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He Spoke Style
Which look was your favorite and WHY??
Comment from : He Spoke Style

Da Vid
100% wool? or 50% wool+30%viscot+20%polyester?
Comment from : Da Vid

aman bajpai
Hey can you please tell me the watch he is wearing..!

Comment from : aman bajpai

Jonathan Leonard
that pin collared shirt was very nice
Comment from : Jonathan Leonard

global financial services
Don't trust a guy with a brown shoes , English proverb used in the city of london
Comment from : global financial services

Pansara Kariyawasam
Love you watch collection. Please do a video about it.
Comment from : Pansara Kariyawasam

Alistair Smith
Can we wear these navy suits to war?
Comment from : Alistair Smith

Just Some Guy with a Mask on
Hi, I'm looking for a navy suit for war. Can you establish my chest size, please?
Comment from : Just Some Guy with a Mask on

Davanni Phillip
Each looked totally incredible! Also, I can't help but admire the He Spoke Style logo every single time. Iconic all-round.
Comment from : Davanni Phillip

Josef Loewen
5 perfect outfits!
Comment from : Josef Loewen

I need a navy Hopsack suit in my life.
Comment from : Radzo1

Sigma Geranimo
White Colonial european slavery style.
Comment from : Sigma Geranimo

The irony of getting a Vincero add on HSS is amazing
Comment from : T M

José Alvaro Llopez Navarro
Me encanta tu estilo vivir en Nueva York es lo que tiene
Comment from : José Alvaro Llopez Navarro

That is a really nice navy colour. I have a navy suit and it's just a bit too dark. My next one will be more on the blue side.
Comment from : Plusplusplus

Anna Mitford
Comment from : Anna Mitford

Nice video. Polish ur shoes the nest time u make a video !
Comment from : R K

John Rai
Which suit is okay to wear in weddings?
Comment from : John Rai

That suit is a bit long. Is it or not ?
Comment from : cyberstud007

Phillip Reynolds
Great video...even 1 year later!
Comment from : Phillip Reynolds

102 Surya
That denim shirt style was awful
Comment from : 102 Surya

I love my 5711/1A, but stopped wearing it recently when I found out I can now trade it for a new BMW 5 series. Nuckin' futz!
Comment from : Hotspur62

Rev. James C
If you ask me, a great look for a navy suit - outside of crisp white shirt, grenadine tie and cap-toe oxford (Consul by Church’s) - is an open collar crisp white shirt and black or dark brown derby (Shannon by Church’s).
Comment from : Rev. James C

Kls Hftst
When you break it. It's not a suit.
Comment from : Kls Hftst

Vikki Herald
I believe that a dark pair of quality jeans ( no rips or to much fading) is needed in your pairing with almost any of your shoes to complete the suit wardrobe.
Comment from : Vikki Herald

Atlantic King
You look amazing in suits, how tall are you?
Comment from : Atlantic King

Bear Rider
Damn that subtle PP mention 😂
Comment from : Bear Rider

Max Powder
You’re wearing an old man datejust 36 lol
Comment from : Max Powder

Joakim Henrikson
This is a very good video indeed, solid advice!
Comment from : Joakim Henrikson

ernest harden
What about a charcoal suit
Comment from : ernest harden

Linus tm
please do a watch collection video
Comment from : Linus tm

Great video! I’ve been looking all over for a navy suit for war
Comment from : Higgins

Saleh Elsileni
Comment from : Saleh Elsileni

Michael Garcia
Nice video and great ideas! I have a dark navy plaid suit and brown shoes that I'm planning on wearing to a wedding. What shirt and tie do you suggest that I pair it with?
Comment from : Michael Garcia

Pete Garcia
Where can I find a green tie like the one in 3:40?
Comment from : Pete Garcia

Paige Thomas
Navy suit [for war]
Comment from : Paige Thomas

Ride With Duke250
Will blue suit with black piping is best ?
Comment from : Ride With Duke250

Incredible video!
Comment from : Nathan

qwerty qwerty
I have big thighs, dress pants never fit me :/
Comment from : qwerty qwerty

Lee Alex
Hi Brian, a few questions...

Your videos (this and the "first suit" video) have got me thinking about getting one more navy suit...but last time my tailor said that hopsack is not ideal for suits, mainly because it's not great for trousers (scratchy or easily damaged, forgot which), so I ended up with just a blazer. Any thoughts? I got holland and sherry crystal springs.

