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Parker York Smith
Hey guys! Which look was your favorite and why??

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Comment from : Parker York Smith

Parker, I really liked look #10. It appeared that the stacks were pleated. Can it still be stylish/on trend to wear pleated slacks and how best to style a look around them? Thanks
Comment from : dreux57

Hinoka Shohe
Look9 is the best in my opinion. Thanks alot for the vid. Cheers !!
Comment from : Hinoka Shohe

Felix Tiger
Comment from : Felix Tiger

kingsley Chan
I'm blown away by the fact that look 5 is from Walmart! Look 9 was my favorite, love what you did by mixing up the flannel and jean jacket with trousers! Great video man!
Comment from : kingsley Chan

Faizy Najeeb
This guy is so underrated
Comment from : Faizy Najeeb

vagina feet
Do a express outfit
And guess

Comment from : vagina feet

Isaac William
Is look number 6 really from Walmart ?? Because it looks really good
Comment from : Isaac William

can you let us know where you got the scarf? or the width of it? that was the best outfit
Comment from : GLOBALlaming333

Choco Drew
Went a different route bought an XS peacoat FROM J.CREW :O and omg feel like I wanna be Sherlock Holmes after watching Elona Holmes movie
Comment from : Choco Drew

Roger Caughell
Glad to see you rockin' the Blundstones - totally underrated! Loved the plaids as well.
Comment from : Roger Caughell

Home Gainz
Had to subscribe when I seen that monochrome outfit
Comment from : Home Gainz

Omar Salih
Dude this is really one of your best videos. Very unique outfits! Looking forward to see more of winter outfits. Much love😉👌🏻
Comment from : Omar Salih

Gilad Rubin
Where's the henley at the beginning from? 😊
Comment from : Gilad Rubin

rishu hans
Great video & Sick collection of clothes
Comment from : rishu hans

Tahmid Shammo
Parker York smith -the savior💖
Comment from : Tahmid Shammo

notorious joestar
absolutely in love w/ these outfits! thanks for ur videos, they are really inspiring. Keep it up 👍🏻
Comment from : notorious joestar

Jason vijoy
Look 8,9, and 10 are sweet😍
But, to stay slightly ahead the crowd, I love using look 6, the only change I would make is pair it with a brownish olive seude coat (coz that's the only colour I have it in) instead, really loved the Chelsea addition it, I'd usually go with chukkas, but the Chelsea looks sweeter.
Great video as always buddy 😁🙌

Comment from : Jason vijoy

Comment from : Saran

Magesterial Leo
Be genuine to me.... Whats your height?
Comment from : Magesterial Leo

Always looking good man!
Comment from : biyahengcrew

Anuj Dutta
Absolutely loved the 9th & 10th outfit the most 🤩, great video bro!!!
Comment from : Anuj Dutta

jordan patricio
You rock 👍
Comment from : jordan patricio

Monier Elmardi
Look 10 is cool, combining synthetic pieces like puffer vests/jackets is with traditional wear like suits is hard.
Comment from : Monier Elmardi

Raf99 A
Great video and awesome outfits!
Comment from : Raf99 A

Abdullahi Usman
Wait could you make a video on how to layer a flannel and hoodie if you ever get the chance. But all on all love the vid
Comment from : Abdullahi Usman

Neo Astral
Bruh u won't find anyone on youtube doing the same thing as this guy, so unique
Comment from : Neo Astral

I hate it when you forget to pull up your zipper. Mine was down the other day and this really cute girl lady came up to me at the grocery store and introduced herself as the girl that lives across the street from my brother. Then she pulled down her mask and gave me a gigantic smile. Her smile was crazy good and she has giant facial cheeks and big fat white teeth. She's a psychologist. Like someone that has a degree and works. We talked the next day on my walk past her house and she smiled and said high so I guess things are kool. This never happens when my zippers up. Only happens when I have sat on a candy bar without knowing it or have food stuck on my face or my zippers down or when my nieces or nephews have food on their hands and give me a big hug. To that dude not married or apparently dating chicks are a big hassle. If their not having a nervous breakdown or having mental problems they are constantly hitting you up for your bucks and time. That's why I'm single but not immune. Peace. Really just happened on Wednesday. Zipper thing. My play would be the windbreaker over a denim jacket. Fire. She's a lady psychologist and she smiled at me.. www.youtube.com/watch?v=02K82uw4lio
Comment from : ferkco

Reason I love fall/winter is because of the layering and outfit combinations you could do! My favorites were Looks 5 and 10, those were sick!! Thank you for the time and effort you put in your content Parker!
Comment from : Jayden

Interesting how you created the Uniqlo/Japanese street sort of look with items from Walmart! Also loving how the hat pulled the whole outfit together in look #7. And the high-low combination in #9 is fun too! - Han
Comment from : minonano

Not impressed but thanks for the colourful video.
Comment from : njuafed71

King J Rios
I really liked 1,3,6,8, and 9. Good video👍
Comment from : King J Rios

Hamza Rafia
YAAAAY! New Video
Comment from : Hamza Rafia

King J Rios
Comment from : King J Rios

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