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Jonathan Herrera
Comment from : Jonathan Herrera

kriptic chris
I'm watching this while eating a burrito
Comment from : kriptic chris

Max Headrum
Face mask
Comment from : Max Headrum

What’s the link to the jogger?!
Comment from : kidlil11

res hub
Make new shoes 2020 video
Comment from : res hub

Aaron Bagwell
I swear this man is still living in 2016. People r wearing baggy pants now is it hard to understand. Also I haven’t seen someone pull off a bomber since 2017
Comment from : Aaron Bagwell

Jon Reeve
I legit tried to slide that notification up at the start 🙄😂
Comment from : Jon Reeve

CK Ethnic
What colour is best for who has a little black skin..... Please Answer Me
Comment from : CK Ethnic

When your minimalist and waching this 😑
Real life hack is be minimalist and layer your clothes

Comment from : ronit

Lorenz z z
Bruh skinny jeans are dead af, lmao
Comment from : Lorenz z z

Jaden Dodd
2 months later... QUARINTINE
Comment from : Jaden Dodd

Xx_gamerXyz CS
6:48 voice crack
Comment from : Xx_gamerXyz CS

Anyone know where that blue flannels from?
Comment from : A.K

liv vlogs
5 minutes of the 10 in this video is just a sponsorship
Comment from : liv vlogs

Kevin C
dis zuniga just called Putin "Poutine"
Comment from : Kevin C

Tory Smith
Can you tell us the brand of the sweatsuit you were wearing? Thanks.
Comment from : Tory Smith

I have wireles earphones yay
Comment from : geriond

Noah Sherwood
4:13 So much for not wearing Chelsea boots in 2020
Comment from : Noah Sherwood

Will Marin
Do one hair styles!
Comment from : Will Marin

Comment from : TNapster

Johnny Sunrocket
Bell bottoms are in for 2020
Look it up. Starting to see it in New York.

Comment from : Johnny Sunrocket

Bro stop yelling at me
Comment from : Name9426

David Hall
Don't unless you you are under twenty-five.
Comment from : David Hall

insta: lucsllr
Comment from : insta: lucsllr

Imanat with smile Imanat Singh
Smart ...am new YouTuber ..
Comment from : Imanat with smile Imanat Singh

Ouby Noel
Check out ProdigyGuy Outlet (link: prodigyguy.com)
Comment from : Ouby Noel

Hedil Seto
V neck? 🤚🏼 that is not in season.
Comment from : Hedil Seto

Why do American fashion channels always shout? Just talk normally.
Comment from : doubts

mikkel fogh sørensen
this list is only things you like not what people actually likes
Comment from : mikkel fogh sørensen

Holy Mac I hate those spray-on fit jeans. Super soy-ish
Comment from : absoluttchamp

bro what happened to your voice
Comment from : Chad

Comment from : Westlake72

Phillip Wan
I didn't think Jose was gonna mention the white sneakers as in another video he said he won't wear them anymore. Anyone recall? Lol
Comment from : Phillip Wan

shalinda madushan
Comment from : shalinda madushan

Rodrigo Monney
Why are you talking this way? I thought it was a joke hahhaah
Comment from : Rodrigo Monney

you should do a video on buying clothes from goodwill
Comment from : JEB's LSG

Ludvig Uddén Gröndahl
The sound
Comment from : Ludvig Uddén Gröndahl

Stop shouting !!!
Comment from : rk

empire world
ohh so true...I agree that these are really gonna be the fashion trends in 2020. I am following the empire collection for trendy 2020 collection. empirecollection.co.uk/
Comment from : empire world

Bryan Huynh
Is it just me or is anyone else having issues with never getting their order for RG&B?
Comment from : Bryan Huynh

hi Jose..im your fans on fashion style..
i have a request..can you make a video a style for a skinny person (like me)
im 170cm and 58kg..
why i asking you to make a video about this..cause skinny jeans is look terrible for me..make me looks more skinny :(

Thank you Jose..

Comment from : oNeHanDGuN

He needs to seriously relax. They're just style trends. I was afraid he'll pop a vein.
Comment from : Nytro

young grasshopper
Everything is sold out on the essential site??
Comment from : young grasshopper

What about high top converse and low cut vans? They’re the most affordable recognisable good looking sneakers that go with everything in your wardrobe, they’re the classics
Comment from : Pathfinder

Ludwig Bruck
Since when is Skinny jeans a trend to keep in 2020 wtf?
Comment from : Ludwig Bruck

SomPhong Boonpraksert
Men's fashion trends 2020 updates

Comment from : SomPhong Boonpraksert

LofiBoy 733
I have all these signs
Comment from : LofiBoy 733

Ayush Singh
6:22 it's a meme
Comment from : Ayush Singh

M Trusting
I left half of this in the last decade since it got overrated.
Comment from : M Trusting

Jose : putin the guy from russia
Comment from : B 1RD

what happen to his voice?
Comment from : Cecilia

what happen to his voice?
Comment from : Cecilia

Dude. Skinny jeans are so out now.
Comment from : BLT

Anthony Vega
jose im not gonna cap wit you i like your videos but why you look like hispanic jacob sartorius
Comment from : Anthony Vega

Sir Platypus
He is making money of you he is doing dropshiping
Comment from : Sir Platypus

Олександр С
Dislike for Putin
Comment from : Олександр С

Darth jar jar
Jose the type of Zuniga to buy a pair of headphones to match his shoes
Comment from : Darth jar jar

