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Petition to go subscribe to the Avatar Nutrition channel! This guy is an awesome person and deserves the world!
Comment from : Ignuz

Kyros Thegreat
I like the topic but make the videos 15 minutes max.
Comment from : Kyros Thegreat

Jonas Alspaugh
I love this. It’s like the Alpha M ones but without all the sponsors and making fun of the guys.
Comment from : Jonas Alspaugh

Ahmed .B
my long hair start itching when it's hot can u tell me wut should i do?
Comment from : Ahmed .B

Felix Curran
Hey trav! i just found your channel, i was wondering if you could do a video about people who go grey very early. I'm 22 and i started going grey at 15. I'm now fully grey on my head, and i'm struggling to make it soft again. I'm really curious about the research behind this. Also keep up the good work, your channel is great!
Comment from : Felix Curran

Anthony Schoggins
yea boi! looking good mark; see u at training soon
Comment from : Anthony Schoggins

Ari Hart
After watching this video I will banish all wire hangers from my closet.
Comment from : Ari Hart

Erin Ames
Nicely done! I dont know this man but that make over suited him very well!
Comment from : Erin Ames

Sagiv algazi
Yo Trav can you do a review for a natural shampoo bar .
i have been using it , and i wonder if it's good , i like it personally it's the j.r Liggett bar

Comment from : Sagiv algazi

bored Mockingbird
He looks great 👌
Comment from : bored Mockingbird

Michele Bartlett
Comment from : Michele Bartlett

Kluma Kloud
The fucking cat finds the weirdest spots to get into frame
Comment from : Kluma Kloud

Reyan Ansari
A video on fine hairs
Comment from : Reyan Ansari

Reyan Ansari
A video on how to increase hair density and thickness
Comment from : Reyan Ansari

Amazing video idea, and love the production of it!
Comment from : Sharke

Headless Alien
Ur a Giant to your Best Friend
Comment from : Headless Alien

Boere Pompie
Pink shoes and a leather jacket just dont go my guy
Comment from : Boere Pompie

When the hairstylist said “what we do is the same” with changing lives.... boy that young man went to him Because he was going to die of obesity and he changed his LIFE AND HEALTH. Not his hair.... completely different.
Comment from : W W

Avatar Nutrition
Thank you for helping our guy out!!!
Comment from : Avatar Nutrition

Michael Rupolo
Like it looks great and I had like yours you got to show me how to do it
Comment from : Michael Rupolo

Jacob Coughlin
Great video definitely do more of these!
Comment from : Jacob Coughlin

Gabor K
You didn't talk him into growing out his hair and look like a 300 spartan. :D
Good outcome, but i'm still disappointed.
Like others said, a darker jacket would work well to make the negative aspects of the 'magnifying effect' you talked about 0that comes with long hair or beard unnoticeable.
Basically darker clothes work better with darker hair, it draws less attention to that part and more to the person, because your hair or beard might look otherwise huge with bright clothing.

Comment from : Gabor K

Mo Muzzammil
What a awesome genuine human being!
Comment from : Mo Muzzammil

Those boots you chose are real nice
Comment from : RupertTheOctopus

"homeless people have stopped asking me for money"

nothing but positives i see 😂

edit: that first client story during the haircut was so powerful

Comment from : percyvael

Carlos Martínez
When he laughs sounds like a dog panting
Comment from : Carlos Martínez

Mikel OBrien
Great clothes look and nice hair and beard! I'm glad you covered the hair care, but did I miss the skin care? Men need moisturizer (and possibly a sunscreen) as much as women do. At least something for the face, hands, and feet. Pro tip: always store sweaters folded and flat on a shelf and never hang them, unless you hate them and want them gone. ;-)
Comment from : Mikel OBrien

Dolphin Faces
How tall are you trav?
Comment from : Dolphin Faces

Quality Content! Keep up the good work Trav.
Comment from : sergiocfreire2010

Jaden Dodd
Please continue makes these!!!
Comment from : Jaden Dodd

Ginsa White
Awesome transformation this is great Trav! Proud of you
Comment from : Ginsa White

C&M Punk
He kinda looks like Arthur Morgan. Especially cleaned up. handsome
Comment from : C&M Punk

Once again, you killed it! It really helps a person to discover, and build on what they love! I ❤️ the Interaction you have with each person, which carries over to your FB Page!👍🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
Comment from : E L

ghilas hamiti
great video trav
although on the second outfit, i would rather add a brown leather jacket, it'll suit him very well

Comment from : ghilas hamiti

I liked this alot. Hope you are able to carry on. If possible maybe a monthly basis. Only if you can manage.
Comment from : KIIXN

I love these makeover videos and also the collaboration with Beardbrand. Please do more of these.
Comment from : Mo MHN

Time Health Fit
great video!!, want to be youtube friends?
Comment from : Time Health Fit

Before he was literally a cave man 🤣😂
Comment from : AKV THE LION

Aymane Laazizi
Amazing vid do more
Comment from : Aymane Laazizi

priyank thakur
You look huge man, I so feel inspired to bulk up.🔥
Comment from : priyank thakur

David Rolands
His laugh 😂😂
Comment from : David Rolands

Robit Thapa
Great video trav he looks so much better later 😀
Comment from : Robit Thapa

Dang ur really look bad ass and jacked in that shirt it fits you insanely well
Comment from : Anis

Alpha M spirit, nice job!
Comment from : Profaquarium

Nick Magliano
Great video! But personally, I don’t know why he was ragging on his beard so much. I think it looked awesome from the start! Just needed to pair it with a tidy haircut, blend in the sideburns a bit and that beard is good to go
Comment from : Nick Magliano

Erl Francis Ranola
He looks awesome
Great Job Trav :)

Comment from : Erl Francis Ranola

Izk Mky
How tall are you ? In cm please
(Great work btW)

Comment from : Izk Mky

aryan khanduri
Comment from : aryan khanduri

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