trendy styles get uglier and uglier.
Comment from : Chubsy Ubsy

Lukas Rönnqvist
I agree with everything, hands down, yet I confess to wearing a mans bag. It is not the type that you described but that I non the less wear across my torso simply because that way it does not fall off my shoulder lol I would seriously be lost without it, I carry everything I need in there: my mobile, my car keys, my filofax that I also use as my wallet, pens, a comb, a pair of small scissors, a small flashlight and last but not least a deodorant and antibacterial gel. Better safe than sorry..
Comment from : Lukas Rönnqvist

Cuthbert W Chance
YES , john you are right something jusr got to go, Oh well LoL
Comment from : Cuthbert W Chance

Diego Montoya
Link to your button up shirt? Looks sharp.
Comment from : Diego Montoya

Roland Seper
What a look so mood style. I have really enjoyed this look and style. Great work on the video. Now I have to get ready to hit the club again both this video in style and then Delta Parole - Wasted Music Video that I had watched before this again since every night out I rock out to it first goes stunnin smooth, motivated me to be the man tonight. What are any of you other beautiful peoples hit the club songs?
Comment from : Roland Seper

Dee Kasman
I like big beards and I cannot lie 😂 seriously however you are spot on in regards to grooming that bad boy. Grow it any length you want but it must be groomed nicely and don’t forget the beard oil. One caveat, be sure that a long beard suits your face because it can be goat-like on some guy’s faces. Agree with you on all of these trends John, they are not for the mature man. That cross-body bag might work on a safari but not in real life.
Comment from : Dee Kasman

Dee Hamner
It’s high time somebody said what needed to be said! 🥰
Comment from : Dee Hamner

Large patch prints are for kids.
Comment from : Bigsheesh

Tie Dye is such a dead fad. It’ll be gone before it will ever pick up any steam.
Comment from : Bigsheesh

Tony BellCanyon
Comment from : Tony BellCanyon

eshua levi
You are JUST too old for this kind of fashion...
Comment from : eshua levi

Something’s different. Are you wearing your beard shorter these days?
Comment from : EJY

Old Man In A Boxster
A pretty good rule of thumb for us middle aged chaps when unsure about a garment or accessory, is to ask yourself would Daniel Craig wear this in a Bond movie? If the answer is no, it probably won't look good on you either.
Comment from : Old Man In A Boxster

Milton Oviedo
I don't like my wallet, phone and car keys in my pockets is uncomfortable and it looks bad. This is the reson for me.
Comment from : Milton Oviedo

I rock a sling bag , book bag or messengers back am 44 😂 but i been rooking it since i was 19 just like the extra bag for magazine and etc my girlfriend makes fun of me EVERYDAY 😕
Comment from : willjavtor

Hugh Warren
The high waist trouser was popular some years back and I believe look great for a more dressed up looked- suits; flannel trousers, etc. Check out vintage movies.
Comment from : Hugh Warren

Xerxes Coyco
I wore those fanny pax waaaay back in the early nineties and they were cringe back! Don’t do it !
Comment from : Xerxes Coyco

Rich Talby
Agree mate!
Comment from : Rich Talby

jojit elizalde
Everything is a no go for me.those fashion trends are something you try and then in the future you say to yourself what was I thinking wearing something like that. I kind of get the fanny pack as guys need bags for their phones, power banks etc... But I always hated fanny packs before and I hate how they've been repurposed as sling bags.They even come in jumbo sizes these days.
Comment from : jojit elizalde

Merc Lover
Those see thru shirts were all fashionable in the late 60’s to early 70’s
Comment from : Merc Lover

Bobs Creative Days
I have to agree with you on all these trends. They need to go away especially the high waisted trouser. Not everything that you see on the fashion runways need to be seen on the street. Have a great long weekend.
Comment from : Bobs Creative Days

Paul Burns
Hi John, you're bang on the money with all of them :-D
Comment from : Paul Burns

Joon kim
Cross body bags allow me to conceal carry. Also with the size of phones I hate the rectangle lines in my pants.
Comment from : Joon kim

alfie mikhail
I'm 42 and still wearing the crossbody bag. Now I feel bad. I thought it was cool
Comment from : alfie mikhail

Ahmed Fareed
High waits pants looks good for men with bellies
And also it so old back in days
You can't say it is a trend...it's more a style that fits many men for years

Comment from : Ahmed Fareed

Larry Lacy
The baggy pant and square-toed shoes were a disaster back in the 1990s. If you still have them, trash it immediately.
Comment from : Larry Lacy

sOLz nw
I have been your subscriber since long and always respect your ideas, recommendations and your own personal style. And your videos are always about content rather than some drama. For today's video I actually smiled on your very first mention. I want to admit that I use my small 10l decathlon backpack slung across my body in the front while cycling only. The front access makes it convenient to take out or put back in my camera/shades etc. And I did it purely out of convenience.
Comment from : sOLz nw

Erick Vicarme
Here comes the heat. I wear a fanny pack/crossbody bag whateva you wanna call it. I only use it when I’m in athleisure/gym clothes when running errands. Where else are you suppose to put your wallet, keys, phone, mask, and sanitizer? Those don’t all fit in lulus. Do you even workout bro?! All jokes aside love the channel and keep doin whatcha doin. I still wanna hear your answer though.
Comment from : Erick Vicarme

I agree completely with all your opinions in this video. I wouldn’t pic out any of those. I prefer simple.
Comment from : boostedmaniac

Unbelievable.... how on earth can Any guy walk out the house wearing any of those disgusting items.....totally agree.with everything you said, John.... good video....
I had a pair of three button high waistband pants when I was 12.... and I bet I looked a dick then too.

