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Alex Costa
HAPPY 2020! Let’s crush it together, don’t forget to follow me at instagram.com/alexcosta to keep up with me ;)

What’s your favorite style trend for 2020?! Let me know down below

Thank you for watching!


Comment from : Alex Costa

Lmao watching it during rona times and have spent most of my times indoors
Comment from : MrJ_789

Anthony Kalaj
this is the style in 2020? i think ill just go back to bellbottoms
Comment from : Anthony Kalaj

lil jigme
Almost 2 years a go sticking with the legend Alix Costa 🙏true legendary
Comment from : lil jigme

Brendan Webb
Where’s the vest from
Comment from : Brendan Webb

About 2020 🤔
Comment from : cjaime5137

Love from India...I love ur fashion tips ........ big fan of u

Comment from : LEVEL 3 GAMING

Watch You Melt
Face masks
Face shields
Body suits
-Rona 2020

Comment from : Watch You Melt

Daniel Safi
Breaking barriers yes, on outfits no.
Comment from : Daniel Safi

AdamBlast Gaming
Maybe we shouldn't have been so excited about 2020...
Comment from : AdamBlast Gaming

Omar Zayn kitambala OZK
Stay home, stay safe in your GUCCI pajamas 🤓
Comment from : Omar Zayn kitambala OZK

Loren Wood
He’s wearing a checked shirt likes it’s 2012 and he’s talking about modern trends?
Comment from : Loren Wood

jaber romjan
Does anyone know where he got the red checkered overshirt from
Comment from : jaber romjan

Anton Shalyapin
Comment from : Anton Shalyapin

Oklahoma Mud Motor
His farts smell like queefs.
Comment from : Oklahoma Mud Motor

Wajdaan Malik
If I were to wear just 1 ring, what finger and hand should I put it on
Comment from : Wajdaan Malik

Abhishek Pandey
Hii sir, i am from India all watch your all vdo
Comment from : Abhishek Pandey

Jay Aghera
me: let's style ourselves this 2020

2020: Home Sweet Home

Comment from : Jay Aghera

Masterz Playz
2:28 what is that ring?
Comment from : Masterz Playz

What The Dude
alex what camera are you using ?
Comment from : What The Dude

Don Draper
Corona Virus : I'am about to ruin this mans career
Comment from : Don Draper

Roushan Raj
"2020 is going to be an year of bold fashion".. meanwhile everyone in boxers and shorts locked up in their homes to keep themselves safe😅
Comment from : Roushan Raj

Joe Gowac
Comment from : Joe Gowac

Zakir Hossain
2020 is gonna be the year of the corona virus
Comment from : Zakir Hossain

Саша Беляев
Soviet watches)) cool
Comment from : Саша Беляев

Lorelita Sirenita
Anyone else waiting to see him in high waisted pants 😂😂
Comment from : Lorelita Sirenita

Abhijit Kar
Can I delete the year 2020 and re install it? Actually it's a Virus
Comment from : Abhijit Kar

Mark G
Hi. Can anyone tell me where I can get the ring at 2:28. I'm in love with that
Comment from : Mark G

Rabiile Yare
I liked
Comment from : Rabiile Yare

Tejasvi Kumar Singh
hottest summer trend of 2020 is going to be face mask
Comment from : Tejasvi Kumar Singh

So my dad's been bbqing with a 2020 look for the past 15 years. What a man ahead of his time
Comment from : Vinicius

Number 1: Hazmat suit
Comment from : Prototype

Higor Valeriano
You forget the masks
Comment from : Higor Valeriano

High waist trousers?? Man please..
Comment from : HeFromBrooklyn

Cameron Ortega
Thrifting gonna be hot this summer
Comment from : Cameron Ortega

Mellow J
i really hope studs don’t come back
Comment from : Mellow J

Top tip on the watch front, have a word with your grandad, I’ve pre-inherited some little gems off him. Old fellas know dress watches.
Comment from : Ammotive

An American Entrepreneur
Great video! Image is so important in business 😁
Comment from : An American Entrepreneur

Brew Watch Co.
Hey Alex, would love to see your thoughts on my Brew Mastergraph watch design! Keep up the great work in the meantime.
Comment from : Brew Watch Co.

I wear an Omega Speedmaster Professional 30th Anniversary edition 'Moonwatch' from 1999. The Speedmaster was the watch worn by Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo 11 mission (it was also the watch used to manually time the engine burn for Apollo 13's return to earth). Unlike other anniversary Speedmasters it celebrates the Apollo moonwalk rather than the Apollo landing itself. I wear it because I was born during the moon walk and it has that date, 21st July 1969, engraved on the back from Omega because it is that anniversary edition. It also has the words "The eagle has landed" engraved on the back which are the words I sent to friends and family when each of my children were born. It follows me through life, experiencing everything I do. It has picked up a few knocks and marks. but I will never sell it and my son will inherit it when I am gone. I like to think of him in the future wandering around London, where I have had such a great life, wearing it and visiting places I have been.
Comment from : tnetroP

DJ Playz
Ngl I really like the style that you are wearing. I like wearing button down shirts because I can either leave only the top button unbuttoned or I can leave it unbuttoned with a T-shirt under it.I just got into button down shirts and I’ve gotten a lot of complements so far.
Comment from : DJ Playz

DJ Playz
Ngl I really like the style that you are wearing. I like wearing button down shirts because I can either leave only the top button unbuttoned or I can leave it unbuttoned with a T-shirt under it.I just got into button down shirts and I’ve gotten a lot of complements so far.
Comment from : DJ Playz

i like that hair style u got its nice
Comment from : Kawliga

drakul lothbrok
Thats a badass lumber jack red shirt right there......from where did you get it?
Comment from : drakul lothbrok

