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Chris Galgano
Id love to see you gents cover the styles seen in the Indiana Jones movies!
Comment from : Chris Galgano

Lucas Tärning
IF you're going to check out more movies and or series, could you give "The Originals" a try? the series spans across a long timefreame so i think you could give interesting oppinions as to the clothing across the century
Comment from : Lucas Tärning

The hosts look as if he is right out of American Psycho
Comment from : Michael

Dksisi Sksksns
Are u a geometric shape?
Comment from : Dksisi Sksksns

I’ve only ever seen Presidents wearing Black, Grey, or blue. Never anything else.
Comment from : tater

Ben Informato
In terms of gentleman's style, I would very much appreciate seeing your channel touch on gentleman's automobile design, and what vehicles would be appropriate for the true, classic gentleman. I do believe you have not touched this topic in detail, am I correct? As a gentleman, shouldn't we arrive in proper style? Thank you very kindly.
Comment from : Ben Informato

Sudesh Kaushal
Make a playlist for all the videos you have mentioned and put it on a card that would be great for channel too
Comment from : Sudesh Kaushal

Badabing Badaboom
Where can I buy a trench coat? What brands/stores or website?
Comment from : Badabing Badaboom

The Hebrew Barrister
Navy seems to be the common US politician suit color, not black. Example, both Trump and Biden seem to wear exclusively navy blue suits, although Biden at least has a tailor who knows what he or she is doing. I'm staying completely apolitical in this comment section - Trump wears overly baggy, too long, poorly tailored suits. Biden, on the other hand, seems to have properly sized and properly tailored suits for his frame. So does Pence for that matter - maybe Trump should visit Pence's tailor.
Comment from : The Hebrew Barrister

cheekbones on 100k
Comment from : AlphaDream

John Matthias
Your shirt collar looks quite uncomfortable. I've never understood that style.
Comment from : John Matthias

Even though he's my favourite character from the movies, they should not have brought back Harry Hart and not killed Roxy, instead focusing on the new generation of Kingsman
Comment from : Tobyey

Love the content but I want to see and hear the German guy. No hate for this presenter...but I just can't watch him
Comment from : T

Aris Teon
Manners maketh? This sentence is incorrect, my friend. Don't use archaisms if you don't understand their grammatical structure
Comment from : Aris Teon

Kushan Singh
Do The Irishman review please
Comment from : Kushan Singh

Social Scientist
You r making pple sick!
Comment from : Social Scientist

the modest gentleman
I have to say I love all the kingsman movies and I can’t wait for the new one!
The kingsman movies is what introduced me to men’s classic style, so I might be a bit biased

Great video as always tho!

Comment from : the modest gentleman

Ahmed Al-Tamimi
كأنه زرافة وجاي يعلمنا كيف نلبس
Comment from : Ahmed Al-Tamimi

Kunal Mazumdar
Honestly speaking when you see the Kingsman movies, you feel shame and embarassed that how little you know about as looking like a real classic man.

This two great movies have shown more about man's fashion, style and look then the entire 25 movies James Bond where Bond wa portrayed nothing but a Hugh Hefner copy.

Comment from : Kunal Mazumdar

Natalya Timofeeva
Good morning Dear Friend.You've been working very hard.You're brilliant.Greetings from Moscow, Russia.🇷🇺
Comment from : Natalya Timofeeva

Darío Cervantes
Would there ever be a video on How to dress like Indiana Jones?
Comment from : Darío Cervantes

Master Mikob
I just saw this movie the other night! What a coincidence that it’s being talked about on my favourite channel!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Master Mikob

Ahh!! Content I can appreciate! Love!
Comment from : infallibleblue

Connor Monnery
Great video Preston!! Love the outfits you reviewed. 😃
Comment from : Connor Monnery

Connor Monnery
You can't beat a Navy Blue suit or Sportcoat!! Classic styling is Timeless. Love the outfits from the movie.
Comment from : Connor Monnery

Comment from : R O N N I E

IDK Preston that collar and tie looks off, Maybe it is just me.
Comment from : Picverse

Crystal Chappelle
it was a fun watch still, I thought; not as good as the first, but not a bad movie at all.
Comment from : Crystal Chappelle

Krunoslav Kovacec
Is it me or does Eggsy look like Preston?
Comment from : Krunoslav Kovacec

Collin Krueger
not looking forward to an elf reviewing cowboy clothes
Comment from : Collin Krueger

Георгий Абалтусов
Hello! What do you think about video about"The knives out"?
Comment from : Георгий Абалтусов

Maria M
I hope you please do The Gentleman. Not only does it have a variety of style, but the home decor in some scenes is equally noteworthy. Cheers.
Comment from : Maria M

Finn Richards
A men’s style review of the recent film “The Gentlemen” would be a fun one to see what the GG has to say about the style
Comment from : Finn Richards

And that's a Jaguar E-type, one of the most "gentleman" cars ever made.

