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Daniel JW
This is the BEST clickbait I’ve ever seen 😂 GREAT Positive spin, didn’t think of these things from the YouTuber’s perspectives.

Another great video man 👍

Comment from : Daniel JW

rayed amin
Other stuff can be tolerated except Those annoying sponsorship
Comment from : rayed amin

Harikrishnan Chandramohan
I always wonder why would you do all these texting and dating stuffs when girlfriends are formed based on same wavelengths just like friends. Imagine if someone tells you do this, do that, register here to find a friend. Look around you guys. Very shy school kids have hot girlfriends. I don't think they did all these things to impress someone.
If hotness is the only criteria, then Brad pitt would have been best friends with Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio could have married Angelina Jolie.

Comment from : Harikrishnan Chandramohan

Savage Star
The problem I have is that there is so much information and so many mens channels that I don't know who to subscribe because I want to be my best and then trying to take in all the information that they give me. I have OCD so that just basically even more worse for me
Comment from : Savage Star

Jose Sandoval
Alex Doesn’t suck, His videos helped me a lot
Comment from : Jose Sandoval

Patrick Anderson
This is absolute----great balanced perspective. If kats think fashion and grooming is girly----those are the dudes that seriously have no fashion sense, low-self esteem issues, momma-boy issues and are probably single ...not by choice.
Comment from : Patrick Anderson

Keven Soto
I ain’t listening to a fool who wears makeup sorry
Comment from : Keven Soto

Ammar Nomani
superficial facial expressions
Comment from : Ammar Nomani

theyre so toxic
Comment from : Franklin

He puled a Machine Gun Kelly, were he tries to attack or pick a fight with the guys on top just for views. Classic new youtuber move
Comment from : Uploads

Nelson Fonseca
These guys helped me out when I was younger. I learned how to dress better. I developed incredible self confidence. After a while I stopped because it got repetitive. Recycled topics, constant advertisements. It got old real quick. Some of the products they pitch are garbage too. For example, Alpha's comparison between Vincero and Rolex. No hate, I love Alpha. I started watching him like 12 years ago.

There is value there, yes. But after a while the retention goes down and you move on.

Comment from : Nelson Fonseca

Roel Tolentino
Subscribed. Like your content!
Comment from : Roel Tolentino

Soumya Samuel
Everyone in the thumbnail is mah favorite 😍✨
Comment from : Soumya Samuel

Don’t trust any fashion youtubers. Go for following:

1: your ladykiller friend who knows men fashion
2: male instagrammer who is always with beautiful women, and who loves fashion

If you are still confused, go to LV store and get a fucking loud outfit from head to toe. Period. It simply works.

Comment from : uropy

Nando Peraza
Yay, a Chad who points out these guys’ flaw
Comment from : Nando Peraza

Sunny Mazumdar
Nw pls...dnt think urslf better thn them...bfr insulting cmpr ur subscribers wth em
Comment from : Sunny Mazumdar

First reason why they suck because they're greedy and full lies! Manipulates and lies to millions of followers. I unsubbed from every single one and haven't lost anything, rather I have peace.
Comment from : EnchoGerma

Maple Hedgehog
Bahahahaha, when you mentioned the point "they're too perfect" i literally started laughing so hard that my dog ran over to see what's up. If i hear that damn Alex Costa talk about how important hair is, I'm gonna fly down there and Smack Him. Balding sucks.....it use to be so thick and long. Too funny. I Rock the Shit out of the bald look though, no issues. Ah man......rock hard abs......one day.

Love your videos

Comment from : Maple Hedgehog

Mukesh agnihotri
I think he listen them about hats nd caps thats why he made this video 😂 😂
Comment from : Mukesh agnihotri

Darrion Franklin
Tbh I just think most of fashion YouTubers can’t dress
Comment from : Darrion Franklin

Ayan Chowdhury
Comment from : Ayan Chowdhury

I know what works for me, I'll stick to loose cargo pants/jeans, L/XL t shirts, hoodies and skate shoes
Comment from : KerrBox

the may suck but to me you suck more.
Comment from : Alatriste

D'Angelo Smith
Also some of the fashion styles and tips that are recommended is ugly to me. But this whole industry is apart of a bigger issue. The industry itself does not allow people to be and express themselves freely. It's like y'all are trying to put people in a box. Just because I don't follow these particular rules doesn't mean I'm not fashionable or look good because let's be real, I can wear a trash can and look damn sexy. It's a gift I got at birth. I'm okay with fashion suggestions but what annoys me is when I hear comments like " you're a loser if you wear this or this is Trash". So my suggestion is to all the YouTubers is give your fashion tips and suggestions but still respect other styles.
Comment from : D'Angelo Smith

