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Guerrero pata de perro
Excelente amigo, abrazo. 👍🏻
Comment from : Guerrero pata de perro

John Lee
I'm don't need to impress anyone I dress for myself and it makes me feel good about myself. Confidence and feeling comfortable are the best clothes. I buy watches in jeans and a t shirt. Go to Huntsman in jeans and t shirt. People don't know me. Manners makes a man not clothes. Education and conservative old fashion manners are the best suit.
Comment from : John Lee

Yash Yadav
Imagine a 40 year old man were sweatshirt hoodie 😂😂😂
Comment from : Yash Yadav

theo dorou
the barber thing is so true!! lol
Comment from : theo dorou

Why sneakers? INVEST in good all Leather lined shoes
Comment from : thantalus77

Only 41?
Comment from : thantalus77

Joe Carson
And dont forget to POLISH YOUR SHOES
Comment from : Joe Carson

Monica Gambino
You look awesome 🥰
Comment from : Monica Gambino

wilfred cheng
I love your videos, and the advice you give, I used to dress well and the fact of living in the islands, I let myself go, your style is sober, chic and elegant, thank you.
Comment from : wilfred cheng

Glory days?
Comment from : CC CC

Jin C
Trying to learn how to shop for my man and get him out of his teen surfer clothes ugh lol
Comment from : Jin C

Hossam Kassam
Very helpful thank you a lot
Comment from : Hossam Kassam

Bruno Giambroni
I feel like I’m gonna blink and find myself in my 40s. If my 30s are any indication haha
Comment from : Bruno Giambroni

Samantha Wong
There most Americans do what you said .....
Comment from : Samantha Wong

You are so sexy!
Comment from : BryantCabrera

Gyani Admi
When you to old to wear a Vans shoes?
Comment from : Gyani Admi

Maple Hedgehog
I'd love to see an 'instant upgrade essentials" kind of video. Just turned 40 so, i've become very conscious of this all. Wasn't when i turned 30 but.....i just found out that 30's the new 40 now so i'm WAY WAY overdue and would love that Instant Upgrade. Top to bottom. Shoe's to watches. Chinos to Sunglasses.
Comment from : Maple Hedgehog

Click Taki
Comment from : Click Taki

Joey Baseball
I respect your opinion on style. But I'm really triggered by your "you need to grow up" attitude.
Comment from : Joey Baseball

Mesolithic Man
Well. I know this passes for 'good advice' but it's a bit one dimensional. Example, a few years ago to see an unshaven older guy on tv looked terrible. Then it became trendy and presto, you weren't scruffy you were stylish. So all this stuff about wearing blazers etc is kind of true but also just perpetuating a nondescript smart/ tidy look. A few years ago you'd say older people should leave hoodies to kids, now I see those older people looking fine in them.
Comment from : Mesolithic Man

David Gray
My son is really into sneakers. So I took him to Sneaker Con. I explained to him that my dilemma is I want to buy hip sneakers, but the second I put them on they are now "Dad" shoes and no longer hip.
Comment from : David Gray

Attention to detail.... This alone is overall a good tip.

Going to share this video to friends. Thanks again.

Comment from : N M T K

Laurence Whitney
I'm not the age demographic for this video but awesome advice. You also dont look 41 wth. Skincare routine pls
Comment from : Laurence Whitney

Mark W
I'm 68 and have worn Levi 501 jeans since high school and will wear them til I die. But I do agee with NO socks with sandals!
Comment from : Mark W

Mark Duncan-Brown
Thank you
Comment from : Mark Duncan-Brown

Jewel Paul
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Comment from : Jewel Paul

Sean Notaro
Lol...You havent evolved! Brutal truth for many.. ..love that line
Comment from : Sean Notaro

meat money milk monogamy equal madness
why we gotta all look like neo liberal conservative upper class generation Xers? I know you're just trying to help. Thanks for your video!
Comment from : meat money milk monogamy equal madness

Ladale Lee
Any advice for a 34 years old
Comment from : Ladale Lee

GOP2020 GOP2020
I'm in my 50s & live in the south so I dress for comfort & besides I don't care.
Comment from : GOP2020 GOP2020

It’s all great and that. I’m very Lucky to dress pretty much the way I like. Fashion, hipsters, smart, whenever I want. I don’t dress to project an image. I dress to feel comfortable. Btw I’m my own boss. Makes a big difference.
Comment from : jeonlyxoxo

