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My favorite men's style book is "The Suit" by Nicholas Antongiavanni, a.k.a. Michael Anton. The author is opinionated, willing to offer clear rules, and includes helpful analysis -- good and bad -- of the style choices of public figures. Antongiavanni is a speechwriter in real life, so the writing is well done.
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Alan Gilliland
Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.
Extremely useful guide.
Love your taste,Brian.
Keep up the great work.

Comment from : Alan Gilliland

As a Sherlock Holmes fan, I'm glad to see that Basil Rathbone appears in two of these books
Comment from : lordrandal90

Paladin Clothiers
Dressing the man is my favorite by far. Although, I don't have Gentleman. So, I'll have to pick up a copy of that.
Comment from : Paladin Clothiers

Yash Yadav
Thank's Mr Brain @hespokestyle ❤️🙏
Comment from : Yash Yadav

Hey Hey
Will surely read atleast one of these
Comment from : Hey Hey

Mike Kisonu
"Color for Men." ;)
Comment from : Mike Kisonu

Great content, going to check out some more of your videos! You could use smzeus it will help you get the views you deserve.
Comment from : Maximo

Wajih khan
I always take screenshots from Instagram ...
Now ill get these books!

Comment from : Wajih khan

John Brown
Thanks for the recommendations and Happy Holidays.
Comment from : John Brown

Gavin G
Great switch up, Brian! Thinking outside the box
Comment from : Gavin G

LOVED this video. Also, you have a really gentle bedside manner. Subbed af.
Comment from : HRH

Eugene Datoc
Brian, love the channel! Where’s the cable turtleneck from?
Comment from : Eugene Datoc

Sean Schet
Why buy a book about fashion if you have the internet
Comment from : Sean Schet

john robinson
What a great video. If only I had the money!
Comment from : john robinson

Ravi Sidhu
I think it’s the best Topic that you have covered. I like all of your videos but this absolutely brilliant ❤️❤️👍
Comment from : Ravi Sidhu

Paul Kim
This is a dope video, man. Super informative, and I’ve definitely not seen anything like this in the men’s fashion space on YouTube. Thanks bro
Comment from : Paul Kim

Eat Peach
I like that Lagavulin.
Comment from : Eat Peach

DAZ - Guitar & Metal Videos
very interesting video!
Comment from : DAZ - Guitar & Metal Videos

Great books! I own three of them. Will definitely look for some others. Thanks
Comment from : mirto1000

Jarod ORla
Hi Brian can you do a video on burgundy suits and the combos that go with them from dress shirts to ties to shows indepthly thanks.
Comment from : Jarod ORla

Leonard Tabone
Just purchased dressing the man yesterday...good timing lol
Comment from : Leonard Tabone

Christopher Davis
RIP Glen O’Brien 🙏🏾
Comment from : Christopher Davis

Christopher LaPointe
One that I have and value: Gentlemen - A Timeless Guide to Fashion by Bernhard Roetzel. A fantastic HC book with many, many color pictures and style suggestions to reference. Essential in any style collection for good coffee table reading.
Comment from : Christopher LaPointe

Ron M
Comment from : Ron M

Darren K
Great options! I would also add 'Esquire's encyclopedia of 20th century men's fashions' . It does come at a hefty price, however
Comment from : Darren K

Ander Suárez Martínez
Can I spot two Filson briefcases there (2:04)? Yellow & green? :)
Comment from : Ander Suárez Martínez

Ben 1996
You should definitely make a video about your whiskey collection
Comment from : Ben 1996

Great video!!!
Comment from : locuaz77

I must say I should make time to acquire and read at least some of the books mentioned, they all sound very interesting. I have a question, do you subscribe to or regularly read any magazines on men's style?
Comment from : minonano

Dallas Evergreen
I love everything about Brian Sacawa 😃
A mature man with style and good manners. Good lesson for the discriminating gentleman ❤