Jeremy Smith
This guy has no idea of fashion
Comment from : Jeremy Smith

Comment from : 名氏无

Michael Gomez
"I can't wait to pass on my 1m Youtube subscriber watch to my grandson."
Comment from : Michael Gomez

Thomas Keets
Who knew that the actual trend would be a face mask 😷
Comment from : Thomas Keets

I say 2020 stop using the massively overused word..Rockin'...
Comment from : CCW

thierry muller
Talk about streetwear
Comment from : thierry muller

Lucas Halsema
Well, that studded leather jacket is a flop..
Comment from : Lucas Halsema

Chadi Gholam
where do i find that shirt youre wearing!??
Comment from : Chadi Gholam

So you want me to wear rings, bracelets, and rhinestones on my leather jacket?
Comment from : chinniwonkenobi

Where you get ur rings
Comment from : MoArmaan

my name is Alex Rana Santy 🔥
on Facebook

Comment from : ANKUR RANA

Wayne Libonati
multi functional vests, new name for suicide vest?
Comment from : Wayne Libonati

Mousumi Mallick
Umm I'm an Asian
Comment from : Mousumi Mallick

waqas nadeem
Comment from : waqas nadeem

Peter Kasuja
Comment from : Peter Kasuja

rohan mishra
your vedio helps me alot.thanks man and also love from India😉🙏😉😉
Comment from : rohan mishra

Saint Anthony Goodchild
#7 - High waisted trousers: This style goes all the way back to the forties so you would think- there were plenty of samples to plunder through- that, no guys have been buying since then, yet I have nothing to show you. I’m just going to stick with my script and my speech coaching and just try not to blink so much- a dead give away for anyone reflecting discomfort with what they’re saying- and talk this through, because it’s the last one then that’s a wrap. Okay.Still not buying them.
Comment from : Saint Anthony Goodchild

Maggie Alma
Me a lesbian: ah yes I am man
Comment from : Maggie Alma

Valexxell ONE
2020 is gonna be a year of breaking barriers

- Alex shows the most basic stuff

Comment from : Valexxell ONE

Fashion goes out of style, dressing classy is life time.
Comment from : TNO

Hey Alex which one is better expansive watch or Samsung smart watch
Comment from : SHD1383

Where is your jacket from?
Comment from : DavidBitza024

Where is your jacket from?
Comment from : DavidBitza024

Where is your jacket?
Comment from : DavidBitza024

Where the jacket ??
Comment from : DavidBitza024

Woher die Jacke
Comment from : DavidBitza024

Austin Bailey
Bro you're handsome as shit. Add to the fact that you know how to dress, I'm sure girls go crazy over you.
Comment from : Austin Bailey

i REALLY don't know about leather jacket studs, cargo pants and pocket jackets...
Comment from : Ulquiorra

NIDA Bukhari
Comment from : NIDA Bukhari

Public Enemy
taking style tips from the most generic looking guy is like shifting yourself in the foot
Comment from : Public Enemy

Keenan Fernandes
Hey Alex you should do a watch collection video
Comment from : Keenan Fernandes

Comment from : Akkxxrd

I always love Cargo pants
Comment from : SUGAIR Mateo

Kalsang Norbu
Plz make a video for the proper t-shirt length and pant length. The perfect width and length of pant for specific body types.
Comment from : Kalsang Norbu

Yaco ob
Wait guy talks about 2020 trends and still uses word cool?
Comment from : Yaco ob

He's probably the only youtuber that sponsors in the right way...
Comment from : ItzPaiwaston

Juan Encalada
Anyone know what Nike’s those are at 4:18 in?
Comment from : Juan Encalada

Dominick G.
Great style! I like it. And I love the minimalist style.
Comment from : Dominick G.

ᛈᛖᚱᛖᛉ ᚨᛚᚹᚨᚱᛟ
1:07 I don't think so... I'm not going to put that sh$&t on my jacket
Comment from : ᛈᛖᚱᛖᛉ ᚨᛚᚹᚨᚱᛟ

Ys S
The jacket is from ??
Comment from : Ys S

Abdallh Ali Hamoda
Please the guest of the translation for the videos we are Arab and we do not understand English while we are in a coffin
Comment from : Abdallh Ali Hamoda

Ankur Bagai
1. Hardcore Leather Jacket
2. Multifunction Vest
3. Men's Rings
4. Vintage Watches
5. Modern Cargo Pants
6. Light Wash Denim
7. High Waisted Trouser

Comment from : Ankur Bagai

Jake The Jewels
You lost me at hardcore biker jackets
Comment from : Jake The Jewels

Sangita Kalam Patil
He snapped 2019 as thanos .
Comment from : Sangita Kalam Patil

What's that flannel you're wearing?
Comment from : Xvinfajtr

2020! K-POP 😆🔥
Comment from : ISSAC YIU

sharada kapali
i wished he was my father😅😅
Comment from : sharada kapali

parshant sharma
Tips for broad thigh
Comment from : parshant sharma

Prashant Singh
He is saying anything like anything..
Comment from : Prashant Singh

Diydan Lopez
beautiful skin brotha!! damn
Comment from : Diydan Lopez

This list was horrible except from the jeans and cargo pants
Comment from : Cole

Jason Watkins
What watch are you wearing?
Comment from : Jason Watkins

James Murray
Cargo pants/shorts... send them into the sun 😂
Comment from : James Murray

Nate Dillon
okay hopefully you respond to help me out but how do i k ow if a ring will fit
Comment from : Nate Dillon

Vintage watches: yes, but not too small.
High waisted trousers with a multifunctional vest: to look like a retiree on holidays?
High waist trousers belongs to the past. Low waist and slim fit is so much better.

Comment from : Stanislas

Karan Rai
Love your shirt 👌🏼👍🏼
Comment from : Karan Rai

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