Adam Thomson
I'll wear what I want thanks. :)
Comment from : Adam Thomson

Lord London
Sorry but tailoring to fit is ageless......no matter what you want to wear. Oh and who invented the skinny cut pants? They’re called leotards. Basic converse sneakers are timeless from casual to semi formal. It’s how you put it together. Style is ageless.....no rules. It’s all in the cut.
Comment from : Lord London

George Salgado
This is what I've learned at 37 years old. Jeans are no longer welcomed in my wardrobe. As a person with a job and more life experience than I had in my 20s, chinos, well-fitted polo shirts, dress pants and dress shirts will always look good for a grown man. That's just my two cents.
Comment from : George Salgado

Nigel Prance
Brooks Brothers (preferably the outlet store) then, now, forever.
Comment from : Nigel Prance

Jaweed Mohamed
indeed very helpful
Comment from : Jaweed Mohamed

Ubaldo Alvarez
How about in hot, humid South Florida?
Comment from : Ubaldo Alvarez

It all depends on your attitude period. What you wear won't matter if you know to carry your attitude in the right way. Video is not much useful. There are so many men who wear cloths like younger boys and still look kick ass may be better compare to those boys. Men should wear cloths as per thr body type and personality. Great example is David Beckham he wears anything to everything bcz he knows he can pull it. Thr are men who cannot even pull simple track pants when they were young nor can they pull 3 piece suit when they have grown old. It's very subjective topic.
Comment from : jiggythehog

Comment from : 2P4E

jaguar 2014
Im glad i subscribed this channel ! great advice
Comment from : jaguar 2014

Ben Richardson
Talks nonsense....can’t believe I wasted time listening to the sanctimonious fool with no style whatsoever!
Comment from : Ben Richardson

Theodore Olson
I'm 61 and extremely disappointed to learn those loud golf pants I've been admiring all these years aren't fashionable. Bummer.
Comment from : Theodore Olson

None of this advice works if you have an irregular body shape
Comment from : Ferien7

Patrick Nguyen
Michael Jordan has left the chat 😂🤣
Comment from : Patrick Nguyen

Robert C
Leave fashion to younger guys? Huh?
Comment from : Robert C

cristobal garza
After graduating from college, I stopped wearing shorts, athletic shoes and t-shirts, those are for the gym, inside the house or the beach. In my 40, I own fewer jeans than casual or dressy pants.
Comment from : cristobal garza

Logan Marquiz
Nice and useful thoughts, however I don't think the sentence: "Leave the fashion to younger" is appropriate. Everyone can dress in style and in fashion as long as you keep within the boarders. I am 49 and I've kept my style forever, adjusting a little (just a little) to new waves, materials and colours. I dress mainly sport-casual. I feel many times as an outcast wearing proper clothes for different occasions. I see t-shirts and sandals in the theater, mix of styles and colours that I could have never imagined, I go to the restaurant and see flip-flops and gym attire, bare feet and pijamas at hotel breakfast room....and so on so on. I think all people below 30 just did't have the correct education about clothing. So they keep to sweaters, tees and sports shorts at all times. Dressing properly, you show respect towards yourself and others.
Comment from : Logan Marquiz

Evelyne's Kitchen
Am a lady and am not sure why I am here😊😊😊😊😊 maybe to learn just incase I get married
Comment from : Evelyne's Kitchen

Will Levine
Great video, Brian. Not sure how I missed this one.
Comment from : Will Levine

andrea signori
Stumbled across this video.... I'm almost 47 (but thank god everyone tells me I look 10yrs youngert), there are are some good tips here. I would just add: if you feel confident, why not dare to wear something a little more outstanding (for shape, or color, or texture), as long as it fits your personality and above all is toned down by something more basic? I guess the key, at any age, is balance.
Comment from : andrea signori

Si Bullock
I'm in my 60's and don't really give a rat's... Apart from socks with sandals!
Comment from : Si Bullock

Scott Nyob
One thing that hits when one gets older is the hairline starts to back up. However, men wear short, clone fade, SS-ish hairstyles. If you are young and have a full head of hair, go for the clone fad if you want. But it really ages you when the hair starts to recede.
Comment from : Scott Nyob

Comment from : JC ATP

peter dockrill
I recently came across an old photo of my late father working in the furniture factory during the 1960s ,he was wearing an overall but also a shirt and tie,he always did.
Comment from : peter dockrill

