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James Canales
I prefer to wear boots, not sneakers
Comment from : James Canales

Shelling Ford
The clothes look good. I wonder if he'd try less slim fitting pants. Perhaps a slim Straightcut
Comment from : Shelling Ford

eri achmad
Comment from : eri achmad

Maxamed Cabdi
Comment from : Maxamed Cabdi

satyam thakur
What is your height please gime me the answer ☺️😅
Comment from : satyam thakur

Jomby The Zombie
Are there any links available for the outfit pieces?
Comment from : Jomby The Zombie

John bla bla bla
Thank you for this video, I love to have a minimalist wardrobe, I just hate complicating my life over cloths !
Comment from : John bla bla bla

Fernando Ortiz Cruz
Saludos desde México!
Comment from : Fernando Ortiz Cruz

Victor Choo
ok my body type and height is exactly like yours, but solid chest u got there, not too big not too small, whats your workout routine?
Comment from : Victor Choo

Wong Om
Ur awesome man
Comment from : Wong Om

Carlos Gonzalez
Stop trying to wear your sister's jeans!
Comment from : Carlos Gonzalez

Chris and Liz Sizemore
Pants and a jacket in the summer? Hell nah.
Comment from : Chris and Liz Sizemore

Jo Milz
Those jeans are to skinny
Comment from : Jo Milz

Brett Lindsey
Could we get links or info to where these clothes come from?
Comment from : Brett Lindsey

Dude wait a min how many clothes do you have in your wardrobe 🥺🥺🥺
Comment from : Fish

Rekha Sharma
#Sir Thank You and You are Looking So Hot and very Sexy
Comment from : Rekha Sharma

Joshua Llaneta
Where’d you get your leather jacket?
Comment from : Joshua Llaneta

Mr Amin
I know those outfits still cost me a fortune. You should remake this video with similar style yet affordable version
Comment from : Mr Amin

Ali x
Where can I find a man that dresses like this 🥵
Comment from : Ali x

Pratama Ramadhan
They grey longsleeve with button, what kind of shirt?
Comment from : Pratama Ramadhan

Norwodd Elijah
Not a single pair of shorts in the whole video:(
Comment from : Norwodd Elijah

Flavio De Oliveira Souza
Comment from : Flavio De Oliveira Souza

Tom Andrews
Wheres the white Henley from at the beginning love it!!
Comment from : Tom Andrews

G YamBal
Comment from : G YamBal

Sameer Taak

like n subcribe please

Comment from : Sameer Taak

These work perfecly... If youre gay 😂
Comment from : pkrent

Nice ~
Comment from : 周柏安

Eric T Meraki
Nice video on spring fashion. I did a similar spring for 202p fashion video as well. check it out!


Comment from : Eric T Meraki

Divyansh Warwade
I love your videos and iam from india
Comment from : Divyansh Warwade

ro D.M
Alguien en español me puede explicar como es que le entallan tan bien todos sus pantalones, mi idea es comprarlos mas grandes para que me queden sueltos arriba, luego hacerles un corte 🙄
Comment from : ro D.M

Dylantino Ap
Have an instagram?
Comment from : Dylantino Ap

José Mourinho
The suit is from where?
Comment from : José Mourinho

israel tostado moncayo
Does anyone knows which is the brand of the shirt in here 3:56
Comment from : israel tostado moncayo

Linna Pose
Que guapo eres. Vistes genial. Tqm
Comment from : Linna Pose

Sanajaoba Leichonbam
Wow bro u r very tall I'm just a 5.6 lol
Comment from : Sanajaoba Leichonbam

M.Gupral Prol
Island boys outfits
Comment from : M.Gupral Prol

Хасан Мавлонов
Comment from : Хасан Мавлонов

James Dean
Nice ass
Comment from : James Dean

Adel Amrane
i wan the name of this black pant plaise
Comment from : Adel Amrane

Sameer Nishad
Comment from : Sameer Nishad

Nicholas McLaren
Where did you get the blue suit from?
Comment from : Nicholas McLaren

Ahmed Hillowle
Great video nice one
Comment from : Ahmed Hillowle

Viksit Adya
All the pants are too tight🙈.. everything else is 💯
Comment from : Viksit Adya

No belly fats can make you wear anything and make you look good no matter what😅
Comment from : ironshark123

Satyam Kumar Thakur
look 6 looks pretty much like the alex costa kind of style
Comment from : Satyam Kumar Thakur

After watching this.. I feel like black shoes are more versatile than brown shoes 😄😄😄😄
Comment from : Mr. SZAR

Michael Domanski
where is the leather jacket from?

