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Alex Costa
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Comment from : Alex Costa

Témitope Obinna
They're only three brothers looking out for us ... ALEX COSATER, JOSÉ ZUNIGA & ALPHA M.
Comment from : Témitope Obinna

kala kaar
TIK TOK banned 2 months ago
Comment from : kala kaar

Cross body bags, vintage tees and baggy clothes...horrible style
Comment from : hannibalking86

Michael Mellemseter
Anyone knows where he got the Nirvana tee?
Comment from : Michael Mellemseter

LaRay Donyeil
Where is that red velvet jacket from?? Someone please link me!!
Comment from : LaRay Donyeil

Stuntman Dan
Sooo am I the only one who is actually bothered that the trends are actually falling exactly on everything you already wear?? Well most of it lol. Like the longer hair thing, I was shaving my head for 2 years and around November last year I started letting it grow back out, length goal was for it to reach my chin and now thanks to lockdown everyone is gona have long ass hair... I mean I think I speak for everyone when I say that everyone wants to stand out and this list just made me feel like im on the trend bandwagon
Comment from : Stuntman Dan

Comment from : hvcshow

Arnav Dubey
Sir, there is no tiktok in India ,pls get us more reels.....
Comment from : Arnav Dubey

Fashion masks... Sorry but no x)
Comment from : XEKantoine

Frank Landaverde
I would never wear those ugly oversized pants.
Comment from : Frank Landaverde

End Time Films. CoTM
... Turn into a power ranger 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : End Time Films. CoTM

Turtlenecks make you feel like a fashion lord😤🔥
Comment from : David

Where you think I can get a cross body bag though
Comment from : David

I would like this video for the tips but that hair got me the like button so fast!
Comment from : David

Sai Vikas 007
Bro can you please make a video for lips ?
Comment from : Sai Vikas 007

Where do you have that red jacket from
Comment from : Bram

24bit gaming
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🔥🔥 1k होने में 🔥🔥
💔💔एक सब्सक्राइब कर दो प्लीज💔💕

Comment from : 24bit gaming

glenn cole
Where did you buy the mask from?
Comment from : glenn cole

Rajiv Swain
Plz check my comments and give me one iPhone
Comment from : Rajiv Swain

Jabez Isaac
Finally he changed his hairstyle that he really wasn't ready to do and I must day it looks sooo sick!!
Comment from : Jabez Isaac

Jonathan Francisco
Clearly spending a lot of time on tik tok. 80% of this list seems trends for teens
Comment from : Jonathan Francisco

Aji Kukuh Pramudya
It's works... Thx mr stark 😎😎
Comment from : Aji Kukuh Pramudya

j will1906
FIT is king and ALWAYS will be! So I’ll pass on the “wide” pants. And screw the graphic tees... looks immature bro! Just my takes
Comment from : j will1906

Sema Online Shopping Uganda
Comment from : Sema Online Shopping Uganda

Where can I get the bomber jacket the red one ?
Comment from : Dfw_Ghosty

bahra xalil
Comment from : bahra xalil

brad yeager
People who waste that much time to "stay on trend" really need to find something important to do. I get wanting to look good but trends change to fast for it to matter.
Comment from : brad yeager

Sajad Jafari
You look like Brad Pitt but younger
Comment from : Sajad Jafari

Walter Sickinger
Advice for millennial boy-men who want to dress like clowns.
Comment from : Walter Sickinger

Lol such a trend slave
Comment from : Fehrplay

Kono Dio Brando ni wa yume ga aru
Tiktok lmao
Comment from : Kono Dio Brando ni wa yume ga aru

Eliab Gill
Make a video on your hairstyle
Comment from : Eliab Gill

Hard pass on the wider pants “trend”, I see girls wearing these loose pants and it just looks bad. Almost like they don’t want their physique to be shown, or have nothing to show off and those pants are a crutch for it to not be noticed.
Comment from : Alex

we got time on our phone, time on buildings, time on your pc and at your workplace. Who the hell still needs a watch?
Comment from : Incorruptus