Comment from : Lee Alex

Firm Beast
You watches!!! Those are insane and i need to see this cos i own navy jacket but never rock them yet
Comment from : Firm Beast

Yahya Bahr
Love it. Thanks for the lookbook
Comment from : Yahya Bahr

Aristeu Fidelis
Brian, i like your videos. Congratulations and very success always. From São Paulo, Brazil.
Comment from : Aristeu Fidelis

Andrew Wright
This video is inspiring! Question: I just bought my first navy suit from suit supply and really love the belt-less look you usually go for, but the suit I bought has belt loops. Is it weird to get the belt loops removed even though theres no side adjustors? Or should I just keep it with the belt loops and wear a belt?
Comment from : Andrew Wright

Saif Ullah
Good job
Comment from : Saif Ullah

Forest God
great watches
Comment from : Forest God

Pros Kurien
Okay, man. Easy there

Comment from : Pros Kurien

interesting video, although i'm not a fan of the tie width
Comment from : FP

Impeccable taste 👌
Comment from : SP

Brandon Brunet
I only wear navy suits for war.
Comment from : Brandon Brunet

A Patek on the wrist helps too :)
Comment from : ModernConnoisseur

I like #2 the best, though I personally would not endorse a denim shirt in this case, but rather a fine japanese chambray. I think the plain weave matches a suit or blazer a bit more harmoniously than a twill.
Comment from : ThePsychopompos1

Arnold Arnoldsson
Maybe its just me, but I'd much rather prefer a roped shoulder, high waist, either DB or a 2 piece with about 4.5inches peak lapels, although I'm 6'2 and got broad shoulders... But i feel like the small notch lapels make you feel like you have got a suit that hasnt got enough fabric, now this is a matter of preference... but a sharp DB or a 2 piece peak lapel with a nipped in waist and high armhole... is statement pieces nonetheless.

You've got yourself a new subscriber great content!

Also, i have to say... regarding your audience... I feel like suitsupply's MTM service would be a great option were the pricepoint is around 500-1000 depending on fabric etc.. from the best mills in the world such as VBC etc Dont you think? Would love to see your take on suitsupply!

Comment from : Arnold Arnoldsson

Just realized how subtle you mentioned your 5711. What a watch!
Comment from : JCrossover

Loving your looks my friend. NEW sub here. Khoi is a good friend of mine from the community of bloggers ✌🏼
Comment from : EscobarStyle

Nathan Clyne
I like the suggested fragrance in the notes. I’ve been looking for a new fragrance and it gave me a couple of ideas. Thanks!
Comment from : Nathan Clyne

willis Balinda
Awesome stuff!
Comment from : willis Balinda

Tamilore Olubiyi
2nd look is the best really, just feel as though the different shades or tones brought about so much harmony in the whole look. More formal Lookbook videos would be great!
Comment from : Tamilore Olubiyi

moon light
Plz plz help my wedding is next summer wats best color shirt and tie to wear with navy blue suit for in my wedding and im warm skin undertone black hair brown eyes 6 ft 1.60 pounds plz responce i love ur video by the way
Comment from : moon light

Sergio Montes
I really like this video and all the close shots of everything you wearing so we can better see all the outfits!! I just subscribed to your Channel.
Comment from : Sergio Montes

New subscriber! I liked all the outfits but #3 w/ascot is my fav. Navy and brown pair very well with each other. Cheers!
Comment from : Waltski

James Eckl
Too tight.
Comment from : James Eckl

Brandon Pham
Great content and great editing. I see a successful future in this channel
Comment from : Brandon Pham

Carlos A. Valentin
Very good content and great taste. Just found you and subscribe.
Comment from : Carlos A. Valentin

chef souffle
I prefer a tie bar. I hate my tie flapping around
Comment from : chef souffle

Montag 451
So it's well acceptable to wear a navy suit jacket with other/non same-suit trousers, such ad gray, as opposed to a separate sport coat or blazer?
Comment from : Montag 451

Alex Riley
He plays sax
Comment from : Alex Riley

Shaun Yip
It may be the muted brown hue, but this the first and only time I've seen an ascot being worn which does not look stuffy and pretentious. Good look! Well done.
Comment from : Shaun Yip

Great quality Bryan! Overcoat style video?
Comment from : JCrossover

Majacks Lelo
1:10 we see it😌, but thank you for the ideas😁.
Comment from : Majacks Lelo

