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Mauricio Alfonso
You are getting bold.
Comment from : Mauricio Alfonso

it's lit
Bro I'm hot watching this video come on
Comment from : it's lit

Diego Pádua
That's for summer? Hahaha doesn't seem realistic unless you live in Siberia. Cool looks for fall and warm winter days through.
Comment from : Diego Pádua

Your Vanilla
Those Outfits were Perfect, I don't know why others were complaining about the degrees of their country, well if you have a good sense of fashion..you can be flexible in every way...
Comment from : Your Vanilla

Alexsandar Alexsandar
You look super skinny bro, you looked much more healthy and lively when you lived in Denmark.
Comment from : Alexsandar Alexsandar

jann room
i love all ur video sir 😍 gcq brought me here , im from philippines
Comment from : jann room

Brian kim
Big thumb !!!👍🏼 long lasting basic syle
Comment from : Brian kim

Fabio Lorenz
These outfits are perfect for summer if you live in Iceland, if you live in Italy, like me, you're gonna die! It's to much hot here, we need shorts!
Comment from : Fabio Lorenz

Thouseef vlogs
You using pants and T..shirts shoe's which brand......
Comment from : Thouseef vlogs

Олег Курчинко
www.fromstoxxl.com 🔥
Comment from : Олег Курчинко

All of the ESNTLS were too long on you. For the polo, you mentioned the longer length as a good thing about its fit. That's not true. It looks bad. And I think you just said that because they are the sponsor.
Comment from : bob

Juan Kwon
All your out-fit's really cool. One of the most worn clothes in the summer is the T-shirt. And it's really important to choose a T-shirt that fits you perfectly. If you're looking for a new T-shirt, check out the brand 'Bairefined'! They make T-shirts according to their height and weight. It's not even expensive!
Comment from : Juan Kwon

Who here wears pleated pants? Who here wouldnt wear them? Just curious what kind of split we have
Comment from : Kslater23

Abella Benigno
I love those combinations ❤
Comment from : Abella Benigno

Dan Fashion & Food
👍Good out fitted wear!
Comment from : Dan Fashion & Food

Jonathan Rosales
I live in NYC but I would say that this is for fall because it’s too hot so I usually just rock shorts with button ups and you still look good
Comment from : Jonathan Rosales

Deepankar Mukherjee
It was all cool with the tshirts and joggers untill he introduced the jackets. Man!
Comment from : Deepankar Mukherjee

Joe Who
These outfits are deaddddd
Comment from : Joe Who

Comment from : Iceman

Mohammed Emad H Tamim
Summer clothing? It seems you've never been in Texas before
Comment from : Mohammed Emad H Tamim

HSJ31 -
a summer look should all include at least shorts and a t shirt. no jackets. no pants. Its summer not fall
Comment from : HSJ31 -

HSJ31 -
bro you cant be wearing a jacket in summer
Comment from : HSJ31 -

Ankush Maind
Comment from : Ankush Maind

Adbeel Lopez
What’s your height?
Comment from : Adbeel Lopez

Emil Gabrielsson
Can you do swim shorts 2020?
Comment from : Emil Gabrielsson

8 SPRING Outfits for Men. TFTFY 👍
Comment from : Draw4Turn

Nibrasul Haque
another summer update please
Comment from : Nibrasul Haque

Debia Ichir
Yes i want tutorials to wear that strip pants
Comment from : Debia Ichir

Sahiyan Hossain
Formal shirt and pant vedio plz 🙏
Comment from : Sahiyan Hossain

Prabin Khaling
I am from nepal, bro big fan 🖤💜🧡💛💚💙
Comment from : Prabin Khaling

Boots Dance Fitness
Outfit #6 is fire!
Comment from : Boots Dance Fitness

Jay R Eviza
these are basic styling. we know that
Comment from : Jay R Eviza

Kishan Gurjar
Perfect outfiting bro
Comment from : Kishan Gurjar

Starry Smile
Gosh nice outfits , some of them are REALLY my taste , usually it's a hard task to find something I appreciate but I really liked those outfits
Comment from : Starry Smile