Anshu Agarwal
'2020' year of basics
Comment from : Anshu Agarwal

Cong Ye Wang
Anyone noticed that Jose's voice got deeper?
Comment from : Cong Ye Wang

geovanny perez
Ahora subelo en español
Comment from : geovanny perez

King Lonely
I have airpods but i'm not wearing them cuz of my outfit i'm wearing them cuz i wanna listen to music and for gods sake i hate airpods i would love to get my old earpods back..
Comment from : King Lonely

Liam Morningstar
Yaah brother its coz of u i hv a watch n an accessories collection... Thank José u are the brother I never had
Comment from : Liam Morningstar

Corne Goliath
I'm in Namibia but in tsumeb I don't now were to buy those clothes.
Comment from : Corne Goliath

David Diallo
my boi putin , that guy from uhh...russia
Comment from : David Diallo

Dovan McCutchen
Support Black...Vanity shoe Brand, $219, includes manufacturing, the making of the shoe, transportation from Italy, and customs fees. Apply for discount on link.
Also receive 2 free $100 value gift card (E-certificates) by www.restaurant.com with purchase of your handmade Vanity shoes.

Comment from : Dovan McCutchen

Ben Aratame
actually im gonna be okay with just wearing hoodies everyday
Comment from : Ben Aratame

David Guerrero
I'm pretty sure all my denim are selvedge denim, and I'll pass on clean sneaker. Boots over sneakers.
Comment from : David Guerrero

Magnus Westerfalk
Do not want to wear what Putin wears.
Comment from : Magnus Westerfalk

I’m still waiting on a “10 style tips for when you get drafted to Iran” video
Comment from : Mothman

yous already know
Comment from : Juan SAMUDIO

Tilman Spitzner
Comment from : Tilman Spitzner

Kevin Rodriguez
3:44 thats looks gay and horrible
Comment from : Kevin Rodriguez

Robert A
Love your videos dude! .. But every time I watch I get jealous of your denim jacket haha 😆 Where’s you purchase it ?
Comment from : Robert A

youtu.be/UZecxsKdGc4 but a few weeks ago here you were saying you are no longer advocating white sneaker in the new year? confused. but the necklace looks great and tempting.
Comment from : litchi88

Mohamed Ashraf
Dresspant ايه دا كلسون احا
Comment from : Mohamed Ashraf

Jose can you please tell me where that hoodie is from
Comment from : Fahim

Unknown User
Ask yourself this. Do you want people to take you seriously or do you want to be a sheep? Dress like a kid and you'll be treated like one
Comment from : Unknown User

If you want to look like a grown man, take your wireless headphones out when speaking to people.
Comment from : TruthFLA

Anyone know the name of the joggers he was wearing in this video?
Comment from : Rod

Paul Navarro
sold out on esntls.co :( sad
Comment from : Paul Navarro

I hate you
Comment from : Volvc

Seraag Eldin
Jose is the type of zuniga that spends more than half of the video talking about his sponsors!
Comment from : Seraag Eldin

William Aiken
Thanks for lowering the volume on the ding in the intro. (could probably go lower)
Comment from : William Aiken

Jose your jacket is torn please stitch it.
Comment from : MOTO TOMO

Attitude Factory
Malayali undo
Comment from : Attitude Factory

Wicked Hunter
That haircuts gotta stay in the 2010s tho tbh
Comment from : Wicked Hunter

shaaz noushad
Jose make a video about your hairstyle
How you style your hair

Comment from : shaaz noushad

Marc Schmidt
Do more videos for teens
Comment from : Marc Schmidt

AirPod users be like “I don’t speak broke”
Comment from : FlavoryMonkey54

Man all the ESNTLS Products are sold out. Just wanted to buy something
Comment from : Nadal-8888

Nerdy Guy
Nice video, i love it. I think any clothes would look great on you, cos you have a slender body that i dream of (2020 my goal is to reach 60 kg). For me, I have a different aesthetic, i love librarian looks such as cardigans, sweater, tie and shirts. But I learned a lot from your video. Thanks a lot!
Comment from : Nerdy Guy

Nerdy Guy
What kind of message that you tell if I were wearing a wireless headsets? To tell everyone that i can buy it?
Comment from : Nerdy Guy

Nerdy Guy
That well tailor sweat pants looks fantastic, but i think it's already trends in Japan since 2015-16. However, it's meant for winter outwear. Idk what season would you wear that sweat pants, since it's a jogger, i think it's a summer outwear. Ps: i think your pants a bit too tight, i can even see the siluhete of side pocket (because the fabric was too thin). I hope it doesn't reveal the underwear siluhete too.
Comment from : Nerdy Guy

Nerdy Guy
I honestly don't like on the way he speaks. You need to calm down dude!
Comment from : Nerdy Guy

Amazon online
Amazon kindle amzn.to/37PFae2
Comment from : Amazon online

Jose the type of zuniga to download TikTok for that new age look
Comment from : drock

I don’t look good in skinny jeans but it seems like now all shops only sell skinny jeans
Comment from : lil

Long Hoang
those joggers are hella ugly, they so freaking thin you can see the pocket lining from the outside and stop bragging about how rich you are... you just have to mention that your track suit is 300... hella cocky
Comment from : Long Hoang

Nelson Benitez
Is rose gold and black real gold ?
Comment from : Nelson Benitez

Charlotte Dean
yall heard that voice crack too orrrrr?
Comment from : Charlotte Dean

Top 100 site Japan news?