Oxblood shoes would look even sharper with the last two outfits IMO. Never been a fan of mixing black and navy.
Comment from : S S

David A. Quiroa
Just subed! Cool video!!!
Comment from : David A. Quiroa

Emin Subasic
Great looks, fit. Love the suit.
Comment from : Emin Subasic

sifat sartaj turja
Personally I'd go for a turtleneck instead of the cable knit sweater. Great videos, keep 'em coming!
Comment from : sifat sartaj turja

Xin Ryan Xu
Hey Brian I really dig your style. I honestly think that you are amongst the better dressed/stylish/realistic and practical style YouTubers (unlike some of the more popular menstyle YouTubers out there) Keep up the good work.
Comment from : Xin Ryan Xu

Felipe Renzo
Instant click! You don't know how long I've waited for you to upload a video about Navy Suit. Thank you!
Comment from : Felipe Renzo

Martin Saavedra
Drakes life
Comment from : Martin Saavedra

The Kavalier
That ascot look tho
Comment from : The Kavalier

This is the prime example of how fitting clothes can flatter your physique. I seriously thought you were over 6ft. Great video as always.... and also I had a question, How do I tell my tailor to measure my pant length to have no break , while not making it short in the process??
Comment from : GSG7 G

Keith Chan
Great video! Brian, I'm graduating from college soon and I'll be working in the accounting field after graduation. I'm planning to invest in a pair of oxford shoes to go with my navy suit, can I have your advice on whether I should go with Cap-toe or wholecut oxford?
Comment from : Keith Chan

40 Over Fashion
Nice job Brian. Sub'ed.
Comment from : 40 Over Fashion

Edward Wiot
You"re tank is beautiful I"m jealous. The ascot is a very elegant touch.

Comment from : Edward Wiot

Awesome video as always and a beautifully fitting suit. I must ask, what fabric weave is the suit? It kind of looks like a hopsack, but I'm not entirely sure.
Comment from : Abdulrahman

Zuker Gill
Possibly your best video yet. Or maybe just the most relevant for me. Either way, well done!
Comment from : Zuker Gill

Keep putting out the great content. So much growth from the beginning long time sub
Comment from : jetmemphis91

Aleks B
Really great one!
Comment from : Aleks B

Gentleman Within
Killer video on the always stylish, iconic navy blazer. These looks are straight cash homie. 💵 💵 💵
Comment from : Gentleman Within

Marc de Paris
Always beautiful and stylish!
Comment from : Marc de Paris

Great video! What's your take on navy blue dress shoes with looks 4 & 5? yayy or nay?
Comment from : BennyShukla

Great video! I have a question for you - I have a very nice made to measure charcoal suit from brooks brothers. Took 5 or 6+ fittings before a final product. I don't necessarily have the funds to go that route again, however, I am looking to get a navy suit. Thoughts on options, sellers, or particular brands to try out? I've tried off the rack in the past (Bar III), but have a build similar to that of yours and find that they aren't quite tapered or fitted adequately. However, I could always get one, then tailor.
Comment from : emtcrystal

Ronnie's Dosis
Finally someone who talks about menswear on youtube with a focus on more tailored, high end, well crafted items. Subcribed.

How about one winter essentials video with focus on business and casual wear?

Comment from : Ronnie's Dosis

Mario Erceg
Damn, watch game on point! Keep it up! We literally have the same style when it comes to suits and watches! Daily drivers are navy suit, sky blue shirt, navy grenadine tie and 116200 White dial, stick markers.
Mario, from Zagreb

Comment from : Mario Erceg

Archit Aggarwal
You are rapidly climbing up to become one of the top men fashion channels. All the best!!
Comment from : Archit Aggarwal

Tailor & Barber
Fantastic video. Can't believe you packed so much into four and a half minutes. I need to try all these looks.
Comment from : Tailor & Barber

Sekai Ichi
Loving the regular content lately! Great outfits as always
Comment from : Sekai Ichi

cool video. I prefer a little bit more length in my suit and shirt sleeves
Comment from : krollic

Ishraq Haider
#early! i love the 4th outfit.
Comment from : Ishraq Haider

Kostas Mandilaris
Hi Brian, I enjoy these. Really liked the driving video too.
Comment from : Kostas Mandilaris

Christian m.
Nice video! Continue to keep up the good content.
Comment from : Christian m.

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