You show too little and talk too much.
Comment from : Incorruptus

That shoptagr you are promoting isn’t at all what you make it out to be ..
Comment from : AL B

Drew Togneri
Grey joggers are popular cause kids these days all dress the exact same. My sister is still in high school and her and all her friends dress identical to eachother, with colours varying so they don't match. It's so stupid
Comment from : Drew Togneri

Anthony Hill
Band tees aren't a trend for me, they're a way of life 🤘🏼
Comment from : Anthony Hill

Sirliftsalot M
5:34 what kind of shirt/jacket is that guy wearing
Comment from : Sirliftsalot M

I grew my hair very long over quite a few months and went to get it fixed up and leave the top, the guy then cuts my hair short and now I have to start all over again... :/
Comment from : F1ibraaa

Tibi _Forta
My style: dirty cargos and dirty hoodie everyday because i work in construction 10 hours every dau for 80$
Comment from : Tibi _Forta

Lukas Vorbeck
when does the Alex Costa Brushed Flannel Snap-Up Plaid Shirt Jacket come on sale alex?
Comment from : Lukas Vorbeck

Rita Barua
Hey alex i am badly missing ur old hair style....😥
Comment from : Rita Barua

Roland Seper
Mood tips make a look so mood style. I have really enjoyed this look and style. Great work on the video. Now I have to get ready to hit the club again both this video in style and then Delta Parole - Wasted Music Video that I had watched before this again since every night out I rock out to it first goes stunnin smooth, motivated me to be the man tonight. What are any of you other beautiful peoples hit the club songs?
Comment from : Roland Seper

Cooper Downerd
What’s your opinion on wearing an apple watch
Comment from : Cooper Downerd

Cris Dapx
7:19 I see the AE86 Trueno
Comment from : Cris Dapx

Luca #19
Did this man just switch up Power Rangers and Ben10???
Comment from : Luca #19

Harsh Gaikar
link the mask maann
Comment from : Harsh Gaikar

Matt McKinnon
your hairstyle and facial cut reminds me of The Winter Soldier
Comment from : Matt McKinnon

Mr phenomenal
Sir.. i has seen your outfits which you added on snupps how we get that clothes .. waiting for your response .. ❣️
I am form India 🇮🇳🇮🇳
We love your videos. 😍😍😍😍

Comment from : Mr phenomenal

Shady Aghabi
What’s it in for Shoptagr then?
Comment from : Shady Aghabi

Love Deep
Bro tik tok is ban in india
Comment from : Love Deep

Frank II
Where may I find those glasses Alex at 8:37 ?
Comment from : Frank II

Comment from : Lev

Research Beast
Great video. I never saw any of your videos covering styling for balding or bald guys. Anything you may be covering soon?
Comment from : Research Beast

mike kauppila
Hey Alex i love your sweater where can i get it?
Comment from : mike kauppila

Cross-body bags are so whack.
Comment from : UniversalGC

Jacob Maron
Where tf am I going during quarantine?
Comment from : Jacob Maron

Jacob Maron
I can't trust a guy with bangs for fashion advice...
Comment from : Jacob Maron

hustlemade C
He should build his arms and chest
Comment from : hustlemade C

Jacob St. Germaine
yeah brotha, long hair all the wayyyy... Started growing mine a few months ago and can't wait until I can rock a bun or ponytail
Comment from : Jacob St. Germaine

Seth Struble
I have to disagree with you on the wide pants.
Comment from : Seth Struble

zachary stapleton
Us guys that have always had long hair and wear red every day cause it’s our favorite are now just gonna be “following the latest trend”😔
Comment from : zachary stapleton

Shayan Qu
I rllly like the jacket
Comment from : Shayan Qu

Curious Jithu
Tiktok is banned in india.
Comment from : Curious Jithu

"your doing virtual school"

I've been going to school for the past 2 months now 😔

Comment from : ItsFlames

Amir Imran
I really want to see Alex wearing baggy pants and baggy vintage clothes. Honestly it’s kinda bored seeing him wearing the same outifit over the years. You always asked us to try something new but why don’t you do it too.
Comment from : Amir Imran

