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Alex Costa
Hope you like today's video!
Don't forget to check out my pictures on Instagram: instagram.com/alexcosta
Have a great day!

Comment from : Alex Costa

Monika Tamang
You are damn cute.
Comment from : Monika Tamang

David Mr.Famed
I was about to ride out with my buddies. At 64 kms far .i want to take pictures there. What should i wear
Comment from : David Mr.Famed

Ansel Godfrey
MVMT is crap...
Comment from : Ansel Godfrey

born 2 play
Thank you , costa 😎👍
Comment from : born 2 play

gamer bg 7
HE WAS shy before
Comment from : gamer bg 7

Naman Jain
Along with an fashion influencer he is such a nice speaker😍😍
Comment from : Naman Jain

"I wear my black jeans 4 times a week , don't tell anyone." Now let's upload this on YouTube
Comment from : Shadow169

tenzin gyurme 10- D
Became a fan immediately
Comment from : tenzin gyurme 10- D

Aden Mathew
Nice video!keep it up🔥🔥
Comment from : Aden Mathew

Dodo Bird
Hard to do when you have to wear a school uniform...
Comment from : Dodo Bird

Just me
Remember kids, your friends cant be cooler than you if you dont have any ;)
Comment from : Just me

What if your hair is in the process of leaving you?
Comment from : TheGreenOrganics

Shaharan Akram
How many watches do you have Alex!!???
Coz I see a new watch in every other video of yours!!!!

Comment from : Shaharan Akram

chirag gautam
Could you please give some tips on leopard print shirt
Comment from : chirag gautam

Righard Roodt
What a dap man

Comment from : Righard Roodt

Aamir Ali
Vary bad videos on your channel
Comment from : Aamir Ali

i wear G-shock
Comment from : RealHeroYT

NOOB Kamlesh
Awesome Sir
Comment from : NOOB Kamlesh

Rina Akter
Hi vai
Comment from : Rina Akter

Toki Tahmid Ahmed
What type of wrist watch we should go for ? smart watch or any other??
Comment from : Toki Tahmid Ahmed

Anna Giuliani
Am I the only girl here..?😅xD
Comment from : Anna Giuliani

Ashton Lucas
I have a shit ton of watched but non work would it be ok to wear those out
Comment from : Ashton Lucas

Anthonio Mawla
i have a question. what if my friend and i have the same exact style .. like i love my style because i built it from the beginning and i know what is good for me. and my friend exactly have the same style that he also built from the begging. ( not copying each other’s) is it okay? please answer 🙏🏽
Comment from : Anthonio Mawla

alex: hairstyles. me: has grown out, green, wavy/curly, long hair
Comment from : ilydylx

Laython henderson
Im black
Comment from : Laython henderson

Chris Reinicke
I never thought that I would see the day when Alex costa dabbed
Comment from : Chris Reinicke

mirzoni 07
Arturoooooooo from money heist, oooo yes its true
Comment from : mirzoni 07

PJ Thomson Music
him: "I wear black jean 4 times a week, don't tell anyone"

The Video: 500k+ views

Comment from : PJ Thomson Music

A Kareem Siddique
Nice bro
Comment from : A Kareem Siddique

Tanish Chordiya
Hey Alex,
Can u tell the name of the background music played in this video

Comment from : Tanish Chordiya

Alex: don't tell anyone
Me : no never

Comment from : karthik

Uttam Kumar
How tall exactly is Alex Costa?
Comment from : Uttam Kumar

I love big hair
Comment from : SEAN DAN

What about Turtleneck sweaters?
Comment from : Superlogie

Supriyo Das
Plz make a video on backpacks
Comment from : Supriyo Das

mate juhasz
If you don't have friends, you don't have to look better then them!
Comment from : mate juhasz

Explosive Music studio [ Dj ]
Comment from : Explosive Music studio [ Dj ]

Explosive Music studio [ Dj ]
Comment from : Explosive Music studio [ Dj ]

insta: lucsllr
Comment from : insta: lucsllr

Ayuub Ahmed
Comment from : Ayuub Ahmed

Isaac Aboagye
Where can I get this product to buy here in Ghana please?
Comment from : Isaac Aboagye

Isaac Aboagye
Well...I want to try your product and experience it for myself
Comment from : Isaac Aboagye

Isaac Aboagye
Hello..my name is Ike from Ghana, am excited to see that transformation on your hair after the forte series was used
Comment from : Isaac Aboagye

Are you daniel Silva's brother
Comment from : MaGaWeeb

You made me feel bad about my self for all the time I hang out with my gf lol
Comment from : RED

He is exxagerating with the watches its obvious that he just want to make money.... "Buy this watch and you will become superman" thats how he advertise for the watch😂
Comment from : Yaman

Those watches are not good at all. Social media is fooling everyone.
Comment from : doubts

As a watch enthusiast i cringe when he say mvmt
Comment from : W J

Yaaruku onnu puriama photo paathinga 😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : R.V G.K

Nitesh Mallaya
New Tricks of Fashion for indian Black Face men's & boys Make a video over it.
Comment from : Nitesh Mallaya

