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Have questions? Text us: +1 424-228-9407 or ask here: awx.ac/feedback. The details for every outfit is located at Instagram.com/awxinc
Comment from : AWxInc

Rickey Ballard
Great job, haters are going to hate, so continue doing a fantastic job both of you!
Comment from : Rickey Ballard

Comment from : someguy

Ryan Shin
Dorian be looking depressed
Comment from : Ryan Shin

Jake Karma
This isn’t it bud. This is the Douche bag Instagram stocks market guy look
Comment from : Jake Karma

Jerwin Inumerable
I came here with a lot of expectations. Damn man.
Comment from : Jerwin Inumerable

Now that we know what a lamp post looks like in clothes can we now see a man? LOL
Comment from : D P

Crash 709
Dorian looks like he’d blow away in a strong wind
Comment from : Crash 709

Simon Gaywanjala
Bomber jacket wouldn’t work for a skinny guy. A field jacket with a standing collar or a safari jacket would look best I’d say. It builds up the shoulder & makes your body looks a bit fuller.
Comment from : Simon Gaywanjala

Anand Chuluunkhuu
The outfits are kinda trash. Looks like h&m fit pics.
Comment from : Anand Chuluunkhuu

Ross Smith
High water pants don't look good on any guy, older guys especially. That's the look where the description dork and nerd originated.
Comment from : Ross Smith

Dorian looks dead inside
Comment from : No_imnotcrazy

angry men
Comment from : angry men

1:19 every frat boy on the planet
Comment from : CC CC

Whisky C
Comment from : Whisky C

Cody Greenly
This woman dresses him .. and before her it was his mom ... next video ...
Comment from : Cody Greenly

DayDreamer Rachel
I’m really sorry this is not it, I feel like a lot of american style is stuck in the past
Comment from : DayDreamer Rachel

Norman Deer
Why does she have to say it twice? Never has so much been said about so little. "these outfits are great for any guy....if you are a little heavier buy a smaller jacket..." WTF. no mention of fit or clothing quality. did she dress him? Wow really creative. I really need help with my clothes but they are skipping the basics like fit and clothing/shoe quality.
Comment from : Norman Deer

Zuma & Skye pups Forever
Comment from : Zuma & Skye pups Forever

George Timothy Clooney
Comment from : George Timothy Clooney

partner? did you get a divorce or something?
Comment from : abadi

Streetrider Lee
Bomber jackets only look great when they are the fire dept variety, looks stylish and professional at the same time haha
Comment from : Streetrider Lee

Rincewind Twoflower
This is a great video. More like this please!
Comment from : Rincewind Twoflower

beef on weck eastside
3 minutes of one life that I'll never get back
Comment from : beef on weck eastside

adrian mark
Ash, you could use a short fat model sometimes.. not all men are tall and slim
Comment from : adrian mark

adrian mark
Dorian y you looked sad?
Comment from : adrian mark

this people look so boring
Comment from : Luo

Isaac Wu
Comment from : Isaac Wu

Rick James
Style advice for tech CEO's wives trying to make their husband look hip
Comment from : Rick James

Dan E L
What a beautiful navy polo...
Comment from : Dan E L

Kevin Cotton
Comment from : Kevin Cotton

Christopher Misajon
Dude is not aging gracefully
Comment from : Christopher Misajon

Michael Knapp
Thanks you two!!! Always helpful. M
Comment from : Michael Knapp

Handsome dude, but body like a box.
Comment from : KSGO

Jesse Atwood
I can’t take style advice from this guy, I just can’t.
Comment from : Jesse Atwood

How do I know if a shirt is made out of pique cotton?
Comment from : Angelo1218

John Shrader
Metros are not men.
Comment from : John Shrader

bruno blundo
For people that have no taste or sense of style the first look is all right the second sucks the third is meaningless. SORRY !
Comment from : bruno blundo

Manuel Festoli
Do guys wear, "outfits"? Thought women wore outfits.
Comment from : Manuel Festoli

Mátyás Szűcs
How can we trust her? Look whats the man of her choice
Comment from : Mátyás Szűcs

Dario Abrador
Hello Ashley, I really admire your channel and most especially your fashion advices.
I would like to ask if you have asian genes and from which country?

