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İkra Şeker
Thank you, it helped a lot. I just find a page which is csntextiles.com/ for stylish men shorts and ordered them. My boyfriend really liked it. If you are looking for a store, you can check it out.
Comment from : İkra Şeker

oh my god i need whatever that brown hoodie was. i’m in love.
Comment from : RoarOfThyme

David Nelson
I'm feeling the denim a lil bit along with the striped shirts
Comment from : David Nelson

Julie Pearl Landagora
aye yo how to do the shoe flip transition?
Comment from : Julie Pearl Landagora

Mohit Pande
Bro i had followed you on Tik Tok but who knew the first YT video i watch would help me find the name of the style i like. I’ve always loved how bowler/reverse collar shirts look but never known the name. Thanks bro!
Comment from : Mohit Pande

Uniqlo x Demon Slayer on August 7th :)
Comment from : Alithia451

God loves you all
Comment from : Wisdoman

Ilay Ruhan
For the 8 people who disliked... why?
Comment from : Ilay Ruhan

Eddie Eddie
Were did you get that crewneck
Comment from : Eddie Eddie

Yonatan Levi
cloud is from louis vuitton virgil
Comment from : Yonatan Levi

Bryan Lim 3224
just take note that those cloth/sponge masks do not protect you from viruses. STAY SAFE DEVON AND EVERYONE ELSE !
Comment from : Bryan Lim 3224

Ricardo Ron
Leisure wear is my favorite right now, especially working from home. However, I think I forgot how to wear regular clothes LOL!
Comment from : Ricardo Ron

Yo, where’s the sweatshirt you’re wearing in this video from?
Comment from : Benvos

If any of you are interested in custom paintings on jackets, jeans, and shoes! HMUU on my Instagram @lafons_customs
Comment from : LAFØN

comfort is the best but dont think i can get into the tye stuff
Comment from : KIXPLORE

I’m personally digging the short shorts by that I mean with 5 inch seam (couple of inches above the knee). I copped 3 this summer. The pay oho is baggies and Nike woven shorts are my go to in this category
Comment from : tateblaze80

JBaker Style
I really like the Militant/War look as well as the comfy jogger look. I've rocked that look all year. Awesome video, remind me of the videos you use to do.
Comment from : JBaker Style

what about fall, summer over already
Comment from : I K

hustlemade C
good pics
Comment from : hustlemade C

Stephen Rotimi
Denim on denim I love it
Comment from : Stephen Rotimi

Where can I buy the shirt at 3:15, it's really cool
Comment from : MrWebon

chikn dragn
I respect the anime clothing 🙌
Comment from : chikn dragn

Jemini229 Redd
He called us plus size, we not plus size, we big and tall, other than that great video.
Comment from : Jemini229 Redd

Rocky Puno
Super straight to the point vid. Great work 👍
Comment from : Rocky Puno

I would be willing and exited to try the Cuban colar shirt
Comment from : JUST JOJO

Keyser Söze
Why is your tiktok blowing up but youtube be so quiet? Funny enough i knew you from your beard video on YouTube tho
Comment from : Keyser Söze

Clifton Sledge
I just recently brought a jean jacket because I knew the jean look would be popping this year, but the cloud look will be gone as fast as 2021, best to believe. ✌🏾
Comment from : Clifton Sledge

Travis Becker
I'm with you Idk how I feel about the cloud trend its definitely interesting 😂
Comment from : Travis Becker

Chrishanna Hill
I have to share this with my bros, blessings King.
Comment from : Chrishanna Hill

Buttstank McGoo
Those Cuban shirts go hard
Comment from : Buttstank McGoo

Logan Anderson
I really like the denim on denim look! I’ll have to test that out especially for fall/winter!
Comment from : Logan Anderson

Glasses link from description isn't working for me 🙃 Anyone could tell me if it's just me?
Comment from : Broski

Anbu Black Ops
What sweatshirt do you have on??
Comment from : Anbu Black Ops

Johnra Brown
Great video thanks for always looking out for your bigger guys. Love that
Comment from : Johnra Brown