Victoria mogyoro
I loved everything you said but if I see a guy with very light white sneakers on, I'm out. I instantly think he is uptight, self absorbed, possibly whiny and won't take care of me.
Comment from : Victoria mogyoro

Cuthbert W Chance
Hi Brian my name Cuthbert Chance from Brooklyn NYC, i have Question what best causal Shoe wear with Causal outfit
Comment from : Cuthbert W Chance

Jim Beam
I would take your advice a lot more seriously if you had a hotter wife.
Comment from : Jim Beam

Great content!!
Comment from : homeworkats

bluemut55 milner
4:53 You have to be going to a sail boat to wear that.The nursing sneakers are cute.
Comment from : bluemut55 milner

Koji Waki
At least for us photographers, that Leica in the foreground can be very distracting :)
Comment from : Koji Waki

Ichigo Kurosaki
Your Leica camera looks gorgeous, is it for men over 40 as well?! lol
Comment from : Ichigo Kurosaki

Rory Henderson
Just be yourself everyone! everyone is different with different styles
Comment from : Rory Henderson

Diogenes' Lantern
If you have to wear a t shirt, then go for a polo or gold shirt (ie with a collar). also, don't get ones with horizontal stripes (and it irritates the living hell out of me that these are the norm) - vertical stripes slim the profile immensely.
Comment from : Diogenes' Lantern

"Wear clothes that fit you"......! I cannot agree more. WHY is it that American men over 50 wear suits and shirts that are 3 sizes to big? It doesn't cost that much more, at least here in Europe, to have a suit made and. 20% - 30% more than an off the rack suit. It makes all the difference.
Comment from : Sailingbill1

Don Mullins
What color bomber would you recommend, brown or black?
Comment from : Don Mullins

Rod Salvador
95% of dressing well is getting fit. Many of these styles do not look good on a chunky dude. Turning 40 next year, so I've got some work to do both on the health and wardrobe fronts. Thanks for this video!
Comment from : Rod Salvador

Nunya Bizness
You say that many men over 40 don't have a "model body," but then you proceed to show only skinny men with model bodies for the "right look," and fat men for the "bad looks." It would be helpful if you could show a way for men who are not skinny how to dress THEIR best, instead of just saying "go the the gym." No kidding, but that still doesn't mean that these men will EVER looks like models. Kind of a narrow niche -- your channel should be called "Dressing for Skinny Men Only."
Comment from : Nunya Bizness

Or maybe I'm retired..have done well cash coming in & don't give a F!
Comment from : TheColkevin

Armnel Angeles
This guy hasn't heard of John Mayer. 😎
Comment from : Armnel Angeles

Abhishek Rohera
Hello you are 41!!!! like seriously you look 32 max 34
Comment from : Abhishek Rohera

Peter Karahalios
Decent video and in principle I agree with you on most points. However, sneakers should never be in the dress realm even if low key, and, sorry to tell you, but the first fellow you mentioned, the one with the military jacket, looked like a mix between an alcoholic nearing homelessness and Frank Serpico undercover. He did not portray respect, which is what dress should portray at any age; rather it was a very poor version of sprezzatura... Finally, I do remember my college days and never once saw the disgrace that is pant legs dragging along the ground. Disgusting. Thanks for advocating for sartorial decency and a contextuated sense of what is à propos.
Comment from : Peter Karahalios

It’s funny how many feel the need to justify their slovenly, laziness. “Wear whatever you want, don’t care what anyone else thinks”- how original. It’s what 98% of the population already does. It’s how we came to have people showing up to the movie theatre in pajamas, Broadway shows in sweat pants and restaurants, with the words “fine dining” in their name, in shorts and sneakers.
Comment from : jyankowsky

frank ramirez
Don’t be a sheep. Don’t be ageist, remember style is having your own identity. Yes use common sense but don’t lose yourself in boring plain clothing. Add something that tells your story your personality!
Comment from : frank ramirez

Tom Moncrieff
I'm 60 and live between England and California. Generalising like crazy: English men in general dress more age and occasion appropriate but often too old. American men dress far too casually when going out - going to dinner in T shirts, shorts and sandals?! With a huge beer belly? European men go to a casual dinner in a linen shirt, summer trousers and loafers. With good grooming and accessories you look a million dollars. My advice is to buy clothes that fit, I see so many men of my age in either too tight or too baggy clothes. And buy classics. I keep many clothes for ten years and my evening dress clothes are fifteen years old!
Comment from : Tom Moncrieff