Comment from : Dario Abrador

Roland Seper
You guys I have really enjoyed this look and style. Great work mister. Now I have to get ready to hit the club both this video in style and then Delta Parole - Wasted Music Video that I had watched before this since it just released, motivated me to be the man tonight. Small The Killers namedrop for those that know haha who is also a big fan and what are any of the other beautiful peoples hit the club songs?
Comment from : Roland Seper

Daryl Delp
Im open minded with the outfits but nothing touches my feet but J's
Comment from : Daryl Delp

Rene San Miguel
Comment from : Rene San Miguel

Shaun Casey
A segment on your favorite bomber jackets is now urgently needed.
Comment from : Shaun Casey

Outfit #2 is WAY too WASPY for me.
Comment from : magicmike872

that's a lot of blue on blue..
Comment from : AllTheRightWays187

Raymond Kim
Coffee shops? Restaurants? No one going to those places for awhile homegirl.
Comment from : Raymond Kim

The stuff that you like are for the guys from the 40, 50 and 60. Make America Great Again.
Comment from : qaskew24

JK_MUSIC Official
Ufff😤 you Know what Men loves?
Wear anything that suits you 😎👍

Comment from : JK_MUSIC Official

Adrian Fierro
Sooooo, douchebag outfits 24/7 got it!
Comment from : Adrian Fierro

Baron Greenback the 2nd
But the yanks have no style,there usually around 3 years behind Europe
Comment from : Baron Greenback the 2nd

Edward Kulcsar
Not sure if Im too drunk..but is Ashley Asian? So button cute
Comment from : Edward Kulcsar

Hero Hunter
3:46 - Penis cotton? That is what I suspect the laughter is from 😂
Comment from : Hero Hunter

Cfo DC
How about for the casual look : light gray cardigan sweater, white tee shirt, dark washed jeans and chukka boots. Of course with a watch.
Comment from : Cfo DC

Pima is a grade of cotton while pique is a type of knit fabric, they are not equivalent or separate categories.
Comment from : Phafanapolis

Mike Honcho
Seriously, have you got any suggestions for guys that want to appeal to regular women and not "anyone else"?
Comment from : Mike Honcho

Ray Junior
I live in California. I feel a bomber jacket in the summer may not be ideal.
Comment from : Ray Junior

Eric Glenn
Look number 2 with a big guy with a 14 size shoe...hmmm?
Comment from : Eric Glenn

Justin Larsen
This channel convinced me to try a bomber jacket. I really like it. Thunderball convinced me to wear polos
Comment from : Justin Larsen

Nacho Gamer
I like the outfits; however, what’s with those pants on the second outfit? I cannot understand how that is stylish? I can just imagine. Umm umm look at those ankles, that is a perfect man to have kids with. There is nothing pretty about men’s ugly and hairy ankles. If anything looks feminine. I can understand these pants if you are in a boat and you don’t want to get wet but in that case might as well wear shorts
Comment from : Nacho Gamer

Stevo T'Loaded
Man cut it out all 3 of those looks are white boy boring and Wack, sorry (not really).anyway is it me or is that a grown up Lily from modern family?
Comment from : Stevo T'Loaded

BigIron .45
This is a great channel. I do wish we had some videos with just Ashley, like the old days.
Comment from : BigIron .45

Yankee Doodle
Nice speedy dude
Comment from : Yankee Doodle

Shahid Jamal
the dude looks like he’s dead in the first couple of seconds in the video
Comment from : Shahid Jamal

Xyran XIII
Looks like isolation is hitting Dorain pretty hard 😂 you look so serious in the beginning, my dude!!
Comment from : Xyran XIII

John Vic
Srsly ? those styles only fit on skinny guys,How about create a video with some Chubby/buffed guys
Comment from : John Vic

Sean P
Don’t Ever ,ever wear that second outfit under any circumstances.

Serial killer/ virgin 😐🔫

Comment from : Sean P

carmen smith
Is dude okay??? He has no emotion in his eyes 👀 you okay??
Comment from : carmen smith

Radicool Gaming
expected to see a leather jacket outfit here
Comment from : Radicool Gaming

For the 2nd outfit, by loafers do you mean penny loafers? Or will this type of loafer work: shop.nordstrom.com/s/1901-avalon-driving-shoe-men/5011266?origin=keywordsearch-personalizedsort&breadcrumb=Home%2FAll%20Results&color=brown%20nubuck

For the 3rd outfit, can you get away with derbies instead of chukhas?

