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SmallTown Barber
Another great video , thank you .I will watch again and pause to list all those positions as those are the only ones I can probably afford to buy from sartorial world at the minute .
Comment from : SmallTown Barber

David Vaucher
Take Ivy is also a classic. It’s trad/Americana rather than suiting, but I assume there is enough overlap between the two communities for the book to be relevant to the discussion.
Comment from : David Vaucher

Nicholas Arden
Esquire's Encyclopedia of 20th Century Men's Fashions by O.E. Schoeffler. Out of print and quite rare. You will pay $200-$500 for a copy. It is the "bible" for vintage menswear and just as important as Flusser in my opinion.
Comment from : Nicholas Arden

Sam Talks Style . com
Flusser's writing was far too verbose in Dressing The Man. Happily, he's refined his writing style into something much more polished and concise for his latest book on Ralph Lauren.
Comment from : Sam Talks Style . com

Marcus Chung
Can a first suit be a double breasted one in dark blue and dark pinstripes? Here it is from Pini Parma.

Comment from : Marcus Chung

Yankie Doodle
'Sartor Resartus'
Comment from : Yankie Doodle

Walter Foyt
I love your video. This is the first time I saw you wearing braces (suspenders). I love braces and wish you would do a video on them.
Comment from : Walter Foyt

Excellent list of books for anyone's library. Le mot juste que vous chechez, Hugo, est "Self-deprecating"
Comment from : MrDuojet

Michael Black
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on great books for gentlemen style- I enjoyed the video and experiences you provide
Comment from : Michael Black

Bobby Svitzer
Thank you so much for a great episode! Maybe you could consider the book Men and style by David Coggins if you decide to continue on this track.

Thanks once again

Comment from : Bobby Svitzer

Roman Alizarde
★ Great topic Hugo & Sonya, library building is a testament to hidden and forgotten knowledge
~ on that note and slightly obliquely, Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson is a must read. How Da Vinci dressed, his minute attention to detail and flamboyance BUT most significantly his influence by Vitruvius, a Roman general who crafted everything from war machines to buildings based on the proportions of man!
So a suit, is the temple you build outwardly for your body while inwardly is where the holy sanctum resides. 🥂

Comment from : Roman Alizarde

Paladin Clothiers
Here are a few that I love and you might too: Icons of Men's Style by Josh Sims, Style And The Man by Allen Flusser (great compact guide), Clothes And The Man by Allen Flusser and The Elegant Man by Riccardo Villarosa. These are just a few of my favorites that you didn't mention. Thank you so much for such a great look into some of the best sartorial writings.
Comment from : Paladin Clothiers

I truly enjoyed this video!
Comment from : sweetwater718

Amazing, I really wanted a video like that !! <3 <3 <3 (Hugo, please let Sonya speak more ;) )
Comment from : KL

Lovely presentation as usual, bravo! As requested a favorite go to book of mine: 'The Handbook of Style' printed by Hearst books (New York/London) for Esquire, a man's guide to looking good. It is hard cover but small and compact(7.25"x5.25") and makes a great gift to young or older men needing a sartorial road map without resorting to a 1000 page tome!
Comment from : mrarch

John Brown
I enjoyed, "How To Be a Man: A Guide To Style and Behavior For The Modern Gentleman"
Comment from : John Brown

Ryan Mead
Hello Hugo and Sonya, I hope that this finds you both well, at I personally thank you both so much for your continued hard work in providing the community with a regular delivery of the fantastic content, in such difficult times you are both doing a amazing job, thank you so much your friend Ryan.
Comment from : Ryan Mead

yousefhak hak
I need to know the brand of micro checks black and white bespoke shirt the one with tab collar in how to dress black suit eposide.
Comment from : yousefhak hak

I am Dandy - The return of an elegant gentlemen....

Chris Lim
Another great episode! Keep them coming Hugo, you are doing great work here.

BTW, I just ordered the Italian Gentlemen, can't wait.for it to get here.

Comment from : Chris Lim

Brian Bourquin
Love this topic. Tanner Guzy’s The appearance of Power is great. Dress for Success by John T. Molloy is still relevant, despite being published in 1975
Comment from : Brian Bourquin

Patrick Pang
Hi Hugo and Sonya, greetings. Thanks for sharing.
Comment from : Patrick Pang

Michael Ryan
I would love a sartorial snippets book with dozens of chapters that all take about 5 minutes to read. The perfect toilet book.
Comment from : Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan
I’m about half way through Dressing the Man right now. A great read and a great guide. The first sartorial book I read was Saville Row by James Sherwood after a recommendation by you. I read it twice it was so interesting. I’m looking forward to your Shoes and I’ve ordered The Parisian Gentleman, the compact edition is still available on Amazon. Hugo, I still think there is room for you to write The London Gentleman with more focus on the style than the history of Saville Row.
Comment from : Michael Ryan

Thank you for another great video.
You had asked about other books on men style that may be of interest. The first book I read on men's style is a small inconsequential book called "Esquire The Handbook of Style: A Man's Guide to Looking Good". Not a literary masterpiece, but it is what started my passion to improve my style . Growing up I did not have anyone to guide me in all things sartorial. I just remember as a small boy watching the older gentlemen and how they dressed, acted and carried themselves and thought one day I will look like that. Refined. Fast forward many decades, with the help of this book and many others. Watching a lot of great YouTube videos including yours and Sonya's. I am getting there. I don't think I will ever be finished learning, always a work in progress.
You know it is funny. When I am dressed very well and go out, I feel good. I notice people taking a second looks at me. Especially the ladies. People will come up to me and ask for directions or what is the best restaurant to go too. I am sure it is just how those gentlemen felt that I watched when I was a young boy.