D'Angelo Smith
Well I think that fashion is about one's own personal style. I could care less if something is out of style I set my own style I'm not a follower. I lead my own fashion statement. I only get upset when you are putting down one style because you prefer another style. Just respect other right to wear what they want.
Comment from : D'Angelo Smith

Lou Libretti
OG gave you props, so I had to check it out! 👍
Comment from : Lou Libretti

Jeroen Hak
Great video man! Really honest and informative. I’ll be checking the rest of your channel soon. Love the idea of educated fashion knowledge
Comment from : Jeroen Hak

Shakrose musiq
I'm black and been taking fashion tips from these white men and Spanish men am just happy to have found a black fashion youtuber .

No racism shit btw

Comment from : Shakrose musiq

Most of these youtubers are trash
Comment from : Makan

Xavier Media
Hey.Just dropping by,luv what your doing here check out our channel we introduce one of our clients Belts today The Ksol Skittles Belt today.
Comment from : Xavier Media

Alex Righetto
I did the exact same video. Thank you for your content Devan, and thanks for bringing some equity on this platform
Comment from : Alex Righetto

Nick Kay
Honestly I learned a lot from TMF and my thing isn’t to relate to them but to aspire to be like them.
Comment from : Nick Kay

Vlad Potekhin
I don't really know why but all these "gents style" youtubers have a douchey vibe. They look and act like Beverly Hills estate agents you don't wanna be friends with
Comment from : Vlad Potekhin

😔youtube in a bad place wen it comes to content
Comment from : Nino

Lv2 Fish
I don't get the message that street wear is bad just not classic menswear that many of the vloggers are about. If the interest is there start a street wear channel to promote and support it. Fashion is what you like.
Comment from : Lv2 Fish

Zhizhou Huang
Thought you got the balls to say it. NVM
Comment from : Zhizhou Huang

Marcus Anark
Damn, this is a well made video.
Comment from : Marcus Anark

Jay P. Jeff
Im so glad i came across this channel. Im currently working on a personal brand about fashion that covers more than just looks and trends. Ill think of this video when i want to stand myself outside of the rest of the fashion you-tubers ! Thank you for this content liked, subscribed, and commented
Comment from : Jay P. Jeff

Savvy Lifestyle Tips with Shane
hahaha bro I literally learned a lot from this video. I nearly thought you were going to break down my at TMF.

Love your videos and your channel!

Comment from : Savvy Lifestyle Tips with Shane

Peter Nunez
All those guy dress super tacky...
Comment from : Peter Nunez

Messi Marvin
Bro one thing that's really annoying is when some provide tips I.e. hair tips. That don't cover other races especially for black men
Comment from : Messi Marvin

Comment from : lennysvibe

Dre Darshan
I love you what you told that I don't have also nice body I am fat
Comment from : Dre Darshan

Locutus D'Borg
This is a good video. Well done, or as the French say, chapeau.
Comment from : Locutus D'Borg

Stephen Bennett
I like fashion YouTubers. They shouldn't make you feel ashamed of yourself. Rather they should encourage you to look at a certain way, and most of them do try and apply some advice to bigger or smaller guys. They are actually doing pretty well for me.
Comment from : Stephen Bennett

Josh Nelson
Alpha M is literally the worst! Any style he hates is “douchey” and the ironic thing is he says this in the douchiest way possible
Comment from : Josh Nelson

Ethan Oliveira
fashion today is looks boring
Comment from : Ethan Oliveira

Amari Brown
Only thing I don't like about the other channels is lack representation, especially when it comes to the hair videos
Comment from : Amari Brown

Bryan Murillo
Comment from : Bryan Murillo

Comment from : ZaehXo

Robert E. Speedwagon
What’s lacking from mens wear scene of fashion YouTube is actual style lol they have no personal style at all
Comment from : Robert E. Speedwagon

Darrell Foster
Great video fella!!
Comment from : Darrell Foster

K Junior
thanks for the fashion 'suggestions'. I hope the sponsored products aren't, you guys "selling out to the man!✊😎
Comment from : K Junior

Alexa Likes
For some reason, male style youtubers ALWAYS yell in their videos.
They sound like they are trying to sound alpha, but it's straight up unwatchable.