Sound advice but problem is that most older guys, especially in the U.S. have no idea of style but maybe your video will help :-)
Comment from : cameronpaul

Tjololo t
That LEICA camera to the right might be a serious reason by itself to pay attention at your advice! Anyway your information is excellent anyway......!
Comment from : Tjololo t

Frank denny
i didn't know women were so shallow . . . so just kool shoes shirt and pants and i'm in? WOW!
Comment from : Frank denny

Morgan Olfursson
I think what matters is not to give a damn what people think and how they perceive you. Wear whatever you like and if you like how you look, then screw everybody else !
It is all about confidence, not clothes. Confidence doesn't come from what you put on your back, but from what you put in your brain. When you have that confidence, you could be a man and dress like Marie Antoinette and still be the most charismatic male in the room or on the street. NOTHING is sexier and more attractive than confidence, ask any woman or any gay man.
Whether you are dressed in tailored clothes, shoes and accessories from head to toe, or dressed in GAP, the only thing that people around you will notice and that will matter to them, is your confidence or lack of it.

Now all this being said, if you naturally look like a supermodel, you can wear a sack of potato and people will still find you attractive. And vice versa, if you are the doppelganger of Joseph Merrick, you can wear a Bespoke from Kiton or Desmond Merrion, and that won't change a thing. And that's the glitch in the machine.

So work on your self confidence using your brain not your wallet !

Comment from : Morgan Olfursson

You look great for your age
Comment from : hsiled

Jordan P
Don't talk style while wearing a denim shirt. Period!
Comment from : Jordan P

Anthony Gomes
I m 48 and love bootcut jeans/trousers...
Comment from : Anthony Gomes

mr smith
Hairs fall out the head
Land and stick on the rest of the body

Comment from : mr smith

barry king
Good points but it's important not to wear outfits that are too old for you also. The model used for the scene showing what sneakers to wear was way too young for what he was wearing. Just because you turn 50 doesn't mean you have to start dressing like you're 70.
Comment from : barry king

Paladin Clothiers
British women seem to not like flip flops on guys no matter what the age.
Comment from : Paladin Clothiers

Musa Sapari
Don't wanna look like a grandpa, either
Comment from : Musa Sapari

Francisco Marin
This can be a regional segment .Men should dress "age appropriate". I see many men in flip flops, and shorts with a hoodie.
Comment from : Francisco Marin

theo dorou
i wear some shirts untucked but casual ones... dress shirts must always be tucked in.
Comment from : theo dorou

Ujjwal Sarkate
I not fully agree with you.
Comment from : Ujjwal Sarkate

K. R.
Thanks for another great video. Definitely on point, my only exception is I live on Martha's Vineyard in the summer and flip-flops are a huge staple of my wardrobe.
Comment from : K. R.

Avi ben Ze'ev
nothing single thing looks more ageing and ridiculous on older folks than long hair in my opinion.
Comment from : Avi ben Ze'ev

Black Dragon
(MGTOW) Men are most Attractive at this Age youtu.be/DL1gnVCLL64?t=7
Comment from : Black Dragon

I'll never be too old for Jordan 1's.
Comment from : hotrod3769

Thor Bjelle
I thought you were thirty
Comment from : Thor Bjelle

I Am Maximus
Minimal 👌🏽😎
Comment from : I Am Maximus

David Gandy ist the Goat when it comes to Dress like a real Man!
Comment from : Leonid

Over 40? I would say that every guy over 25 should apply everything in this video. It's time for a change! Drop the Supreme shit and grow up.
Comment from : RustyNotesTV

Kenneth Titley
Good advice...I am a school teacher...I am a shirt..tie..jacket person..I want to set the right example for my students...plus I am 69.....peace ...be safe
Comment from : Kenneth Titley

Derick Mcgoona
Do you play saxophone by any chance.......
Comment from : Derick Mcgoona

john zonker
Good stuff!
Comment from : john zonker

Darth Phaser
I'm 47. I can dress just like you with clothes from Walmart or Goodwill. People say Wow you look nice today!. Whatever dude I have an Autographed Mudvayne tee-shirt that cost $30. Peoples lame perceptions don't affect me brother. I dress how I want. Period.
Comment from : Darth Phaser

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