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Birthday, picnic, dayoff, menu, girlsquad

Alex Costa
I hope you guys learned something new from today’s video! Don’t forget to follow me at instagram.com/alexcosta :)

Have a GREAT weekend!


Comment from : Alex Costa

Evan Humala
Where’d he get those glasses from 😔
Comment from : Evan Humala

Alex in black coat you are looking like a British officer
Comment from : YoMaddy

What is the name of the music used in this video?
Is there anybody who knows it?

Comment from : PastaBoinrich

PostCard Life
Your life is very big lair propaganda
Comment from : PostCard Life

Mohammad Moshari
nice job
Comment from : Mohammad Moshari

Meezan hashmi
This outfits is looking boomb on u💥💥💥
u r the only one legend

Comment from : Meezan hashmi

Mateus C. Silva
I like the outfit M850 I haha
Comment from : Mateus C. Silva

Brandon Key
I bet Alex doesn't use turn signals
Comment from : Brandon Key

Asif Mehmood
Nice looking
Nice style
Asif Raja London Pakistan

Comment from : Asif Mehmood

Yo, I need to know where did you get that coat from your 4th outfit, it's insane how good it looks
Comment from : Santi

Kevin Miller
Where is the duffle bag from?
Comment from : Kevin Miller

Beats are stick paired with slow motion. We see you!, brother
Comment from : mikeb

In case y’all wondering what the audio is, it’s AGST-Recess. You’re welcome
Comment from : 3UR-FE

Youneke Youneke
why this guy dont put the song name in description .....
Comment from : Youneke Youneke

Nathan Tongha
Click the like button!!!
Comment from : Nathan Tongha

Tahmidur Rahman
What is the soundtrack??
Its so good.....,
Please tell me if anybody knows it....

Comment from : Tahmidur Rahman

Ерлан Кеукенов
ты шикарен, хочу быть похожим на тебя
Comment from : Ерлан Кеукенов

Richard Liljegren
The first song has been on my mind all day. Does anyone know the name?
Comment from : Richard Liljegren

Chris Lomax
i need a video on how to get a job where i can live like u lol no joke
Comment from : Chris Lomax

Marcos Alvarez
This video WAS FIRE. Best motivation ever. Honestly Alex Costa is 10/10

Also, what’s the BMW model?

Comment from : Marcos Alvarez

Ryan Ross
This Lookbook was well worth the wait. Alex Costa is a Men's Fashion Icon/Genius/God
Comment from : Ryan Ross

Nice soundtrack inspired by Scarface!
Comment from : TheFrikadellexxl

Kyle Mazur
Oh my... the 850i is beautiful 😍
Comment from : Kyle Mazur

The glasses???
Comment from : Constantine

Try to watch Alex's look books and mute the the video while playing Sub Urban cradles or any other instrumentals on spotify, very lit, thank me later
Comment from : McRam

Dope beats
Comment from : mikeb

Miguel Jurado
Song name?
Comment from : Miguel Jurado

chihab bensaid
All i loved about this video is the bmw and of course u r always cooool alex
Comment from : chihab bensaid

Pubg Random Rooms
Become a model dude
Comment from : Pubg Random Rooms

Comment from : M H I PUBG M

Farhan Shah Chowdhury
Music link please
Comment from : Farhan Shah Chowdhury

Arslan Ahmed
Hey alex by any luck can you tell me where you got glasses frames from at 2.47
its amazing :)

Comment from : Arslan Ahmed

Gokhan aslı
When i loose my hair , i loose everything ! Shoes , pants , car , does not matter , if you dont have a hair.

You are so luck man. Your hairline is so good

Comment from : Gokhan aslı

costa make a playlist of men's style lookbook
Comment from : CR7 JUNIOR

harry porter
u look great alex
Comment from : harry porter

I love all the outfits ❤❤🔥🔥
Comment from : VFX SOUL

Alfin Raj
The caption shoud be ,4 easy outfits for rich guys
Comment from : Alfin Raj

J. V.
Always wanted to know where are your music in your videos come from? Dope.
Comment from : J. V.

Carnage Royal
alex how u still single :)
Comment from : Carnage Royal

ltzz mee
Anybody know why I can’t find the sweater when I go to the club monaco website (outfit #2)
Comment from : ltzz mee

Jesse Laurila
Alex what size is your leather jacket looks amazing!
Comment from : Jesse Laurila

Luyolo Sabata
South Africa Approves
Comment from : Luyolo Sabata

Luyolo Sabata
Great work 🔥🔥🔥🔥

And the combos 😩🔥🔥🔥

Comment from : Luyolo Sabata

Hafiz Zaid
Comment from : Hafiz Zaid

Que pora e essa
Comment from : baquav

Fredy Vergara Show
Legend. Check my up and coming channel. Fashion+Texas vlogs+funny dude
Comment from : Fredy Vergara Show

Neil Moomey
Why are you always alone?
Comment from : Neil Moomey

Evan Humala
Who else is trying to find that exact coat on the last outfit? 😩 🔥
Comment from : Evan Humala