Comment from : 821dcauto

anton bach
Fantastic video
Comment from : anton bach

David Biagini
G. Bruce Boyer's book "Elegance: A Guide to Quality in Menswear" is one of the few books that I've read multiple times. 👍
Comment from : David Biagini

Kenneth Titley
As always Sonya and Hugo your conversation is highly entertaining and informative..i thank you 😊..✌
Comment from : Kenneth Titley

Nader El shafei
How to use the toilet in a style?-with a style book !))))))) ,that was so funny my dear Hugo. Both of you are very humble and modest to go through and recommend other books on style. I loved the piano music ,Stay save, love to you from Cairo.
Comment from : Nader El shafei

Baron R
I've been looking for a reading list. It's as if you read my mind!!!
Comment from : Baron R

Henry West
You've hit on my weakness. I have a small house made far smaller by the amount of books that I already have. Also, germaine to your antidote about the gentleman and his hat underneath his chair(which makes perfect sense to me). But doesn't it make one long for the return of the coat-check?(or hat-check for that matter...)
Comment from : Henry West

Hugo and Sonya, I loved all your suggestions... so I immediately ordered The Italian Gentleman. I already have The Parisian Gentleman and I have already reserved your new book on shoes. Thank you for a very informative video. Normand (Montreal)
Comment from : garssympa500

Dan Ingram
I want to thank you so much for today’s show. I had never heard of “The Measure of a Man.” The story of Mr. Greenfield’s life was so compelling I immediately went to Amazon to buy a copy. As it happens, I was able to buy the last copy Amazon had in stock and look forward you reading it soon! Thank you again!
Comment from : Dan Ingram

Anders Estes Jacobsen
Great show!
Congratulations with great content.

Love your shirt and the green braces.

Sonya is elegant as always.

Continuer, Continuer!

Ps. Sonya /Sonja /Sonia is a very popular name in Norway.
Actually, the Norwegian queen is named Sonja.

Comment from : Anders Estes Jacobsen

Armen A.
Thank you, maestro!
Comment from : Armen A.

Ali Abas
I am surprised that how you make clip on such great subject every time

You make unique clips every time

Comment from : Ali Abas

David Lasoff
Sonya, would I be out of line to ask you to consider asking Hugo to wear an ascot from time to time? I think the ascot was made for him and I'm sure that if you even partially agree with me that he would regard your opinion, of course, so much more highly than some unknown person like me. I would love to see him wear one, especially across the table from you as you are having sartorial talks. Thanks!
Comment from : David Lasoff

Alexander Luzan
Dear Hugo & Sonya, since your subject is about clothing for sophisticated men I would gladly watch your video about etiquette (which is a must for gentleman). Thanks!
Comment from : Alexander Luzan

Luca Dappo
Last week I watched your episode about champagne and today I received a bottle of Forget Brimont from 2008. Thank you Hugo!
Comment from : Luca Dappo

Davide V
It is always nice to see you together than separately.
Comment from : Davide V

Krunoslav Kovacec
Hugo, being a legendary menswear bloger, youtuber and author of some of the best books on menswear, doesn't have to promote other books. But he chooses to because he knows how passionate we are about menswear. You could say that...he reads us like a book.

Cheers, Hugo!

Comment from : Krunoslav Kovacec

Great topic
Comment from : ethansosa

To the Amazon!
Comment from : Saphirexduo

Steven Crane
Hi Hugo, I have got a question for you. I rewatched your maintaining clothes and shoes video, and I noticed that you said you haven’t dry cleaned your suits for ten years. I can understand that suit jacket is not necessary to be dry cleaned very often, but trousers are usually be touched right to our skin without shirt protection, hence they are more easily to get sweat from inside and more easily to get dust from outside. So the question is how do you take care of your suit trousers without try clean them. BTW, I realized that suit trousers should not be try cleaned alone if them need to be try cleaned, otherwise the texture and the colour of the jacket and trousers won’t be hundred percent match anymore.
Comment from : Steven Crane

There is something "ASMR-like" in your videos, with the way everything is blended, the tone, the presentation... it's not only that they're incredible informative, but I find them to have some "relaxing" qualities, for lack of a better expression. Cheers from Barcelona, Spain.
Comment from : Perfumología

Anu. G
Love to listen your sartorial talk.about mens style.i think there is no need to look further more anywhere. .this is it..Mr.Hugo.
But obviously books are also good ..love from.🇮🇳

Comment from : Anu. G

Afsana Islam
You guys are epic. Thank you for keeping tradition alive stay safe everybody
Comment from : Afsana Islam

Sheikh Arif
Comment from : Sheikh Arif

Mauro Carrasco
What a beautiful episode!
Comment from : Mauro Carrasco

Quinz Hoffman
Pleasure to be the first comment! Salute to you both!
Comment from : Quinz Hoffman

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