Surendra Sinha
White shoes .fold sleeve shirts or slim t shirts . Black torn jeans or if you wear black tops wear white jeans. Accecories etc
Comment from : Surendra Sinha

M Sujith Sali
Can you please make a video on bagpack
Comment from : M Sujith Sali

M Sujith Sali
Nice vidio look more attractive in that dress
Comment from : M Sujith Sali

Vikrant Jawalkar
For dark what would you suggest?
Comment from : Vikrant Jawalkar

Callum Conwell
I dont smell girls... I respect them
Comment from : Callum Conwell

Cristian Petrica
so if i dont have hair i`m fucked ..
Comment from : Cristian Petrica

Adrian Contreras
Did this man just dab 😭😭
Comment from : Adrian Contreras

Angel Hearts
Alex we have the same ring
Comment from : Angel Hearts

The Ja#zer
2:23 what‘s the name of that jacket?
Comment from : The Ja#zer

Hey Alex I am 13 years old and my hairs are just a mess, I can’t get any volume on them and when I usem some pomade it just makes it crispy which I absolutely hate. So please tell me how to get hairs like you I love your hairs man.
Comment from : ORCUS GAMING

Ahmed amin Sahraoui
me: proceeds to purchase a watch
my wallet: visuable Fear

Comment from : Ahmed amin Sahraoui

pankaj dey
Which trouser I wear on red & black stripe shirt?
Comment from : pankaj dey

Hey Alex I saw that dab there😂. Keep up the great work dude. Also, should dress shoes be a little big? I have a pair and there kinda big. I’m 14 btw so I don’t need advice urgently😁
Comment from : nova

Gymstuff Only
Myconian! Great hotel
Comment from : Gymstuff Only

Youssef Ibrahim
Can you please make a video about if you are shy and how to not be shy
Comment from : Youssef Ibrahim

Youssef Ibrahim
Comment from : Youssef Ibrahim

Danilo Torres
Definitely not my style but I do appreciate the Tips
Comment from : Danilo Torres

Sascha Oroz
Bruhh someone tell me what jacket he's wearing at 2:25 cuz it's nice afff👀
Comment from : Sascha Oroz

Buzzing Meat38
Must be insecure if you want to look better than your friends
Comment from : Buzzing Meat38

A real legend are you
Comment from : Spounge;D

Mr Ømèr
How did u learn these things
Comment from : Mr Ømèr

sharph tayer
Please don't repeat bro it's feel bord
Comment from : sharph tayer

Shivranjan Majumdar
Nice speaking
Comment from : Shivranjan Majumdar

shivank sharma
hey sir can me upload your phots on my website
Comment from : shivank sharma

Tf was that???

Comment from : HP

Charles G.
Anyone know on what Greek island 05:00 was shot? Also, great video!
Comment from : Charles G.

Daniel Salimi
Anyone know where I can get that tiger-print shirt at 4:42?
Comment from : Daniel Salimi

sheuly Chy
I love you too much and your lifestyle💞💞💞💞💞💞 can you gibe me your phone number please.mine is 01706661861
Comment from : sheuly Chy

boobabay e
When am black
Comment from : boobabay e

John Ced
Finally a video for a 13 year's old
Comment from : John Ced

Baqir Ibrahim
Does he have any girlfriend
Comment from : Baqir Ibrahim

U look like tony stark
Comment from : lastand18

Robi Ahmed
You just changed my life
Comment from : Robi Ahmed

1 0
1- TMF

Comment from : 1 0

theo Menie
please the jacket at 5:43 ????
Comment from : theo Menie

Narsé _21
Hey.. You re not ugly.. you are just poor ☹️😝
Comment from : Narsé _21

The Channel promoter
Dude i agreed i support u buddy u told be different i have a lot of different dresses like u but I'm scared what will the others say that he is wearing funny dresses that's y but u said should not be scared to dress up thanks bud
Comment from : The Channel promoter

Javed Shaikh
What is your hair length??
Comment from : Javed Shaikh

AMIT an Audiophile
Alex you are great, i am already shared and subscribed.
Comment from : AMIT an Audiophile

I'll sub because unlike alpha this guy sharing tips without yelling at me.😆😆😆
Comment from : ARAO HOLLOW

Chi Tai
nice style! instagram @Tanixtran
Comment from : Chi Tai

Zek Tu
My armani jeans lasted for quite sometime....
Comment from : Zek Tu

Adam Hammoumi
4:32 that bad tho 🤣
Comment from : Adam Hammoumi

Thanks for the great advise . Passing this to my nephew
Comment from : LanceBTV

Great Video. Thank you for posting.
Comment from : Sonny

vertical vita
you could see the watch sponsor coming from a mile a way
Comment from : vertical vita

Versatile IOS
Bro Alex that dab killed me
Comment from : Versatile IOS

Based Deus
Alex make a video on “what to wear when” pls
Comment from : Based Deus

Sahil Purohit
4:33 😂😂😂
Comment from : Sahil Purohit

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