More like 8 summer heat stroke outfits
Comment from : RoastRoyale

Roland Seper
Love from Miami. YPro yes indeed, I have really enjoyed this look and style. Great work on the video. Now I have to get ready to hit the club again both this video in style and then Delta Parole - Wasted Music Video that I had watched before this again since every night out I rock out to it first goes stunnin smooth, motivated me to be the man tonight. What are any of you other beautiful peoples hit the club songs when we can again?
Comment from : Roland Seper

Your teaching men fashion, but the “happy wife, happy life” killed it. Dude that’s fucken weak. But over all great video.
Comment from : Turbomanonskyline

This clothes doesn't for you well. Too loose
Comment from : DESCARADOS

J Haines
love Marcel. Tmf not so much
Comment from : J Haines

more videos like this
Comment from : Toksicni

Joshua McDaniel
Comment from : Joshua McDaniel

Diego Gabriel Falcón Damas
Cual es el modelo del pantalón del minuto 8:18? Esta genial, buen video
Comment from : Diego Gabriel Falcón Damas

Mustaf Ahmed Mohamed Wasuge
Do you know Somali ?🇸🇴🇸🇴😍
Comment from : Mustaf Ahmed Mohamed Wasuge

It’s always 100+ during summer time. I’ll have a heat stroke wearing this 😩😂
Comment from : Jadden

Mart 88
Your such an incredibly perfect amazing Ilove the way you dress up
Comment from : Mart 88

Andre Bjerkvik
what kind of summer does this dude have? I am up in Norway and that looks way too hot
Comment from : Andre Bjerkvik

Chingiz Mardenov
Skinny jeans in 2020 - really? Anti trend man 🤦🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Chingiz Mardenov

the complexion
Can you please do an extreme summer outfit video please it’s 110 here
Comment from : the complexion

Gosh... nothing here looked good. This guy clearly have no idea of what he is doing. But hey, A for effort.
Comment from : Grimmer2006

Hey Marcel, is that white tshirt from Uniqlo in the first outfit a bright white color or more creamy white color?
Comment from : SR.A

Eric Zavala
I love these outfit ideas! I did my own ASOS fashion review, and I would love for you to check it out! 🙌
Comment from : Eric Zavala

Nope, Doesn't work where i live. But thanks for the effort!
Comment from : Tbessix220

Tarique Shaikh
Very nice look
Comment from : Tarique Shaikh

Vince D
Could not find the gum bottoms
Comment from : Vince D

Kiarash ghasemzadeh
jacket in summer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Kiarash ghasemzadeh

fullmetal royal
Are target Jean's good?
Comment from : fullmetal royal

bikash shrestha
Im from nepal
Comment from : bikash shrestha

Raul ponce
Great outfits for Fall here in South Florida
Comment from : Raul ponce

Yassine Bentiddach
Comment from : Yassine Bentiddach

Rex Erection
How do you put those upright slashes on your title?
Comment from : Rex Erection

dipendra singh
From where I can buy these cloth please recommend me
Comment from : dipendra singh

Himal Gurung
need yezzy adidas outfit
Comment from : Himal Gurung

Shiroki Sasaki
I would be sweating like a pig wearing these outifits in sub-tropical weather...
Comment from : Shiroki Sasaki

nero fred
thank you for your advice
Comment from : nero fred

Ryan McClintock
Easy have a sixpack and anything shirtless
Comment from : Ryan McClintock

Milan Stevanović
These seem like perfect outfits for summer in Antartica.
Comment from : Milan Stevanović

Team Shmo
You do not have enough chest hair or thick enough accent to wear your shirts with that much unbutton
Comment from : Team Shmo

This “Octobre” was perfection !
Comment from : Puceau-Furieux

Rekha Sharma
#Marcellfloruss sir thank you so much n you are so hot n so sexy really awesome always
Comment from : Rekha Sharma

Boruto x One piece anime new episodes
The Zunigas are legends.....even u wear their brand
Comment from : Boruto x One piece anime new episodes