Comment from : Dallas Evergreen

Renato Lucato
Great video Brian! I would indicate The Rake magazine too
Comment from : Renato Lucato

Brent L. Van Eaton
Great books, I’ll be gifting some of those now, cheers...
Comment from : Brent L. Van Eaton

Marvin Dujardin
Everything from Bruce Boyer in English or Bernhard Roetzl in German
Comment from : Marvin Dujardin

Sartorial Styles
I am definetly proud of my handsigned copy of "The Italian Gentleman"! :-) But there are some other great recommendations in here, I need to check them out!
Comment from : Sartorial Styles

Anthony Ieradi
Thanks for the recommendations. My kids are always wondering what to get me for Christmas !
Comment from : Anthony Ieradi

Brian Wright
Thanks for sharing Brian! I’d love to see your favourite watch books too ;)
Comment from : Brian Wright

Great books but I couldn't find "House of Nutter: The Rebel Tailor of Savile Row" in your collection. Fascinating read on one of the greats. Edward Sexton and Joe Morgan worked with Tommy Nutter in the 60s and 70s and owe much of their style to that period 🙂
Comment from : Enyawecurb

andrew kelly
I like your “Roll Neck Jumper”

Jumper is the English name for Sweater 👍

Comment from : andrew kelly

Jaffar Hayder
Hi brian
I wanted to ask you if you can make a video about maintaining clothes and how to store them appropriately when you have a limited amount of space available.

Thanks 🌹

Comment from : Jaffar Hayder

Jonathan Bulling
I have Seen some Mad Men Books in the background of some Videos. I am a huge Fan of the Show and would kindly ask you if you can recomand this Books? Awesome Video btw👍🏽😉
Comment from : Jonathan Bulling

Ed Blazejewski
Where did you get your eyeglass frames from and what is the name of the frames? They look great!
Comment from : Ed Blazejewski

Steve Leopard
Thanks for curating
Comment from : Steve Leopard

Glenn O'Brien died on April 2017.
Comment from : 65mree

The Kavalier
Jeremy from Blamo has had some of these authors on his Blamo! podcast. Bonus recommendation!
Comment from : The Kavalier

Vali Sechi
Thanks for putting the time to link all of them in your description, really helpful. I only have the Flusser classics, the Tom Ford book, 50y Ralph and planning to buy the Flusser RL but now I got to have the Men in style! I just love vintage illustrations and didn’t think a book compiling a lot of them existed. Maybe as a next episode you can do one about books on watches, there are amazing ones out there
Comment from : Vali Sechi

Quan M Chu
Last year I had the honor to do portraits of G Bruce Boyer, Bernhard Roetzel and Hugo Jacomet for their unannounced project! Glad to see the mentioning of them in your video and list!

And I ordered immediately that Color Combination book!!! That's gold!

Comment from : Quan M Chu

Dmitriy Yastrebov
Absolutely great! Thank you Brian for the list and the loads of material! With your video of your favourite Instagrams this is a great way to learn men's style!
Comment from : Dmitriy Yastrebov

Demetrios Levi
This. Is. Gold. Brian. A Dictionary of Color Combinations is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. Have you read The Italian Gentleman or The Parisian Gentleman by Hugo Jacomet? I haven't myself but the Italian Gentleman has been on my wish list for a while now. Thank you so much for this video, Brian!
Comment from : Demetrios Levi

Lucas Masson
Exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much!
Comment from : Lucas Masson

Juan Zeballos
Not a fan of “The Parisian Gentleman”?
Comment from : Juan Zeballos

Karttikeya Bihani
Wow, that's an exhaustive list. Time to improve and grow my library. Great list! I would also recommend an etiquette book that might go well with the ones you mentioned as a complete set on how to be a (stylish) gentleman: www.amazon.com/dp/B07THFD4XF/
Comment from : Karttikeya Bihani

Cedar Canoe
I must nothing. Goodbye subscription
Comment from : Cedar Canoe

Alvar Hedman
Pretty early
Comment from : Alvar Hedman

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