Martymard B
Welp, I like the masks 🎭, I’m gonna check into your description and sift through some mask 😷
Comment from : Martymard B

Cup of Water_ Diplip
Think imma go for tie dye
Comment from : Cup of Water_ Diplip

Love it, but what's the difference between Warcore and Techwear?
Comment from : Morphius112

Marcelino Nieves
Def gonna check out the Cuban style shirts
Comment from : Marcelino Nieves

Style By Joe
Love the Cuban shirt! And I agree "masks" are here to stay for a while.
Comment from : Style By Joe

Ted White
Anyone know where that grey tracksuit is from?
Comment from : Ted White

nice video, can i get id on the tan hoodie at 2:04?
Comment from : LDC

Ninura Bandara
warcore, since its like an entry-level type in tech ware 🔥
Comment from : Ninura Bandara

Hey bro just wanna ask. What shoes do you recommend for wide feet? Dope vid bro🔥
Comment from : TwiceTzuyu

Special S.A.05
Really interested in the Combat look with cargos and tactical vests , Great video 👍
Comment from : Special S.A.05

Ryan Howard
Great video 👍 I just ordered last night crinkle cut cargo shorts from summit clothing, by the way nice jumper where is it from?
Comment from : Ryan Howard

Faris Hussain
all outfits are good but can you tell me your outro music love from your boi
Comment from : Faris Hussain

kepo qtacencinquantsix
Cloud patterns looks weird
Comment from : kepo qtacencinquantsix

Herve Massok
Always on point my man DevanOnDeck! Was waiting for this video! Tho I think that warcore trend is more a autumn vibe than a summer isn't it? In regards to the cloud vibe I guess it came in since Louis Vuitton had that catwalk during the Paris Fashion week for men, back in January. Plus nowadays, everything Virgil does becomes a trend (usually) so yeah.
Comment from : Herve Massok

Stefan Mentor
None of them are for me
Comment from : Stefan Mentor

Great video
Comment from : K C

ASOS has great Cuban collar shirts that are made out of lightweight fabrics if anyone is interested!
Comment from : Wesley

Chid Chid
Great video man! I might have to try that burgundy acid wash denim jacket tbh
Comment from : Chid Chid

Jeff Fafa
I'm so glad you blew up on Tik Tok, you deserve a bigger follower base.
Comment from : Jeff Fafa

Kelvin Miller
Devan, I just want to say Thank You.
Comment from : Kelvin Miller

Blue 2114
Devon took my style from 🙅‍♂️ to 🕺
Comment from : Blue 2114

Nate2beast YT
Nice to put brown:) i usually cant go well with brown but thx for the hookup
Comment from : Nate2beast YT

Michael Baum
What’s the best shirt to wear with the sweat shorts for a guy with a bit of a stomach?
Comment from : Michael Baum

I've been sporting anime Tees this year. I usually get mine from Teepublic. I like my shirts with a unique look. Example, I recently bought an Akira shirt but done to look like the cover of Prince's purple rain poster. I get asked a lot about it.
Comment from : noble2dn

Res Arts
Seven has helped me so much to change up my style, like I used to watch alex and marcel, they taught me a lot, but seven you opened a whole new door to me into the streetwear game, so thanks
Comment from : Res Arts

シCharlie Bucket
I know you probably won’t see this but what is something that will fit for skinny kids?
Comment from : シCharlie Bucket

Lennis Serrano
Personally find it odd to be trying to talk about outting clothes as most of us are just home, aside from the occasional runs for food or errands. So this season imo is big for exploring athleisure & comfort wear. Even diving a bit into small technical wear with cargo pants & functional bags.
Comment from : Lennis Serrano

Isabella Ferrisi
Might i just say this dude is the chad among chads
Comment from : Isabella Ferrisi

Kwame Banks
Keep doing your thing man I look up to you bro 💪🏾🙏🏾
Comment from : Kwame Banks

Cloud pattern is inspired by Virgil’s most recent Louis Vuitton show in Paris. The collection also showcases similar patterns.
Comment from : Guyman

Christopher Nuñez
Sadly, tomorrow is august first :((
Comment from : Christopher Nuñez