Harshit Arora
Make a look book playlist

Comment from : Harshit Arora

Anshu Raj
Wow... Osm OutFits 😊
Comment from : Anshu Raj

aiman zaim
I love the third outfit but i live in malaysia, so the weather doesn’t suit that outfit 😂
Comment from : aiman zaim

Simon Fauteux
The outfits are great! However I would freeze with these as a northern Canadian. 🥶
Comment from : Simon Fauteux

Shivam Sharma
Bro can you plz make a video on how to remove hair wax without shampoo or conditioner because we can't use them on regular basis
Comment from : Shivam Sharma

Abdul Kalaam
You look like rdj
Comment from : Abdul Kalaam

Does the car come with the clothes
Comment from : Frozone

Rahul J Vlogs
U are amazing man 🤟
Comment from : Rahul J Vlogs

Narcissistic. Personality. Disorder.
Comment from : iheartcomps

Divyansh Sahu
When are you doing your new apartment tour. waiting eagerly
Comment from : Divyansh Sahu

Lovro Priselec
Make video about how to wear coat please
Comment from : Lovro Priselec

brian ochieng
Thank you, Alex, these kinds of videos make my months.
Comment from : brian ochieng

Sorry, man--not digging the grandpa jacket at the end
Comment from : komaboi19

Elias David
where do we buy those glasses?
Comment from : Elias David

Md zeb Ali
Alex please make video on grey convert black hair naturally.
I'm 21 year old please Alex

Comment from : Md zeb Ali

Jack Perri
Alex repping Jersey on his plates!
Comment from : Jack Perri

Lando Lakes
Love vids like this
Comment from : Lando Lakes

Manuel Mulero
What boots are those?
Comment from : Manuel Mulero

Amaan Shafiq
Comment from : Amaan Shafiq

Didn't even know you had a shoe collab. That's rad!
Comment from : Nowyouknow

This dude looks like Robert Downey jr younger brother.
Comment from : UltraGaming

I’m 15. Got a teen stache in full flow . Should I use a trimmer or razor (trim or shave ) for the first time ??
Comment from : A N

Samiir Abdi
You are the BEST Alex 👍🤩
Comment from : Samiir Abdi

sumanth varma
Alex Costa bro try in Hollywood movie s bro. Big thumbs up from India
Comment from : sumanth varma

For the second outfit with the sweater I would have worn some nice glasses too. You know to kinda bring out those nerdy vibes haha. Love the Video bro ! Love from Austria :D
Comment from : TheZockerPhil

sam kirubaraj
The whole video is good can any one tell what was the music going in the back that music makes more elegant for this outfits
Comment from : sam kirubaraj

Do you blowdry your hair every single day ?
Comment from : Timo

Deenesh K
Watch collection plsssss. Take your time tho 😂
Comment from : Deenesh K

Great work as always! 👍🏼
Comment from : Pistelino

Cherry Moon
This editing is fucking awesome to watch ✨🔥
Comment from : Cherry Moon

Hey Alex,can you make a video about hair trends in 2020?
Love your videos

Comment from : Kacpi

Love these outfit videos. Thank you!
Comment from : ayang315

How tall are you?
Comment from : Asdf

Bib's Mind
Where are the rings dude??.. Anyway, the outfits look so sick especially the third and the fourth one
Comment from : Bib's Mind


Comment from : L C

Video for outfits for winter in actual cold places?? There's snow outside I cant be rockin just a leather jacket :/
Comment from : AangBow

Pubg Random Rooms
Alex is a kind of guy who can tell his kids the best way to wear pampers
Comment from : Pubg Random Rooms

Lucifer Ninj
This is the only color blind guy that can pull of any outfit WoW
Comment from : Lucifer Ninj

Nep Dop
Hey i have problems with black heads and white heads
Comment from : Nep Dop

Nguyen997 Huy
omg the rolex is so beautiful dope lookbook btw
Comment from : Nguyen997 Huy

Hey Alex... How about you do turtleneck style please?
Comment from : Sklaxis-

Ahmed Essmat
Do you think that we should have money to be nice?🤨
Comment from : Ahmed Essmat

Sandip Biswas
Why you randomly messing up with outfits, from now fix it at home.
Comment from : Sandip Biswas

Selma Lotfi
I tink Alex will be looking great in seriously every outfit. Keep going 😚😚😚
Comment from : Selma Lotfi

Danial AD
Nice car
Comment from : Danial AD

Govi Anil
You should have talked about it.
Comment from : Govi Anil

Vishal GVK
3:29 Allah hu akbar
Comment from : Vishal GVK

kiruba Kumar
My style icon rockzzzzzz 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍
Comment from : kiruba Kumar

What is this music ?
Comment from : 低調大叔

Umair Sayed
Is this your new car?
Comment from : Umair Sayed

Vaibhav Routray
Alex tell me how does it feel
-taking out ur bag and putting it inside continuously for no reason?
-Walking with nowhere to go?
I mean people must be staring at u while u r shooting the video right? 😂

Comment from : Vaibhav Routray

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