Comment from : Michael Domanski

Jair Alonso
Que pena que no se ingles :-(
Comment from : Jair Alonso

Lu Briceño
Leather in summer?? Really???
Comment from : Lu Briceño

Pants and shirt with out any over coat is what I am looking for. Can you please upload one
Comment from : CHRISTO JOSE

you 6’2 feet
Comment from : BAWAN 099

What is the length of your jeans dude??
Comment from : ATHUL KRISHNAN

Maycol Castro
Where can I get those boots??😩
Comment from : Maycol Castro

Abdo Al jalal
Thanks bro
Comment from : Abdo Al jalal

Rameswar Nail
Hey bro I need that jeans
Comment from : Rameswar Nail

Muhammad Ikhlas
i like the last one.
Comment from : Muhammad Ikhlas

Siddharth Lama
Man! Firstly, try to learn more about fashion.
Comment from : Siddharth Lama

Yonatan Onarry cespedes
Saludos Mano 👊
Comment from : Yonatan Onarry cespedes

Floki yt
#ODSsquad 😆
Comment from : Floki yt

bendang alinger
I love watching ur videos cos it saves my time.Its so quick everything yet very informative.People dnt havt time nowdays to watch lenghty videos or listen to long lectures... but ur Action speaks louder then noise 😊😘👍🥰
Comment from : bendang alinger

memo iraq
Comment from : memo iraq

Nishit Mamtora
Hi Marcel where is that black leather biker jacked from?
Comment from : Nishit Mamtora

Tufan Halder
Your body is sexy bro
Comment from : Tufan Halder

nice man
Comment from : Jae

Asri Loremsa
My body is Skinny 😁 and i am Jealous with you Marcell 😁 every Clothes your take 😍 casual or formal 😁 compatible color 😁 body Balance 😁 Perfect 👍, Keep Healthy and stay away from Drugs 😀 ✌️
Comment from : Asri Loremsa

"Summer" ????????????????
Comment from : tsq

Libre Pensador
Buenas ideas, para mejorar mi forma de vestir. Buen video.
Comment from : Libre Pensador

Love the bloopers bro
Comment from : Vincent’sFahionMedia

Jose Manuel Fajardo
What white sneakers do you use in this video????
Comment from : Jose Manuel Fajardo

Regis Santos
Comment from : Regis Santos

Said Sakas
Look 7: the dark denim where did you buy them from
Comment from : Said Sakas

Random DIY
What's your rule when it comes to cuffing pants?
Comment from : Random DIY

of course these look good hes a skinny white man
Comment from : cakesoncups

Looks like a winter clothes to me! You don’t wear a jackets and long sleeves for the summer. Sorry but didn’t like this video. Another thing is that you don’t wear a dark colored clothes in the summer it’s just wrong! Good outfits but it’s not for summer.
Comment from : Marriz

Ömer Mamaş
Who wear leather jacket in summer?
Comment from : Ömer Mamaş

You are my favorite fashion youtuber.. I love your style
Comment from : JesusWarrior

The Greatest
Summer outfit 🧐
Comment from : The Greatest

Pekke Clash
How is it call the number 4?
Comment from : Pekke Clash

Not really a summer lookbook, you can’t wear these in hotter parts like south US
Comment from : Austin

Barth Brayan Serceña
Is he bow legged?
Comment from : Barth Brayan Serceña

Chase Midnight
What do you call those 2 shirts you wore first?
Comment from : Chase Midnight

jay legaspi
Anyone know the name of the second song that was played
Comment from : jay legaspi

Billiansyah Abdillah Corna
LMAO the moment I saw that 6'2" at the tiny box I screamed

I'm literally 5'0"

Comment from : Billiansyah Abdillah Corna

Brynn Kohler
The white sneakers just make men look impoverished or with the rolled pant leg, effeminate. Just get a nice pair of slip-on loafers in a neutral tan or brown and it would look so much better without making it look you live in a garage.
Comment from : Brynn Kohler

777 itsuki
i like LOOK6.
Comment from : 777 itsuki

Rien Es
I'm sorry but I don't understand how you can wear a jacket during the scorching summer heat :((
Comment from : Rien Es

Hammad S
What are his white shoes?
Comment from : Hammad S

Ishan Mishra
Who the fuck wears a leather jacket in summer?
Comment from : Ishan Mishra

Ten Xenophen
Awesome suggestion , I like it !!
Btw you got the potential to be a singer

Comment from : Ten Xenophen

Youcef Marcel
Comment from : Youcef Marcel

Luis Campa
about the shoes please
Comment from : Luis Campa

Elem Fao
But im faaaat
Comment from : Elem Fao

Akash Gurjar
buy Link bro
Comment from : Akash Gurjar

Blake Biltwell
What is the width of the bottom of your pants, generally
Comment from : Blake Biltwell

Kyle Moriarty
what boots u wearing??
Comment from : Kyle Moriarty

bored channel
They all look the same to me? Can't see anything special 🙈
Comment from : bored channel

Robert Buado
Wow so quick! And complete styling ideas for 2 weeks..thank you for doing this!
Comment from : Robert Buado

Daedae An
ahh sad moment when none of these is helpful for 5' 10 guy like me,,,
Comment from : Daedae An

Phương Lê Michael
I love your style and I think I can apply on me. You are the most suitable fashion youtuber for me. Love all your videos! Thank you 👍👍👍
Comment from : Phương Lê Michael

daffarrel raditya
how could I combine light chino with shirt? any suggestion? im little bit confuse
Comment from : daffarrel raditya

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