Comment from : delacruzmtnvw

Sheldon Miranda
Looks like I'll be wearing all these outfits at home since the pandemic doesn't seem to be getting over soon.
Comment from : Sheldon Miranda

Sheldon Miranda
I've been wearing these outfits still 2017 and yet I am still single.
Comment from : Sheldon Miranda

Brian Horgan
Ye need to swap around, I am not used to Dorian on the left 😀
Comment from : Brian Horgan

Samuel Jospeh
Dorian looks like he can read minds.
Comment from : Samuel Jospeh

j will1906
Look #1 is okay, number 3... maybe, and never for number 2. Hate the Harrington jacket, collars stand up. Dorian is THIN!!!!
Comment from : j will1906

daniel benavides
Love this channel and as always, great advice. Adding a few of these to the wardrobe.
Comment from : daniel benavides

Dorian looks fantastic too! Love it bro!
Comment from : thunderspyxx

Vusumzi Mlanjana
Great guys thanx a million
Comment from : Vusumzi Mlanjana

Asner Gelin
Dorian looking tense at the start... Are you okay bud?
Comment from : Asner Gelin

Jon Byrne
Is bomber jacket too old for man in his late 40s ?
Comment from : Jon Byrne

R Zimmerman
AW how about bringing back reviews of viewers outfits, since we are all stuck at home this would give us a reason to get dressed and get your opinion. Just an idea. Cheers from NYC.
Comment from : R Zimmerman

R. Hammond
All looks i wear but the partly tucked shirt interrupts the flow of the outfit. It looks balloony on a slim frame and even worse on a larger frame. The gig line is off and it literally pulls away from the attention downward that women do. Up and down. When that’s compromised it looks sloppy. Just my thoughts. Keep rocking
Comment from : R. Hammond

Really ! the 2nd one looks funny 😆
Comment from : ENRIQUE RINCON

For the first outfit I prefer grey, green, blue and burgundy t-shirts to white and black. I find that they work better with my skin tone and fit into my color palette better. The outfit idea itself works great.
For the second outfit I'd prefer a little bit more contrast between the polo and the chinos. These blues are too similiar, but they don't match excatly so it looks a bit off, IMHO. Maybe a green, cream or lighter blue polo would work better.
I have no complaints about the third outfit, it looks really good. Love those chukka boots, they look like they have a bit more height than your standard chukkas, almost like a dress boot/chukka boot hybrid.

Comment from : Zradic

Great tips.
Comment from : Jeff

Johan De Bondt
Excellent advice. Pretty much all I wear outside of the office. Good points on the recommandation to wear a watch as an accessory (the only thing a man should wear as jewelry, plus 1 ring maybe, so make it count). As a watch enthousiast, Dorian, really... get something less generic looking. Better yet, get a few. 1 diver, 1 dressy, and the 3rd whatever you want: pilot, chrono, field, the sky is the limit ;-)
Comment from : Johan De Bondt

Robin Costa
Make video on best glasses according to face shape
Comment from : Robin Costa

Alex Kharatishvili
I'm looking for 🙄
3. ...

Comment from : Alex Kharatishvili

Axel's DDO Channel
Bomber jacket outfit 1 is a good one. I gotta say though, I couldn't ever see myself wearing the loafer shoes in outfit 2. I think those look ridiculous. Outfit 3 is a good one. Overall good ideas.
Comment from : Axel's DDO Channel

Yasin Mulla
Hey Ashley, I am kind of person who does not use insta, Fb , I know it's crazy.... I will be more than grateful to you if you post the outfits pics on your blog or Twitter 😁
Comment from : Yasin Mulla

Br. Edgar Constantino Mationg, FIC
you look so sad dorian
Comment from : Br. Edgar Constantino Mationg, FIC

Jaime De Castro
Hello ash are you part Asians.
Comment from : Jaime De Castro

I mean she stopped saying "and my husband".
Comment from : ADOPT HECKLER

Great work, good taste an most of your outfit suggestions. The one that looks funny is the loafers and the pants a bit too high of the ankles. Other than this, great review!
Comment from : RUDY SKY

I love it 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Comment from : Keysala79

Les Brady
Question: what's your opinion of wearing a popped collar with the polo shirt?
Comment from : Les Brady

Steven Bogart
“...like peanut butter and jelly, they’re a match made in heaven.” 😎 👍
Comment from : Steven Bogart

Guys, you gotta do a 3 outfit for extreme cold winter when it’s approaches. Like -30 cold.
Comment from : Aurelius

Dorian looks fire 1:30
Comment from : Aurelius

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