Eric J
Never going back to baggy pants. I grew up wearing it when I was younger and I’m never going back 🤣🤣
Comment from : Eric J

Kaveesh Khattar
Incredible hairstyle
Comment from : Kaveesh Khattar

Kai Hiwatari
end of 2020 means exam 😭😭😭
Comment from : Kai Hiwatari

Sandeep Paliwal
Never say never 👌
Comment from : Sandeep Paliwal

Eugene Levonchouk
Alex be like: not a fan of this new TikTok style but if it's trendy — you gotta do what you gotta do.
Comment from : Eugene Levonchouk

Yashraj Gupta
U helped me change my life bro:) ❤✨
Comment from : Yashraj Gupta

Akash Sandhu
Cmon man tiktok is banned now in india
Comment from : Akash Sandhu

Man... 2020 is a weird year.
Comment from : Dalton

Banana Boat Pilots
You've helped me a lot man, from going to dry-fit and Nike sneakers to someone who's a bit more confident with themselves. You're a big inspiration, keep up the good work!
Comment from : Banana Boat Pilots

David Gabriel
Urgh neither a fan of the baggy stuff (wtf actually?!) and the cross body bags (tacky as hell)
Comment from : David Gabriel

Sérgio Silva Drums
Check out my new Mac Miller drum cover!!🤪
Comment from : Sérgio Silva Drums

Sorry 😐 I can’t follow you on tiktok
Comment from : RAJUL

d santos
Hey! Someone know where can i buy that red jacket 5:22
Comment from : d santos

rodrigo peraza
Alex I have to ask, where did you get that jacket?? I’ve been looking for something like that since forever!!
Comment from : rodrigo peraza

The Velociraptor
Please one special video on cardigans, and how to style them with different outfits
Comment from : The Velociraptor

Ádám Prónik
What is the red jacket he is wearing it is pretty sick 😍 if anyone knows please answer
Comment from : Ádám Prónik

I dont think long hair suits you
Comment from : Okiwaga

Thomas E
Alex, have you ever been in Europe during autumn? :D I bet you need warmer layers to work with..it's not as warm as in the U.S. during October and so on...so a t-shirt and a short denim jacket won't do normally...
Comment from : Thomas E

Yri Vesnin
Hallo ALEX, NICE VIDEO,,,, Hallo Moscow,, 😁Happy positive.
Comment from : Yri Vesnin

sughanthan MG
Very very awesome ❤️
Comment from : sughanthan MG

I find cross body bags to be kinda douchey
Comment from : Haroldismyname

Irfan Javaid
Alex plzz make a video on layering clothes in harsh winter
Comment from : Irfan Javaid

Harout B
Thank you for the video! Do you do private styling? If so I would love to apply and get some guidance.
Comment from : Harout B

Lucas Abrantes
I have been watching a lot of Formula 1 over quarantine too!!!! Who is your favorite driver??? I would say mine is Charles Leclerc.
Comment from : Lucas Abrantes

Mohnish Doultani
please add tiktok content on your reels too! Tiktok is banned in india
Comment from : Mohnish Doultani

Vincent Pols
Where did you get the red jacket at 5:24? I think it looks good.
Comment from : Vincent Pols

1. Vintage Shirts ... I remember a video you said stay away from big logo's.
2. Wider Pants ... Yea, I'm not Aladdin nor his Jinni.
3. Face Masks ... Not mandatory where I'm from.
4. Long hair ... Not my thing, I like my sides short.
5. Cross Body Bags ... I have pockets.
6. Grey Joggers ... Depends on the situation
7. Turtle Necks ... Hell yea!
8. Small Watches ... For sure!

Comment from : Nabil

Michael Gonzalez
Comment from : Michael Gonzalez

Nabil Ahmad
1:45 people would be wearing propellor hats everywhere and Alex would still say the same thing.
Comment from : Nabil Ahmad

I support you brow

Honestly theres 2 ways to look good-

1) dress professionally and clean
2) Dress like a skater

Comment from : KCV TV

Sheela Bairagi
Ur dressing sense is quite awesome
The best channel on YouTube

Comment from : Sheela Bairagi

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