Comment from : RD4590

My God but Colin Firth is delicious. Is it possible for him to look bad ever???? Keith Allen is doing classic London wide boy gear.
Comment from : blktauna

Ayyoob Alansari
I would love to see your guys take on the style in the film 'Goodfellas'
Comment from : Ayyoob Alansari

Bourne Dandy
Unfortunately I think that there is to much trying to read into this movie as to what its not.... Its not a period drama or a film about classic menswear. Its about fisticuffs by men who dress sharp but still need to put up a good fight against the bad guys.. Remember this is only a film. Both of the films are a great watch... But lets not get all superior in our opinions as to whether things are correct or not... Its not a period drama after all.. So please don't stray into elitism over a action film....
Comment from : Bourne Dandy

Double vents are always welcome when getting to your weapons may be required.
Comment from : robertportersc

I'd have liked more commentary on what makes these outfits correct or incorrect, rather than just describing them and assuming we know whether each is a good or a bad thing, or even whether rules were intentionally broken as a character choice
Comment from : kitkatliz1495

Maxwell The Brave
That peacock outfit is the same one that Elton wore on the Muppet Show!
Comment from : Maxwell The Brave

Taha Metin
very nice intro
Comment from : Taha Metin

François Rodewald
A review of Peaky Blinders would be great!
Comment from : François Rodewald

You trying to be dicaprio, boy? Hahahaha
Comment from : S S

Wasa Bista
Love the Kingsmen movies. Big fan of British style.
Comment from : Wasa Bista

what was a TV fold called 100 years ago?
Comment from : FullSkull

Thank you Preston. The best youtubers respond to all comments.
Comment from : amill1563

Rafael Castillo
Double vents or not, that is one killer dinner jacket. Also, I'm a gentleman yet I watch would the folks at GG would considered ungentlemanly films. ^_^
Comment from : Rafael Castillo

Aaron Sung
So this video just list what outfit everyone wear? What a waste of time...
Comment from : Aaron Sung

You guys should do a style review of inception. Lots of interesting ensembles there. Great vid. 👍
Comment from : TheLookingGlass89

Franz II.
Those double-breasted suits would fit Sven well.
Comment from : Franz II.

Cowboy Cody
Does anyone know what watch Whiskey is wearing when he is in the Ford Bronco?
Comment from : Cowboy Cody

Ghost Ooo
One thing I will say is that the quote he said about the Statesmen and Elton John being more costumes than anything else I tend to disagree with because someone who is from Texas that is very common to see denim-on-denim and western-style suits as a matter of fact the kind of frowned upon if you wear a classic suit at least from the people that I know but I never wear a classic Western suit
Comment from : Ghost Ooo

Charles McKaig
Preston, you inspire me. I never will watch this film, but I appreciate what you shared about it. By the by, have you ever considered getting heel or toe taps?
Comment from : Charles McKaig

Alberto Menaged
Great video! My request: Analyze the Great Gatsby!
Comment from : Alberto Menaged

Scott Doane
I`ve heard The socks. Sold by fort belvedere are the best.
Comment from : Scott Doane

Matthew D Bickel
Always a pleasure. Thanks!
Comment from : Matthew D Bickel

Jack Daniel
I would've liked to see Preston in an orange Dinner jacket 😂
Comment from : Jack Daniel

Steven Crane
See that dinner scene, Eggsy’s back sticks to the chair’s back, but the three Royals did the Royal way which is sitting on the front 1/3 part of the chair. Quite a detail!
Comment from : Steven Crane

Nasir Nurbhai
Is there a fantastic beast and where to find them series’s style review coming?
Comment from : Nasir Nurbhai

Yair Koren Koniecpolski
Your new series is great guys
Comment from : Yair Koren Koniecpolski

Youssef HEGAZY 2
I would've lost it if Preston wore the orange tuxedo 😂
Comment from : Youssef HEGAZY 2

Mads Borup
Yes! I was wondering when you'd cover the second part
Comment from : Mads Borup

Anish Singh
Eggsy: looking good Preston
Preston: feeling good Eggsy

Comment from : Anish Singh

Comment from : Cyrus

Amadej Pesko
Great video.
I think that clothing in first movie was better.

Comment from : Amadej Pesko

Leon TT
Do a video on bomber
Comment from : Leon TT

Monkydollqueen 69
totally king video you make sick awesome video!
it's hot video yyyy yes

just have to work hard you know so you can Get everything you want! ill to see what you have made here omg absolutely amazingly well done! becomes absolutely incredible

Amzing vidoe! L love it and go work on it !
It's time to reflect on who we are and what is most important in life.

So Thanx You for be You! Only You !

Comment from : Monkydollqueen 69

nick Bourgade
Looking forward to watching this one!

Now that I watched it, I completely agree with your assessment of the movie, it was certainly worse than the first one and did not have as much variety in clothing.


Comment from : nick Bourgade

Samuel Claessens
Comment from : Samuel Claessens

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