Ryan Delgado
"You wanna be able to play without playing yourself"
--Devon On Deck 2020

"Alexa, play "Marvin's Room"

Comment from : Ryan Delgado

Elijah Ramesh
Can't wait to affordable fall!
Comment from : Elijah Ramesh

Alvin Sanchez
I have not worn an anime shirt in over 25 years. A "No Need for Tenchi" crew color t-shirt in pink with the cabbit (part cat & part rabbit with a gem in her forehead) Rho-Oki all over it with carrots. I was at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. A student said he would love to wear it but the t-shirt is pink. I had responded what is the problem with pink? He did not know the fashion history of the color pink.
Comment from : Alvin Sanchez

Aniekan Ruffin
This video was 🔥🔥🔥 It would be really great if you could do a try-on haul or showcase of some of your favorite black owned clothing brands
Comment from : Aniekan Ruffin

Dustin Woods
Ready to try these looks out
Comment from : Dustin Woods

Dee Gray
I always say “Peace” with him at the end. .....🤔 sometimes I actually hold up the peace sign back 😳
Comment from : Dee Gray

Dallas Charlot
I'm feeling those sweat shorts and dressed up joggers for real. Some of those Cuban shirts you put up looked clean too
Comment from : Dallas Charlot

Daniel Ocampo

sorry that was cringey.

Comment from : Daniel Ocampo

G Mac
Big fan of utility vests & jackets with their seasonal versatility. Hard to find variety in stores. Good looking out! 👍👍
Comment from : G Mac

Death Rose
I love the last one and the anime 🖤so cool
Comment from : Death Rose

Alvin Sanchez
Sweats as leisurewear in the Summer? I will stick to solid colored Baja pants, Baja shorts, and Baja jackets instead. When the temperature is really high the loose weave allows evaporation and when a breeze comes by it feels heavenly.
Comment from : Alvin Sanchez

Kevin Owusu
I'm totally trying out the WARCORE trend💪🏽💥💥
Comment from : Kevin Owusu

Christopher Evans

Comment from : Christopher Evans

Great video! Keep it up 🙏
Comment from : T5

He knows! My man knows!
Comment from : JoeDox

Muhammad Ahmed
Can you please give the link to your light blue dapper overcoat. PLEASE?
Comment from : Muhammad Ahmed

I am not the first but not the last....😍😍😍😍
Comment from : DS DEATH

Glad I saw this before shopping!
Comment from : Frocolate

Purchased Everlane's off-white low sneakers and I'm not fully confident in how to style them. Mind tossing out a few ideas?
The sky patterns are pretty dope, I'd love the pattern on wide-fit denim.

Comment from : Jd

Aka Baraa
U really helped me change my style thank u 🙏🏽
Comment from : Aka Baraa

Kirk Davis Jr
Love the brown tones but I wouldn't be caught died wearing cloud patterns.
Comment from : Kirk Davis Jr

damian garza
Hey man do you have any tips for more muscular types and also for short dudes
Comment from : damian garza

The Nigel Approach
Dope video bro! You're always on point!
Comment from : The Nigel Approach

All year Round for us Aussies!
Comment from : leblobes

Malcolm Mcconner
My guy is back! Good to see you again bro!
Comment from : Malcolm Mcconner

dokii dokii
Yo yo yo I'll be affording that soon
Comment from : dokii dokii

Meta Alexandre
Denim on denim
Comment from : Meta Alexandre

ceasar augustine
Quality content as always
Comment from : ceasar augustine

Comment from : BigMaan

Brandon Martin
I want to try the brown tones and the anime. They looks dope .
Comment from : Brandon Martin

Notification squad 😤
Comment from : Dustyfootphilospher

Tariro Maswaure
really needed that mask tip
Comment from : Tariro Maswaure

Motorcycle Janitor
Comment from : Motorcycle Janitor

Let's go 🔥💙
Comment from : Dustyfootphilospher

Malik Murray
I’ve been thinking about getting into war core. This convinced me to grab some cargo pants!
Comment from : Malik Murray

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