Robin Arthur
The Orlebar Brown polo may be just too tight, but it looks so much better on you than the esntls one. The Orlebar Brown one has a way nicer fit and the color is beautiful. the esntls polo fits like you bought it in a plastic bag at the supermarket and the material, even on camera, feels cheap as well. It also does not feel like a product you would actually want to wear, to be honest. Other than that, nice outfits. I love the second last one, with the olive T and the trucker jacket. I know the olive T is also esntls; but it has a much better fit, and I love how you combined the color.
Comment from : Robin Arthur

you did haircut !!
Comment from : xingfuliehen

Rashid Shaikh
Liked your content it's like you are giving us ideas about what to wear and also from where to get them good work..💯
Comment from : Rashid Shaikh

Do you only wear slim pants?
Comment from : Valtsu

Jake Dilag
Bruhh that's lit😎 keep it up.. thanks for the info🥰
Comment from : Jake Dilag

Marco Polo
In Miami you'll die in half of this outfits!
Comment from : Marco Polo

It kinda sucks having a juicy athletic @$$ =( cuz dat @$$ be popping =(
Comment from : scottrolen27mvp

Philippe Bucher
Your Ankari Floruss Tennis Sneakers remind me of my own Filipa K kicks with the rubber sole, these are by far my favorite pair of casual shoes. The rubber sole just makes minimalist white sneakers so much better.
Comment from : Philippe Bucher

Ahmed Elashery
شوية اطقم تحفة
البداية 3:06

Comment from : Ahmed Elashery

Вадим Сагитов
Сделай субтитры на русском !! make subtitles in Russian
Comment from : Вадим Сагитов

In this quarntine I will carry this outfit from one room to another
Comment from : ADITYA SINGH

Georgios P
I mean every single outfit ticks the boxes, summery earth tone clothes are essential and on point. Sad my holidays in Greece are cancelled this year, I’ll be referring back to this clip in 2021 😅
Comment from : Georgios P

Mark Woo
Jackets for summer? Really?
Comment from : Mark Woo

Ice S
I like your channel but you really need to start including the actual size of shirts or joggers you are wearing. It is pointless to know your size if we cannot even give an indication of what size of shirt or joggers you have on.
Comment from : Ice S

Jonas Maier
looks great bro!
Comment from : Jonas Maier

Aditya Majong
Thanks, i've been waiting for this
Comment from : Aditya Majong

who wears pants during the summer in cali?
Comment from : Biscuit89

Lopsangtemba Gurung
Hello bro .. I like the no 7 outfits
Comment from : Lopsangtemba Gurung

bashir imaan
This corona pandemic will make people question who they really dress for
Comment from : bashir imaan

Rick Carr
I love the first outfit the most but its too hot to wear that bomber jacket, maybe more as a night time outfit
Comment from : Rick Carr

pilot ningombam
Hello bro you high body vlog video upload
Comment from : pilot ningombam

Aditya Rajeshirke
Grow them hair.......Bro pleasee
Comment from : Aditya Rajeshirke

I missed the upload on my Birthday🥳😭
Comment from : OI1E

Barnett Zhang
long pants in every outfit: seems like a great choice for texas summer weather!
Comment from : Barnett Zhang

Ianca Rod
OMG, please do a "recreating Harry Styles outfits". I think you'd look bomb
Comment from : Ianca Rod

Yannick Roos
Great video Marcel! You always inspire me. I uploaded a summer lookbook my self. It is scary but getting out my comfort zone :)
Comment from : Yannick Roos

Bro help me i want to start channel like you
Comment from : PHOTOWALA UNCLE

Marcus Stephens
Can you do a video on what to wear if your built like an hourglass? Regular fit leaves to much fabric in the midsection for me, slim fit or atheletic/muscle fit is my only way.
Comment from : Marcus Stephens

wryanne vanornum
Hey marcel, can you do a video on way to style white chinos or suit pants?
Comment from : wryanne vanornum

Mk Mkaraen
Am sooo disappointed the best outfit that i totaly loved is out of stock (the mineral green second outfit)
Why r u doing this to us man 😪😪

Comment from : Mk Mkaraen

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