What happened to men being and dressing like men.... Too much LGBT influence nowadays....has to stop.

Comment from : R C

Ted Williams
Great video!! I still wear my high waisted wranglers
Comment from : Ted Williams

Calvin Smith
I totally agree with everything you say here John. What is your "take" on man bags? Should they be worn across the chest or dangle from the shoulder? I personally love them as they hole all my stuff without having to jam everything into pockets! Looking forward to your reply!
Comment from : Calvin Smith

Henry Villalona
Hello. I love your channel, I'd like you do a program talking about T-shirts. Plesse.
Comment from : Henry Villalona

Glenn Moonpatrol
We have a beard culture where I work and it is ridiculous. I can't see how it is professional and that sales are probably done over the phone would explain how it can work. A lot of these guys don't trim them and for some odd reason they are accepted as company men. It won't influence me and I am not a sell-out and don't like being served dog food.
Comment from : Glenn Moonpatrol

Agreed with everything, including how awesome Brio is.
Comment from : cynterslave

Phil Peterson
"I like big beards and I cannot lie." ~ John
Comment from : Phil Peterson

Cross body bags are good for when you live in a large urban area with a potentially hi crime rate as the bag is in view and close at all times and is unable to be “pick pocketed” on the metro, or using public transport where destinations are far and not easy way to get home prior to going to next destination. While they look odd they are super convenient snd secure.
Comment from : S G

Darrell Foster
On point!!
Comment from : Darrell Foster

Agree with you on just about all...except...the crossover bag. Please I cant give up my crossover bag, I die if I had too...lol.. On the serious note, I hate the lump of wallets or my phone in my pants pockets. Those bumps and lumps caused by stuffing your pants with all your gear, makes for a not so clean line when wearing pants. Plus I hate sitting on my wallet or digging for my phone when getting in out of the car or moving about.
Comment from : leanebony

Isidro MacKazmeyer
Yes on everything. Of course, there are exceptions. If you are Brian Blessed or Brendan Gleeson, you can have a large crazy beard. But you have to balance it with the right haircut and a suit or sport coat at all times.
Comment from : Isidro MacKazmeyer

MT account
< yawn >
Comment from : MT account

Michael Powell
I started wearing a bag more than a year ago. Strap across my body. the bag on my hip. I wear a NutSac bag. It looks like a small (11in.) canvas/leather computer bag. I carry my wallet, phone, note book, pens, keys, a small hairbrush, and a small flashlight. Best part about a bag, no more crap in my pockets. so my cloths look better.
Comment from : Michael Powell

David B.
Fun video; fortunately, have not fallen victim to any of the trends you mentioned. I am thankful for the sweet deal on the Brio.
Comment from : David B.

shawn dpenha
Excellent observations! I agree with you on all counts.
Comment from : shawn dpenha

Vincent Ray
Fanny bags in Australia they are bun bags very handy for phone wallet keys sun glasses. My bum bag is a camera bag to carry a SLR +a smaller camera cross my back .very handy .
Comment from : Vincent Ray

Bobby Lane
Big Fashion is pushing feminine bs on us. Did u see the latest Gucci fashion show? Almost like they have an agenda.
Comment from : Bobby Lane

only now I'm learning to dress well, but thank the Maker I haven't done any of these
Comment from : chichiboypumpi

Michael Cohen
John, "spot on" on all accounts! See through shirts...what's next, see through pants and underwear? COME ON--NO!
Comment from : Michael Cohen

Greg Portman
How about the dad wearing A&F polos with the neck up and white sneakers no socks or flip flops😂😂🤣
Comment from : Greg Portman

Carlos Ormazabal
Can’t agree more. You’re absolutely right IMO. WTH the cross Fanny bag 🤦🏻‍♂️, ....
Comment from : Carlos Ormazabal

If ur “sling bag” says on it “Givenchy” made in Italy , then it’s very in style! No cheap made in China please!
Comment from : salvadorlaguna

John Thomas Kong
I discovered your channel today. Thank you for the content especially this video.
Comment from : John Thomas Kong

Dan Riverso
I turn 40 in two weeks. Until then, I'm wearing all of these! 🤣
Comment from : Dan Riverso

Per Helgeson
Great list John! I would add everything with camopattern! Very negative energy in garments with these!
Comment from : Per Helgeson

Will Levine
Ha. Didn’t know any of those were trends except for the Corona beard. Horrible trends at that.
Comment from : Will Levine

Viljam Leban
I use a cross body bag in summer, made in grey (as my hair) canvas. The practicality of it is big when you go on the beach by bicycle as I do. You store all your items in one place, on you body. When you put it away or put it on you, the money (never a wallet) in one pocket, keys in another and off you go. As for the other six items goes you are right, in my opinion.
Comment from : Viljam Leban

Bo Stark
Jack Black listened.
Comment from : Bo Stark

aaron daniel
Your watch is the 8th trend that needs to stop.
Comment from : aaron daniel

Charly Jazz
About cross body bags, I think it's like some guys who use a back pack to carry their stuff only smaller and more practical. I use one when I travel, it's just the right size to fit my iPad, earphones, passport, some snacks, etc. I know not many people like it and I've been ridiculed by my own peers but I don't care, it's practical and I don't use it every day, then it would be like a man purse :D
Comment from : Charly Jazz

i had a fannypack in the 90s - for collecting on my paper route
Comment from : Matt

Great video!
I like fashion but sometimes some fashion trends are too much.

Comment from : Stanislas

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