Comment from : Alexa Likes

Yo man, just wanted to say I love your positive radiance. You seem so humble, down to earth and REAL. You say it how it is, and keep stick your principles. My definition of what a "man" is. Thank you so much for putting out great content. It would be really nice to see what YOUR favourite youtubers are, the ones that you like and inspire you too.
Comment from : ayumelove

Johnra Brown
It would be nice to have a channel for us big and tall guys Great positive spin on the video
Comment from : Johnra Brown

Chris Rawls
Did you just become one of my favorite YouTubers?! Definitely.
Comment from : Chris Rawls

Threesome Fashion
We love your attitude!!!
Comment from : Threesome Fashion

Lobster Town
I think my problem with some of this stuff is it acts like there is only one style that is correct. I like dapper wear and I’m not a fan of hype culture either, but I also like streetwear. And channels like teaching men’s fashion are just not enjoyable for me. It doesn’t open my mind to new concepts and ideas, it feel like a fake person talking about getting women. I want to dress for myself, and I feel like Devan is very down to earth and understands that, which is one of the reasons I’m a fan of his.
Comment from : Lobster Town

Anthony Villanueva
A real dude lol, you'd be surprised that some of these guys are below average height sometimes. I was surprised that Alpha M was short.
Comment from : Anthony Villanueva

Sleep Paralysis Demon
I dunno, not to be a jerk. I wish you guys would go and get a job because youtube's... Things are getting interesting. I'll leave it at that. I wonder how much longer google will lose money running youtube before they just say screw everything.
Comment from : Sleep Paralysis Demon

Reza Neysi
Comment from : Reza Neysi

Saatwik Bhardwaj
Those products you recommend cost a lot of money
Comment from : Saatwik Bhardwaj

Sponsored videos r okay BUT when the sponsored product is shown as if it's the holy grail that everyone should own..NOT OKAY.
Also, sometimes show us just some random 'REAL' (human being) 'self' n not just parading the most unatainable n utopian self every videos that follows...Bye..

Comment from : KevinShultz

I think people on YouTube are suuuuper spoiled with the amount of ads. If a video is at 10min+ and has 3 ads of 30s each (skip 5s) they complain about greed. Other platforms (mainly outside of the internet) have soooo much more ads that no matter how much you spam them here, it's still less so stop bitching. Also ads are relatively low paid here with idk like 0.1cents per click or even with a little more, is very low compared to the audience they can reach. On top of that there is AdBlock. For me that justifies having a sponsorship in almost every video. The only problem are the garbage brands promoted like any fashion watch, could also be that they don't know better, these need to be called out on.
Comment from : ND

Alexander Wilson
Another reason why repetition is good is that most people don't start with your first video and watch them all in chronological order. The information should be repeated when it's relevant so that each video can stand on its own merits.
Comment from : Alexander Wilson

a lot of youtubers don't  take into account age brackets when talking about style and fashion, they view it as a blanket application.
Comment from : Jeep_Gentleman

Dondrick Ray
I’m an up and coming men’s Fashion youtuber and what I hate is that there aren’t many people who talk bout fashion for big & tall men like myself, witch is why I started my channel. But you have shown us some love on this channel so I appreciate it.
Comment from : Dondrick Ray

Aydin Diaby
So true
Comment from : Aydin Diaby

Chris - Sol Mon
They’re hated because all these guys look the same.

It’s a zombified, Stepford-style era of men’s fashion. Cookie cutter haircut, shoes, photography and thumbnails. It’s not fashion - it’s redundancy.

A lot of the preening and grooming young men do these days is highly feminized. It’s overkill. There’s no genuineness in this social media approach to style.

Comment from : Chris - Sol Mon

Ian barber
Don’t hate on alpha in the thumbnail
Comment from : Ian barber

J Kahuna
I was like “uh oh Devon what are you tryna start bruh” ahaha but it was clickbaity so sick, good points
Comment from : J Kahuna

Christian Warrior tv
I just subscribed to your bro, I love your content. Nothing annoyies me about men's fashion youtubers, I support y'all, because y'all are helpin me out when y'all make these videos. 😊
Comment from : Christian Warrior tv

Aaron Heyman
how does a clothing brand get his clothing to you i cant find any links for contact
Comment from : Aaron Heyman

Are u vampire ? That teeth bro. U must be vampire 😋
Comment from : StivensGameZone

Great video maaan 🔥
Comment from : DENNIS SABATIN

I understand this video is 2 months old but I want to say something. Sponsored videos are not the problem. The problem is that some youtubers you showed in this video makes the kind of content like "top 10 ways to..." and they end up talking for the 50% of the time about the sponsor. The second issue is credibility: if you have a men's style channel, competence or at least the perception of being competent it's fundamental. Some of the products they sponsor lacks of quality or have a bad value for money. So what's the mean of this: are they trying to make money taking advantage of beginners, that can't tell good from bad products, or, after all, they aren't that good in men's style?
Comment from : kaosone26

Mohit Mishra
Beerbiceps is really getting popular
Comment from : Mohit Mishra

nope aup
Why is this a question when fashion youtubers always pop up on everyones recommended
Comment from : nope aup

Joshua Milambo
Much support man. Am following your channel right now.
Comment from : Joshua Milambo

Bro u didn't watch @beerbiceps videos but you add photo in your thumbnail
Comment from : YOURS GENTLEMAN

tbh as a white dude I like watching you better than other fashion youtubers even though your still isn't really similar to mine your videos are just better
Comment from : DainTV

Jarno Goes
What I don’t like is snake oil, nuff said
Comment from : Jarno Goes

Jarno Goes
My name is blurryface and I care what you think.
Comment from : Jarno Goes

Dr Heks
I've got no problem with style youtubers, not at all. It just rubs me the wrong way when someone puts their personal style on a pedestal, and claims that their sense of style is "the word of god".
I feel like there are no straight answers for style, as it is such a subjective topic (Like music or art). People like different shit, and thats awesome. I think it's important to recognize this and stay humble, which a lot of people (and some style youtubers) fails to do.

Comment from : Dr Heks

The only fashion Youtubers I hate are the ones who act like they are dope-as-shit masculinity gurus when they're actually just annoying goofs that happen to know how to clean up and dress nice. There's one weird dude from the thumbnail who's videos kept appearing in my suggested videos for some damn reason and I swear to God, for a while, I was so annoyed because didn't know if his corny-ass shit was serious or if he was doing some kind of parody bit.
Comment from : chrisoconnelldotnet

I really appreciate the video. My biggest problem is when they'll post say a 6 minute video and ramble about the sponsored product for 3 minutes. It can get to be ridiculous. I don't think even a minute is ridiculous, but some of these ads are so repetitive and long that I literally have down the number of times to tap the screen to skip ahead because it's always just half the video.
Comment from : Caeden

This was great. Wish I could like it thrice. Cheers.
Comment from : HornedGod

DLM Model Lifestyle
Hey Devan!! Well, said man!!
Comment from : DLM Model Lifestyle

sam son
U stop it
Comment from : sam son

Henry Huynh
I don't like when fashion youtubers get sponsored by multiple watch companies.
Comment from : Henry Huynh

Videos produced to advertise rather than good content with ads. Very annoying.
Comment from : KevInKobe

Tmf/alpha m were u at
Comment from : Lamboempire

Unknown_ Music
Beacuse there all white and there aren't any black guys/style that can give tips for us black people and in that range
Comment from : Unknown_ Music

Number 2 is really the only issue I have. I watch fashion YouTubers for suggestions, ideas, tipps and advice on general looks and I know they are convinced of everything they say there, but when it comes to brands then asking fashion YouTubers if they would actually recommend their sponsored brands is like asking Kanye West if he could recommend Yeezys.
Comment from : Yannik

P.J. Davis
All the dislike are from people who didn’t bother to watch the video 🤦🏾‍♂️
Comment from : P.J. Davis

Dre Drexler
Wow. Thank you for this video Devan! 🙌🏽 seriously. 👊🏽 subbed.
Comment from : Dre Drexler

Ryan Najima
all the haters just need some tiege hanley
Comment from : Ryan Najima

Yo! Style Og is bald and doesnt have unnecessary adds and its a solid sub. Salute
Comment from : kingramth3wr

Idk clickbait or not u dont put an X on alpham. Bitch
Comment from : Kuti

Top 100 site Japan news?